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Central CT State University Physical Education Lesson Plan

Created by: Alex Mazza, Dennis Murphy_____ Date: _4-13-17____________

Unit topic: Golf
Key skill(s) or concept(s) for this lesson: Chipping

Grade level: 8th

Lesson #: 3

Specific provisions for safety: Making sure students are walking with the golf club like a cane,
to ensure that the students are being safe with the clubs. When one partner is on the hitting mat,
the caddy should stand 5 big steps behind their partner. No one should step in front of the hitting
mats until the teacher allows students to pick up the balls. (student must wait for teacher
instructions to collect the balls)

Equipment needed: 8 wedges per group, 16 jump ropes, 8 hula-hoops, 10 small buckets, 8
cones, 8 poly spots, 80 whiffle balls

References: http://www.pelinks4u.org/naspeforum/discus/messages/1239/Golf-1559.pdf
Learning Nat'l Objectives Assessment Strategies When?
Domain Stand
1 SWBAT exhibit proper chipping Teacher Evaluation/

mechanics (pendulum with arms, Peer evaluation
making sure students create a Y with Y arms LF

arms and keeping the chin down) 7 out Weight on left CA

2 of 10 swings
SWBAT thinkswings.
about the amount of force foot
Peer Evaluations

needed to get the ball to their intended Checking for a
targets, noted by self-assessment. LF
proper grip
Checking for a CA
4 SWBAT be aware of proper safety Teacher and Peer

precautions by holding their clubs like a Evaluations

cane, 5 large steps back from partner Giving partner LF

and keeping the clubs on the ground feedback based CA

during instructions.

Good morning class, today we are going to be learning how to chip a golf ball. We have
previously learned in our putting lesson; that putting isnt a full swing. Chipping like putting is
not a full swing either. When chipping, we are going to take the club only one foot back and have
a short follow through. It is important to follow through when chipping; imagine it like youre
hitting a putt. Focus on keeping the face of the club straight after you make contact with the ball.
Central CT State University Physical Education Lesson Plan

Just like a putt we are going to keep the Y shape with our arms, and well keep our chin down
facing the ball. When you pick up the club you must hold it as if its a cane. I want you all to
remember to be aware of everyone in your vicinity when youre at the chipping areas. Caddies
make sure you are at least 5 large steps away from the chipping area; caddies should be behind
the marker provided. I want you all to pay attention to your partners chipping swing, and provide
positive encouraging feedback to your partners. Right now, everyone turn to a partner and
provide one example of a positive piece of feedback. Is everyone ready to chip? Great!!

Introductory Activity
(Time allotted- 13 )

Description of learning tasks: 1) Organizational diagram(s):

Make all students (including the caddies) put
the golf clubs down, and practice the new T T T T T T T T
chipping cues without a club to make sure they
have the basic understanding of the chipping P P P P P P P P
swing. Do 10 swings without a club in hand.
At this stations students will find a partner.
One will be the caddy and one will be the C C C C C C C C
golfer. Each golfer will hit 10 whiffle balls
each at a target in the field. Students will wait T: Hitting Target
for teachers instructions to collect the balls P: Poly Spot (hitting area)
and return them to their partners. The caddies C: Cones (where caddy stands)
from the first round will now become the
golfers. They will have 10 shot attempts at the Group organization: Peanut butter and Jelly
target. While the golfer is hitting the balls the
caddies will be watching the golfers chips 2) Instructional cues:
checking for any corrections they can make in Keep eyes down after you hit the ball
their swings. Ball lined up with back foot
Chin down
The targets will be 15-20 yards away for the Foot back (knee level), foot through
students (depending on how skilled the class Strong wrist
is) Make a Y

3) Questions to ask:
How far back should our backswing

Central CT State University Physical Education Lesson Plan

Are you keeping your head/eyes down?
Where should the caddy stand?
How do we hold the club?
Close stance
Weight on left foot (for right handed

Differentiated Instruction:
Move the targets closer
Make targets larger
Larger balls

Give students a different club
Move targets farther away
Make the targets smaller
Variety of different sized targets (some close and some far)

Lesson Focus

(Time allotted- 13 )

Description of learning tasks: 1) Organizational diagram(s):

Water Hazard

For this activity students will hit from the same

poly spots as the last activity. There will be two
jump ropes (horizontally) to represent water or
a golf Hazard. The object of this activity is to
hit the ball over the water hazard, and into
the hula-hoop that is on the other side of the
jump ropes. Each student will hit 10 plastic
golf balls each.

Central CT State University Physical Education Lesson Plan

If students hit the ball over the hazard they

receive 5 points. If students hit the ball over
the hazard, and inside of the hula-hoop it is 10 2) Instructional cues:
points. Ball lined up with back foot
Like in the previous activity the caddies are Chin down
watching their partner, and are checking to Foot back (knee level) , foot through
make sure their golfer is following the Strong wrist
chipping cues. Make a Y with your arms
Close stance
Weight on left foot (for right handed

3) Questions to ask:
How far back should our backswing
Are you keeping your head/eyes down?
Where should the caddy stand?
How do we hold the club?

Differentiated Instruction:
- Make water hazard smaller
- Move the hula-hoop closer

Make the hazard larger
Increase the size of hazard and make the chip shot loner to the hula-hoop. Making
the students have to judge the force of the chip to get it to the hula hoop

Great job everyone! I'm really happy that everyone was conscious of safety during this lesson.
You all did great holding the club like a cane when walking, and keeping the clubs on the ground
until you were told to pick them up. Can I get three examples of chipping cues that we learned
today? What is similar about chipping and putting? Which shot do you think is the most
challenging a short putt, long putt, or chip? With your imaginary club, and some space around
you show me your set up. Now show me your chipping swing. Great job everyone, next class
we will be learning how to pitch the ball to a green.

Central CT State University Physical Education Lesson Plan


Reflective lesson analysis:

Alex Mazza:
I think that our lesson went really well considering I had fun teaching the lesson, and it seemed
that the students enjoyed the activities as well. I think we did a good job mentioning safety and
how important safety is when everyone has a club in their hand. Throughout the lesson I spotted
a few students picking up the club when they werent instructed to do so, each time I saw this I
reminded them of the safety cues. One thing that I wouldve liked to improve on was having a
better transition. When we transitioned from the first to second game I was setting up the second
activity and I lost the attention of the class, but I was able to regain their attention quickly after.
The next time I teach this chipping lesson I will have the equipment for my second activity ready
so it can be easily set up after the first activity. I had a loud strong voice throughout the lesson
which allowed everyone hear my directions and chipping cues throughout the lesson. Another
thing I did well throughout the lesson was give specific feedback to the students. An example of
this was when a student continued to hit the top of the ball, I reminded the student of the one of
our cues keep your head down through the chip. Overall I think it was a strong teaching

Dennis Murphy:
I believe Alex and I did a good job with our lesson. I thought we were both loud and clear
enough for being outside. Also we did a good job instructing the students to be safe, telling them
to hold the club like a cane, and having them put the club down when they are not using it. We
also did a good job scanning the class to make sure they were all being safe. We caught a student
walking out towards the targets, and try to grab a ball they hit very short. We also offered some
specific positive corrective feedback. I saw one student picking their head up while chipping. I
said, That was a great swing; just remember to keep your head down. I also saw a student
doing a great job keeping their wrists slightly forward. So I used positive reinforcement to
remind that student some of the good things he was doing. One thing that could have gone better
was the transition from hitting the golf balls to fielding to getting back to our spots. I believe if
we used the words like quickly and everybody transitioning would of went smoother if we had
added those words. But as a whole I thought Alex and I did a job well done.

Central CT State University Physical Education Lesson Plan

Revised: June 2016