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For Immediate Release Contact: Joan Fallon

May 2, 2017 joan_fallon@harvardpilgrim.org


Harvard Pilgrim Signs Second Groundbreaking Contract with Amgen For Repatha
HPHC and its members will receive full refund if a cardiac event occurs while on the drug

(WELLESLEY, MA) Harvard Pilgrim Health Care has entered into a first-of-its-kind contract
with Amgen for its LDL cholesterol lowering drug, Repatha, that guarantees the health plan and
its members will receive a full refund of their costs for the drug if a member is hospitalized for a
myocardial infarction or stroke after taking Repatha for six months or more and maintaining an
appropriate level of compliance on the drug.

Repatha is one of a new class of biotechnology medicines known as PCSK9 inhibitors that have
demonstrated a promising new approach for treating elevated LDL cholesterol in patients
whose levels are not able to be controlled by current treatment options. The medication is
designed to target a protein that prevents the body from removing artery-blocking LDL
cholesterol from the bloodstream. Repatha works differently than statin drugs that prevent the
liver from making cholesterol.

Given by injection every two or four weeks, Repatha is intended for patients who have an
inherited disorder resulting in high levels of LDL cholesterol or have high-risk atherosclerotic
cardiovascular disease conditions, such as heart attack or stroke, that have been resistant to

Repatha has been shown to have a significant outcome on reducing cardiovascular morbidity
for high risk individuals with elevated LDL cholesterol, said Harvard Pilgrim Chief Medical
Officer Michael Sherman. However, there have been concerns raised about the cost of this
new drug relative to existing statin treatments. We hope to negotiate more contracts of this
type, in which a pharmaceutical company truly has skin in the game going forward. This
agreement is the first we have signed in which there is a full refund of all costs related to the
medication if the patient experiences a heart attack or stroke while taking it.

"Cardiovascular disease is the largest public health concern in the world and for high-risk
patients who have already had a cardiovascular event or whose genetics puts them at risk, it is
important that these patients have access to an effective treatment shown to lower their
elevated LDL cholesterol in addition to their current lipid lowering regimen, said Joshua J.
Ofman, M.D., MSHS, senior vice president of Global Value, Access & Policy. "Amgens
agreement with Harvard Pilgrim demonstrates our commitment to seeking innovative
approaches that help break down the barriers of access to Repatha.

This is the second patient-focused outcomes contract Harvard Pilgrim has negotiated with
Amgen for Repatha. In the fall of 2015, the health plan signed an outcomes guarantee through
which Amgen provided HPHC with an enhanced discount if the reduction in LDL levels for
Harvard Pilgrim members is less than what was observed during Repathas clinical trials. In
addition, the agreement provides for additional discounts if the utilization of the drug exceeds
certain levels. This enables those patients who can most benefit from the drug to receive it
while continuing to encourage utilization of lower cost statins for the majority of patients.


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