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Heres $20, now, what do I get?

Sales & Trac;on

Shuki Lehavi | shukilehavi@gmail.com | h4p://linkin.com/in/slehavi

The bo=om line
Investors and shareholders are here to make money

To make money, they need distribu0on (dividend/

interest/ prot sharing) or a liquidity event (exit/IPO)

Without Sales, there is no income no prots no

distribuHon no liquidity events
(Even a socially-driven) Company needs to be a Business
My Perspec;ve
OpHmisHc. Founder-friendly mentor (I want you to make $$$). SoQware Developer
2X founder($MM revenue + prots), 2 exist, 9 M&A deals, $MM raised, $B clients
The Excep;ons
Even IPOs require > $100MM sales. The few excepHons include (defendable)
Patents, meteoric growth (WhatsUp). For everyone else, its about sales
j2.com, 146 M&A deals
Most M&A deals and investor valuaHons are based on sales/ prot mulHpliers. All
of J2s deals are EBITDA/ ROI based, they get the value from the revenue stream
Jumpstar;ng Sales:
Dont Invent Demand
ind the market need, dont invent it. Address it with a protable approach. Scale
rom service, to product to placorm over 5 years. what can I give for $20?/
Sales Strategy:
Paying Customers Only
Avoid distracHons and opinions of non-paying customers as they will cost you Hme
and money, focus on replicaHng the success of paying customers
Genera;ng Prots:
Deep & Narrow Focus
Wix.com $8/m website $500/m for car dealer $1,500/m for dealer in LA.
Never price your product as a no brainier. Pass the Cheryl from AccounHng test
Scaling Sales:
Be Scrappy
CEO sells the rst $1.5M, then hire sales person (quota of $1M), then 3 more, then
manager, then 3 more, then director make them hungry to close deals

Being a Business
Be scally responsible about creaHng value and moneHzing it, scruHnize expenses,
arry at least 2X OPEX in cash, business model and product go alpha together

nvestors Dilemma - A food truck nancially
outperforms most startups in their rst 24 months
Cash(ow) is King
Running out of cash is the #1 reason for company shutdown. Own your cash-ow,
our bank accounts, your AR and your P&L. Learn QuickBooks and dont delegate it
Have Op;ons
Protable businesses have opHons, mostly because they are not running out of
money by a certain date. Delays are a nature for product development or M&A
F@#K Start-ups
Build End-ups
Carefully plan the Exit, its a 9-18 months process that you need to manage. Its
distracHng and yet, you need to demonstrate momentum through it

Be Yourself, Be Happy
Build a business around you and your strengths, dont try to become someone else
Thank You
huki Lehavi | shukilehavi@gmail.com | h4p://linkin.com/in/slehavi
Je Bezos' Annual Shareholder Le=er
I very frequently get the quesHon: Whats going to change in the
next 10 years?
I almost never get the quesHon: Whats not going to change in the
next 10 years? I submit to you that that second quesHon is actually
the more important of the two because you can build a business
strategy around the things that are stable in 0me.
[I]n our retail business, we know that customers want low prices, and I know thats going to be true 10 year
from now. They want fast delivery
Its impossible to imagine a future 10 years from now where a customer comes up and says, Je I love
Amazon; I just wish the prices were a li4le higher, [or] I love Amazon; I just wish youd deliver a li4le more
slowly. Impossible.

When you have something that you know is true, even over the long
term, you can aord to put a lot of energy into it.