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Skype for Business YamJam Summary
Official Lana O'Brien (Microsoft) (owner) Published 5 minutes ago

Skype for Business YamJam Summary

Overview: On Wednesday March 18, 2015 Microsoft hosted the Skype for Business
YamJam to discuss and answer questions about the recent Skype for Business
announcement. Skype for Business product team members, experts, MVPs, Yammer
admins, as well as other Office 365 members and users joined in to chat about a
range of Skype for Business topics. Read the notes below for a summary of what we
discussed, and next time, tune in live to the YamJam!

Key Resources
Get Ready for Skype for Business
Skype for Business is here and this is only the beginning
Skype for Business client on Lync Online: Awareness and readiness planning
Skype for Business change management and adaption
Skype for Business Partner Network Campaign Materials
Lync Online is becoming Skype for Business

YamJam Contents
General Questions and Functionality
Mac Client
Persistent Chat Feature
Feature Requests and Roadmap


Q: When will I be able to download and install Skype for Business and will it be part
of my office365 package like Lync?
A: You can download a technical preview of Skype for Business here (assuming you
have an MSI install, and now a Click 2 Run (C2R) installation:
http://blogs.office.com/2015/03/16/get-ready-for-skype-for-b It is also included in
the Office 2016 preview, if you are looking to test that as well. When we reach
General Availability, the update for Skype for Business should be deployed as a
regular update (as you would normally get through Click to Run/Office365
deployment). If you want to try the Technical Preview, you have 2 choices:
1. Install the standalone update (must be using MSI install, so an O365 Installation
doesn't qualify).
2. Install the Office 2016 preview, which also contains Skype for Business.

Q: What's the actual link for Skype for Business that will work with the Office 365
Pro Plus Click to Run install?
A: There isn't one yet. The preview is MSI only. Other option is to try the Office 2016
preview, which also has Skype for Business.

Q: Are the Skype for Business client and server SDK available for download? If it's
not now, what is the plan?
A: Client Technical Preview availability started on Monday, March 16, 2015. There
are currently no plans for a server preview. Expect server on-premises bits available
in May.

Q: With ExpressRoute Connection in Office365 coming soon, is Hybrid still needed?

We are Lync Online and are looking to go Hybrid.
A: Yes it is. We are going to support ExpressRoute but you will still need a hybrid
integration depending on how you would like to integrate Skype for Business (on
prem, cloud, hybrid).

Q: Any plans/timeframe to provide enterprise voice from O365?

A: Please see the Office blog post on this. http://blogs.office.com/2015/03/18/skype-
for-business-is-her In the second half of this year we will be introducing Voice in
O365 in the US and will continue to expand from there.

Q: Will my investment in Skype Manager Numbers and call plans be migrated over
to Skype for Business?
A: These will remain two separate services at this time.

Q: We have an on-premise Lync 2013 installation in a hybrid installation with Office

365. The Lync client currently installed is from O365. I was not able to install the
Skype for Business preview client, when will this be possible?
A: If you are on Click to Run you can use the Office 2016 Microsoft Office Preview
which is Click to Run from O365 or if you have access to the Volume Licensing
Download Center you can try downloading the MSI version of Office 2013 Pro Plus
and using the client preview you have.

Q: No Skype for Business server preview?

A: No plans for server preview. General Availability will be in May.

Q: We use Lync Online, with Lync 2013 client with Skype for Business, can we
customize presence status? (i.e. red status for "off site work")
A: At this time in the Lync Online Standard service you do not have the ability to
customize these presence status.

Q: What is the future of Lync Basic? Will this disappear as Skype client is always for
free and Lync Online is going to include PSTN?
A: The Lync Basic client will update with the Monthly update from Windows Update

Q: We are using mostly Office 2010 with Lync 2013 Basic. As we can`t get updates
from the cloud what do we need to do to get our Lync clients updated to Skype for
A: This will be a straight MSI install update provided in the April Office Update. You
can even try it from the Tech Preview.

Q; Will there be compatibility for v.current Lync Phone Edition and Skype for
A: Depends on the device but for all latest (supported) devices are also supported in
Skype for Business. Some devices will require upgrade to latest or upcoming

Q: Will Lync Online and the Lync desktop client be deployed at the same time or will
we be able to decide when to switch the desktop client?
A: The online will be available in April and the Client with the Office update and
service in April as well.
Q: Can we upgrade Lync clients to Skype for Business client before upgrading the
Lync 2013 server to Skype for Business?
A: Yes, absolutely. You can control the UI with an in-band policy setting.

Q: I saw a Skype for Business Standalone or "Standard" client tagged in one of the
Skype for Business articles. Can you confirm that a standalone Skype for Business
client is on the roadmap?
A: Yes, there will be an update to the existing standalone client.

Q: For Office 365 admins, how can we control the update from Lync 2013 to Skype
for Business?
A: Please check out the below link with how to set the UI between the new Skype UI
and Lync UI.

Q: Will it be possible to use both your Skype account and Skype for Business
account in the same client?
A: No. They are separate clients.

Q: I must be missing something. I have Office 2013 Pro Plus installed via Office 365
E3 license. I have downloaded the tech preview of Skype for Business and extracted
the 2 files. I have ran both files, but where is Skype for Business? Lync 2013 and
consumer Skype are still available, but I can't see Skype for Business.
A: If you installed via Office 365, that is a click to run (C2R) install. The downloads
are for MSI installations only. The alternative is to test with Office 2016 Technical
Preview, as there is no installation option for C2R Office 2013 at this time.

Q: If we were planning an on-premise Lync deployment, does it make sense to delay

that until Skype for Business Server rolls out in April? How big a lift is it to move
from on-premise Lync Server to SFB Server?
A: I wouldn't delay. You can easily perform an in-place upgrade from Lync 2013 to
Skype for Business Server.

Q: Can I run Lync 2013 and Skype for business in parallel?

No you cant

Q: When will it be possible to include Skype users without a Microsoft account and
when will video be switched back on again for Skype to Lync Online calls?
A: Skype to Skype for Business calls are on. We really recommend people to login to
Skype consumer with their MSA. Video is available for Skype for Business to Skype
calls now. Video should be working now with the latest Skype consumer client. Once
you have a Skype for Business Edge server, you can also search/communicate using
SkypeIDs along with MSAs.

Q: Will partners have access to the RTM version of Skype for Business and if so,
A: Partners will receive access to Final Skype for Business bits at General Availability.

Q: Will Skype for Business still have the ability to add attendees by telephone to a
scheduled meeting if we have a 3rd party conferencing provider in place like Lync
A: Yes.
Q: How can I disable animations (I have found one in the Add contact menu, for
A: You can go into your client settings and enable/disable from there.

Q: Can we have a detailed explanation about Enable Skype UI for both server side
client policy and registry key? Can the registry key be used with GPO? Is the
registry key overriding the server client policy?
A: Please review https://technet.microsoft.com/library/dn954919.aspx

Q: Will the Skype for Business server web app be HTML5 or still require a plugin?
A: Skype for Business Web App will require a plugin for all media controls and
elements but we are working on a native experience through WebRTC and ORTC.
Stay tuned for updates on that. PS: The plugin doesn't have a lot to do with HTML5,
more with the medial parts for video, audio, sharing, etc.

Q: In Skype for Business will I be able to join multiple meetings and be able to
monitor each as I can in Lync? Currently I can join up to 10 meetings and can
monitor all of them at the same time. (Only one meeting will I be able to hear and
see A/V but can watch presentations and Chats on all the others at the same time.)
A: That has not changed. You can be in only one meeting but can be on hold in other
meetings and see IM/content.

Q: Will Skype for Business have Outlook Calendar plugins to be able to create the
meetings within Outlook and share with admin as you can with Lync?
A: Yes, you will get the same meeting scheduling experience.

Q: Will the Skype for Business server be an in-place upgrade or will it require a side
by side upgrade?
A: The Skype for Business Server upgrade is an in place upgrade with the existing
hardware profile when upgrading from Lync Server 2013 running on Windows 2012
or newer.

Q: Does an in-place upgrade require downtime to all front-end servers in an

enterprise pool?
A: Yes, this is true for the servers themselves but if you have multiple pools, you can
move the users from Pool1 to Pool2, and in-place upgrade Pool1, then move them
back. (Of course if you have only one pool, then yes there will be downtime).

Q: Will Skype for Business offer Skype to Skype for Business communication without
MSA registration solely via Skype ID?
A: Yes in the Skype for Business Server or Service after General availability.

Q: Will my current Lync 2013 clients live on, just as they are today for the
foreseeable future when I upgrade some clients to Skype for Business and will they
be to communicate just fine with Lync 2013 clients and vice versa, in a manner
similar to how Lync 2013 clients do today?
A: Skype For Business will work with Lync 2013. Installing the preview will show the
new UI, however admins can configure to use the old UI.

Q: Can we upgrade Lync 2013 server to Skype for Business if there is still Lync 2010
server in the topology?
A: Tri-existence is not supported. Recommendation is to upgrade Lync 2010 to Lync
2013. From there it is just a simple in place upgrade. If you have only 2010 in your
environment, recommendation is to go straight to Skype for Business.

Q: Will my current install base of Lync 2013 online/Office 365 users be affected in
anyway by Skype for Business rolling out or will they be able to continue on as is?
A: O365 will have get the updated client which will have two modes Skype and Lync
and the Default user experience is Skype for O365 customers unless you switch it
on the server side.

Q: Do we know when Skype for Business mobile clients will be available?

A: Windows Phone client will be available approximately four months after we
release to the server in May with other platforms following shortly afterwards.

Q: I see that general availability is said to be April for Server, Client and Online.
Does this mean that the April Lync CU will push the bits for Skype for Business
A: Yes, the client is being pushed out as the monthly product update via the Office

Q: So there's no way to stop it if people have automatic updates turned on? Will
they come to work one day and Lync will be gone and Skype for Business will be
A: Correct but as an admin you can control the UI through server side client policies

Q: Will it be possible to separate E3 licenses from E4 or Lync licenses when using

Office 365 Skype for Business? I get a number of E3 licenses through our MS
partnership, and would rather bolt on Skype licenses separately as opposed to
having to buy E4 from scratch.
A: Please contact your local Microsoft account since licensing scenarios can vary
between accounts.

Q: My question is about the license of Skype for Business are they the same with
Lync Server and Office 365 E4 plans?
A: Licensing has not changed.

General Questions and Functionality

Q: Will the Skype for business client support two factor authentication when used
with Office 365?
A: Skype for Business will support using ADAL for authentication.

Q: Is Skype for Business based on Lync or is it a combination of Skype and Lync?

A: Both. The Users interface has been inspired by the look and feel of Skype while
Skype for Business server and Online provide the same control and security of Lync
at the core, with additional new features added.

Q: Is Skype for Business simply a new name for Lync 2013? Is it just Lync under the
hood and rebranded as Skype for Business, or is it a totally different product from
Lync, using different protocols, differences under the hood etc.?
A: Yes you are correct that Lync has been rebranded as Skype for Business and as a
new version has many enhancements on both the client and server side. Skype for
Business Server has significant availability, manageability, and functional
enhancements over Lync Server 2013
Q: Is Microsoft going to force me to stop using Lync 2013 when Skype for Business
comes out, or can I continue to use Lync 2013 just as I do today and gradually
migrate people to Skype for Business?
A: Microsoft will not force you to stop using Lync 2013 when Skype for Business
comes out. For on premise deployments, you can choose to deploy Skype for
Business when you want to and start using it. For Lync online, we will automatically
update the Lync Online service to be Skype for Business Online, starting in April,
and all customers should be transitioned by the end of May. In our perspective, one
of the great benefits of being an online user is that you get all the latest and the
greatest as the product evolves.

Q: Why should users upgrade to Skype for Business now?

A: The biggest reason is that users are familiar with the Skype user interface and so
this helps with user adoption and familiarity. Also, the new click feature has
improved the users experience by removing the hover in Lync 2013.

Q: Is Skype for Business still TCP/IP versus Skype UDP architecture?

A: We use TCP/TLS for SIP signaling, but we always prefer UDP for media (audio and
video). We will fall back to TCP as needed for audio/video, and always use TCP when
doing desktop share with RDP.

Q: A huge pain point for our clients is problems getting outsiders into Lync
meetings. The Lync web app is not very user friendly and requires an install. With
Skype for Business, will outsiders be able to join with just consumer skype client?
Also, if they don't have any client on their PC, how will you make it easier for
outsiders to get in meetings?
A: We are launching a new web experience/web client with Skype for Business that
will provide capabilities to join a meeting and have a simple UI for all major
features. We are working in all major browsers (plugin required) and will alter on
work "natively" with our future WebRTC integration.

Q: For external users joining meetings and conference calls, will they be able to use
the regular version of Skype?
A: No. Currently we support IM, Audio Video in a 1:1 fashion. We are definitely
thinking about that for our roadmap but no firm plans.

Q: Is there a way to install Skype for Business on a C2R (Click to Run) without
installing the 2016 preview?
A: Not currently, no.

Q: I am just now installing Lync. When install Skype for Business, what will happen
to my contacts?
A: Once Lync is installed, you can apply the update over top, all of your contacts
and settings should remain.

Q: Do we have to also upgrade Lync Edge server (Lync2010must we first upgrade

to 2013 then to Skype for Business?) If yes what version?
A: You can in-place upgrade the Edge Server from 2013 to Skype for Business. For
example, this would be required for Skype Federation/Search using Skype IDs. You
can also perform a side-by-side migration from 2010 edge to Skype for Business
edge, just as you might do with 2013.

Q: Does Skype Edge need to be done after Lync 2013 is upgraded to Skype for
Business or can we setup Skype for Business Edge with the Lync 2013 server still
active? I understood Lync 2013 Edge was last to do for a Lync 2010 to 2013
A: You upgrade from the inside out. Pools, then Edge.

Q: When will the Skype for Business <-> Skype Video integration be launched
A: It should be operationally now or very soon, please let us know if you are not
seeing it. It has been launched, but is not 100% globally available yet as it is rolling
out in waves.

Q: Are there whitepapers available for providing corporate InfoSec and DB admins
to begin prep work for Skype for Business?
A: There will be. We are launching content soon, and there will be also information
on MSDN, TechNet, etc.

Q: Is it just the client that changes? Is Lync Server 2013 still the back end or is there
a server update as well?
A: There will be a server update as well. The Lync 2013 client will become Skype for
Business with the April Office update. The new Skype for Business Server will be
available for download from VLSC on May 1, and will be added to the pricelist at the
same time. However, you can use the new client against a 2013 backend.

Q: Is there a document that shows me, beyond the marketing-speak, what the real
improvements and changes are?
A: There is a lot of content out there, from the previous Office 365 summits that
introduces the new features and experiences. As we get closer to RTM/GA, more
documentation will become available on TechNet. In the meantime, check out this
page. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Lync-is-now-Skype-for-Business-

Q: When will I be able to get dial tone on Skype for Business in anything other than
a scheduled meeting using a 3rd party conferencing add-in service like Intercall?
A: This should happen in the second half of 2015 in the US.

Q: Currently with Lync Online you can only add 10 distribution groups in the Lync
client contacts, will that change with Skype for Business?
A: There is no update at this point in time regarding this issue.

Q: When will the landline support that was just announced will be available in
Canada, eh?
A: It is available in United States for now, with other locations planned for later this

Q: The two previews, O365 (Click to Run) C2R Skype for Business client and Lync
2013 Skype for Business updated client has differences in terms of UI. Any idea
what will be final? The contact images are square on first and round on the latter.
A: The round images are what you should expect to be in the final release.

Q: Skype seems to support video quality better when talking across continents. Will
Skype for Business benefit in the same way? What about "screen sharing" which
works well in Skype consumer - will that benefit as well with Skype for Business?
A: We are supporting the same video codec for both Skype and Skype for Business.
The teams are working hard to improve the screen sharing experience. It is true that
we improved the quality with Skype and O365/Skype for Business (AKA Lync) as we
invested heavily into the backend environment. Skype for Business should work
great in the same way as Skype for communication at your location and also

Q: Both our Microsoft IDs and our company IDs are our corporate email address.
Will this cause problems with Skype for Business to Skype calls and address book
A: The Skype for Business pool lives in a different environment than the Skype
consumer. The only problem will be to find people when you move to Skype for
Business server. Skype for Business users will be able to use IM/chat, audio, and
video to communicate with users of Skype consumer clients. Skype for Business
users can also invite anyone, including Skype consumer client users, to join a Skype
for Business meeting using a browser.

Q: Will we see support for screen sharing via BFCP?

A: No plans at this time.

Q: Will the "Record feature" be available in Skype for Business?

A: The Record feature will be in Skype for Business

Q: Why are standards such as BFCP and H.239 which have been around longer than
OCS/Lync/ Skype for Business have been products excluded?
A: This is because some of the standards have quality implications and/or are not
set for our future roadmap and architecture.

Q: Where does the data from Rate My Call go and are there reports to pull that data
being made available?
A: We still will have our monitoring component in Skype for Business. The data goes
into the QoE database. O365 into the service, for the on-premises to the server

Q: Any plan to have "rate my call" also in O365? Specifically the user input from
Rate My Call pop up after a call? Will be stored and if there are plans to surface that
data for Skype for Business admins?
A: It will be exposed in the Call Quality Dashboard on-premises.

Q: I would like to know more about the Directory Search feature. What will be the
primary task performed by this?
A: The Directory search for Skype is a feature that is enabled by Skype for Business
server 2015 or the Skype for Business online service which will be released later in
April and May. You can search the Skype directory for users, using their
SkypeID/MSA, and then add them as a contact and communicate via P2P
IM/Voice/Video. The New Client with the New Server/Service will enable searching
the Skype Directory by MSA or Skype ID.

Q: How can I add Skype contacts which still use Skype name, not Microsoft
A: On the new Skype for Business client with Skype for Business server/online you
can search the Skype directory for both MSA and Skype user names. This feature
will require a Skype for Business Server edge server and is part of the O35 packages
that currently have Lync in them.

Q: If I do Add Contact | Add a contact Not in My Organization | Skype, I am shown

with a dialog. I type a Skype name in the IM address box. If I click OK, the dialog
disappears but the contact does not appear in the contact list.
A: You need to have Skype for Business Server (pools and edge) to be able to talk to
Skype users that are using SkypeIDs. Otherwise, they have to sign in with an MSA.

Q: Do you have a link to instructions on what to configure/purchase for Skype for

Business Server 2015 (pools and edge) for Skype integration setup?
A: Since it's not officially release yet, no. But this should be basic federation to
Skype consumer. Once your tenant is upgraded to Skype for Business, federation
with Skype should work.

Q: I come from a company that had Domino/Lotus Notes Environment and

Sametime. The one and only thing I miss from the Same-time IM client is the ability
to paste pictures into chat. It wasn't an attachment and the other person could see
the full-size image in-line and didn't need to download it. Any chance you will add
this feature to Skype for Business?
A: Inline pictures were added to Lync 2013 clients (in a CU) and exist in Skype for
Business as well. The experience is still the same in Skype for Business, as it was in

Q: Will a SIP connection be supported for audio conferencing with Skye for Business
Online or will a third party audio provider still be required?
A: We can provide that service for you or you can use Intercall, PGi, or BT.

Q: Will there be a Skype for Business web based client included into Office 365
A: Skype for Business web app will be the same for O365 in late spring 2015.

Q: Where do I plug in my fax machines with O365 (online) Skype for Business?
A: Currently you will need on-premises Lync/Skype for Business to handle fax

Q: Does Skype for Business server support Remote Call Control?

A: Absolutely, yes.

Q: If the connection is lost, the preview client states that the e-mail address I was
signed in with could not be found nor can it reconnect after the connection is
resumed. How can I fix that or it is a bug?
A: Sounds like you may have found a bug - we have passed this along to our
Engineering teams - thank you.

Q: Will per site bandwidth policies be supported in Skype for Business Online?
A: This is available on-premise, but not online currently. No change in the Skype for
Business as of now.

Q: Is the VIS server essentially doing a "screen-scrape" and passing it along? In

addition to just talking heads, things like H.239 content sharing is a definite core
requirement especially if you're going to use Skype for Business with a Surface Hub.
Can you share any documentation with proposed System Architecture, etc?
A: VIS does not support content sharing. It's is a role that supports connecting
Tandberg VTCs into Skype for Business meeting through a Direct SIP trunk (say from
Call Manager/GW to VIS).

Q: What are the plans for outbound messaging/marketing integration? I am

referring to API integrations for linking Dynamics, Salesforce etc. to Skype for
A: Currently there are 4 different ways to integrate with Dynamics for Lync and
Skype for Business. The most common is the USD integration. You can also leverage
the client SDK for integration.

Q: I heard rumors of higher frame rates with presentations. Can you confirm this?
A: Yes, the rumor reflects reality.

Q: In the past there has been some concerns with the security of Skype. How has
this been addressed in Skype for Business? Here is a sample link about the Skype
security. http://akademie.dw.de/digitalsafety/think-skype-is-safe-think-again/
A: This link was talking about Skype for consumer. Skype for Business is a new name
for Lync 2013 which has been secure by design. Also, we are quite sure that the
security concerns mentioned in the link have been addressed by the Skype
consumer segment as the article is dated back to 2013.

Q: I am aware of the difference in the products. But what I have been told is that
the two products now merge into one with a common codebase. Also the SILK
codec is introduced into Skype for Business (Lync). I just want to get a comment on
what has been done to address the security issues that Skype has been blamed for
in the past when the products merge. But is it? The SILK codec wasn't used in Lync
online AFAIK.
A: I wouldn't say it's a common code base per se. They do share features (such as
the SILK codec, but that was actually put into the Lync 2013 client in a CU)- and the
updated Skype consumer clients get the ICE/STUN/TURN components we used in
Lync, for example.

Skype for Business Mac Client

Q: Any updates on the Skype for Business Mac client?

A: New client is scheduled or 2016. There are quarterly updates for the current Lync
for Mac 2011 client.
Skype for Business Mobile Clients. There is currently no technical preview for a new
Skype for Business Mac client, however we will let you know as we get closer to
announcing their release.

Q: What's going on with the development of Skype for Business for OS X? Is there
an ETA or a beta that I don't know about?
A: We are committed to the Mac as a client platform. We have already invested
significantly to fix known bugs (especially stability) and to add a lot of valuable
features to the current client. For example, did you notice the automatic media
reconnect when you lose connectivity briefly, such as when moving from Wi-Fi
antenna to Wi-Fi antenna? Lots more added and more to come. We also solicit your
help, when you encounter a bug or an issue, please log it with Microsoft Support.
Beyond that, there is much more to come. Just be assured we are not turning our
back on the Mac.

Q: How are we going to bring in and incorporate WebRTC compliant mobile devices
and browsers such as Chrome and Firefox with native WebRTC support?
A: We are working on our WebRTC, ORTC and interoperability story to other
browsers. We are also working on our story on mobile devices. While not completely
ready, please keep looking for updates on this topic. 2015-2016 will be a hot
timeframe on this topic.

Q: Will there be a period of time when people will not have access to a mobile
A: The existing 2013 mobile clients will continue to work with Skype for Business
Server and have new features like Server Side Conversation History (which requires
a Skype for Business Server backend). So you won't have to wait for the rebranded

Q: Will this be available for O365, too? We are really trying to get our mobile users
off WhatsApp. Until now, Lync couldn't be considered a valid alternative due to lack
of history and efficient file (esp. picture) transfer.
A: Conversation history is going to be available for Skype for Business server and
service on the mobile phones.

Persistent Chat Feature

Q: Will persistent chat be an available/supported role in Skype for Business server

or is it being deprecated?
A: It is still supported and available in the on-premises product. We continue to
support persistent chat in the new service. Persistent Chat and also PCHAT SDK is in
Skype for Business (PCHAT is only available for on premise, not online). New UI but
we have all the features included that you know out of Lync 2013.

Q: Can somebody elaborate on what you mean by "persistent chat"?

A: Creating chat room(s) that retains all conversation history for a configurable
period of time.

Q: Will persistent chat be available for Online?

A: No plans at this time.

Q: Will we who now use Lync Online (O365) finally get persistent group messaging
(like with on-premise)? I'm referring to persistent chat, which appears to be
managed through group rooms that are not available in the current Lync Online
offering via O365.
A: Yes, server side conversion history is present in Skype for Business, using
exchange 2013 as the store. You will have a unified view of history from any client,
so you can start a conversation on your desktop, and pick it up on mobile, for

Q: Does that mean if I have Exchange 2010 running it won't work? Or just that it
stores that data in Exchange?
A: We require Exchange 2013 because we use oAuth between Skype for Business
and Exchange to deposit messages into the conversation history.

Q: When will Skype support RTC like Google Hangouts in anything other than
A: Actually Microsoft, Google, Hookflash and others are working together on
delivering a great web experience with WEBRTC. Microsoft and Google developed
WebRTC 1.1 (ORTC) that will take place into our next browser version, later also
interoperability between different browsers. WebRTC is super relevant for us and we
are sitting in the same board with Google. Please look out for the WebRTC
conference recordings that demonstrate how close we are working together on this.
Our plan is to have a GREAT web experience for several scenarios like meetings,
B2C, etc. from browser to Skype for Business or Skype.

Feature Requests and Roadmap

Q: I'd like to better understand the roadmap for Lync Online and Enterprise
Voice/PSTN integration.
A: Skype for Business will support basically the same integration for PBX and
qualified IPPBX or gateway integration as Lync 2013. However, as you know we are
moving into the cloud and will cover first of all US and later internationally "voice in
the cloud". Second half of 2015 for "voice in the cloud".

Q: What is the timeline for a web client that is much more robust that the current
Lync web client?
A: Team is working on this now but no date to share publically yet.

Q: If Microsoft is going to offer enterprise voice with Office 365, does this mean
hunt groups, response groups and custom server settings? Will Microsoft be directly
competing with Lync hosting partners?
A: Our roadmap is that we are firstly supporting all important "voice" features and
adding more later on. We are looking into response groups and custom settings and
will provide more information soon as possible.

Q: Are there any plans to include other Conference call providers beyond BT, PGI or
A: Actually we have strategic partnerships with all of the partners plus more
internationally. The answer is YES, we are going to work with partners for
conferencing, cloud voice...etc.

Q: Is there any plan to set up something comparable to Webex Event Centre in

Skype for Business for large webinars?
A: The broadcasting meeting feature will be announced with details later this year.

Q: Any plans to add the ability to have multiple columns of contacts in the contacts
list? The client has a minimum width which is a nice size for 1 column of contacts
but you can extend the width as much as you want (it would seem) but then there
is lots of white space. It would be nice to be able to have multiple columns of
contacts, if you increase the width or as an option at least.
A: Thank you, we will share your feedback with our design team.

Q: Will it be possible to set an individual chat window to "Always on Top"?

A: Not in the coming release but we will mention this to our dev teams!

Thanks to all of those who participated. See you next time!

YamJam Summary Library
Official Lana O'Brien (Microsoft) (owner) Published about 23 hours ago

A YamJam is similar to a TweetJam on Twitter or an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on

Reddit, except it takes place on Yammer. It provides the opportunity for the
community to ask questions and have a discussion with a panel of Microsoft experts
on a particular topic. Please review the YamJam Flow & Etiquette Guide if you have
questions about the process.

Listed below is a compilation of links to YamJam Summaries which are created after
the event so that the community can review and share the conversations that
happened within the YamJam. This note will be updated as new summaries become
available. Please note that the information provided in each document is valid as of
the orginal published date.

Office 365 Video YamJam Summary

On April 17th, 2015 Microsoft and the Office 365 Video product team hosted an
action-packed Office 365 Video YamJam to answer questions about the
announcement of the rollout of Office 365 Video to all eligible Office 365 business
customers worldwide beyond first release, the launch of new mobility
enhancements (app and web) along with additional enhancements.

People Experiences YamJam Summary

On April 15th Microsoft and the Delve product team hosted the People Experiences
YamJam to answer questions about enhancements to the user profile experience,
the new Office 365 page authoring canvas and new mobile apps for Android and

Skype for Business YamJam Summary

On March 18, 2015 Microsoft hosted the Skype for Business YamJam to discuss and
answer questions about the recent Skype for Business announcement. Skype for
Business product team members, experts, MVPs, Yammer admins, as well as other
Office 365 members and users joined in to chat about a range of Skype for Business

Delve Rollout YamJam Summary

On March 18, 2015, Microsoft and the Delve product team hosted the Delve YamJam
to answer questions about the product announcement that Delve will rollout to all
eligible Office 365 business customers worldwide and that in addition, Delve will
now surface content from email and social feeds within Office 365.

Setup and Migration Experience Feedback YamJam Summary

On March 4, 2015, the Office 365 Network hosted the Setup and Migration
Experience Feedback YamJam. This YamJam was a chance for to connect directly
with the employees at Microsoft who create the content that supports Office 365
admin setup and migration. The publishing team answered questions and received
feedback about the Office 365 experience and documentation.

Onboarding New Members YamJam Summary

On February 26, 2015, Kirsty Hendey and Louise Littig hosted a YamJam with
Community Expert Hillary Boucher from 'The Community Roundtable' on how to
onboard new members successfully to your Enterprise Social Network.
OneNote YamJam Summary
On February 25, 2015, Microsoft hosted the OneNote YamJam to discuss OneNote
adoption and best practices. Microsoft OneNote team members, MVPs, and experts
joined in to learn and discover more about OneNote features and share feedback
with the product team.

Future of Work YamJam Summary

On February 24, 2015, Naomi Moneypenny and Bob Crozier hosted a YamJam on
what the future of work might hold for each of us, our companies, and industries.

Outlook on iOS and Android YamJam Summary

The Outlook for iOS and Android YamJam was hosted in the Exchange IT Pro group
on February 4, 2015. The Microsoft Outlook team was there to answer questions
about the new Outlook for iOS and Android apps.

External Messaging YamJam Summary

On January 23, 2015, Microsoft and the Yammer product team hosted the Yammer
External Messaging YamJam to answer questions about the ability to add external
collaborators to new conversations, existing conversations, and private messages
within the Office 365 network

O365 Video YamJam Summary

On November 20, 2014, Microsoft hosted the Office 365 Video YamJam to discuss
the new Video feature and answer questions.

Yammer Sign On YamJam Summary

On November 17, 2014, Microsoft hosted the Yammer Sign On YamJam to
discussthe new login abilities from Office 365 and answer questions.

Clutter YamJam
On November 13, 2014, Microsoft hosted the Clutter YamJam to discuss the
newClutter feature and answer questions.

DLP YamJam Summary

On November 6, 2014, Microsoft hosted the Security & Compliance YamJam
todiscuss the new Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) updates and answer

Ignite Event YamJam Summary

On October 21, 2014, Microsoft hosted a YamJam on the Microsoft Ignite Event to
answer questions and getfeedback on what customers and partners want to see at
the event.During the YamJam, the Microsoft team posed questions to the audience
and the community weighed inwith answers and feedback.

Adoption YamJam Summary

On October 1, 2014, Microsoft hosted the Adoption YamJam to discuss Office 365
adoption and best practices. For this YamJam, the Microsoft team asked 6
questions, to which team members, MVPs, Yammer admins and experts, and even
first time Yammerers joined in to respond.

Groups YamJam Summary

On September 29, 2014, Microsoft hosted the Groups YamJam to discuss the new
Office 365 Groups technology and answer questions. Microsoft team members,
MVPs, Yammer admins and experts, and even first time Yammerers joined in to chat
about a range of enterprise social topics.

Delve YamJam Summary

On September 10, 2014, Microsoft hosted the Delve YamJam to discuss and answers
questions about Office Delve. Microsoft team members, MVPs, Yammer admins and
experts, and even first time Yammerers joined in to chat about a range of Delve and
Office Graph topics.

Yammer 101 YamJam Summary

On August 5, 2014, Microsoft hosted the Yammer 101 YamJam to discuss Yammer
adoption and best practices. Microsoft team members, MVPs, Yammer admins and
experts, and even first time Yammerers joined in to chat about a range of enterprise
social topics.

Developer YamJam Summary

On July 11, 2014, Microsoft hosted the Developer YamJam to answer questions
about developing for Office 365 and related technologies. Weve added this to the
summary from the June Developer YamJam to create a complete developer-focused
summary. Microsoft responses to questions are provided by Chris Johnson, Sonya
Koptyev, Jeremy Thake, Dorrene Brown, Mauricio Ordonez, Brian Jones, Ricky
Kirkham, Christophe Fiessinger, Jeremy Chapman, Alister Spiers, and 365 IT Pro
Team as well as MVP Juan Carlos Gonzalez Martin, Jennifer Mason, and others.

Roadmap Communications YamJam Summary

On June 24, 2014, Microsoft hosted the Roadmap Communications YamJam to
coincide with the launch of the new Office 365 for business public roadmap and
answer community questions about how Microsoft communicates service updates.
Microsoft responses were from Jake Zborowski, Andy ODonald, Deb McFadden,
Lawrence Chiu, Louise Littig, Christophe Fiessinger, Cyrielle Simeone, Sangeeta
Kulkarni, Lola Jacobsen, Paul McKay, and Steve Nguyen. As well as MVPs and
contributors Darrell Webster, Jennifer Mason, Dan Holme, Naomi Moneypenny,
Michael Greth and Corey Roth.

Security YamJam Summary

On May 20, 2014, Microsoft hosted the Security and Compliance YamJam to answer
questions and details about the launch of an updated Office 365 Trust Center and a
new video and blog series Inside the Cloud. Microsoft responses to questions are
provided by Vijay Kumar, Vikas Malhotra, Paul Andrew, Robert Dring, Om Vaiti,
Sobhit Sahay, Mark Kashman, Juliana Chen, Seayoung Rhee, Kady Dundas, Jeff
McDowell, 365 IT Pro Team as well as MVP Darrell Webster.

OneDrive for Business YamJam Summary

On April 2, 2014, Microsoft hosted the OneDrive for Business YamJam to answer
questions about the announcement that OneDrive for Business would be available
as a standalone product. Microsoft responses to questions are provided by Michal
Gideoni, Mark Kashman, Bill Baer, Atanu Banjeree, Eugene Lin, Kate Dramstad,
Roberto Franco, Lincoln DeMaris, Vasu Rangaswami, Sesha Mani, Office 365 IT Pro
Team as well as our Most Valued Professionals Darrell Webster, Hans Brender, Joel
Oleson and Benjamin Niaulin.
People Experiences YamJam Summary
Official Lana O'Brien (Microsoft) (owner) Published about 24 hours ago

On April 15th Microsoft and the Delve product team hosted the People Experiences
YamJam to answer questions about enhancements to the user profile experience,
the new Office 365 page authoring canvas and new mobile apps for Android and
iPhone. Below is a summary of what was discussed during the YamJam. We hope
you join us live next time!


Office Blog Announcement

How you can find people and information in Delve

View and edit your profile

Office Delve for Android

Delve User Voice


General Questions & Functionality

Search and Content Sources


General Questions & Functionality

Q: How long will the current profile page be supported if Delve is replacing it and
what is the road map for replacing the profile page?
A: We will start redirecting user to the new profile starting next week for first release

Q: When will the old profile page be taken down for non-first release tenants?
A: We will do the redirect in waves. The tenants who customize their profile will be
in the last waves which may happen later this summer.

Q: Can the cover photo of the profile be changed?

A: This will be supported in the future release.

Q: Can Administrators select which "Cards" are displayed on a Delve profile page?
I've noticed that my Delve profile is showing one card per custom User profile
property. E.g. Region and Business Division. We may want to remove those cards
and have those fields in card called "Location" or logically reorder the cards.
Business Division before Region.
A: We are looking at extensibility of the profile so that is great feedback for us.
Q: Is it possible to pin cards at the top?
A: Not currently. You can create a Board to pin cards that you want to get back to.

Q: Are there "groups" within Delve?

A: Please come to Ignite or definitely check out the recorded session aftwerwards!
We are working on Groups integration in Delve and appreciate hearing your
scenarios and feedback. We will share any announcements in this group.

Q: Will the future profile customization tools be available to end users as a self
service feature or will be an admin feature that can be used to create a custom
profile at the organization level?
A: Once extensibility is in place, end users would be able to add an app from the
Office App Store. For developers, they could further customize the experience using
the public APIs.

Q: Where is the Skills metadata being stored? How many Skills can people have on
their profile?
A: The skills are stored in the Office Graph and there is no limit on the number of
skills. The current profile still uses UPA to store skills. We will be using Office Graph
to store the skills. In the mean time, you can continue to use the current way to
update skills. We plan to simplify the user properties and focus on working on (what
you do) and skills (what you know).

The "working on" section is intended to describe what the employees are working
on (such as projects, campaign). We will try to automate this as much as possible to
make it easier for the employees to update. This will also be based on permissions
from that user.

Q: At the moment, it feels like two experiences. Microsoft has said there is a going
to be some reconciling of the experiences - About Me and the new Delve profile. Do
we enter in two places for now, or recommend to start using the new Delve "Me"
A: In the next few weeks the profile entry points will change to point to the Delve
profile. All roads will lead to a singular destination - lots of on-ramps, so charge your
all-electric batteries.

Q: We have Delve turned off in our tenant. What will happen for us in a few weeks?
Will we keep the old About Me page or will we still get the new Delve profile?
A: You would get the new profile experience, but it will be homed under Sites, not
Delve - so no Activity feed, just the new look and feel and the Profile tab.

Q: Can users add and maintain the links in the Links card? It would be grand if users
can have one central place to store links to internal and external resources.
A: This feature is not available in the moment. We are open for ideas of extensions,
feel free to provide a few scenarios/examples in this group.

Q: Is there any direct URL for the new profile page?

A: The most direct looks like this: https://tenantName-

Q: Will there be an org chart that you can add in the new Profile page in Delve?
A: Take a look at this blog to learn about the org chart in Delve.

Q: Will the org chart in the Profile page in delve pull from the org chart in the UP
that already exists?
A: Yes, there is an org chart in the new Profile in Delve.

Q: Is there a community administrator that can see all content, people, places
within Delve?
A: Delve does not change any permissions and inherits the permission from the
underlying sources. Users or admins will only be able to see content they have
already permissions for.

Q: A question on Mobile App, what is the link/synergy or what will be the

link/synergy between Office Video Mobile App and Delve Mobile App? If Delve
surface Video as key content what will be the user experience at the end? Will the
end user will switch between two Mobile Apps?
A: This is an area we are working on. Right now Delve mobile does not yet surface
videos from Office 365 Video, like the Web interface does. Once enabled for mobile,
the first experience will be to launch the video in the native mobile browser - where
we're releasing new work to enable responsive design and HTML-5 playback to
support good page experience and playback across devices. We then will focus on
the better cross-app integration.

Q: Will the non core profile properties be sourced from the SharePoint user profile
service? This seems to be the case now, where even custom profile properties
appear on the new profile. Will this continue in the future or the idea is to shift
toward using Azure AD or a different repository?
A: The non-core (custom) properties will continue to be supported from SharePoint
user profile services.

Q: Is there a "Share this" feature there for the iOS App? I search for stuff people
need, and I want to share it with the person who needs it.
A: Thanks for the feedback! We currently support that with a very simple gesture
that pulls up the Share experience for iOS and Android, respectively. You can do this
by going into a document, tapping the button on the bottom right of the view, and
tapping Share.

We hope to support sharing that also modify permissions in the future.

Q: What does the pencil mean next to people's names?

A: It's the last document that person modified. We realize it's a bit misleading
because it looks like you can edit. We're looking into how to make it clearer!

Q: Can a user's profile show who he/she interacts with the most?
A: Right now the profile org chart is based on hierarchy/AD. People are certainly a
part of the Delve discovery experience - and this is driven by who you work with,
not just who you work for.

The item of feedback that you wouldn't directly see today is a distinct list that
shows who others are working with. That data is in the Office Graph, but today is
not represented as a list - but incorporated in the discovery results.

You can learn who someone is mostly working with by clicking on the right corner
box in the activity tab.
Q: For education - It would be great to control Delve by (class) groups. That way we
could control what individual classes would see.
A: You could explore using Boards for this. Perhaps a board for each class code.

Q: Can someone tell me more about the new "authoring" options? Will it replace the
"blog" now? And - will it allow people to comment in Yammer on your blog post?
A: The new authoring does replace the "old" SharePoint blog. If you have a
SharePoint blog you will still have access to it, we've made sure to incorporate links
into the new experiences that will get you to your blog if you have one. If you don't
have an existing blog you will only be able to start with the new experience.

On the question of Yammer integration, it won't show up initially but we're working
on it. Being able to comment on blog posts is something we know lots of people will
want to do.

Q: Blogs, in my opinion, should be a "conversation" not only about informing

people. The clunkiness of the current blog commenting engine of SharePoint blogs
keeps me from it. The fact that I can't be alerted automatically on people
commenting on my blog (unless I set up an alert) and the fact that the questioner
does not get a notification that I replied seems to just kill the conversation.
A: Totally agree with you both on the importance of having the conversation be a
part of blogging and the pain points you described with old SharePoint blogs, we
hope to have commenting enabled soon after our initial rollout to First Release

Q: Will we be able to customize the profiles at organizational level? We've done

quite a bit of work on the user profiles in SharePoint (including brining in data from
other systems) and would like to be able to incorporate some of that into the new
A: We are working on the extensibility support for profile. We would love to
understand more about your customizations.

Q: Will any part of the Delve People experience be available in standalone

SharePoint Online tenants? SharePoint Server?
A: The Profile experience will be available for the SharePoint standalone in the
following weeks. We're focused on Delve from a hybrid perspective that will allow
on-premises signals to be fed into the Office Graph within Office 365, and then
custom solutions can consume the Office Graph data using the future Office Graph

Q: How can we spin this around and easily surface Delve within SharePoint. Our
clients' strategies are based on the intranet being the place to go.
We want to embed a view of Delve content on the intranet home page/sub-site
landing pages.
A: The Delve team and the NextGen Portals team are working hand in hand on
future Office Graph powered experiences across the portals. You see this today in
Office 365 Video with the "Popular" channel and "You might also like" - both
powered by the Office Graph. And once the Office Graph APIs are released, we do
expect that portals and sites will light up with more apps and zones populated from
intelligence coming from the Office Graph.

Q: How does a Yammer User Profile and a SharePoint Online User Profile and a
Delve Profile and an Office 365 User Profile all mesh? Are they the same? Are they
synch'ed? Is the key to it all working to just use Azure AD?
A: It is a focus to further unify the profile experience across Office 365. The goal is
to continue to lessen the number of profiles and to ensure all entry points lead to a
common profile end point. And yes, the value of AAD being the initial source for
core profile information is key, whether you're federated or not via ADFS.

Q: The Profile integration story should be fully baked before this is rolled out, it Can
NOT be something that comes later. Having a future "goal" to get the profiles
integrated sounds backwards to me. The functionality to have one profile should be
rolled out before the fancy UI stuff.
A: We're in the process of unifying and consolidating. We're not adding more, we are
working over the next few weeks to ensure main entry points lead to this new
profile - but it's not net new in the sense of another profile to manage.

Appreciate the sentiment and feedback, and we're on a path of continuous

innovation and want to ensure we inform everyone of the steps we're taking along
the way. Yesterday and the weeks coming are significant enough of a first step that
we wanted to articulate what we're doing.

Q: Anyone know if/when the API to report your own "signals" to the Office Graph will
be available?
A: The Delve and Office Graph team will share more at Ignite in this session:
"Building Solutions with Office

Q: Is the Praise in Delve profile from Yammer?

A: The Praise feature is not yet released. For the first version it will not be
integrated with the Yammer Praise feature, but we will explore that for the future.

Q: I spotted a small bug in the Delve profile. It shows the blog ection even if a users
hasn't ever created a blog - in which case it links to an error page. It should
probably hide the Blog option if there isn't one (and it would be nice if it showed a
headline from the latest blog post if there is).
A: The link that goes to a 404 is a bug that we are tracking and working on getting
resolved. The blog section on the page will evolve with the rest of the profile so I'd
expect to see improvements over time as well. The experience will be slightly
different when you're looking at your own profile vs. someone else's.

Q: Any next level links you have in your back pocket? Looking to understand it a
deeper technical level (architecturally and how it fits in with SP personalization and
target content delivery).
A: We will share more at Ignite and Build. Stay tuned, we will share links in this

Q: Can someone give me a sound-byte that I can get back to my team on about
what "this" is? I can't put my finger on what the whole "people experiences" means.
Let's face it, depending on your company, people experiences will get a bit of an
eyebrow raise.
A: Improvements to how people find other people when they are in search of
answers - even on the go - along with the power of people being able to better
express themselves. Most companies are an average split of 80% consumer, 20%
creation - and we want to focus on experiences for both.
Search and Content Sources

Q: What baseline information does Delve monitor to come up with its suggestions?
A: If you are signed up for First Release, Delve these content sources: Office Docs
(Word, PowerPoint, Excel) from OneDrive and SharePoint sites, Email attachments,
videos from Office 365 Video, and external links from public discussions in Yammer.

Q: Why is there no "Search" for files in the Delve iOS app? There is a search for
people - but not files or Yammer posts or emails. Why?
A: Thanks for the feedback. We launched intentionally with a subset of the features
of the full Delve web experience. We'll use feedback from customers to help
determine the next features to add to the app!

Q: When I think Delve I think Search. They're the same thing in my brain.
A: Interesting to hear. We also get a lot of feedback that Delve is a great people
experience and our usage data showed that customers were using Delve to find
content through people so we decided to lead with that first on the Delve mobile

We do want to make sure everyone is aware we do support People search in Delve

for iOS and Android right now. You can do this by going to the People tab on either

Q: When you search within Delve, will it classify what you are looking for? For
instance, if I search the word "mickey", will docs, emails, and people information
come up in the search result? And can I choose to narrow down?
A: At this point there are no results refinements in Delve discovery. If you performed
a search in the main SharePoint search center, you could refine the search results.
The base technology is common to both Delve and Search Center, with the added
layer of the Office Graph for Delve which targets relevancy based on user actions.
You will see docs, email attachments, people, etc. in Delve, but filtered for you via
relevance and the goal of enabling discovery intelligently based on what you do and
who you are working with.

If you search for mickey then Delve will propose you people results with Mikey (e.g.
Mikey Smith), documents edited or created by Mikey(s), boards that contain mickey
in their name as well as documents that contain the keyword mikey.

Q: Will there be a narrow down function for "only docs" or "only people," etc.?
A: The result sets are separated: you get people and board results in the left side
and document results on the main area.

Q: The refinements need will become increasingly important. Delve does a

surprisingly good job of surfacing relevant content - but users need to be able to
help it by refining the results further. Otherwise we end up with just a smarter
Google (or Bing) search and that is not what we need in a corporate environment.
We have carefully designed Information Architecture, with relevant metadata, so we
want to be able to get additional value from that via Delve.
A: Thank you for your feedback, we'll be looking into providing end users ways to
refine Delve results.

Q: I have only seen documents in my Delve results to date, is this just me or is

Delve designed for documents only?
A: Delve will show more than documents. You will see documents, people, email
attachments, external links shared in Yammer, based on what the Office Graph
tunes for the user. The Office Graph incorporates signals across various workloads
and content primarily from OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online team sites,
O365 Video portal and Exchange Online email attachments and external links
shared in public Yammer groups.

Q: Will Delve utilize the new SharePoint algorithms for "suggested people. sites,
documents, etc..."?
A: The Delve user experience derives insights from the Office Graph - the Office
Graph represents a collection of signals comprising content and activity, and the
relationships between them that happen across the entire Office suite. From email,
social conversations, instant messages and meetings, to documents, SharePoint
sites, and OneDrive for Business folders, the Office Graph maps the relationships
among people and information, and acts as the foundation for Office experiences
that are more relevant, personal and personalized to each individual. The Office
Graph uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to connect people to the
relevant content, conversations and people around them.

In essence you are correct, and the real juice providing insights is the Office Graph
on top of the index.

Delve utilizes a number of signals to suggest documents, people, etc. The signals
include signals from SharePoint as well as signals from Exchange as well. (and
graph). Learn more about the Office Graph here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?

Q: What determines or populates the "working on" section shown in the screenshot
on the blog yesterday?
A: The "working on" is a combination of group users are member of as well as user
curated information. the Working On feature has not been released yet. It will be
available in the coming months.

Q: I could see a case where I might have some photos taken from a company picnic
that I save to a Team Site or my OneDrive for Business library. If that surfaces under
what I am "working on" that could cause issues with an uptight manager.
A: What will be shown on "working on" will be the name of Office 365 public groups
you are member of. In addition, users will be provided with suggestions and users
will manually confirm to accept the suggestions.

Q: Will Office 365 compliance features pick up all the same data that are being used
to power Delve features? For example, will eDiscovery searches find everything a
Delve search would?
A: eDiscovery is a different entry point based on the same index with greater access
afforded to the compliance officer (the person who has been granted use rights to
the compliance center, or eDiscovery site) for visibility. So, yes, it is based on the
same data set, but is used in a very different way.

Q: We just finished a fun offline discussion of Delve. One of the more legal-minded
of us pointed out that the Office Graph poses risks for organizations subject to
ethical wall or insider trading investigations. That "X works with Y" relationship
would be highly relevant to such investigations and so subject to eDiscovery. Can
the existing eDiscovery tools capture those data, or is that something that
organizations will have to wait for?
A: We don't actually provide insights such as "X works with Y", or any "X has viewed
Y", those are considered private signals. You can learn more on privacy in Delve
here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Are-my-documents-safe-in-Office-

Q: Clearly this feature should emphasize the need to assure your documents and
information are secured correctly! I always tell my SP folks to secure correctly as
"search WILL find it", now I guess I need to add Delve to that.
A: It's important to know that Delve does not break any permissions, and yes, it will
add visibility to how permissions are applied. Good to add it to the adoption
planning, in context with how search works and how users can manage their own
permissions on documents and such to the requirements of the information being
shared (or not).

As mentioned Delve only inherits permissions from existing content. In addition,

based on early First Release feedback we've added a admin control to "hide" certain
sensitive content from Delve discovery... Admin's in addition ensuring they have
correct permissions set can also use this as needed...

The Delve and Office Graph intent is to be aware of all Office 365 activity and
source signals from many of the actions people take across the suite of services.


Q: When will Delve for iOS be released for my country?

A: The Delve app for Android and iPhone will be available in the U.S., Ireland and
Norway markets and will expand to all supported markets in the following weeks.
Hold tight, should be on it's way soon.

Q: Somehow it seems the new profile page is available only through Delve.
However, the announcement says it will be available through everywhere, OWA,
People, About Me etc. Everywhere else, it takes me to the old "my sites" profile
page. When will be this "new profile" page experience available from throughout
A: The Profile will be accessible from these locations within the next few weeks.

Q: I was noticing this morning that I was seeing the new Delve Profile experience,
but not the new Blog authoring experience. Is the new Blog authoring a separate
piece being rolled out?
A: The new Blog is one of the profile elements that will ship a little later, within 1-2
months from this initial profile update.

Q: When will Boards be released?

A: Boards is current available for those who have opted in to First Release. Boards
will be soon be graduating out of First Release, stay tuned!

Q: How do I turn on First Release in my tenant?

A: To learn more about First Release, check out this link :

Q: Can you share any timeline for the Windows Phone version?
A: We are working on it but don't have a timeline to share right now.
Q: On the iOS app, what do the pencils mean next to people's names?
A: It's the last document that person modified. We realize it's a bit misleading
because it looks like you can edit. We're looking into how to make it more clear!