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Working as a group (maximum of 5), conduct research about a famous social entrepreneur
in Malaysia, click here http://socialentreprise.my

Create a display reflecting your research by answering the questions below:

1) A historically significant social entrepreneur.

2) Summarize the problem that was identified by this social entrepreneur.

3) Describe the solution this social entrepreneur found for the problem.

4) Describe the steps this social entrepreneur took to implement his/her ideas for addressing
the problem.

5) Select a quote from this social entrepreneur that reflects their ideas about social

Your research should NOT exceed 10 pages.

Create an infographic that can be part of a display designed to

teach others about social entrepreneurs and their significant
contributions throughout history.

The infographic should include:

A picture of the social entrepreneur

A 2-3 paragraph summary or bulleted list that describes
the research information you learned.
A copy of the quote reflecting this persons ideas about
social entrepreneurship

Exemplary Good Fair Meet Requirement Not meeting

(20-16) (15-11) (10-6) (5-1) requirement (0)
Exceptionally well- Well-presented and argued; Content is sound and solid; Content is sound but solid; Content is not
presented and argued; ideas are detailed, developed ideas are present but not ideas are present but not sound
ideas are detailed, well- and supported with evidence particularly developed or particularly developed or
developed, supported and details, mostly specific. supported; some evidence, supported; some evidence,
with specific evidence & but usually of a generalized but not fully developed
facts, as well as examples nature.
and specific details.

5% good, relevant and practical use of charts, graphics and images;

4% relevant and practical use of visual elements
3% visual elements present but may not be practical to the poster
2% practical but bad resolution graphics;
1% - poor use of graphics graphic elements there serve no purpose)