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Reflections on a Decision Failure

For this first assignment, we would like you to reflect on a significant past decision that you have
made or are familiar with that you considered a bad decision. Share with your classmates the
- What was the situation?
Years ago, more or less 7, I had some money to make an investment. At that moment I had the
option of buying a house or keep the money in mutual funds.
- What decision was made? I decided to keep the money on mutual funds instead of buying a house
thinking that it was a better option at that moment
- What was the outcome?
Finally it was a very bad decision because there were problems in the mutual funds market and they
did not gave me the benefits I expected
- Why do you think it was a bad decision?
It was a bad decision not follows the advice on my investment counselor who told me not to keep it
in the money market because there were problems with the banks.
- What was learned?
You should follow the advice of the experts, we know they keep part of your money but at the end
they have a better perspective of what is going on in their field of activity.