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Reading about technology


Term Definition Spanish Sentence example
1. Characters A set of elements used for the Caractres A twitter post cant be
organization, control or more than 140
representation of data. characters.
2. Application Computer software designed as a tool Aplicacin My computer has too
to enable user to perform one or more many applications.
specific tasks.
3. Operating The main software or set of programs Sistema If your device does not
System that manages the hardware resources operativo have an operating system
in a computer and provides services it cant run.
for other applications to run.
4. Smart phone A device that combines a cell phone Telfono This smart phone is like a
with a handheld computer, typically inteligente personal computer.
offering internet access, data storage,
e-mail capability and other.
5. Release Distribution of the latest version of a Estreno The company will soon
product release its new gaming
6. Digital A binary information system used in Digital Humans perceive analog
computing to represent data, which information, while
can be copied, edited, and moved computers use a digital
without losing any quality. system.

7. Virus A segment of self-replicating code Virus Be careful with messages

planted illegally in a computer from people you dont
program, usually to damage or shut know, as they could have
down a system or network. a virus.

8. Cybernetic The science that deals with systems of Ciberntico Cybernetic

control and communication in people communication includes
and machines, studying and taking social media.
advantage of all their common aspects
and mechanisms.

9. Security The area of computing that focuses on Seguridad The bank has updated the
the protection of infrastructure and security policies for
everything related to it, especially the online banking.
information contained or circulating
among devices.

10. Website A collection of related web pages Sitio web Our professor shares
common to an internet domain or information in her
subdomain on the World Wide Web. website.
11. Gaming A computer system specially made for Consola de Nintendo has a new
platform playing video games, also called a videojuegos gaming platform.

12. E-mail A network service which allows Correo You cant attach heavy
sending and receiving messages with electrnico documents in your e-
multiple recipients or receivers mails.
located anywhere in the world.
13. Automated A system where production tasks, automatizado Registration process in
usually done by human operators, is college should be
transferred to a set of technological automated, so they can be
elements. more efficient.
14. Screen A light reflecting surface or display on Pantalla Screens on new
which visual information may be smartphones are bigger.
15. Launch To introduce a new product in the lanzar When ready, we will
market and strategically announce it launch the new software
for business purposes. with a huge event.
16. Version The process of assigning a name code Versin The new version of iPhone
or unique number to software or is worst than the previous
hardware to indicate its level of one.
17. Update To bring up to date; Actualizacin Update your smartphone
incorporate new information in or for to get a better
18. Install To connect all parts of a device or set instalar If you install Dropbox in
hardware in position and prepare for your computer, you will
use. To insert software in a device and be able to save files in
make it run correctly. that folder and they will
be available on-line.
19. Extension The suffix at the end of a filename that Extensin You have to be careful
indicates what type of file it is. with any .exe extension.
20. Browser An application used to access and view Navegador Google Chrome is the
websites. most convenient browser.
21. Log-in A combination of information that Entrada Your log-in information
authenticates an identity. should be private.
22. File A file is a collection of data stored in Archivo A corrupted file may
one unit. It can be a document, damage your information.
picture, audio or video stream, data
library, application, or other collection
of data.

23. Download The process of receiving data over the Descargar We download many
Internet. photos from internet.
24. Disk Hardware used to store information. Disco I need a new external disk
to save movies.

25. Data Information processed or stored by a Data This external disk can
computer in the form of text save a lot of data.
documents, images, audio clips,
software programs, or other types.

26. Turn-on To switch on any electronic device. Encender When I turn on the
computer the light bights.
27. Pattern Anything designed to serve as a model Patrn A computer can identify
or guide. writing patterns to help
people making
28. Machine An apparatus made of connected parts Mquina We can connect a series of
having separate functions, used to machines to a single
accomplish work. computer to make them
work automatically.