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A town at the crossroads
of heritage & hope
by Aimie Cronin

FEBRUARY 4-10 2017 $4.40 INC GST

Theresa Gattung
on feminism,
Trump & the
new drive to
create wealth
for women


Game changer: using How uid intake affects Emma Stone, the Queen,
KiwiSaver for rst homes your body mass the Beatles & food myths
CONTENTS ISSN 2381-9553: Vol 257, No. 4001. February 4-10, 2017


FEATURES with the number of these outows from reds. byMichael Cooper
COVER STORY some funds tripling. by Edwin Mitson 49 | Sport Competitive sport needs rules to
16 |The feminist capitalist who stole a guide players and fans. byPaul Thomas
My Food Bag entrepreneur Theresa Gattung 40 | Health Video consultations mean BOOKS & CULTURE
talks about how to be successful in business you can see your GP without the pain of the 50 | The revised history boy
and the challenges for feminism in the age of waiting room. byRuth Nichol If you go through life thinking youve got a
Donald Trump. byMichele Hewitson 42 | Nutrition Cricketers need water to stay good grasp on personal memories, Romanian
24 | River of life on their game and drinking more of it can literary star EO Chirovici would have you
Ngaruawahia, where the Waipa River joins help the rest of us eat less. byJennifer Bowden think again. byCraig Sisterson
the mighty Waikato, is home to the Maori 44 | Technology If youre a savvy internet 52-57 | Books A Brief History of Everyone
King and a community some wish was more shopper, chances are youve already Who Ever Lived: The Stories in Our Genes,
united. byAimie Cronin encountered Amazon.com. byPeter Griffin essays by John Berger, about life and death
45 | Psychology People who gesture are in Palestine, contemporary ction by Karyn
34 | I am rmly in one world perceived as more extroverted and warm than Hay, Louis de Bernires, Megan Bradbury and
These days, long-time Black Power member those who show restraint. byMarc Wilson Lindsey Dawson, and a historical novel by
Denis OReilly works as a resultant with Stefan Hertmans
businesses and organisations. byClare de Lore 46 | Food Freshly picked, sun-ripened
peaches, apricots or nectarines are hard to 58 | A Way with Words Martin Edmond
37 | Keeping the dream alive beat for eating or cooking. byLauraine Jacobs 59 | Music From Dropkick Murphys, Brian
Hordes of New Zealanders are breaking into 48 | Wine Puriri Hills Reserve wines rank Eno, Alargo and Letherette
their KiwiSaver nest eggs to buy a rst home among our most delicious and ageworthy 60 | Film Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea


5 | Editorial 14 | Politics Mike Williams 66 | Television Fiona Rae
6 | Letters Plus Caption Competition, Quips & 94 | Life Bill Ralston 69 | Online Fiona Rae
Quotes, Life in NZ and 10 Quick Questions 70 | TV Films Fiona Rae
10 | TV Review Diana Wichtel DIVERSIONS 72 | Radio Fiona Rae
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Missed 2016?
We didnt - here are some highlights

1. Surname of shock Nobel 6. NZs highest paid sports 11. First name of former 15. Chinese zodiac animal for
Prize in Literature winner 2016 star plays for which NBA Cuban leader, died in 2016
2. Artist who fetched $USD team? November 16. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
63.4m for a painting at 7. Which Kiwi rst split the 12. Films title F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ KiwiSaver Scheme rated rst
Sothebys this year atom? beasts and where to nd equal for services by sorted.
3. The New Zealand _ _ _ _ _ _ 8. Surname of FBI head who them org.nz
features on the new $20 note may have broken the law 13. Named 2016 FundSource 17. Document, Magna _ _ _ _ _
4. Surname of The leading up to 2016 US Fund Manager of the Year 18. M_ _ _ & Chandon
Opportunities Party leader election 19. Which 2016 weather pattern
14. Starman performer
5. Winner of 2016 Consumer 9. Name of former Prime died on 10 January, is the opposite to La Nina?
NZ Peoples Choice Award Minister, John Keys, wife David _ _ _ _ _ 20. Won the INFINZ Fund
KiwiSaver Provider 10. Surname of Italys Premier Manager of the Year Bonds
who resigned in December

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12. Fantastic 13. Fisher Funds 14. Bowie 15. Monkey 16. Fisher Funds 17. Carta 18. Moet 19. El Nino 20. Fisher Funds
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14 -11
WELLINGTON E A nzopera.com

Trading places

oth the Jeremiahs and the triumphalists are out in isely, our Government is holding the line, with Prime
force over President Donald Trumps withdrawal of
the United States from the Trans-Pacic Partnership.
But rumours of its demise are premature.
W Minister Bill English clearly aligning New Zealand with
Germany and other EU stalwarts in his European trade
talks. We have much more common cause with the EU than with
The TPP in its present form is clearly a Britain a notable difference from Australia, which has effectively
non-starter. But theres still much to salvage from sided with Britain.
the considerable common ground negotiated by Its uncertain whether either Britain or the US will prot
the 12 participants in the project not least the domestically from their radical changes. Trumps trade-barrier
ground-breaking environmental and worker protections. policy should foster job growth, especially if combined with
The remaining 11 parties are still pro-free-trade, and could tax cuts encouraging US companies to bring prots home, but
conceivably recalibrate it to exclude the it could also raise the cost of living.
US and/or bring in China and others. An early portent: US-made Trump
This would be hard, and perhaps fatally inauguration souvenir caps cost
unwieldy. But suggestions that we and US$25-30, Asian-made caps US$20
other willing signatories will now wilt much cheaper.
into inaction are absurd. Several other As the Economist noted, more
promising multilateral deals remain in Americans might eventually work at
negotiation. car plants, but decreased purchasing
Japan, for one, vows to keep power would mean fe wer could afford
pursuing the TPP with vigour albeit that shiny new SUV.
with a view to crimping Chinas Trumps plans for tax incentives
growing regional dominance, a key and deregulation could well have
TPP objective for President Barack a mixed impact on American
Obama. Trump has yet to follow up voter sentiment, especially if they
his campaign rhetoric about bring- benet corporates more than, or
ing China to account on Day One Trumps populist America First at the expense of, working people.
for currency manipulation. But as his Trump campaigned as a blue-collar
combative and xenophobic inaugu-
approach is a grave threat to champion, but has already loaded his
ral address made clear, his populist
the global order that the US plutocratic team with billionaires and
America First approach is a grave threat fostered after WWII. From Pax multimillionaires.
to the global order that the US vigor- Americana to Lax Americana. The US could also nd other
ously fostered after World War II. From countries play hardball with its elite
Pax Americana to Lax Americana. global corporates such as Apple and
With China taking the lead on cli- Google, whose tax minimisation is
mate change, and the White House an already in the OECDs sights.
ofcial denier, theres a new incentive, ironically, to build trade A key watch-point is whether Trumps domestic focus plays to
progress around China, with its Leninist Nationalist President Xi Chinas advantage. Should China emerge as the fulcrum of the
Jinping vowing at Januarys World Economic Forum in Davos, TPPs putative multilateral successor, the US could nd its global
Switzerland, to uphold the global trading system. competitiveness plummeting. On present trends, its already
However, Trump wants individual bilateral deals between the possible China will overtake the US as the worlds dominant
US and the 11 erstwhile TPP partners. These will take years, but economy in a couple of decades.
its at least a sign we face not the end of free-trade progress but an New Zealands best course is the one were on: an eternal process
indenite hiatus. Itll take at least two years to establish new trade of Pick me! talks with other countries including the US.
lay-lines while the US unpicks the North American Free Trade For a nation like ours, stalled free-trade progress is hugely
Agreement and Britain withdraws from the European Union. frustrating. But unlike Trump, we cherish trade liberalisation,
Ominously, however, Euro-scepticism is rising, with France, not just for ourselves but for the worlds poor, many millions of
Germany and the Netherlands facing elections with strong whom have been lifted out of poverty in recent decades by trade.
pro-nationalism and protectionist headwinds. This, quite as New Zealand pioneered the trade talks that snowballed into the
much as US moves, raises disquiet over how much progress can TPP. Weve done it once. We can again be a driving force. l
be made with trade liberalisation outside the Asia-Pacic region. TO HAVE YOUR SAY: email letters@listener.co.nz

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 5

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Jon Johreport by Pa
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, Ben StaThomas,
nley &

The tag-team beat-up of butter. I will happily consume On one page Rod Jackson tells
butter by Nicky Pellegrino and that product instead of the us that butter has no protein FIND US ONLINE
Rod Jackson (with Jennifer highly engineered concoctions or calcium, just fat and a few CONTENT AND DAILY UPDATES
Bowden cheering from the sold as margarine. Without vitamins. Over the page we are noted.co.nz/the-listener
pro-margarine corner) does a statins, thank you. informed that butter decom- facebook.com/nzlistener
disservice to both journalism Mark Graesser poses faster than margarine
and science (Spreading the (Nelson) because it contains protein
word, January 28). There from milk. Pass me my gluten- and gaining greatly increased
is said to be overwhelming The question of butter versus free kale thickshake, someone. prots but at the expense
evidence that saturated fats margarine reminds me that, Grant Hocking of jobs for its citizens. Now
are bad for you, according to when I was studying physics (Onehunga, Auckland) Trump is blaming those coun-
Jackson. What evidence? and engineering, we used to Thank you for all the letters on tries for luring jobs away.
Jacksons simplistic rephrase Newtons third law of this topic. Harvards School of And its an argument that US
assertions are severely dated motion, which states that for Public Health is unambiguous voters (actually, three million
and were originally based on every action there is an equal about butters downside, stating fewer than backed losing
shoddy science. Why was and opposite reaction. Our ver- unequivocally that the dairy presidential candidate Hillary
he not confronted with the sion, which seems appropriate product is mostly saturated fat, Clinton) wanted to believe.
evidence assembled in such to this discussion, stated that which is a well-established risk Appallingly, the majority
recent books as Nina Teicholzs for every expert there is an factor for cardiovascular disease. lost. And so, therefore, did US
The Big Fat Surprise and Gary equal and opposite expert. As for whether butter contains democracy. Its been trumped,
Taubes Good Calories, Bad Alasdair Abernethy protein, the salted variety has you might say. The rest of us
Calories? Wherever you come (Whakatane) 0.5g/100g, which is negligible should be concerned.
down in the end, these books from a nutrition standpoint, Clyde Scott
make it clear that this is a very I sampled margarine during but enough to provide an energy (Birkenhead, Auckland)
complex issue, and that much World War II and have not source for microbiological life to
of the research demonising touched it since. I am 85. thrive. Ed Paul Thomas description
saturated fat has been driven Next will be the usual bunch of Donald Trump as a Rob
and nanced by Big Pharma to of busybodies demanding TRUMPS THE MAN Muldoon is ridiculous. About
protect its statin bonanza. that butter be heavily taxed, So the unfathomable has all they have in common is the
As for butter being very banned from childrens lunch become the unbeliev- belief that you can improve an
rened and overwhelmingly boxes, etc. I shall continue to able (Hocus Potus, January economy by isolating it from
bad for you, in the 1950s eat butter because I like it. 28). Donald Trump is now the rest of the world.
my grandmother on the farm Ian Hood President of the US. Welcome Chris Bowen
allowed me, at the age of six (Blenheim) back, the Ugly American. (Lower Hutt)
or so, to operate the milk American voters have
separator, a simple crank- Perhaps the real reason we proved once and for all that Donald Trump is the man
operated device, and then to are a butter-consuming lot is determining the leader of the we need at this time. Great
collect the cream that emerged that the nation is hooked on free world is far too important progress was made in the 60s,
from one of the two spouts, gooey, oozing cake concoc- to be left to them to decide 70s and 80s in race, class, femi-
pouring it into a wooden tions and crispy biscuits. Take especially considering their nism, theology and sexuality
churn, and pounding it into a peek at the loaded plates that contorted and archaic version and, although the gains have
accompany cups of coffee. Its of democracy. Barack Obama been held, we had come to a
both sugar and fat and we love was obviously a uke. The big, near standstill.
Letter of the week it. Sadly, we are cookie-lovin dumb, deluded perennial ado- Trump doesnt know that he
The letter of the week critters. How to arrest that lescent nation has blundered is about to make the next set
winner will receive
a copy of Chelsea habit, thats the question. again. It was corporate of gains happen. The more he
Winters Scrumptious, Trish Bishop America that gave away its jobs seeks to tighten the screws on
with its 90-plus (Hamilton)
everyday lunch, dinner to China, Mexico, etc to take human values and needs, the
and dessert recipes. advantage of cheaper labour sooner the next great series of


John preferred
these things

Diane Chatsworth, Hillsborough, Auckland

FINALISTS please pull my nger. Bruce Jackson Juncker: English, you? This way, sir,
Juncker: And you said you were to the exit. Trish Bishop, Hamilton
Juncker: Superglue! Are you
English? Brian Coutts, Otago
serious!? Colin Bishop, Invercargill Juncker: Near Sydney, right? Peter
Juncker: Did we get the ag right? Thompson, Auckland
Juncker: I see you havent learnt the
Paul Kelly, Palmerston North
secret handshake yet. Grant White Juncker: Now pull my nger for a

Juncker: English? Do you speak surprise. Nick Pagonis, Auckland
Juncker: Oh! I really thought that
English? Rhonda Ramsay, Thames
the English Prime Minister was a Juncker: and remember: no kiss, no
Juncker: Now that we are friends, woman. Bruce Leadley, Timaru Europe! Peter Blattner, Wellington

changes and growth will come. vehicles, a couple of outdated our national day. Why dont a magnicent view, listening
It will be an ugly and costly frigates and no combat jets we hand out gongs on that to bands, watching the Navy
time, but Trump, surprising as that can launch missiles or day, as Australia does? march, seeing waka glide
it may seem, will turn out to drop bombs, let alone re bul- But I wonder if the to the foreshore and being
be the man we need. lets. Its a dire situation that we perception of the celebration surrounded by Ngapuhi and
George Sweet ignore at our peril in todays at Waitangi as a political bun other iwi.
(Mairehau, Christchurch ) volatile geopolitical climate. ght isnt a result of reporting But so many people
Thanks largely to Helen over a keyboard, rather than enjoying our national day
In all the hand-wringing over Clarks emasculation of our attending in person, as I have is not the stuff of news, it
the implications of Trumps ghting forces, we are now for the past six years. Yes, there seems. Perhaps if editors gave
election for our global trading a pushover for anyone with is street theatre a day before; reporters a wider brief than
prospects, a much more hostile designs in this part of there is robust discussion; to cover protests, we could
important consideration has the world. Trumps election and, on the day, a few have shift the news focus. Then the
been ignored. Where does his makes this much easier, but attempted to hijack the rest of the country not just
America-rst policy leave us does anyone give a damn? occasion for selsh motives. those lucky enough to be in
in the event of a threat to our Insuring their homes is But most of the day is Waitangi could celebrate the
sovereignty? a no-brainer for most New enjoyed by thousands day as much as those of us
Would the US ride to the Zealanders, yet they seem in a wonderful spirit of who live in the Far North.
rescue as it did in World War unconcerned that there is camaraderie and co-operation, Sandy Myhre
II? I think it fair to assume bugger-all insurance cover for many people picnicking with (Russell)
that The Donald doesnt the security of their homeland.
give a tinkers cuss about the Rod Vaughan Caption Competition {caption@listener.co.nz}
security of a tiny nation in a (Tanners Point, Bay of Plenty)
TO ENTER Send your captions for the photo above to caption@
remote corner of the Pacic. listener.co.nz, with Caption Competition No 215 in the subject line.
This means we are reliant on WAITANGI DAY NOT ALL BAD Alternatively, entries can be posted to Caption Competition No
the goodwill of our mates Honouring the day (Edito- 215, NZ Listener, Private Bag 92512, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141, or
submitted through listener.co.nz/win. Entries must be received by
across the Tasman plus a New rial, January 28) brings up noon, Tuesday, February 7.
Zealand Defence Force that worthwhile comparisons with THE PRIZE The winner will receive a copy of A Life in Parts, a
largely consists of 105 mostly Australia and suggests how we memoir by Breaking Bads Bryan Cranston that recounts his wacky
mothballed light-armoured might improve celebrations of real-life and on-screen roles.

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 7


Even though our studio
can only hold 200 people,
Donald Trumps press
secretary says weve got
two million people here
tonight! US talk-show host
Jimmy Fallon

Melania, blink twice if

you need help. placard
at womens protest march in


North Korea was

reportedly readying two
intercontinental ballistic
missiles to nuke Donald
Trumps inauguration.
Listen, Tubby, youre gonna As an expat who is often in national day marks the joining everything that makes us
have to do a lot better than New Zealand for Waitangi Day, of the various independent proud to be New Zealanders
that if you want to scare I cringe at the attitude of some provinces into one country could initiate a shift in the
us now. US comedian Seth Kiwis to our national day. It in 1867, and is celebrated character of Waitangi Day
Meyers seems to be regarded by most with community events. towards it becoming a true day
Pakeha as just a day off work, Would that not be better than of national celebration. Such a
There were protests in all
not a reason for celebration. political game-playing? show could be best described
50 states. In 32 countries.
They say it was the biggest I would be delighted to see Pat Merrilees as a pageant of excellence a
protest in American history. that change; to have New (Dunedin) parade of achievement.
Can you imagine having Zealanders proud of their Its natural that I should
that many women get mad founding Treaty, which is A large-scale, free-entry, hold such a view. I have,
at you? US talk-show host respected around the world. outdoor presentation featuring over the past 30-odd years,
Jimmy Kimmel
In Canada, where I live, the the best of our talent onstage produced about 75 such shows
in Auckland, Wellington and
When you are free from
self-doubt, you fail better. Christchurch for audiences
director Jennifer Lee

Youth and beauty are not

Life in New Zealand totalling about ve million
people: Opera in the Park,
Symphony Under the Stars
accomplishments. Carrie Private property extra $26 million to fix a public and Coca-Cola Christmas
Fisher Operating farm perception issue. Perception
in the Park. Armed with
No hunting, cow shagging, is reality and if we cant assure
Success is getting what you trespassing the public and the workers that this experience, I have over
want, happiness is wanting All offenders will be prosecuted they are safe, then they dont the past 15 years made
what you get. Ingrid to the full extent of the law feel safe, Mr Cull said. When
Bergman Public access to skating rink at questioned further, Mr Cull
designated times only acknowledged it did not make Letters to the editor
It is obvious that women Staveley Ice Skating Rink sign sense to spend $26 million if {letters@listener.co.nz}
are smarter than men the network was already safe. The Editor, Listener, Private Bag
diamonds are a girls best While the horses remind Gisella Otago Daily Times, 1/11/16 92512, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141.
friend; mans best friend is a of her daughters, chooks are
Letters under 300 words are
dog. Joan Rivers linked to her son. If someone isnt kicking a goal
preferred. A writers full
Taranaki Daily News, 19/11/16 in terms of fertility, getting
residential address is required
The whisper of insurrection help is going to make them feel on all letters, including emails.
is inaudible to those in Mr Cull said he had no better A phone number can be helpful.
authority, until it becomes problem with spending an Taranaki Daily News, 19/12/16 Pen names or letters submitted
the roar of full-scale elsewhere are not acceptable.
rebellion. Ben McIntyre in LIFE IN NEW ZEALAND: Entries must describe New Zealand events. The rst sender We reserve the right to

the Times of those accepted will receive a $5 Booksellers voucher. Enclose name, address and edit or decline letters without
source/date; TV and radio entries must also include specic time. No correspondence explanation, or to post them to
will be entered into. SEND TO: Life in NZ, Listener, Private Bag 92512, Wellesley St, our website.
Auckland 1141. Picture les only can be emailed to: life@listener.co.nz


presentations for a Waitangi
Day show to: two Prime Minis-
ters; three Ministers of Internal
Affairs; two Leaders of the
Opposition; about 20 corpo-
10 Quick
1. True or false? A giant pandas
5. Which of these words is spelt Amphibian
rates and many community diet in the wild consists correctly? Mammal
trusts. All have judged such a exclusively of bamboo shoots. Occurrence
project to be too political. True Bellweather 9. Who painted a famous work
So I have come to the False Concensus titled The Storm on the Sea of
conclusion that although Questionaire Galilee?
there is a strong public sense
2. What kind of activity is the Vermeer
of national pride and a keen
Hully Gully? 6. What is the English name for El Greco
Pony racing the @ symbol? Rembrandt
instinct to shift the emphasis
Dancing At sign Titian
of Waitangi Day towards it Apple bobbing Ampersand
becoming a day of national Singing Ordinal 10. Which play features the
celebration, there is no interest Asterism characters Vladimir and
from potential funders for 3. What is a name for molten Estragon?
such a historic occasion. rock located beneath the 7. What is the only country with Waiting for Godot
Alan Smythe Earths surface? no mosquitoes? The Cherry Orchard
(Mt Eden, Auckland) Lava Kiribati The Seagull
Magma Iceland Equus
SO TRUE... Nauru
4. What type of headgear is Liechtenstein
Spandau Ballets Martin
worn by the Smurfs?
Kemp, not his brother Gary, Barretina 8. What kind of creature is a
as reported (Sing that) in Phrygian cap gharial?
January 28s Listener, is on Tricorne Bird Answers on
page 64.
the Let It Shine judging panel. Chilote cap Reptile
Apologies for the error.

0 800 65 65 01

WICHTEL Chaos erupted
on the streets
of America!
cried Hilary, of
the womens
marches. Well,
no, it didnt.
Elephant leg warmers, anyone?
On Breakfast, mirth from his colleagues.
Tame helped ease him into the new role by
didnt. US correspondent Rebecca
Wright beamed in to report on just
theres a gaping hole mercilessly teasing him at every opportunity. the really kind and calm nature of the
where there should After old weather guy Sam left, we needed to
go to planB, said Jack. Ive spent my career

be commentary on being planB, sighed Matty. When Tame started s for the Monday chat with

the issues of the day. mimicking the English accent his colleague had
allegedly acquired during nine months in London,
it was too much. The thing about Jack is he never
A the Prime Minister, next time
just read a press release. One of
Breakfasts news headlines was Israels
lets the truth get in the way of a good story, said intention to build more settlement

othing says the holidays are Matty through gritted teeth. He seemed to go a houses in East Jerusalem. Given this
over like Hilary yelling at little red, but that might just have been our colour countrys role in the UN resolution
you at 6.00am. Until TV3s settings. No one teased Faitaua when he reported a demanding an end to settlement
The AM Show arrives, TVNZ bus crash carrying passengers from Hungaria. building in occupied territories, you
1s Breakfast team have the slot to The star was the dangerously perky Brodie Kane: might have thought it would come
themselves, if only they can gure Sport! Lets crack into it! She decided what a up. Bill English did talk about Ratana,
out what to do with it. The rst morning news show needs is a rugby shoelace-tying extolling, pointedly, the events
morning featured camp mother of contest with Sevens stars DJ Forbes and Scott Curry. respectfulness and hospitality,
the nation Hilary Barry, co-host Jack She certainly puts an original spin on the ritualised warmth and often humour; an open
Tame, newsreader Daniel Faitaua and tedium of sports-speak. You know how a dog is 10 invitation, surely, to raise his decision
new weather guy Matty McLean in a in human years, but 110 years in dog years. How to skip Waitangi.
grinning row. The punishing theme: old are you in Sevens years? she demanded of Also in the news was Donald
the weather has been bad. Can you Forbes. Not 110 dog years, he replied. Trumps senior adviser Kellyanne
believe it? Snow in January? Really? All mindless fun. The problem is the gaping hole Conways deployment of the
This is the show to put our crap where there should be commentary on the issues of terrifyingly Orwellian term alterna-
weather in perspective with some- the day. Chaos erupted on the streets of America! tive facts to describe press secretary
thing off the internet about cold cried Hilary, of the womens marches. Well, no, it Sean Spicers fanciful claims about the
elephants having to size of the inauguration
wear leg warmers in crowd. Alternative facts:
India, and tobogganing here was a concept
on dunes in the Sahara. bristling with zeitgeist
How mad is that! for the presenters and
No madder than what Breakfast Club com-
passes for news here. Ive mentators to get their
always liked Matty, who teeth into. It wasnt
once brought a playful, raised, unless I missed
elephants-in-leg-warm- it when I nodded off.
ers vibe to the business Back to a man on the
of reporting from internet who looked
the regions. His rst like Leonardo DiCaprio.
morning in front of the Give the people what
weather screen had its they want, said Tame at
highs, lows and a couple one point. That would
of unexpected squalls. be nice, but Im not
holding my breath. l

Sorry, rst-morning
jitters, he admitted, to If youre a fan of our greatest hits, youll hate this next song. BREAKFAST, TVNZ 1,
sounds-off of unkind weekdays, 6.00am.



Trump surfed
over it all on a
tsunami of bile,
right into the
White House.
Journalists cant as happens so often with Trump, it didnt quite
know what to do with bald lies and blunt threats.
treat Trump as a serious contender,
and vastly overplayed Hillary Clin-
believe they didnt Among themselves, journalists debated how their tons email scandal. Still, newspapers
see Trump coming colleagues should respond. Should they walk out?
Refuse to show up for future briengs? Stop airing
pumped out shocking scoops in the
way factories used to crank out useful
and, now hes here, them live? things; at times I wondered whether

the gobsmacking As the Trump presidency begins, the US media is

undergoing something of a crisis of condence. No
the New York Times had a reporter
camped in a Trump Tower air vent, so
continues. White House makes life easy for the press, but this novelistic were its dispatches of chaos
one will be openly, actively hostile to reporters and ineptitude. For the most part,
and to facts. And so in newsrooms, reporters are journalists didnt portray Trump as a

t was probably inevitable that the contemplating two unthinkable questions: Will normal candidate; they saw him for
rst day of the Donald J Trump they be able to do their jobs? Even if they can, will what he was. And yet Trump surfed
presidency was all about the it matter? over it all on a tsunami of bile, right
institution that he has obsessed into the White House.
over for longest and whose adulation ve never witnessed anything quite like the Now, newsrooms are scrambling
he craves the most: the media.
It started with his trip to the
CIA, which was meant to be an
Iprivate reaction of many journalists in the
days after Trumps election. A kind of subdued,
stunned despair drowned out the black humour
creating special units to cover
potential government corruption,
planning to move more reporters out
opportunity to mend his rocky that is the rst resort of reporters in horrible times. of New York and Washington and
relationship with the intelligence It wasnt only that their preferred candidate had into places where Trumps support
community. Instead, he spent his lost, although for many that was part of it. Nor was is strongest. This is all smart and
speech ranting that news networks it the shame of having failed to see Trumps victory necessary, but it wont be enough.
had underestimated the size of the coming, which also stung. How do you cover an administra-
crowd at his inauguration (they No, the worst part was that there was so much tion that makes easily disproven
hadnt). They are among the most damning reporting about Trump that should have statements and shamelessly calls
dishonest human beings on Earth, disqualied him and didnt. Thats not to say the them alternative facts?
Trump said. I think they are going to media got everything right it took far too long to What do you do when large
pay a big price. numbers of Trump
The same subject domi- supporters believe repealing
nated the administrations Obamacare wont affect
rst press conference, their health insurance
in which press secre- under the Affordable Care
tary Sean Spicer, visibly Act not realising that they
incensed, reeled off at are the same thing?
least seven demonstrably The most important
false statements most test for journalism in
notably that Trump had the next four years isnt
drawn the largest audi- whether it can uncover
ence to ever witness an the truth about the
inauguration. Period. (It Trump administration. Its
wasnt, not even close.) whether it can make the
Jaw, meet oor, tweeted truth mean something. l

one veteran reporter.

The White House press New Zealander Rachel Morris is
corps is used to spin Personally, I nd it all a bit dabby-dabby-do. executive editor of Hufngton
and obfuscation, but, Post Highline.

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 11


IN WASHINGTON DC Nothing about
the reply gave
me confidence
that a human
had read my
Drawing up the battle lines
Presidents have Trump will gradually unite his compatriots like
no other President before him not necessarily by
has the parcel, so its only Customs
that apparently doesnt know this. I
a penchant for Americans lining up behind him or his policies, but sent Customs an email explaining the
declaring wars, but uniting them in their embarrassment that he was
ever elected.
situation and it replied saying there
was no indication it had my gift and
not usually against Some people were early adopters of this stance, that I should talk to the post ofce.

the media. whereas others are taking a little longer, but if he

continues the way he has begun, they will get
Nothing about the reply gave me
condence that a human had read
there. Some may see the light about the same time my email. I detect a certain circular
the price of goods currently being imported rises motion emerging and would send

onald My inauguration dramatically as they are replaced by American- Customs a groundhog, but if it held it
crowd was bigger than your made goods that cost more to produce, thereby as long as it has had my gift, it would
inauguration crowd Trump making them unaffordable for more consumers, expire. So although this situation may
got his presidency off to a particularly those on low incomes. yet cause me to lose the will to live,
combative start by declaring he was I hope the awakening doesnt take four years. there is no need to kill an innocent
in a running war with the media, Having sworn off Diet Coke for as long as Trump groundhog.
describing journalists as being is President, my last gulp was the day before Then another email arrived saying
among the most dishonest human the inauguration. I am already desperate for his I needed to click on a link to open
beings on Earth. Coming from impeachment. an account with Customs and that
Trump, that is quite some insult, it would expire in 24 hours. So I
although I suspect it will do more atience will be required to see off Trump, and clicked on the link and immediately
to encourage young hopefuls into
journalism than any university
recruitment campaign ever could.
P also to await my Christmas gift that is being held a message popped up saying that the
by US Customs. Both New Zealand Post and
the US Postal Service have told me that US Customs
page couldnt be opened because too
many redirects occurred.
US leaders have I will pursue this
a propensity for when I return home
declaring wars on in a couple of weeks.
drugs or terror, for Clearly, Ill need to
example, and now, start again. In fact, Im
apparently, on the thinking it would be
media. This will an excellent case study
probably go the to share with whoever
same way as the war has the Customs port-
on drugs in that it folio in the incoming
will be hard to tell if Cabinet. They have a
the outcome is any chance to introduce
different from what user-friendly ways
it would have been so that customers
without the war. including people like

Watching this me who never wanted

unfold from to be a customer can
Auckland, where I have their queries
am visiting, I began answered. It could
thinking that all be the rst tentative
this talk of a divided These smug pilots have lost touch with regular step towards Making
America could be off passengers like us. Who thinks I should y the plane? American Customs
the mark. Possibly Great Again. l




Better by far
With John Key gone, we can expect a more even leaders tussle.

he past nine years in New interesting, but only half the story. to become general secretary, is already
Zealand politics have been highly These voluntary groups organise and transforming the organisation.
run election campaigns, raise money, Haworth has built support on the
unusual. Never has a party been
select candidates, contribute to broad ruling Party Council and is assidu-
as dominant in the polls for as policy positions and carry the partys ously courting potential donors, and
long as John Keys Nationals. This ag in pursuit of the all-important Kirton has launched the organisa-
year promises a return to what used to be party vote. tions fundraising into cyber space.
normality. When I spotted a large number of Ive lost count of the number of
new young faces at the Labour Partys times Ive been inveigled into credit-
Over the next few months, well nd out how card donations for good party causes,
important the Key factor was in this long-running but I know my total contributions
political ascendency. Winston has a credible in 2016 ran at six times those of the
He was, above all, a superb salesman whose track record opposing previous year.
self-condence infected middle New Zealand. excessive immigration. A better eld of candidates is evi-
By contrast, right-wing commentator Matthew Now and then he dent this time, including tax expert
Hooton describes Bill English as a weak retail Deborah Russell, who should get the
politician, which means hes good at thinking up
strikes a nerve. New Lynn nomination; in Christch-
policies, but bad at selling them. Well see. urch Central, Duncan Webb, a
Its a fair assumption that National will shed high-prole lawyer taking on the big
some support, and the interesting aspect of any 2016 annual conference, I realised insurance companies; Dr Liz Craig, a
realignment will be just where this goes. this process of rejuvenation was well deeply committed medical researcher
English enters election year with the advantages under way. in Invercargill; and communica-
of incumbency, a generally prosperous economy The combination of University of tions expert Anna Lorck in Tukituki.
and a publicly united party behind him. Auckland business school professor Further, perhaps surprising candidate
The likely snags hell strike are a revived Labour Nigel Haworth as party president and announcements are due soon.
Party, a shortage of coalition partners and some Andrew Kirton, who left a promising
serious unaddressed issues that his opponents will career in corporate affairs in London EXTENDING DOMINANCE
exploit. Labour managed to swamp National
First, commentators should have another look with its on-the-ground campaign in
at the Labour Party. Political parties go through Mt Roskill to the extent that National
cycles of decline and rejuvenation. Renewal ran up the white ag in the coming
starts with their voluntary organisations, but few Mt Albert by-election, but Labour will
commentators, with the notable exception of Colin need to extend this dominance across
James, pay much attention to these, although they the country and greatly improve its
are crucially important to the partys health and campaign for the election-deciding
electability. party vote.
A recently commissioned history of the Labour Nationals campaign manager,
Party managed to entirely ignore the extra- Steven Joyce, doesnt place much
parliamentary Labour Party, reducing the book store by these ground campaigns,
to a chronicle of the Labour Party caucus. Its despite being the victim of one at his
rst outing in 2005 when Labours

Labour leader Andrew Little with Labour MP and Mt face-to-face turnout strategy meant
Albert by-election candidate Jacinda Ardern. that National was pipped at the post.


Party-vote campaigns must focus on leaders, and MORE EXPOSURE A disadvantage that English cant
although Andrew Little has sold himself well to his Immigration is a potentially game- do much about is the weakness of
caucus colleagues and to the wider party, he will changing issue. Nationals support parties. Acts David
need to develop a three-dimensional non-threaten- Many of the quarter of a million Seymour has made a real mark, but
ing presence in the minds of middle New Zealand. voters who are properly enrolled but its difcult to see his party, United
I know the man. He can do this. dont bother to cast a ballot are the Future or the Maori Party expanding
The inevitable head-to-head tussle between same alienated workers who swung their parliamentary presence.
major party leaders should be more even this time, the vote for Brexit and put Donald All this adds up to a fascinating
and most commentators seem to assume that Trump into the White House. year.
Englishs performance on the campaign trail will Heres a credible formula.
be better than it was in 2002 when he led National Nationals party-vote share will
to a crushing defeat. Nationals campaign that Bill English will drop at least by a bit, and maybe by
year was indeed an unforgettable asco, but that focus at least some quite a bit.
was more down to inept management and bad of his surplus on Labours party-vote share will rise
organisation than the leaders shortcomings. the bleeding-sore to more like its 2014 electorate-vote
With the advantage of incumbency, English will issue of housing. score of 33%. If Little really res and
seek to hose down some damaging issues and will a revived organisation focuses on the
focus at least some of his surplus on the bleeding- party vote, Labour could even do a bit
sore issue of housing. better than that.
Nationals ideological blinkers on this subject Winston Peters will get a lot more The Greens have hit their percent-
have left a yawning gap for Labour to exploit and, exposure this time and there is solid age ceiling already, and New Zealand
via Phil Twyfords single-minded work on the issue, evidence to support the contention First has further room to grow.
the party has made the most of this opportunity. that its the horde of low-skilled Go gure.
Watch for the return of direct state involvement migrant workers thats causing A change of government is a real

in the affordable-house segment of the house- depressed wage growth. He has a possibility. l
building market. This will be a big dead rat for credible track record opposing exces-
National to swallow, but sagging poll numbers sive immigration. Now and then he Mike Williams is a former Labour Party
work wonders at reshaping ideologies. strikes a nerve. This could be his year. president.

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 15


My Food Bag entrepreneur Theresa Gattung talks about how
to be successful in business and the challenges for feminism
in the age of Donald Trump. by MICHELE HEWITSON illustration by JOSEPH QIU

heresa Gattung is all spangles. Telecom, and she was a giggler then. She reading chair with a matching sphere for a
She usually is. The former giggles in the gaps in her sentences, which footrest and a purple chaise longue. She says
Telecom chief executive- are few, but she manages to get in a fair few she had been on her knees scrubbing at the
turned-entrepreneur and My giggles. She still talks at the speed of a bullet rug before I arrived: her cats had got into
Food Bag co-owner is wearing train. I think she thinks at the same speed. I the replace and left sooty paw prints. She
an elegant black dress, with imagine some people nd her exhausting. giggles and says: I cant live without cats.
sparkly bits, and bright-pink She has endless energy. In fact, if youre very good, I might let you
lipstick. She might have just We meet on an afternoon before Christ- have a peek at Ollie and Archie. Archie, the
come from a cocktail party. She always looks mas at her house in Westmere, which is ginger one, tends to be okay about strangers,

this way. ultra-modern and in a street nobody would but Ollie runs away. So if youre really a cat
She is an enthusiastic giggler. I met her call an exclusive enclave. She has an enor- person, Ill know.
13 years ago, when she was still head of mous bright-red nice and curvy Matisse Her third cat, Palin, lives in her Wellington

Right, Theresa
Gattung in 2017. Left,
the anti-President
Trump womens
marches in Mexico
City, Auckland and
Paris in January 2017.
FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 17

5 SECRETS apartment and is cared for by her atmate.

She named him after Sarah Palin. Why did
OF she name a cat after Sarah Palin? Hes
white. A gorgeous cat. But hes not the
SUCCESS sharpest knife in the drawer!

A successful business almost
1 always requires a mixture of skills.
My Food Bags founding
As it turned out, it was felicitous that we
spent so much time talking about felines.
Later, after Donald Trumps inauguration,
entrepreneurs, Cecilia and James
half the world, it seems (let us all embrace
Robinson, adroitly recognised this
when they chose to join forces the concept of alternative facts), turned
with the most talented cook of our out to march wearing pussy hats.
generation, Nadia Lim, and me, in She is not a natural protester, but I can
setting up My Food Bag. see her in a fetching pussy hat (with pink
spangles). If I lived in the US, I certainly
It is the founders and early
2 joiners who take a start-up
business to scale.
would have gone. She contemplated ying
there to take part in the Womens March, 1
but decided she needed rest and restora-
Surround yourself with the best
tion. I had emailed her for her thoughts
people you can find to join you
on the marches and feminism in the age of
and dont skimp on hiring the best
advisers. Trump. She has always described herself as
a feminist capitalist.
Being an entrepreneur is the new
3 cool, but its not for everyone.
It means risk. Investors want a
return and banks expect loans to Many people, especially
be repaid and may require personal women, are worried
guarantees. Key suppliers may also that a Trump presidency
require personal guarantees.
Your times your own, all right, but
heralds a new era of
in the early years youll be working sexism and misogyny.
every minute.
Take care when investing in
4 a friend or family members
Absolutely. But thats become cool now.
Havent you noticed? She has suddenly
Dont invest in a friend or family
become cool. No ones more surprised
members business more than
than me. 2
you can afford to lose, or more
So, here is a feminist capitalist on Trump:
than would adversely affect your
Many people, especially women, are
relationship with that person if you
did indeed lose your money. worried that a Trump presidency heralds a
new era of sexism and misogyny. Under the
Everything goes in cycles.
5 Interest rates have been at
almost unprecedented low
Democrats, many Americans believed femi-
nisms work was mostly nished. Trumps
election has banished that complacency.
levels. Common sense tells us the There was a new sort of inconvenient
likelihood is that they will rise, so
truth in Washington the Womens March

this is probably not the time to be

amassed greater participation than Trumps
borrowing to maximum capacity for
inauguration. It was democracy in action
anything, whether thats a business
or a house. wide in age and deep in diversity.
History is not linear. Gains can be lost if
And finally, if youre a woman in they are not claimed and reclaimed when
your own business, join Company under threat. It is a ght to protect the
of Women. progress that women have made: in jobs,
Co.of Women coofwomen. in reproductive freedoms, in public life.
biz is an excellent community,
It is not just about womens rights. About
support and learning organisation
450 organisations signed on as ofcial part-
for female entrepreneurs, whether
ners to the march, embracing causes such as 3
experienced or just starting out.
immigrants rights and climate protection.


1. Theresa Gattung as Telecom
marketing manager in 1995; 2.
at Telecom, where she became
CEO in 1999; 3. a caricature
of the chief executive; 4. with
Telecom chief operating officer 5
4 Simon Moutter in 2007; 5. in
2007; 6. in Sydney in 2004; 7.
with My Food Bag chef Nadia
Lim; 8. Listener covers. 7


Matters of social justice and anti-inammatory. Why does she

womens rights go hand in hand. need an anti-inammatory? No.
I believe it will turn out to be very Just generally. So, she doesnt
powerful, particularly if it is fol- need an anti-inammatory. I
lowed up as intended by a 100-day do. What for? Well, its always
action plan. good to make sure you stay well.
You cant argue with that (not
nlike her cat Palin, she may if you want an audience with

U be one of the sharpest knives

in the drawer. Since leaving
Telecom in 2007, she has invested
the cats); she looks well and she
is always bouncy. You know, by
nature Im happy. I always have
in various things, including gold, been. Some people are born with
and then, of course, she got rid of the happy gene.
the gold just at the right time. But The last time we met, she told
her biggest thing is My Food Bag, me she could be insensitive
the weekly meal ingredients and which might go hand in hand
recipe delivery service, which she with the happy gene; if you are
co-founded with chef Nadia Lim always happy, it can be hard to
and Cecilia and James Robinson, recognise and empathise with
and which has sold subscriptions unhappiness in other people. She
like hot cakes. In October, it was says she has, as of last Thursday,
reported that it had 50,000 cus- Vicki Saunders: slightly adjusted her outlook.
working to
tomers, with revenue forecast to create a new Ten years ago, Id have thought
reach $135 million in the 2017 economic that its only good to look at the
nancial year. Its current esti- model SheEo positive in a situation. I listened
for female
mated value is $80 million, and entrepreneurs. to Gilbert Enoka [the mental skills
in October it was partially sold coach] speak at the Dairy Environ-
to private equity group Water- ment Leaders Forum and he was
man Capital. The long-term plan is for a the microwave, it ruins it, Theresa. Ive talking about how you dont want negative
sharemarket listing. Gattung remains on the never claimed to be a good cook, she says, thinking but clear thinking. And I thought:
board with a shareholding of about 10%. unperturbed. Mmm. Thats quite a new concept for me.
She opens the fridge to show me Actu- I always think of the most positive out-
PASTRY IN THE MICROWAVE ally, Im not sure what she intended to show come, but sometimes discernment might
She gets a 50% discount on her My Food me. There wasnt much in there and besides, mean actually considering all the ups and
Bag deliveries and she uses it almost every I was focused on a half glass of what looked downs of things. So Ive probably become,
night unless shes eating out or in Welling- like leftover wine. No, I dont drink alcohol. slightly, [someone whos] just not always
ton. She was having a Christmas Food Bag Only on very special occasions. Thats aloe assuming that the very best outcome is
delivered that she was whisking off to Waihi vera. Im not sure what would be greater going to happen.
Beach where she has built her parents a evidence of frugality: a leftover glass of wine
home next to her holiday house. The ham, or a leftover glass of aloe vera juice. Id have DAUGHTER OF IMMIGRANTS
the turkey, the salads, the desserts, all the tipped both down the sink, which is quite This may have made her more empathetic.
ingredients and the recipes to cook them. possibly one reason Im never likely to be a Yes, I think it probably has. And less insen-
Why not just cook them? Oh, because you very rich entrepreneur. sitive? Well, it makes me less judgmental
get Christmas My Food Bag and you turn on about other people. Most of us tend to judge.
your iPad and you look at YouTube showing So, realising that you can inuence but you
you how to do it all. Its perfect. But I wont You know, by nature dont control, and that life can throw you
be cooking it. My sister will be cooking it. Im happy. I always some random stuff and you do your best
She says: Do you not know how My Food have been. Some with it and everyone is doing their best. I
Bag works? I know how it works, but Ive people are born with dont know if Im more sensitive, but less,
never seen it. She leaps up from the chaise Okay, well, if you want something badly
longue and sweeps, spangling, into the
the happy gene. enough, you can make it happen. Because
kitchen to throw open a cupboard. Look! thats how Ive been brought up, you know:
All the recipes. But you still have to cook daughter of immigrants, eldest child But
it. Yes. My nephew cooks it. In addition to being partial to a glass youd have to ask my friends and sisters if
A croissant sits in her microwave. It looks of aloe vera juice, she is an enthusiastic Im more sensitive. I wouldnt like to claim
abandoned. How long has that been there? imbiber of turmeric juice. There is a large that. Ha, ha.
Three days? No. Five minutes. Can she bottle of the stuff in her fridge. It looks In her 2010 memoir, Bird on a Wire, she
not cook? I can cook. I can cook My Food even less enticing than the leftover aloe wrote about some of the random stuff that
Bag. Youre not meant to put pastry in vera juice. I love turmeric. Its a natural life throws. After 22 years, she and her artist


My Food Bag co-founders
chef Nadia Lim, Theresa
Gattung and Cecilia
a winning combination.

partner John Savage split up. He had been This sounds eccentric, but it was drive dis- money,quite clever with it.
having an affair. She could have left that out guised as eccentricity. She wore her power She spends money on art, books and
of her book, Id have thought. But she says, suits because I believed in acting like I was shoes. She has a Louis Vuitton handbag, but
I felt I couldnt write that book and leave already doing what I wanted to do, which shes had it for 10 years: Its pretty much
that out. Because the book wasnt just docu- was to be a CEO, a business executive. my only handbag. I hate moving stuff back-
menting my career, it was more personal Now she wears spangly frocks in the wards and forwards. She has other stuff
than that. It was very difcult. It was one of afternoon because she can. How else has to do.
those times when I didnt know what was she changed in the years since I last saw
the morally right thing to do. I knew hed her? So, for example, in the past 12 years, INSPIRING WOMEN
be very upset about it, and he was. Ive been becoming an entrepreneur versus Her next thing to throw herself into is a
They are, despite the affair and the book, being a corporate wallah. Otherwise, Id seminar called worldwomen17, which is
still friends. She was very upset, too, and say shes pretty much the same. Shed agree. designed to celebrate and inspire women.
there was, of course, grief, sadness, sorrow, The girl left Rotorua, but whether you can It will be in Auckland from March 17-19.
regret, but she has never been bitter because take Rotorua out of the girl From the blurb: Love, compassion and
there are always two sides to a story, right? joy are wonderful tools to start initiating
And Id been so driven for so long. a movement that works for us and it is so
Her career was her affair, really, and I There arent more much more rewarding than the energy of
wondered if she now regrets that it was. female billionaires ghting against others who prevent us from
Aaah, yes, but Im not sure that I could because women are less being whole. An enemy image creates a
have changed that. You know, being a CEO short boost of energy but we are stuck in
is so all-consuming.
prepared to take risks reactive thinking instead of using our minds
Would she like a bloke? Well, it depends
with money than men. for proactive approaches.
when you ask me. Ha, ha. Most of the time I sent her a piece from the New York Times
Im very happy. She lives with the cats and about the so-called diamond ceiling,
a nephew who is studying at uni, when he is How much does the Rotorua girl have in about why so few women are billionaires
not slaving over the My Food Bags. the bank? You dont really think Im going and CEOs. She responded: There arent
She would have had to have been a dif- to answer that, do you? Ha, ha, ha. Not for more female billionaires because women
ferent person to have chucked it all in for a moment, but she doesnt mind a chancer. are less prepared to take risks with money
love. She loved being a CEO and she always Accumulating money was never the goal, than men. Indeed, many women dont
wanted to be a CEO. When she was at uni- she says, being nancially independent even think in terms of the concept of the
versity, she wore power suits to lectures. was. And Ive found Im quite good with difference between being labour and being

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 21


Leading lights Why arent more women

getting to the top?

ppointed CEO of Telecom at just that in 1999, 10% of venture capitalists Victoria Ransom ($250 million), Diane
37, Theresa Gattung remains were women. That gure has now fallen Foreman ($190 million), Dame Wendy
gobsmacked that there are to 6%. Gattung says it was these sorts of Pye ($105 million) and Annette Presley
so few women in top business statistics that inspired Vicki Saunders to ($100 million).
roles in New Zealand. Last year, set up SheEO, the start-up funding source In fact, women appear to be losing
there were no female CEOs in our top 50 for female-led businesses that will feature ground in the millionaire ranks. World-
companies. In the 125 NZX-listed compa- this March in a conference Gattung is wide, the number of women worth US$30
nies in New Zealand in 2016, a mere 17% underwriting. million or more declined in 2015 while
of directors were women, falling to 13% in In New Zealand, just four individual the equivalent male population grew.
the nal quarter. The Insti- Its not all bad news. In
tute of Directors describes the 2000, there were 11 female
gures as shocking, espe- billionaires, according to
cially when compared with Forbes; by 2016, there were
other Western countries. In 190, with Australian mining
Canada, the gure was 21%, magnate Gina Rinehart
in the UK it was 27% and in among the worlds wealthiest
the US it was 22%. 1 2 3 women.
Gattung stresses that, Yet cracking the diamond
although companies are ceiling appears to be getting
increasing the ratio of harder. Gabriel Zucman, an
women to men in the economics professor at the
workplace and in senior University of California in
leadership roles, the shift is Berkeley, reports that the
happening far too slowly. higher you move up the
4 5 6
Meanwhile, the difference income distribution, the
between mens and womens lower the proportion of
wages grew last year, with women.
the gender pay gap standing At the current pace,
at 12%, according to Statis- Zucman predicts it will
tics New Zealand. The gap take nearly 100 years for
had been shrinking between women to make up half the
1998 and 2012, but has 7 8 9 population of the top one
slowly widened since then. per-centers. We are still a
Gattung says that when long, long way from gender
she was Telecoms CEO, equality at the top, he told
New Zealand had a female the New York Times.
prime minister, leader of the Moreover, the Australian
Opposition, mayor of our Financial Review notes that
biggest city and a female of the nearly 27,000 women
10 11 12

Chief Justice. Now there is worth $30 million or more,

a female Governor-General, only a third are self-made.
female Chief Justice and Chief District 1. Paula Bennett, Deputy PM; 2. Dame Patsy (Interestingly, in 2015, more than half
Court Judge, along with co-leaders or Reddy, Governor-General; 3. Victoria Ransom; of the female billionaires in Asia were
4. Marama Fox, Maori Party co-leader; 5. Dame
deputy leaders of political parties, but we Sian Elias, Chief Justice; 6. Diane Foreman; 7. self-made, compared with 19% in the US,
have only just again appointed a female Annette King, Labour Party deputy leader; 8. according to a report from Swiss bank UBS
deputy prime minister. Jan-Marie Doogue, Chief District Court Judge; and PwC consultants.)
9. Dame Wendy Pye; 10. Metiria Turei, Green
And although women start companies Party co-leader; 11. Rebecca Kitteridge, Security Right now, the wealthiest self-made
at twice the rate of men globally, female Intelligence Service director; 12. Annette woman in the US is Diane Hendricks, a
chief executives receive just 2.7% of all founder of a building materials rm in
venture funding, according to research women made last years NBR Rich List, Wisconsin and worth US$4.3 billion,
by US rm First Round Capital, which which featured 186 entries whose wealth according to Forbes. As a comparison,
helped fund the likes of Uber. It reports was estimated at $50 million or more: Oprah Winfrey is next at US$2.9 billion.


capital. That is one reason I was so inspired canunderstand it.
listening to Vicki Saunders speak in the US This may indicate that she is less insen-
and am delighted to be bringing her here sitive than she used to be. That she can
forworldwomen17. She is actively working see that not everyone is like her or those
to create a new economic model SheEo people like us. She chose not to have chil-
for female entrepreneurs, by involving dren. I do need sleep and I never thought
women creating $1 billion for female-owned that I could manage it. Also, she never
So, why arent there more women at businesses around the world. desired children. No. No. That was lucky,
the top? Gattung believes sexism is still (Saunders was name-checked, alongside then. Yeah! It was. Ha, ha. Cats are nicer.
rife in this countrys workplaces, with Melinda Gates and Michelle Obama, as one Theyre not nicer, but they are easier!
a much narrower range of acceptable of the most inuential leaders of 2015.) There was some talk about her running
management styles. Gattung has always been supportive of as a right-wing candidate against Phil Goff
If youre tough, youre a bitch, if women in business and laments the rarity for the Auckland mayoralty, and she did
youre not tough enough, youre too of women in top jobs. Her friend Kevin briey consider it. I think he would have
soft, and yet we have to be authentic to Roberts who is on the My Food Bag board won. He had the deepest and best name
ring true, Gattung told RNZ last year. resigned from his job as chairman of recognition. She thought about it too late
Its a point reinforced by Julia Pimsleur, Saatchi & Saatchi in August last year after a to have thrown all she had at a mayoralty
the US founder of multimillion-dollar kerfufe over his comments about gender bid and if she cant throw all she has at a
Little Pim language instruction com- diversity in the advertising industry to wit: thing, she doesnt do it.
pany. Discrimination in the executive The f---ing debate is over and because
suite remains a stubborn force, she he didnt spend any time on gender issues GIVING BACK
recently told the New York Times. at his agency. Her latest thing, worldwomen17, is a non-
Models of leadership tend to be male, More recently, Massey University chancel- prot venture. She is involved because Im
adds Gattung. But as Pimsleur has lor Chris Kelly stepped down after saying passionate about womens stuff. I always
that female vets were worth two-fths of have been and Ive got the time and the
a full-time equivalent vet. Gattungs Wel- energy. She believes in giving back;
lington vet, Mike Scully, also weighed in, she thinks people who have made a lot
If youre tough, youre a but she wont be changing vets. No. Hes a of money should. I also believe its good
bitch, if youre not tough good vet. And, I think that Chris and Mike karma to do so. I really believe that. Call it
enough, youre too soft, are clumsily making a reasonable point. good grace, call it good karma, call it what-
and yet we have to be She also thinks Roberts was making a ever you want keeping the energy moving
authentic to ring true. reasonable point. Yes, I do, but I dont around.
want to comment on that. Why not? She She is a retired Catholic who believes in
has long had comments to make on gender heaven and God. Of course I do. I believe
diversity. Ask him. theres something beyond the ve senses. So
Im asking her, and it seems reasonable I dont believe that when you die, thats it.
pointed out, Women want the triple to do so. Like I just said, I think theyre I dont know what else she believes, but
win money, meaning and mobility. clumsily making reasonable points. Okay, she reads some odd books. Her reading stack
They want the big dollars. But they also let me dial it back a bit to the end of my has Diana Coopers Discover Atlantis how
want to do something that adds value. time at Telecom when we were running pro- to harness its unique powers for yourself.
And they went freedom and exibility. grammes for the top hundred [a leadership Yes. Thats interesting. Hows the harness-
Someone with a unique perspective programme]. I was assuming that when we ing going? Ha, ha. I dont know if I need
on female wealth is US entrepreneur asked people: Do you want to be CEO? any more unique powers.
Martine Rothblatt. She founded Sirius because that was my impression of the peer The Cooper books are among her latest
Satellite Radio and is chief executive of group that Id gone through business school things. A New Light on Ascension is another
American Pharmaceuticals. with And if youd asked me: Do these title. And a sample quote from Love Life,
In 2013, she was the countrys people want to be CEOs?, Id have said yes Live Life: If you drive on the roads without
highest-paid female CEO, with com- So, Im assuming that a group coming understanding the Highway Code, you will
pensation of US$38 million. Yet she through the 100 people were like we were, have a confusing and difcult journey.
is on the record as saying her success that they were ambitious and they wanted Honestly, why is she reading this rubbish?
isnt a victory for women. She was to be CEOs. I remember being stunned Its not rubbish. Its interesting. Ive got a
born as Martin and underwent gender that the percentage was much lower than I very wide reading interest. Have you not
reassignment surgery in 1994. Ive thought. Men and women choosing or valu- noticed? Youre judging.
only been a woman for half of my life, ing things like a balanced life and lets just We went upstairs to meet the cats. Archie
and theres no doubt that Ive beneted leave aside what balanced life means over stuck his tongue out at me. If I didnt know
hugely from being a guy, she told lets call it vertical ambition. better, Id have said she sent a telepathic
Fortune magazine. l She was stunned because she couldnt message telling him to do it. Hes just like
understand it. Can she now? Yes, she her sticking his tongue out at the world.
Staff writers says, but with a caveat: Its not for me. ButI Yeah. He goes his own way, does Archie. l

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 23


Water world:
Ngaruawahia kids
swimming where
the Waikato and
Waipa rivers meet.


Ngaruawahia, where the Waipa River
joins the mighty Waikato, is home to the
Maori King, a rejuvenating high school
and a community some wish was more
united. byAIMIECRONIN photographs by PETER DRURY

wo little girls sit on the riverbank, they have been swimming well before city toes
just down from the great marae. would venture near the waters edge. Mothers
They pick grass and throw it at throw life jackets at their girls and their girls
each other and talk about school protest loudly because the water is so much
and argue over who is closer to a part of them they underestimate its danger,
King Tuheitia. thinking it will only ever be a source of play.
We got to meet him once. The girls linger on the grass, gently pulling at
Just once? it as they describe their town. These are happy,
Yeah, in private! small-town kids. We do waka ama, they say.
Ive met him heeeeaps-a times! We do netball, touch rugby, and theres heaps
Its one of the rst warm days of summer, but of Turangawaewae clubs, they say. In town, we

The Waikato River as

seen by a painter in
the 1860s.


FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 25


go to The Bakehouse, its the best! And the present at a rate three times the national in Huntly or Hamilton. Other families opt
Chinese shop, and the markets on Saturday average the high proportion of fast-food for single-sex or special-character schools.
have everything you need. The Easyburger outlets and an alarmingly large number But the reputation of Ngaruawahia High
is by far the best, eh, they agree: fried bread, of adults one in three with a smoke School is such that even principal Chris
bacon, egg, onions, mmmm, they say, for between their ngers. Jarnet does not dispute it has been a major
iiive bucks! Steak and mushrooms for ve You might be forgiven for thinking, as deterrent. He became principal in 2013,
bucks, hangi for ve bucks, mussel fritters. journalist Heather du Plessis-Allan did in when the school was at breaking point.
Ngaruawahia sparkles, one of them says. May last year, that Ngaruawahia is not When I took over, we had violence prob-
The people, the trees and that. And down somewhere you would stop, even to pee. lems, drug problems, bullying you name
by the point, its cool where the rivers the One local describes a convivial town, it, we had it.
Waipa and much bigger Waikato meet. apart from the young guys who think they In some ways, the school has had its
These girls hear the word Ngaruawa- own the streets, the regularity of people work cut out for it even before students
hia and the rst thing they think of is walking about in their pyjamas and seeing walk through the door. Jarnet says that
Turangawaewae Marae, and then its the mums at the pub drinking beer as breast in the past, high-achieving students from
Waikato that they cherish. The river, in the milk soaks through their tops and drips onto surrounding primary schools have gone to
throes of a $210 million cleanup under the the pool table. Why arent they home with Hamilton for their education, their parents
watchful eyes of Tainui and the Crown, is their children? not prepared to send their kids here.
good because you dont have to pay to swim Students would only end up at the school
in it, the girls say. No child stays out of the WHAT TOWN DOESNT HAVE A WILD SIDE? because their families couldnt afford to
water that day. Up further and along the And there are the gangs the trouble thats send them into town.
riverbanks, big boys like boulders roll into there if youre looking. If you wanna be on A 2013 Education Review Ofce (ERO)
the water. Ask anyone from Ngaruawahia the wild side, it can be a dangerous town, report highlighted the importance of feeder
and they will say the same, that they says Nathanael Henare-Lynch, 29, who is schools and parent choice in relation to
belong to this river. Some say its the river pushing a pram uptown and stops with his Ngaruawahia High, saying, Many stu-
partner, Wairere Matika, 23, outside the sh
You can look at the town and chip shop. But what town doesnt have We had the highest stats
in a number of ways: as a wild side? in New Zealand. I said
Henare-Lynch has lived in Ngaruawahia
royalty and the reverse; all his life and he loves it here. It is what
to the ministrys senior
with an innate closeness it is, small-town New Zealand, he says. He
adviser, Youre gonna
to the land and water. was sent to high school in Hamilton and have to grow some balls
says he had never met people from other and stick with us.
countries until that point, so hes glad he
that divides them, too; that townie Maori had the opportunity. He thinks his daughter
live on one side and pa Maori live on might go to Ngaruawahia High School when dents begin Year 9 well below the expected
theother. shes older, but if I thought she was going curriculum level and are not prepared for
You can look at the town of Ngaruawahia to go somewhere in life, if she was intelli- the demands of secondary school. But the
in a number of ways. As royalty and the gent, Id send her up the road to Hamilton. schools difculties go a long way back.
reverse. You can see it the way those who Therein lies a major problem in the town. In 1965, at the end of the schools third
have been born here do: a place with an According to the Ministry of Educa- year, principal EB Allison wrote frankly in
innate closeness to the land, to the water tion, 826 students from Years 9-13 are in the annual magazine about some of the
and to family; the home of Kingitanga, Ngaruawahia High Schools zone, but three- challenges he was facing: Already more
Turangawaewae Marae, devotion to Princess quarters of them are getting their education than 100 of our pupils have left inadequately
Te Puea, who died in Ngaruawahia in 1952 outside the town. The ministry does not equipped to cope with the difculties of
but is mentioned in almost any conversation subsidise bus transport for these families, modern living. We have failed to convince
concerning the town; where there are league but on a school morning, there is an exodus them of the worth of schooling as a basis for
clubs, waka ama, community events, the of school-uniformed young people who education and, tragically, the slow learner
Saturday markets. wait by the roadside for a ride to elsewhere. has been quickest to quit, when in fact he
Or, you can drive through it on Some of the ight to other schools should have been the last to leave us, need-
your way somewhere much can be attributed to the popularity of ing as he does more time to cover the same
less likely since the 2014 arrival kaupapa Maori education. Ngaruawa- distance.
of an expressway that bypasses hia-resident Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta There are indicators of other failings,
the town and see a shabby sends her two children to kohanga reo too. In the same magazine, cultural events
collection of shops with leery and kura kaupapa Maori locally and are outlined as the formation of a choir, a
roller doors seemingly always will look at sending them to Maori lan- choral group and an orchestra. There is no
in the shade, young people guage immersion high schools mention of Maoridom until later, where the

pushing prams in earnest nal lines of a story about the new

the middle of the Ngaruawahia local Nanaia Maori Club say it all: Next year we would
day, the jobless Mahuta. like more pupils to join the club, especially


1. On the Hakarimata Summit Track,
whose 1349 steps take walkers to
a vantage point above the town; 2.
moko-inspired sculpture in front
of Turangawaewae House, home
of Kingitanga; 3. Ngaruawahias
main street; 4. mural near a cafe on
SH1, now bypassed by the Waikato
Expressway; 5. a swimmer takes the
1 plunge into the Waikato River.

2 3

4 5

1. Ngaruawahia regatta;
2. King Tuheitia at his
coronation; 3. Potatau
Te Wherowhero,
the first Maori
king; 4. Potataus
son and successor
Tawhiao; 5. Princess
Te Puea; 6. Dame Te
Atairangikaahu, who
reigned for 40 years
until King Tuheitia
succeeded her on her
3 4 death in 2006. 5

A town fit for royalty

Ngaruawahia is the home of the Maori sovereign and the venue
of an annual regatta that attracts thousands of visitors.

he Kingitanga or Maori King and died in 2006. Her successor, King Ngati Maniapoto woman, who eloped and
Movement has been in existence Tuheitia, is the seventh sovereign. set up camp in Ngaruawahia. When their
since the 1858 coronation of King Tuheitia has his ofcial residence rst child was born, members of Ngati
Potatau Te Wherowhero, widely in Ngaruawahia, on the banks of the Maniapoto were invited to celebrate the
agreed to be the most powerful Waikato River, which is the home of the birth, with hopes that the tribes would
PA1-O-423-11-6, PACOLL-5584-58

chief in New Zealand. He died in Kingitanga and Turangawaewae Marae put their differences aside.
Ngaruawahia in 1860. The movements and known as Maoridoms capital. Its Te Ngaeres father named the boy
purpose was to bring Maori under a single population at the 2013 census was 5127. Te Mana-o-te-rangi in honour of Ngati
sovereign. The towns name means the opened Maniapoto. The tribes made peace, and Te
The longest-serving Maori monarch food pits, which comes from a 17th- Ngaere shouted wahia nga rua break
was the much-loved Queen Dame Te century story of Te Ngaere, a Ngati open the food pits.
Atairangikaahu, who reigned for 40 years Tamainupo chief, and Heke-i-te-rangi, a In the 1860s, when large areas of land


pakehas, as we have only one pakeha $150,000 and I dont know why it was put
member singing alongside the 56 Maoris. up. I asked, Who are we trying to keep out,
Before leaving the school in 2012, or keep in? It had become a barrier to the
principal Robyn Roa addressed the ight community.
issue directly, writing in the magazine, The His next and more controversial action
school faces a number of issues outside its was to exclude more than 20 students.
control, mainly in the form of parents and Where they went, he doesnt know. We
families exercising their choice to obtain had board of trustee meetings two or three
a wider variety of opportunities offered times a day at one point because I was sus-
outside Ngaruawahia. At its highest point pending kids left, right and centre. The
in the 1980s, when employment in the ministry went into a bit of a meltdown.
town was humming thanks to the Affco We had the highest stats in New Zealand
freezing works in neighbouring Horotiu, at one point. I said to the ministrys senior
the school had a roll of more than 600. At adviser, Youre gonna have to grow some
the lowest point, after huge job losses at the
plant, and issues within the school itself,
the headcount dropped to 178. Todays roll
We didnt have any kids
is 225.
go to university for three
or four years; this year, I
CASH INJECTION had two kids enrol and
Last year, the ministry announced it would next year I have seven.
spend $8 million to x a long-standing issue
of unsafe school buildings, which shows
2 some faith in its longevity. According to balls and stick with us. We havent had a
Waikato District Mayor Allan Sanson, the single exclusion since 2013.
money has been found because the school Jarnet Jarney to his friends and Jarniz-
has turned itself around and people are zle to some cheeky students, much to his
coming back in droves. A number of new delight is a straight-talking leader who
subdivisions in and around the town and started out at Ngaruawahia High in 1982
interest from rst-home buyers look to be as a carpentry and graphics teacher and
bringing new blood to Ngaruawahia, and has never left. He has long grey hair that he
Sanson thinks this could also have loosened wears in a plait, as he always has, and refers
the ministrys purse strings. I think part to himself as just the ugly bugger at the
of the basis of a good community is good front and a bit of a bogan, a bit out there,
educational services thats a great attrac- a bit radical. He listens to loud heavy-metal
6 tion for people. music on his way to and from school each
day, and declares theres no bloody point
She speculates that inter- in having it on if its not loud. He proudly
were taken from Maori, the town was wears a taonga, given to him by the staff
renamed Queenstown after Queen Vic-
generational racism when he became principal.
toria. In 1865, it was renamed Newcastle
dating back to Pakeha Jarnet estimates his working day to be
after the fth Duke of Newcastle, then confiscation of 500,000ha between 12 and 14 hours, and he has given
it went back to Ngaruawahia in 1878. of land in the 1860s himself seven more years of working at this
Streets in the town are named after pervades the town. pace to get the school back on its feet, with
royalty, famous people and well-known a roll that he hopes will reach close to 500.
locals, and in the 1880s, streets were By then, he will have worked at the school
often given names related to astrology, When Jarnet, 59, took the job as acting for more than 40 years.
although it is unclear why. principal before being appointed per- How are he and the team going
Each March, Ngaruawahia attracts manently in the role, the school was to do it? He talks about an over-
thousands of visitors for the annual hundreds of thousands of dollars haul of teaching practice and a
regatta, the only day of the year when in the red. He quickly did two dedication to creating engaging
Turangawaewae Marae is open to the things. He got rid of the schools programmes. He talks about
public, when traditional war canoes fence, which made the place making the school more appeal-
paddle on the Waikato River. look more like a jail than a learn- ing to students and parents who
Another popular celebration is ing institution. That fence cost want an academic pathway. We
the Koroneihana, or coronation didnt have any kids go to uni-
commemorations, when iwi gather versity for three or four
Mayor Allan Sanson:
for celebration, remembrance and [Jarnet] has got the years; this year, I had
discussion. school humming. two kids enrol and

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 29


next year I have seven. Its about saying be quite scary, says Deane.
to the community, we have an academic People would look at you
programme. like they were gonna beat Doing better: Chris Jarnet with 2016 head boy
He talks about having high expectations you up, but now its completely different. Wirihana Eriepa and head girl Stacey Deane.
of staff and students and keeping young Right, Reggie Hohaia on the Hakarimata track.
people busy. In 2012, the school had three LACKING CONNECTION
sports teams. It now it has 38. We have They agree that one persistently negative of approaches towards assessment practice
a stock-car team, a snooker team, 50 kids aspect is the lack of connection between the and its willingness to investigate and trial
playing chess, a summer hockey team. I tell school and Turangawaewae Marae, despite alternative methods of gathering evidence.
the students, you nd the team and I will their close proximity to each other. I dont But there is still a way to go. The ERO has
nd you a coach. appointed two limited statutory managers
Jarnets appointment as principal sur- [Im] just the ugly bugger to the school, and its 2014 report indicates
prised some in the community who issues with the quality of education being
wondered if an outsider mightnt have been
at the front and a bit delivered to students; transiency; the need
better placed to give the school the transfor- of a bogan, a bit out to increase the roll and improve the image
mation needed to keep it aoat. Others, like there, a bit radical. and perception of the school within the
Sanson, could think of no one better for the local and wider community; and the need
job. Chris has really got that school hum- to increase student engagement with te reo
ming. The community is getting pride back think that we, as a town or as a school, in the senior school. The school was put
in the school and theres a feeling the team take much advantage of being the loca- on a regime of one- to two-year return ERO
has really pulled its socks up. tion where the King lives, says Eriepa. I visits and deputy chief review ofcer Lynda
Those who live in and love Ngaruawahia love this school, but the Maori programme Pura-Watson says it will report to parents
will openly discuss the toxicity of the high does need work. There are not a lot of Maori and the community this year.
school only because its getting better now. speakers and youd think there would be. Although the school fence has gone, there
Stacey Deane and Wirihana Eriepa, both 18 In 2014, the ERO reported positive changes are those who think it still operates in isola-
and 2016 head students, have done all their at Ngaruawahia High School since Jarnets tion from the community. Glenda Raumati,
schooling in Ngaruawahia and describe their appointment and the New Zealand Quali- 50, born and bred in Ngaruawahia, manager

principal as cool as and awesome. They cation Authoritys 2015 audit report of of Nga Miro Health and a Turangawaewae
say they were worried about the schools assessment processes also positively states Trust Board member, says kaupapa Maori
reputation before they arrived. It used to that a feature of the school is the variety students are more closely connected to


the marae than kids who attend the high early-childhood education and housing
school, despite the high school being just in the town, owning a dairy farm and
across the road from the marae. Raumati having strong sports clubs afliated to
helps run a holiday programme at the the marae, our capability has largely
health centre, which she says has struggled been ignored or pigeonholed to being river towards Turangawaewae and he says
to attract students from the high school. only of value to Maori-focused initiatives. it means a great deal. He afliates himself
They used to feel embarrassed, especially She wants to see the leadership and with Tainui as his iwi, but being part of that
around the kids who were going to [school capability of the Kingitanga embraced community is not for him.
in Hamilton], or the kaupapa. by the whole community. We are trying The Hakarimata track is Hohaias anchor
Waikato Diocesan School for Girls has an to say to people that our connection to in Ngaruawahia; you could say its his life.
annual camp at Turangawaewae, she says, Ngaruawahia is enduring. Despite the Last year, he walked to the summit 700 times
but the local school has no such thing, and soldiers, the conscation of land, we came and, on most of those treks, he carried about
you think, thats crazy. Dio is committed to back and we are here forever. So it would 30kg of road metal on his back to spread
bringing its kids. We need to offer the same on steps worn down by the large number
programme to the kids down here, or lets The track is Hohaias of walkers. The track that was upgraded in
develop a programme that helps to recon- 2012. In 2013, it had 40,000 visitors and in
nect them.
anchor in Ngaruawahia; 2016, it had more than 140,000.
Raumati is bothered by what she sees you could say its his life. Track walkers know when they hear the
as a disconnect between Maori and the Last year, he walked to sound of reggae that Hohaia is close. Music
Ngaruawahia community that goes beyond the summit 700 times. blares from a player in his backpack and his
the high school. She speculates that inter- friendly call to friends and strangers is part
generational racism dating back to Pakeha of the track experience. He is not formally
conscation of 500,000ha of land in the be strategic if the community realised that recognised as a kaitiaki, or caretaker, of the
1860s pervades the town, although her they really need to have us sitting at the Hakarimata Range, nor paid for the track
mother remembers Maori and Pakeha front, leading where this community goes. maintenance he does. He often sees people
socialising in the 1950s and Raumati herself struggling on the ascent. Its like we are all
played with Pakeha whanau as a child. TO THE SUMMIT one. I awhi [embrace] them, eh. I say, Keep
Very few live here any more, she says. Having walked 1349 steps up the Hakarimata going, follow me, and then I go really slow
I often feel the marae is the elephant Summit Track for the second time in an and we get there.
in the room when I attend community evening, 60-year-old Reggie Hohaia stands He had dreams of getting all our Ngaru-
forums, Raumati writes later in an email. at the lookout not in the least strained by awahia people out on the track, he says.
She says that despite the Turangawae- his efforts, while all around him people are But I dont think that happened because I
wae Trust Board being a large provider of catching their breath. He looks across the know what theyre like. Its not their kinda

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 31


The way it was

Photographer Ans Westra
documented Ngaruawahia life
in the 1960s and 70s.

1 2

3 4 5

1. A concert as part of
a Maori arts festival in
1963; 2. entertainment
during coronation
commemorations in
1963; 3. a foodstall
at the 1963
Ngaruawahia regatta;
4. 1963 coronation
5. at the 1962 hui
topu, or Anglican
Church meeting;
6.awelcoming party for
Governor-General Sir
Bernard Fergusson at
Turangawaewae Marae in
1963; 7. paddlers taking
part in the 1973 regatta

on the Waikato River.

6 7


Waka ama paddler
Hariwhenua Panapa-
Attwood, 12, and
crew. About 150
Turangawaewae kids
take part in the sport.

he got Ngaruawahia into the much trouble since I moved here. A lot of
news again leading a crusade people tend to live quietly unless trouble is
against methamphetamine, or provoked. I dont see much action here.
P, saying he had shut down sev- She has three children and is pregnant
eral P houses and would go to with her fourth. When she was 13, she got
extreme lengths to keep it out of a home-job tattoo, the letters W-E-S-T spread
his town. Pink has pleaded not across her ngers. I tend to keep my hands
guilty to rearms charges and in my pockets a lot.
possessing an offensive weapon She has a poor housing record and cant
in relation to the P crusade and nd a place to rent, so she and her partner
will be back in court in March. and their children live with her sister: four
thing, you only see the young ones. Long term, he has no intention of giving adults and seven children in a two-bedroom
Many of the walkers come from Hamilton, up the gang to focus on the sandwiches. house. Her big hope is to lead my kids the
and Anne Ramsay, manager of Ngaruawahia We cant change what we are, he says. right way and hopefully they dont take
Community House, says often they drive It might be hard for society to understand, the road I have. Ive done some dumb stuff
straight in, then leave without doing or but giving up the gang would mean giving and, over time, Ive realised it and ended
spending anything in the town. We need up suffering.
to nd a way to encourage people to linger, We cant change
to challenge the stigma of the town that she WHERE THERE ARE YOUTH, THERES HOPE
says is nonsense. People say to me, Oh my
what we are. It might Young people are the hope of every town.
god, you live in Ngaruawahia, as if its the
be hard for society to Legion Rogerson, 12, is about to climb
P and gang capital of New Zealand, but I understand, but giving into a waka with his team and paddle up
could quite cheerfully leave the RSA at 10pm up the gang would mean the river. He says he likes where he lives.
and walk home and not feel the least bit giving up our power. Ngaruawahia, he says, is cool, kick-back.
frightened. Even in the holidays, these boys show up
for early-morning paddles and a run up the
IN THE PINK up our power. I cant walk away from my Hakarimata Summit Track.
Tribal Huk gang leader Jamie Pink, 45, grew position in the gang world, but it doesnt Rogerson mimics the cries of supporters
up in Ngaruawahia and calls it home. He mean I cant continue to do good things. when the team compete at the national
remembers being fed at Turangawaewae Destiny Pearson, 23, has seen her championships: HOO HAA! The best
Marae as a child when he had nothing, seven-year-old daughter talking to Pink thing about the town is the water, he
and because of that he has a lasting affec- and other gang members when they drop says, and that everyone knows everyone.
tion for the place. He describes the town as sandwiches off at the school she attends. His dad, coach Mike Rogerson, himself a
spirited. It might not have a lot of money, My daughter calls them the Huk Stars, champion paddler, says there are 130-150
but people look after each other and the she says. I dont ever want my kids to be kids involved in Turangawaewae waka ama,
schools do a great job. The people, he says, in gangs, but if they choose to go that way, and 15 coaches. You kinda involve their
are staunch, but in a good way. Id prefer them to go to the Huks than any parents, who often come down and support

Pink made headlines in 2014 when it other gang. them, and, all up, its huge. By nightfall,
was revealed his gang made and delivered Pearson has lived in Ngaruawahia for ve it seems as though half the town has been
sandwiches to Waikato schools. In 2016, years and calls it quiet. I havent had too down to the water. l

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 33



I am rmly in
one world
Black Power made headlines recently
when it clashed with the Mongrel
Mob in Whakatane. Long-time
member Denis OReilly is disturbed 1
by his gangs breach of protocol, but
remains proud of his association with
the movement. photograph by TONY NYBERG

enis OReilly has dedicated I am rmly in one world. I empathise
much of his life to social with my family and I take the same
justice, but hes the rst to shit they take. My kids have suffered
concede hes no angel; hes terribly with prejudice from the police,
only partly joking when he essentiallyracism, seeing us as an
describes himself as the Black underclass. It would have been easy to
Power sheep of his family. sanitise myself and say I am reformed, but
Now 64 and a member of Black Power I am not going to.
since his twenties, OReilly is focused on 2
his work as a writer, social activist and You prefer to call yourself a resultant, rather
consultant to government and private- than a consultant, and you work with all sorts
sector organisations, his PhD studies and of businesses and organisations. Is there any
his whanau. such thing as a typical work day?
Born in Timaru on Christmas Eve, No, not really. There is what you think the
1952, he was one of six children. One day will bring and what actually happens

of his brothers, Laurie OReilly, was the maybe a ring from [Superintendent]
Commissioner for Children until 1997. Wally Haumaha from Police National HQ
Denis studied for the priesthood at the to say there is a drama somewhere and
Catholic seminary at Greenmeadows in can I help, take the heat out, get people to
Hawkes Bay before leaving to join Black talk to one another.
Despite describing himself as a What attracted you to Black Power?
recovering bureaucrat, Taradale- I joined Black Power after witnessing how
based OReilly moves easily within the young Maori in the city were marginalised
Wellington Establishment, but rmly and oppressed. And I was inuenced by
identies as Maori (Ngati Pakeha no the poetry of James K Baxter, not only
Aotearoa) through his wife, Taape Tareha, because of the magic of the verse, but also Mob clashed at a funeral in Whakatane. What
their six children, 19 grandchildren and the loving values of the Maori that he went wrong?
two great-grandchildren. espoused. What happened at Whakatane was
unacceptable in terms of what triggered
Tell me about your wife and children and your Those values werent much in evidence the attack and the response attack on the
sense of belonging in their world. recently when Black Power and the Mongrel funeral motorcade. Sometimes things go


3 4

6 7 8
1. Lady Thea Muldoon with Black Power
members in 1992; 2. Denis OReilly with
wrong in the heat of the moment. They will be signicant and in that regard, MP Matiu Rata in 1973; 3. with son Tareha,
all have their genesis in an action on as a member of Black Power, I express daughter Kaylene and Bob Marley in 1979;
4. OReilly in 2017; 5. his elder brother,
someones part that may not be evident my personal regret to the Mongrel Mob Commissioner for Children Laurie OReilly;
to everyone there. We can all be thankful community. 6. Black Powers Eugene Ryder; 7. Denis and
Laurie before Denis wedding in 1976; 8.
no one was killed, but the metaphysical Denis and Taapes wedding party.
consequences for the mourning families Are you involved in trying to sort it out?

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 35


No, there are enough good leaders locally gang. Now the gang has the same piss. We had good times. One day, after
across both roopu [groups] to sort it out. I demography as Maori society in general. he looked at some of our Black Power
am condent they will work hard to nd a There were no 64-year-old fathers and work, he joined us at the Royal Tiger in
mutually acceptable solution that ensures grandfathers around back in my day, as Wellington. The sergeant from Taranaki
all the families involved are kept safe. there are now, to go to for advice. St police station and the bar manager
had decided it was the night they would
How did you go from being Black Power to What would you say to that young man kick us out. Muldoon was so short, they
apparently being able to speak and negotiate seeking his law degree and a patch? didnt even see him. So the cops came in
between all the gangs? I say its not your afliation, its your and the bar manager closed the bar down.
Its a bit like when you have stopped being behaviour that counts. Muldoon then got Bernie Galvin, his
on the eld, you are just a former rugby adviser, to go up to the bar and say, The
player but a respected person for what But what about the notorious things that are Prime Minister wants to shout the bar.
you have done. Hanging up the patch involved in getting a patch? Later, we went to a party and Willy Nip,
means I am not owned by any chapter. I Sure as hell the things I did included one of the boys, put a Black Power patch
am still a member of Black Power, and I getting people houses; getting people on Muldoon. Willy put Muldoons coat
am for life, but it is a higher kaupapa. out of jail. In a sense, my getting a patch on; he was standing on a table, ordering
was a continuation of my aspiration to people around it was hilarious. Muldoon
You are one of a number working with the be a priest, but in another way. The sort and Rei Harris and even the driver were
gangs and others trying to combat the meth of work a South American liberation drinking whisky. Waki McKinnon was
mess, as you call it. How deeply are gangs theology priest would be involved in. I icking beer at Muldoon. Muldoon had
such as Black Power involved in the meth have done some pretty horrible things, a whisky in his hand and turned around
trade? too. (OReilly is on the record admitting and threw it in Wakis face. The place just
Look at Operation Ghost [the police his everlasting shame at taking part in stopped but Muldoon was safe. It was
recently investigated and broke up one of his mischievous side. I was doing an MBA
the largest drug syndicates ever found in in Melbourne when he died. I borrowed
New Zealand] there are people involved Muldoon had a whisky some money to come back and got 150 of
who are probably better known to people in his hand and turned the boys to come and we did the haka for
in high places than to me. A lot of our him. On the way out, Thea [Muldoons
guys are involved, but they are way down
around and threw it in widow] grabbed me and said, My
the tree generally and they are consumers.
Wakis face. The place husband would have loved that.
You now have little networks running just stopped but
across the gangs guys who have met up Muldoon was safe. Youre studying political activist ethnography
in prison, for example; these syndicates and behavioural economics for your PhD.
are organic. Whats some of the reading youre doing for
that or for pleasure?
So, commerce has broken down gang gang rapes, known as blocking.) It goes I am really fascinated by the battle of
demarcations and individuals can work across with the turf. It was my wife, Taape, and Omarunui, in October 1866, involving
lines, so to speak? the other brave women who took us to my wifes people, Ngati Parau. Tareha Te
They can do business together. When you task for our sexual behaviour, the gang Moananui was the rst Maori to speak in
say gangs, within every crew, there is a rape and that sort of stuff. We then stood the House of Representatives, in September
split those who do drugs and those who against it and actually changed that 1868. He said the power of good is stronger
dont. Methamphetamine and whanau ora whole culture and you just dont hear of than the power of evil. All you have to do
are incompatible, so you have people who it any more. The last big gang rape case I is focus on that which is good and when
genuinely want their kids and grandkids to heard about concerned Louise Nicholas. evil arises, come together and deal to it,
achieve. One of my friends, Eugene Ryder, Gang rape is not acceptable and it is not but keep doing that which is good. So Im
tells a story about being at his daughters how men conduct themselves, and I was reading Vincent OMalleys The Great War
21st at the Green Parrot [a restaurant in hoping we could get to that stage with for New Zealand: Waikato 1800-2000, the
Wellington]. His young son said in a loud meth, too. But there was no money in history of the great war of New Zealand,
voice, Dad, when can I get my patch?, rape and there is in meth. the Waikato War. And Ive just read Birds
and the whole place went quiet. His wife Without Wings, by Louis de Bernires.
stared at him intently, so Eugene replied Rob Muldoon, who was Prime Minister at the
As soon as you get your law degree. time, arranged funding for your work getting Your brother Laurie was a big part of your life.
young Maori into employment and became Is he still an influence on you?
Are you saying that being in a gang doesnt a friend to you and Black Power. It seemed an When Laurie died, I thought if there was
necessarily involve or require criminal unlikely alliance, so what was the common one member of the family who should
behaviour? ground? have, it should have been me. Its nearly
You have to differentiate between Muldoon liked being told the truth, and 20 years ago now. I miss him still. One
organised crime and this other, New people not cowering. He had a wicked of the tests I often ask myself is, What
Zealand phenomenon of the indigenous sense of humour and we both liked the would Laurie have done? l



Keeping the dream alive

Hordes of New Zealanders are breaking into their KiwiSaver
nest eggs in order to get into their rst home with the number
of these outows from some funds tripling. by EDWIN MITSON

hen Jenny Lackey that. Suddenly it opened a new world of retirement income. Withdrawals for rst-
got her rst job after possibilities for me. home purchases from ANZ KiwiSaver
graduating in 2008, Within two weeks of walking into her schemes rose to $118 million from $47
she was one of the bank with details of her KiwiSaver savings million a year earlier, versus $74 million for
rst generation to start and income, she had put an offer in on what retirees. At ASB, withdrawals of $87.9 million
their working life by is now her home in Wellington. for rst-time home buyers just pipped $87.5
paying into KiwiSaver, The scale of withdrawals by rst-time million on retirement income.
the retirement savings vehicle set up by the buyers has been exploding almost $500
last Labour Government. Last year, aged 33, million in the year to March 2016, accord- WORKING LONGER
she withdrew a big chunk of her KiwiSaver ing to the Financial Markets Authority, more These changes partly reect demographics
nest egg to buy her rst home: a heritage than double the previous years total of $214 and the maturing of the KiwiSaver scheme.
at in Wellington. million. Some 31,368 individuals made such There are far more young people contrib-
Shes not alone. Analysis for the year to uting to KiwiSaver than retired people
March 2016 shows many KiwiSaver funds Previously you needed receiving income, because the scheme is less
had more money withdrawn by rst-home than a decade old. Between the ages of 18
buyers than by people retiring. In some
20% of $500,000 for a and 30, there are about 560,000 people in
cases, such as the Bank of New Zealand, out- house deposit. Now you KiwiSaver, compared with 202,374 between
ows to rst-time buyers from its KiwiSaver need 20% of $750,000. 61 and 70.
scheme more than tripled. Claire Matthews, a KiwiSaver expert at
For Lackey, atting at the time with a Massey University, says people are also
friend, the discovery that she could use her withdrawals, again more than double the working longer. People are getting to 65
KiwiSaver scheme as a housing deposit was 14,584 recorded a year earlier, although the and are able to withdraw and arent doing
a game changer. size of the average withdrawal rose only so because theyre continuing to work or
I didnt actually realise you could use modestly: $17,896, compared with $14,658. choosing not to withdraw the funds because
your KiwiSaver for a home loan. I thought In some cases, more is being withdrawn they want to leave them there until they
it was only available under an income from KiwiSaver for home purchases than need them.

cap, and my income was higher than for the schemes core purpose: to provide In addition, savers must belong to a

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 37

scheme for three years before they can make withdrawals for home
ownership. small group, luxury tours
It also reects Government policy changes encouraging more for mature travellers Welcome to the Noticeboard directory,
your guide to products and services
people to access KiwiSaver to help buy a home as house prices have DYDLODEOHWKURXJKRXW1HZ=HDODQG
spiralled. Since April 2015, rst-home buyers have been able to The directory provides a unique, cost-
withdraw their $521 in annual tax credits as well as funds saved, effective opportunity for advertisers,
large and small, to reach a highly
although they cant withdraw the Governments now-defunct 4-8 day all inclusive tours GHVLUDEOHWDUJHWPDUNHW
Summertime in Northland 16-20 March
$1000 kick-start contribution. Doubtful Sound & West Coast 7-13 April READERSHIP: 199,000
On top of that, as KiwiSaver balances increased, the sums World of Wearable Art Awards 21-26 Sept CIRCULATION: 49,770
Taranaki Rhododendron Gardens 13-17 Oct
available for withdrawal began to be meaningful for a house Canterbury Springtime Gardens 25 Oct-5 Nov
Source: Nielsen CMI (Jul 15-Jun 16)
Average Net Circulations: Apr 15 - Mar 16
purchase, especially in parts of the country where house-price Coromandel Caper 3-6Nov
Otago Farmhouse Gardens 15-21 Nov To advertise here, contact:
ination is threatening home ownership aspirations. Kim Chapman
When KiwiSaver was launched in 2007, average prices in Auck- FREECALL 0800 662 462 Ph: (07) 578 3646 Fax: (07) 578 3647
info@moatrek.co.nz www.moatours.co.nz HPDLOFODVVLHGV#[WUDFRQ]
land were about $400,000, according to Government valuer QV.
Now theyre more than $1 million on average, up 85% on the
previous market peak. Previously you needed 20% of $500,000
[for a house deposit], now you need 20% of $750,000, ANZs
Grant Hodder says.
Raising the price cap for houses KiwiSavers could buy was also
a trigger point, Hodder adds, because the scheme provided a
meaningful deposit.
KiwiSaver is unusual in that its a retirement vehicle that allows
money to be withdrawn by rst-time buyers although owning a
home helps people in their retirement, Matthews says.
We know that someone who enters retirement in their own
home, mortgage-free, is going to have a better retirement than Looking for a scooter Why not a chair
Indoors or out, on trains, cars or planes Want to know more?
someone who retires in rental accommodation. Therefore there Enjoy the stability and safety. Contact Paul on 0800 466 626
is a retirement benet; thats why its appropriate. Easy to drive and comfortable or email paul@zingerchair.nz
Folds for travel
However, she cautions that its really important that the with-
drawal is done early, Id say under the age of 30.
Once they get to 30, its starting to get a little bit more question-
able, because the distance to retirement age is starting to dwindle,
reducing the amount of time available to build a large-enough fund
to meet retirement needs.

That makes resuming payments after buying a house important,
too. KiwiSavers can take a ve-year contribution holiday a
term the Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell thinks should
change to savings suspension but surveys by ANZ suggest 80%
plan to continue saving. If you end up owning a house at 65 and
no retirement assets other than your home, its going to be a bit
challenging, says Hodder.
Although paying a mortgage off compares favourably with
savings as a return on investment, dollar-for-dollar, not making
KiwiSaver contributions robs people of the compulsory annual top-
ups available from employers and the Government. If they dont
save, purely and simply, theyre missing out on 3% their employer
would otherwise be giving them, says Matthews.
Maxwell wants the employer contribution raised to 4% a year,
so that KiwiSavers would be salting away at least 8% of their gross
income for retirement.
Missing, however, from most KiwiSaver materials is advice on
picking the most appropriate KiwiSaver scheme if your intention
is to use funds within a few years to buy a house, rather than wait
until retirement to dip into your nest egg. Young investors with a
long-term horizon are encouraged to take higher-risk, higher-return
funds, but that logic may not hold when large withdrawals are
planned early in an otherwise lifelong savings scheme. l



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by Ruth Nichol

The virtual
doctor is in
Video consultations mean
you can see your GP
without the pain of the
waiting room.

hen Hamilton general
practitioner John Morgan rst
started offering telephone
consultations to his patients,
he assumed they would still
rather see him in person.
I thought my patients loved
coming to see me.
Six years later, he realises many of them prefer
communicating with him by phone or email to
visiting his practice in northwest Hamilton.
I think we overplay how much people get out of
coming to the doctor, he says. Some people want However, he says, it remains to be see the expression on someones
other options, like the busy professional or the busy seen whether video consultations face, or look at something like a
mum with kids at home. For them, its a major offer anything more. You will be able rash on-screen although as British
hassle to drive halfway across town and nd a park to do a little bit more in that space, journalist Tim Lewis observed in a
and sit in a waiting room just to see a doctor. but I think its not going to be a huge recent Guardian article about private
Now Morgan is about to become one of the amount more. online health provider Babylon
rst GPs in the country to start offering video The advantages over a telephone Health, thats harder than it sounds.
consultations as part of a virtual health system consultation include being able to There were some surreal
developed by primary health organisation Pinnacle moments: as I tried to show Dr Patel
Midlands Health Network. He and his colleagues my neck, I was reminded of an Amy
will soon start a trial of the MyIndici app, which Schumer comedy sketch on
will allow them to talk to their patients by video the precariousness and indig-
using a smartphone, tablet or computer. nity of sexting, he wrote of
For Morgan, video consultations are a natural his experience using Babylon,
extension of telephone consultations, which cost

patients half the price of a traditional face-to-face Future-focused: Waikato

DHBs Damian Tomic (far left)
appointment and have helped reduce waiting and Pinnacle Midlands Health
times at his practice to virtually zero. Networks John Macaskill-Smith.


Cricketers and the Why people Some of NZs most
rest of us all do who gesture are delicious and
better when well perceived as more ageworthy reds are
hydrated extroverted from Puriri Hills

42 45 48
care, believes thats because they
feel more comfortable texting with
someone they dont know. HIP HIP NOT HOORAY
However, he says, people are The link between having a
more than happy to use the DHBs hip fracture and dying soon
SmartHealth app for follow-up video afterwards is well known. Now
a new analysis of eight studies
consultations with their hospital
looking at the effect of hip
specialist rather than attending an
fractures on the elderly has found
outpatient appointment particularly
the risk continues for much
if they live a long way from Waikato
longer than previously thought.
Hospital. The analysis found people aged
They are saving 12 hours of 65 or older who break their hip
driving if they have to come from are twice as likely to die eight or
more years later than those who
are injury-free.
The traditional GP
and pharmacy are a CLAMP ON CLAMPING
bit like bookshops High anaemia levels among
children in developing countries
and video stores could be significantly reduced by
were 10 years ago. adopting a simple public health
measure delaying clamping the
umbilical cord until three minutes
after birth. Current recommenda-
Whitianga. Its about valuing
tions suggest clamping the cord
patients time.
30-60 seconds after birth. But
Pinnacle chief executive John
Finnish scientists have found that
Macaskill-Smith says although the
Nepalese babies whose cords
jury may be out on whether the were left unclamped for three
video part of MyIndici will be the minutes had higher iron levels at
killer app when it comes to GP eight months and a year old. The
consultations, traditional face-to- delay allows babies to receive
face appointments are becoming less more blood from the placenta.
important. He estimates that up to
half of all consultations dont require BURNING AT THE BEACH
which charges a one-off fee of 25 ($43) to speak doctor and patient to be in the same If you think a beach umbrella is
to a doctor, or 4.99 a month for unlimited video, room. going to save you from having to
phone or text consultations. Once a new e-prescription ser- use sunscreen, a study in JAMA
However, although about 250,000 people have vice is rolled out this year, it will Dermatology has bad news. It
signed up to Babylon which also offers an online theoretically be possible for some- found you are more likely to
symptom checker its not clear how keen people one to have a virtual consultation
get burnt while sitting under
an umbrella for three and a half
will be to talk to their own GP by video. A recent with their GP, then pick up a lled
hours than if you wear SPF100
analysis of 12 pilot programmes introduced in the prescription from their pharmacist
sunscreen. Three-
UK to provide people with new ways of contacting or have it delivered by courier.
quarters of
their doctor found telephone consultations were The traditional GP and phar- umbrella
much more popular than video consultations. macy are a bit like bookshops and users were
video stores were 10 years ago, burnt,
loser to home, people using a virtual after- says Macaskill-Smith. People are

C hours medical service introduced by the

Waikato District Health Board in September
seeking convenience. If I could see
a doctor using an app and have a
with a

are far more likely to communicate with an online prescription delivered to my house, of those
doctor by text than by video. Damian Tomic, the I would probably be happy to pay who used
DHBs clinical director of primary and integrated a little bit more for it. l sunscreen.

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 41

by Jennifer Bowden

Water, water, everywhere

Cricketers need it to stay on their
game and drinking more of it can
help the rest of us to eat less.

ts easy to take water for granted, yet this other sports; however, until recently, A striking 85% of the elders and
modest drink may promote better dietary little has been known about the effect bowlers were unable to maintain
quality, assist with weight management and of dehydration on cricketing skills. levels of speed and accuracy when
could help the New Zealand cricket team to Scientists from Scotland and Sri dehydrated. Fielders speed and
victory, according to recent research. Lanka conducted a trial with 30 top accuracy for overarm and sidearm
During test matches, cricketers can spend Sri Lankan players to see if there was throws were much reduced; sidearm
six hours on the eld in two-hour morning, a link between uid consumption throw accuracy dropped by 22%, for
afternoon and evening sessions. Although and performance. This involved example. Bowlers speeds dropped
players are offered drink breaks and limiting what they drank during a and their accuracy decreased by
can rehydrate at the boundary line, two-hour training session and a fth. The batsmen were mildly
if they dont attend to their uid testing skills before and after. affected, running 2% slower when
intake in hot climates, they can Their ndings were published completing three runs, enough to
quickly become dehydrated. in the International Journal result in a run-out.
One study found that fast bowlers of Sport Nutrition and Exercise One of the researchers, the
lost 4.3% of their body mass after two Metabolism. University of Stirlings Stuart
sessions of cricket in a hot climate. Galloway, says the study shows
Fluid losses of just 2% have been that maintaining uids is crucial to

Stuart Galloway: keep body weight

shown to affect performance in loss under 1%. cricketers performance. Playing


They also consumed less sodium
(78-235mg), sugar (1-4 tsp) and
Martin Guptill
cholesterol (7-21mg). It seems when The Kiwi cricketer is gearing up for
we drink more water, we reduce our another clash with arch-rivals Australia in the
food intake, but this cross-sectional ANZ International one-day series starting on
study cant denitively prove this. January 30. But no third umpire is needed for
However, two recent studies the age-old transtasman pavlova debate, says
with children seem to support the Guptill pavlova is a New Zealand creation.
theory. Danish researchers randomly
assigned overweight adolescents to Do you have a special meal before a cricket game?
consume one litre a day of skim milk, I enjoy poached eggs on toast with avocado and
whey, casein or water for 12 weeks. bacon on the morning of a game.
The children signicantly reduced What do you eat during a match? It varies from
their intake of convenience foods place to place. We get a lot of protein, carbs and
salad when were playing at home. When we tour
Convenience is the India, there are curries everywhere and a lot of
naan bread and rice, so its hard to manage our
key: keep a water carb levels. South Africa means big hunks of meat.
bottle handy at all
Do you have any dietary challenges? Only that Im
times in the car, on a fussy eater. Ive broadened my eating in the past
the bus, at your desk. few years, though. But red onions in salad? Not a
chance! Unfortunately, whenever I go to [fellow
Black Cap] Ross Taylors place for dinner, I always
and sugar-sweetened beverages. find the red-onion-to-lettuce ratio way off and end
Among water drinkers, this led to up picking out half an onion from the salad.
a 991kJ reduction in total energy How important is hydration?
intake, whereas energy intake was Regardless of where were
unchanged in the dairy group. playing, hydration is a key part
Meanwhile, US researchers found of ensuring I can perform at my
the installation of water coolers in best. Whether its standing in the
New York school cafeterias led to a field all day, or batting wearing a
0.9% reduction in the odds of boys helmet and pads, we sweat a lot,
being overweight, and a 0.6% so we need to replenish fluids and
reduction for girls. electrolytes. New Zealand conditions
Water could be more can be hot, but theyre nowhere near
powerful than we imagine as bad as playing in India, for example,
as its very humid there, too. I tend
in dietary terms and simply
to drink 2-3 litres of fluid before
having it handy is all thats
I get to the ground for warm-
required. For instance, students
ups in India.
drank three times more water
after dispensers were installed Do you take food when tour-
in hot, humid conditions means in New York school cafeterias ing? I take a few snacks such as
players can lose a lot of uid quickly. and US Army employees drank
cashew nuts and almonds, and
often some creamed rice. Ross

They need to consider how best to twice as much water when a jug
and I like to have a taste of home
keep hydrated so their performance was placed on their dining table
when we go away, so we pack
doesnt suffer. We suggest keep- instead of being 6m away.
some Kiwi dip as well.
ing body weight loss to within 1% Convenience is the key: keep a
of initial hydrated weight, so the water bottle near at all times in What do you do
to take your
average male wouldnt want to lose the car, on the bus, at your desk.
mind off
more than around 750ml of uid. And keep a jug of chilled water in
cricket? I
the fridge and put it on the dining
enjoy playing
ood hydration may also benet table at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

G our health in other ways. US

researchers who studied the
diets of more than 18,000 people
Drinking water, which is free or less
than a cent a litre out of the
tap, is a cost-effective way of
golf Id love
to be better
but thatll
come. I also
found those who increased water improving health. l follow Major
intake by 1-3 cups a day cut their League
intake of energy by 285-858kJ (a Email your nutrition questions to Baseball.
typical adult consumes 8700kJ a day). nutrition@listener.co.nz

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 43

by Peter Griffin

Amazon spreads
down under
If youre a savvy internet
shopper or own a Kindle
e-book reader, chances are
youve already encountered

An employee stowing items at an

S online retail giant Amazon has played a their territory with stores that stock
part in many of our lives for more than a Amazon.com centre. Below, Kiwi the 5000 most popular titles on
writer Paul Cleave: his latest thriller
decade, allowing us to buy a range of goods is in Amazon bookstores. Amazon.com.
for delivery virtually or in a package to the The store I visited was all polished
door. E-books are an easy sale they arrive within the main event: Amazon going head wood oors and comfy couches, the
seconds via the internet and Amazons dominance to head with retailers in Australasia. sort of set-up Borders was known for,
of the market sees us buying them in their tens of Thats a prospect that will terrify our in which visitors are encouraged to
thousands, to the detriment of local bookshops. shopkeepers, who have already lost linger have a coffee and browse.
But physical items have the limitation of the cost customers to offshore online retailers. Because the stores are programmed
and delay of shipping from the US. That could soon to stock what is selling best online,
change: it appears increasingly likely that Amazon It knows the tastes of Amazon avoids slow-moving
will set up warehouses in Australia from September, inventory. It knows the exact tastes of
which could also mean the launch of an Aussie
its online customers in its online customers in any neigh-
version of its AmazonFresh retail grocery business.
any neighbourhood bourhood and can stock shelves
With a mountain of inventory sitting just across and can stock shelves accordingly.
the Tasman, Amazon shoppers here would enjoy accordingly. I found a copy of Trust No One,
faster shipping times and cheaper delivery. We the latest thriller from Christchurch
could also get the full Amazon treatment, including writer Paul Cleave, displayed with a
access to Amazon Prime, its US$99-a-year at-rate The addition of GST to purchases card showing his Amazon.com reader
shipping deal, its Kindle Fire tablet devices and made overseas (when there is a rating (4.1 stars). If I was an Amazon
highly regarded digital voice assistant gadgets the minimum spend of $400 across goods, Prime member, I could have picked
Echo and the Dot. duty and freight) has ended shoppers up Cleaves book for the same price
There was proof before Christmas of Amazon free tax ride, but everything from I would pay in the Amazon online
turning its attention away from the US for growth. DVDs to shoes are still often much store, typically cheaper than regular
The Kindle Unlimited service, which gives e-book cheaper than when bought locally. retail prices. But with Prime still off
readers unlimited access to about limits to New Zealand, I paid the
a million titles for a US$10 ut Amazons arrival would be price listed on the back of the book.
($14) monthly fee, became
available in Australia,
making it accessible to us as
B exciting because of its clever
integration of online and
bricks-and-mortar retail. I had a
Our retailers will have a mission
matching such sophistication. With
its bundled website, physical stores,
well. glimpse of it late last year in one of at-rate shipping and subscription
Then came Prime Amazons rst physical bookstores 15 book, music and video services,
Video, Amazons Netix minutes out of Seattle. After nearly Amazon has the appearance of a
rival, with a deal offering destroying big book chains such as juggernaut heading for our shores.

six months of access for just Barnes & Noble with cheap If Kiwi shopkeepers lift their game
US$2.99. All of this looks to online sales, Amazon in response, that alone could prove a
be softening us up for is directly invading boon for consumers. l


by Marc Wilson

Show of hands
People who like to gesture
are perceived as more
extroverted and warm than
those who show restraint.

t would be hard to nd an organisation in
which someone hasnt speculated about the
value of disabling the reply all function of its
company-wide email programme. Most of us
know the consequences of a scatter-shot email that,
lacking the nuances of non-verbal cues, wreaks if you can communicate and use slightly weird psychological studies,
havoc even as the sender shouts thats not what tools at the same time for example, people who are told to stay still when
I meant. And so we have evolved emoticons as a while bashing those hominid cousins learning a route on a map do a worse
half-hearted non-verbal cue for the text-addicted, over the head with a club that youve job of remembering it.
in place of facial expression and gesture. fashioned.
RNZ Nationals weekday The Panel includes a The argument that gesture is the o, why do some of us wave
One Quick Question segment in which an experts
answer is found for a listeners query. One of the
last of 2016 was Why do some people gesture
foundation of language is not an
uncontroversial one, but it is pretty
much universally accepted that
S our arms around, whereas
others are more restrained? If
tracing an evolutionary argument
more than others when they talk?. This would be for the development of language
a great question for RNZs Kim Hill, an exemplar of Its much easier to requires a few leaps over gaps in the
enthusiastic gesticulators. evidence, then the same applies to
This seemingly simple question has many
gain the upper hand if individual differences in gesticulative
dimensions, and it allows me to laud one of our you can communicate enthusiasm.
intellectual taonga: emeritus professor Michael and use tools at A nice piece of analysis by the
Corballis. Last November, he was awarded the Royal the same time. Science of People suggests the
Society of NZs highest honour, the Rutherford popularity of TED talks is associ-
Medal, for contributions to the understanding of ated with the extent of gesturing by
evolution, neuropsychology and language. gestures are reective of thought, and the speakers. In personality terms,
All three are relevant to the question at hand, or thus communicative. People who are extroverts gesture more frequently and
at least the precursor of why we gesture at all. I hope born blind still use gesture to much are more expansive in their gestures.
Im not messing up Corballis argument, in his 2002 the same levels (and in similar ways) People who gesture more are per-
book From Hand to Mouth: The Origins of Language, as sighted people, and that suggests ceived as more extroverted and warm.
that human language as we know it developed not something fundamental. So, perhaps variations in gesture

from primate non-language vocalisations Additionally, gesturing reect something about the variation
(grunting and such), but rather from without talking lights up of personality? But it may also be that
hand gestures. To oversimplify, it can Brocas area, a brain region people gesture more because there
be argued that language as we know it just to the front and above have been positive consequences
developed relatively recently, powered where your left ear is (in when they have. Extroverts still
by increases in brain size, and allowed most people), and that is gesture more than introverts, even
Homo sapiens to gain ascendancy over important in speech. In fact, when they dont have a physical
their linguistically challenged cousins. encouraging gesture produc- audience, although everybody ges-
Its much easier to gain the upper hand tion can help people with tures less when theyre on their own.
aphasia language impairment Which is not just the reason some
communicate. people gesture more than others, but
Michael Corballis: human language
developed not from grunts but Finally, from the also why radiocasters wave their hands
from hand gestures. box of cool and around when no one can see them. l

by Lauraine Jacobs industry, which is appropriate only two weeks out of 52 when
because their crops appear in peak apricots are available, good and
summer and are gone by early cheap, so during that fortnight we
autumn when the rst pip fruit add them to everything. I love
(apples and pears) arrive. restaurants that are motivated by the
Each variety has a season of seasons.

Summer fruit 10-14 days, because of its fragility

if picked at the height of ripeness.
Little distinction is made between

by the score varieties, but its easy to tell by the

esh colour, skin, shape and size that
they are ripening at different times.
Cool-storage and other technology
1 chicken (or 4 leg and thigh portions)
2 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp sumac
tsp chilli flakes
extend the shelf life of commercially sea salt
Freshly picked, sun- produced fruit, which is picked just 4 tbsp olive oil

ripened peaches, before its fully ripe, but they often

lose their aroma and develop a
4 medium potatoes
1 small bulb fennel
apricots or nectarines dryish, almost woolly texture. 5 cloves garlic, unpeeled
Freshly picked, sun-ripened 1 lemon
are hard to beat for peaches, apricots or nectarines are 8 apricots
eating or cooking. hard to beat. Choose softer ones if small bunch of fresh mint
you want to eat the fruit fresh. You 2 tbsp chopped preserved lemon
might be able to buy direct or pick

ts the height of the stone fruit season, with your own if you live near an orchard. If using a whole chicken, cut it into
plums, peaches, nectarines and apricots in Store ripe fruit in the refrigerator. neat portions. Cut off each thigh and
abundance and the last of the cherries. New When preserving whole or sliced leg, then separate the legs from the
varieties appear every season, including such fruit in jars or making jam or pure to thighs. Cut off the wings, leaving a
crossed varieties as pluots (plum/apricot), freeze, choose ripe, fragrant fruit. Free- good chunk of breast meat attached.
peacherines (which is interesting, as nectarines stone varieties are easier to work with Cut the remaining breast meat into 2
are a kind of peach) and the intriguing than clingstone, because they can be or 3 large portions. Alternatively, use
Flattos, which look like small squashed peaches. effortlessly split in half and stoned. leg and thigh portions and cut each
In the early 1980s, stone fruit growers adopted During peak season, I slice fresh in half. Aim to have 8 or 9 portions.
the name Summerfruit for their sector of the peaches or nectarines into salads Mix the oregano, sumac, chilli
to serve with meat or chicken, akes, salt and oil and place in a
shallow dish or sealable plastic bag.
Add the chicken portions and turn
During peak season, well to coat. Refrigerate overnight or
for at least 2 hours.
slice peaches or Preheat the oven to 200C.
nectarines into Cut the potatoes into 4 neat


salads to serve with chunks. Slice the fennel, discarding
meat or chicken. the centre core. Leave the garlic
unpeeled. Slice the lemon into wedges
and halve and stone the apricots.
Place the vegetables and fruit
enhancing the avours by using in a large roasting pan, then push
a fruity vinegar in the dressing. the chicken pieces down into the
Other good stone fruit companions, vegetables. Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of
includingspices and herbs, are listed sea salt over the top.
on page 48. Roast for about 45 minutes, basting
One of my favourite cookbooks a couple of times with the resultant
from the past year or two is Honey juices. Once the chicken is golden
& Co: Food from the Middle East, a brown and everything is crisp,
collection of recipes from a London remove from the oven.
restaurant of the same name. This Sprinkle mint leaves and chopped
baked chicken with apricots is preserved lemon over the top and
inspired by a similar dish in that serve with a fresh green salad.
book. As authors Sarit Packer and Serves 4-6.
Itamar Srulovich write, There are Wine match: chardonnay.


Baked chicken with
potatoes and apricots.
Left, amaretti-stuffed
Matching your stone fruits by Michael Cooper

These ingredients will enhance stone fruit

Thinly sliced prosciutto Crumbled feta
cheese Mozzarella and bocconcini Thinly
sliced fennel Macadamia nuts Almonds
Pistachios Haloumi cheese
Seeing red
Almond essence Pure vanilla essence Rum
Puriri Hills Reserve wines rank among
Amaretto liqueur Lemon juice our most delicious and ageworthy reds.
Ginger Cinnamon Cardamom

n a country where most wines
are consumed within a couple
Basil Tarragon Lemon balm
of years of the harvest, few Puriri Hills Reserve
SWEETENERS of us share the view of Oliver 2010
Brown sugar Honey Goldsmith, the Irish novelist, poet Pure class. $85
Concentrated balsamic
and playwright, who declared in
TO FINISH 1773: I love everything thats old: blackcurrant, olive and herb avours,
Vanilla custard old friends, old times, old manners, smooth and generous. Drink now or
Greek yoghurt
old books, old wines. cellar.
Our taste for young wine is
no surprise, given that most Puriri Hills Reserve 2010
Marlborough sauvignon blancs Just released, this outstanding
are at their best in their aromatic, red is sturdy (14% alc/vol), with
THIS DESSERT IS sublime. Bake the peaches garden-fresh and zesty youth. But blackcurrant, plum, spice and nut
ahead, then reheat slightly before serving. many of our top reds ourish for avours, dense and lush. Showing
a decade, even longer, gaining in lovely richness and harmony, its
AMARETTI-STUFFED PEACHES fragrance, complexity and downright still unfolding, but already its hard to
4 large, rm but ripe freestone peaches drinkability. resist.
100g amaretti biscuits Inspired by the softly mouthlling,
2 egg yolks typically merlot-based reds of Pomerol Puriri Hills Reserve 2012
4 tbsp soft brown sugar and St milion, in Bordeaux, expat Fragrant and nely textured, this
2 tbsp melted butter American Judy Fowler began planting is a relatively forward year,
icing sugar for dusting her 2ha Clevedon vineyard on clay mouthlling (13.5% alc/vol), savoury
200ml thick cream slopes in South Auckland in 1997. and supple, with plum, spice and
6 tbsp thick Greek yoghurt Puriri Hills Reserve now ranks among herb avours, showing excellent
our most delicious and ageworthy depth and harmony.
Preheat the oven to 180C. Butter a small reds, as underlined by a memorable
ovenproof dish. tasting of the 2008 to 2014 vintages Puriri Hills Reserve 2013
Cut the peaches in half and stone. (there is no 2011). The 2010 vintage Still a baby, this is a highly rened,
Place the biscuits in a bowl, then use a heavy on sale ($85 at the cellar door) is just dark and powerful red (14% alc/vol),
spoon to crush them to a ne texture, but not starting to break into full stride. with notable depth of blackcurrant
dust. Mix in the yolks, sugar and melted butter, and plum avours, hints of cherries
stirring well. Puriri Hills Reserve 2008 and dark chocolate, and obvious
Put 2 tablespoons of biscuit mixture At the peak of its powers, potential. Grace in a glass, it
into the peach halves, piling it up until its this beautifully perfumed, should be very long-lived.
all used.Arrange the peach halves in the savoury, nutty red is
ovenproofdish, then place it on the centre weighty (14.1% alc/ Puriri Hills Reserve 2014
shelf inthe oven. Bake uncovered for about 30 vol), concentrated and
minutes. complex, with an endur- A classic claret
Remove the peaches from the oven, then ing nish. Grab it while you style, this invitingly
dust with icing sugar. Whip the cream until can. fragrant red is already
soft and thick, then fold in the yoghurt. Serve quiteopenandexpressive, with
immediately. Puriri Hills Reserve 2009 substantial body (13.5% alc/vol),

Serves 4. Still fairly youthful, this deeply smooth, ripe tannins, and delicious
Drinks match: a glass of amaretto liqueur or coloured, graceful red is fragrant and depth of youthful blackcurrant, herb
limoncello. l full-bodied (13.5% alc/vol), with and spice avours. l


by Paul Thomas

Mortal combat
Competitive sport needs
rules to guide players
and fans. But that doesnt
meanthey all make sense.

o the uninitiated, the rules and conventions
governing competitive sport must seem
mysterious, if not absurd. Why does rugby
league have a six-tackle rule? Why not four
or 14? For that matter, why have a rule dictating
how long a team can have the ball before it has to
hand it over to the opposition?
What the uninitiated need to get their collective coin before a ball has been bowled. Crickets defence of batters getting struck
head around is that competitive sport is an Crickets defence of batters getting on the head by balls propelled at 130-plus
km/h seems to depend on batting helmets.
articial construct designed to create competition struck on the head by balls propelled
and produce a winner and a loser and, generally at 130-plus km/h seems to depend on
speaking, the rules conform to an internal logic and batting helmets: its not like the old short-pitched bowling; theyre just
make sense to participants and spectators. days Kiwi Bert Sutcliffe in Johannes- not being enforced. Hessons sup-
But sometimes the uninitiated are right: the rule/ burg in 1953; Aussie Rick McCosker plementary claim that umpires
convention doesnt make sense even within that in Melbourne in 1977 when you administer the two-bouncers-an-over
context. The reason it keeps on keeping on is that it had batsmen returning to the fray rule pretty closely isnt debatable:
has been around forever and, as far as those inside with their heads swathed in bandages. they do no such thing.
the bubble are concerned, thems the rules and
thats that. ne can, to a point, understand
Cricket, a game that takes a perverse pride in its
otherworldliness, is full of such anomalies. Take
the leg bye: the batting team is rewarded for its
Its sobering to reflect
were past the point
of warning, one of
O the cricket communitys
attitude. Top-level sport is
about overcoming physical, mental
failure to hit the ball; the elding team is punished these days someones and technical challenges. As the
for its success in delivering a ball that the batsman saying goes, They call it a test for a
couldnt hit. When former Australian batsman
going to get killed. reason. And with fast bowlers being
Mark Waugh pointed this out during a recent subjectedto all sorts of indignities in
Big Bash T20 game, his fellow commentator and limited-overs cricket, which is heavily
former teammate Ricky Ponting confessed hed Discussing the rash of such incidents skewed in the batsmans favour, it
never thought about it. during the recent test at the Basin doesnt seem fair to deprive them of
If a bowler gets injured, you can replace them as Reserve (Sport, January 28), Black Caps the chance to boss the longer form of
a elder but not as a bowler, meaning their coach Mike Hesson reckoned the game.
team will be a bowler short for the rest it was wrong to compare But the fact remains cricket has
of the game. How does that square banning bouncers with aligned itself with combat sports
with the principle of fair competition banning high tackles: in that you can aim to hit your
on a level playing eld? And, of one tactic is legitimate, opponent in the head and, if you
course, theres the ultimate absurdity the other is not. Leav- succeed to the point of putting
of 22 elite players engaging in a ve- ing aside the question of them in hospital, you havent done
day contest whose outcome could be, whether aiming at the anything wrong.
and often is, decided by the toss of a batsmans head should be Its sobering to reect were past the

legitimate, this is a debatable point of warning, one of these days

Mike Hesson: wrong to compare proposition because there someones going to get killed. Phillip
bouncers and high tackles. are rules regulating Hughes was. l


The revised history boy
If you go through life thinking youve got a good grasp on
personal memories, Romanian literary star EOChirovici
would have you think again. by CRAIG SISTERSON

bout 80% of our recollections economics and foreign policy grew from lived, and that Laura, the young woman,
have been falsied or the combination of a vivid image and was the protg of a famous professor
cosmeticised, says Romanian a misremembered childhood memory. originally from Germany. The rest, the
author EO (Eugen) Chirovici. After being rejected by several US agents, whole story, came within another couple
Human memory doesnt then praised by a small press, it caused a of days.
work like a video camera or publisher feeding frenzy, with bidding wars The thematic questions in The Book
voice recorder, because we in several countries and presales in 38. of Mirrors sprang from a conversation
dont register images or facts, but mean- A former economist and newspaper Chirovici had in 2013 with his visiting
ings, feelings and emotions. and television journalist, and adviser to mother and older brother. I told them I
That malleability of human memory the Romanian Prime Minister and the remembered the funeral of a local football
fascinates Chirovici Governor of the National player, whod died very young in a car
(pronounced Kirovitz), Bank, Chirovici believes accident when I was a kid. They said Id
and provides the in good research (he just been a toddler at the time, so couldnt
thematic spine to The found the 80% gure have been there at the cemetery.
Book of Mirrors, a much- particularly interesting). Chirovici was certain, going on to tell
anticipated literary But as a novelist he his family about the cofn being open,
thriller centred on a knows his essential tool the football on the dead mans chest.
cold-case murder at is imagination. Each of They said those details were true, but Id
Princeton University, my books springs from an probably heard them from them or my
and the varying stories image, like a picture seen dad, after theyd attended the funeral. But
told by those involved in a movie. In this case, you denitely werent there with us, my
and investigating. What the image was of a college mum added.
if we really forgot what student who comes home It was just a silly story about the human
had happened? he says. to nd a new tenant in minds huge capacity to cosmeticise and
What if somebody is the kitchen: a young even falsify its recollections, but it planted
not merely a liar, but woman with long, blonde the seed of his novel, adds Chirovici.
rather his or her mind hair wearing spectacles, Thats what The Book of Mirrors is about,
is capable of rewriting a he tells me from his except it deals with a murder at Princeton
given event, like a lm Everything home in Brussels. Shes in the late 1980s.
director? As Emperor we hear is an trying to squeeze some Twenty-seven years after a Princeton
Marcus Aurelius once opinion not a fact; French mustard from a psychology professor is brutally killed,
said, Everything we everything we see plastic bottle, but she has top New York literary agent Peter Katz
hear is an opinion, not is a perspective forgotten to peel off the receives an intriguing query, complete
a fact; everything we see tinfoil seal. The guy helps with partial manuscript, claiming to reveal
is a perspective, not the
not the truth. her and they start talking the truth behind the unsolved crime. Is
truth. That is what The about themselves. I began it a confession, or an accusation? Can
Book of Mirrors is about. wondering who these two Katz believe what the author has written
Chirovicis rst manuscript in English people might be. in the pages? What will the rest of the
after publishing 15 books in his native Within hours of seeing that image, manuscript reveal?
language, ranging from bestselling thrillers Chirovici says, he knew the pair were
to non-ction works about history, Princeton University students, where they Eugen Chirovici: memories are unreliable.


Were all inbred, says John Bergers Karyn Hays Masterly Moonlight
Adam Rutherford, essays on art have second novel is a and inadvertently
but not as closely a message The fun- and fact-filled absurd Manchester
as the Habsburgs Donald could heed colonial romp by the Sea

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 51


he Book of Mirrors is told in three parts,

T from multiple perspectives. Chirovici

crochets together a tale that leaves
readers minds whirring, trying to nd
an anchor of truth among surging tides
of shifting perceptions, self-serving lies,
evasions and false memories. Its a cleverly
constructed thriller that is more about
character and memory than whodunit.
Unlike other European crime writers
whove broken into broader readership
when their novels are translated from
their original language, Chirovici actually
wrote The Book of Mirrors in English.
His books were bestsellers in his home
country his debut sold 100,000 copies in
the early 1990s but hed always dreamt
of being a full-time writer. It was a matter

You carefully pack up

all your storytelling skills
and move them into your
new home, the new

of being able to reach an international

audience, in order to make a living from
writing, he says. Obviously I couldnt
submit my work to a British or American
literary agent in Romanian.
Writing in English was a big challenge,
even though Chirovici learnt the language
at school and it was related to so many
things hed loved since childhood: books,
movies, music.
A writer who changes languages has to
Once upon a time
work with an entirely different toolbox,
and not just in terms of vocabulary and Adam Rutherford engagingly tells the tale of
grammar, says Chirovici. Having said
that, youre still a writer, and you carefully
everyones genetic history.
pack up all your storytelling skills and
move them into your new home, the
new language youve chosen. by ALISON CAMPBELL genomes of our own species and the
Of course, you have to put together Neanderthals, and look back in time at

a whole new toolbox, which is no easy ack when I was in high school, our own evolution and our ancestors
task, because it takes a lot of time. But the scientists thought Ramapithecus, migrations around the globe.
result can be wonderful: you discover a which lived 14 million years That genetic unravelling of our past
new world, with new rules and, obviously, ago, was on our direct family is a complex tale and Adam Ruther-
new challenges. Language is intrinsically lineage. When I taught fords A Brief History of Everyone Who
connected to the mental software you secondary school biology, the discovery Ever Lived presents it in an engaging
use during the writing process, to your of the fossil Lucy had moved things on and compelling way thats accessible
way of thinking. If Id chosen a different a bit: here was a denite hominin from to anyone with an interest in science
language, The Book of Mirrors would have 3.2 million years ago. Since then, not and their own history. The everyone
been different in many ways. l only have scientists continued to nd of the title refers to modern humans
THE BOOK OF MIRRORS, by EO Chirovici new fossils, but genetics has galloped roughly 107 billion of them but as

(Century, $37) ahead as well. We can now compare the Rutherford says, our pedigrees fold in


Adam Rutherford: were all inbred. (Stephen Jay Goulds 1981 book The Mismeasure TOP 10
of Man gives a good historical overview). BIOGRAPHIES
Although there are certainly differences between
on themselves, the branches loop back and ethnic groups, many studies have found that 1 RICHIE McCAW 148, by
become nets, and all of us who have ever lived 85% of genetic variation occurs within the Richie McCaw (Upstart
have done so enmeshed in a web of ancestry. same races. The morphological differences are
Recorded history goes back only a few real, but underlaid by only 8% of total genetic 2 WHEN BREATH BECOMES
AIR, by Paul Kalanithi
thousand years. Genetics lets us ll in some of variation: Genetically, two black people are (Random House)
the gaps as well as peer further back in time. In more likely to be more different from each other
telling our history, Rutherford also provides an than a black person and a white person. DECLARED, by Greg
excellent introduction to DNA, inheritance and These differences are fascinating, and in McGee (Upstart Press)
the tools we use to understand the molecular cases such as the sickle-cell mutation that 4 I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE
side of inheritance. I par- confers protection against (PQ Blackwell)
ticularly liked the clever malaria, highly signicant. 5 STRONG LOOKS BETTER
way he uses the structure of They can also be used to NAKED, by Khloe
his sentences to show how track migration patterns Kardashian (Simon &
mutations affect the genetic (through types of earwax, Schuster)
information, and how DNA for example) and cultural 6 ELON MUSK: HOW THE
sequencing works. changes: the invention of
In the rst part of the dairying and its spread can SHAPING OUR FUTURE,
book, Rutherford reminds be tracked via the genetic by Ashlee Vance (Random
us that we are no more or variant that allows us to House)
less evolved than any other digest lactose. 7 GONEVILLE, by Nick
creature and the language Outside race, those who Bollinger (Awa Press)
we once used, where species are different are also 8 BORN TO RUN, by Bruce
were higher or lower, no often targeted. Eugenics Springsteen (Simon &
longer carries any [scientic] was rst proposed by the Schuster)
meaning. polymath Francis Galton, 9 THE PRINCESS DIARIST,
by Carrie Fisher (Random
He looks at the early a cousin of Charles
history of our species, Darwin, but the concept
including other closely has been the cause of
BOY, by Jimmy Barnes
related species such as much human misery, (HarperCollins)
the Neanderthals and There are certainly extending well beyond the
Denisovans, whose genetic differences between Nazi horrors of World War
legacy is still found in many ethnic groups, but II. In 1970s America, black
of us. Moving closer to many studies have women with large families
our own time, he discusses were being pushed into
Charlemagne, to whom all
found that 85% of sterilisation with threats of 2 XXX: THE RETURN OF
Europeans are related since genetic variation losing welfare payments if XANDER CAGE
occurs within the


our family trees become they didnt comply. Men 3 MOANA
more and more entangled same races. were also sterilised, often 4 SING
as we go back into the on the basis of having
past; the role DNA played a criminal history, but
in identifying the remains of Richard III; the hands of the state do seem to have fallen 6 ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS
and the last of the Habsburg princes, whose more heavily on women up to 31 US states STORY
downfall was inbreeding the family stopped practised some form of eugenics during the 7 PASSENGERS
outbreeding eight generations before the birth 20th century. 8 BALLERINA
of Charles II, the last Habsburg to rule Spain. As This is a book about biology, evolution, 9 ASSASSINS CREED
Rutherford notes, on a long enough timeline, history and culture all rolled into one. It
were all inbred, but the Habsburg timeline deserves a wide readership and will probably
was much shorter than that, and its inbreeding generate some interesting conversations. Ill
much greater. Of the 34 royal infants born in be recommending it to all the teachers and
the 30 years before Charles birth, one in two students I know. l
died among common folk, infant mortality A BRIEF HISTORY OF EVERYONE WHO EVER LIVED:
was around one in ve. THE STORIES IN OUR GENES, by Adam Rutherford
(Weidenfeld & Nicolson, $40)
he books second part tackles issues includ-

T ing race and eugenics. Race is a concept

thats been seriously abused in the past
Alison Campbell is a senior lecturer in biological
sciences at the University of Waikato. xXx: The Return
of Xander Cage

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 53


Looking for
Hope is a recurring
theme in a collection
of essays from
throughout John
Bergers long career.

hen I think of landscapes,
I think of pictures that
have a certain breadth. A
painter can give us many
cubic kilometres in a few
square centimetres. Not just land, sea,
sky; all manner of things come into
view: the labours, structures, stories,
ideologies, morals, conicts, struggles and
achievements of humanity. So it is with
John Bergers writings. Berger, who died
on January 2, aged 90, was an art critic,
essayist, novelist, poet, playwright and
painter, pursuing these disciplines not for
their own sake but to grapple with the John Berger: always
mixes art and politics.
political issues that most concerned him.

West Bank about themselves. They

still have a problem
with false balance,
objectivity: I aspire
here to something
more modest than

story and they laugh long

after a joke stops being
funny. The rst term
objectivity, which is
The author son of
describes the medias veteran muckraker
After living in the habit of nding two Barbara Ehrenreich
West Bank, Ben opposing extremes in
any given debate so
travelled to and lived
in the West Bank in
Ehrenreich writes they can wedge their Palestine for three

with an avowedly opinion warmly in the

centre. As the Czech
years. The result is a
collection of stories
Palestinian voice. satirist Jaroslav Haek about resistance, and
wrote, Lurid black and about people who
white must perforce resist, which are
by RYAN HOLDER give way to reputable written in an avowedly
grey. Palestinian voice.

s I read The Way to the Spring, The same reputable shade is often The narrative ows from the village of
storm clouds are gathering over cast over Israel and Palestine to the Nabi Saleh to Hebron, Bethlehem and

Washington DC. One ray of light same disreputable effect. One easy way onwards, and we encounter Palestinians
shines through: Donald Trump is to avoid the false-balance trap, as Ben of all ages engaged in non-violent
helping the US media discover two facts Ehrenreich does, is to do away with resistance (if you exclude stone throwing)


Landscapes is a collection of essays, In Meanwhile, the most recent essay,
and a few poems, from throughout he argues that most of the population are
Bergers career, describing people, places, effectively prisoners of the mega-wealthy
art and politics, divided into two parts: few who control markets and economies.
Redrawing the Maps and Terrain. Part But even here there is a silver lining.
II has more on art, but anyone familiar While capitalisms tyrants exercise power
with the inuential 1972 BBC series through overseeing global networks, their
and book Ways of Seeing will know that real oversight might be a failure to listen
Berger always mixes art and politics. His to the earth. On the ground they are
Marxist convictions make him alert to the blind, Berger maintains. In the local
insidious commodication of art within they are lost. Perhaps this is a vision of
the capitalist economy, where art dealers the collapse of the capitalist economy, the
are like pimps: If you could f--- works of earth rebelling against all that humanity
art as well as buy them has thrown at it, terrain prevailing over
Yet he is not so crude as to insist that the ex-territorial space of globalisation,
artists directly represent the plight of survival rather than prot becoming the
our old-age pensioners or some other name of the game.
pressing issue. Rather, he sees in the best Berger loves, and practises, the art of
art the hope, or promise, of looking at storytelling. A true story, he believes, is
the world differently, thereby challenging like life: a mystery that begins with the
conventional and oppressive ways of knowledge of death as the only outcome.
seeing, and of seeing the potential in It begins with the end, like a Cubist
ourselves, cultivating such attributes as Berger loves, and painting by Picasso or Braque, which
moral courage and sensual awareness. practises, the art of is rst an opaque painted surface, then
It is not the subject that makes the storytelling. yields enigmatic signs that we recognise
promise, Berger maintains, but the but cannot resolve except by returning
artists way of viewing his subject. to the only certainty the brute fact of
Hope is a recurring theme, tempered by the painting itself. To ask the meaning of
melancholy and a certain fatalism. From oppressed merely helpless or hopeless, a story, as with the meaning of a life, is
the aesthetic promise of art, Berger turns, requiring the help of winners or exhorted to ask the unsayable but that is not to
in The Third Week of August, 1991, to make winners of themselves. The deny it is meaningful. In the end, Berger
to the anaesthetic of the mass media, anaesthetic, he says, protects from any has no answers, only hopes. l
a numbed area without feeling where assertion or evidence or cry which shows LANDSCAPES: JOHN BERGER ON ART, by John
winners are gloried and the poor and life as a site of hopes forever deferred. Berger (Verso, $36.99)

againstIsraeli occupation. [Mr] Hani Amer, a land cut off gas canisters and cigarette butts strewn
Ehrenreich focuses in part from the rest of the village by underneath.
on the Tamimi family of Nabi the great concrete wall, barbed- With the creeping settlement, zealous
Saleh. The villagers weekly wire-topped fences and its own settlers and senseless acts of violence
protestmarches to a nearby padlocked yellow gate. against Palestinians and Israelis, Nabi
spring attract the attention of Ehrenreich has an eye for Saleh appears like a microcosm of the
both the Israel Defence Forces detail. Through his observa- greater conict. And at the edge of
and the international media, and tions, the realities of Palestinian Ehrenreichs view for reasons of afnity
arenearly always cut short bytear life are illuminated: and access are Islamist terrorists and
gas, rubber bullets or worse. a bread oven other violent protesters: in 2001, a young
Punctuating this narrative destroyed by Tamimi relative led a suicide bomber into
is what Ehrenreich calls soldiers for its Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem, killing 13
an Occupation Cabinet lack of a build- Israelis and two foreigners.
of Curiosities. One ing permit; the Ehrenreich is at his least potent when
home in the small checkpoint taking the long view on Israel and Palestine,
village of Masha stood humiliation but the force of the book when describing
in the way of Israels machine that the undying resistance of the Palestinian
separation wall. Its steals not only people is breathtaking. By letting their
now The Nation of Palestinian stories speak for themselves, The Way to
space but time; the Spring speaks a truth of its own. l


Ben Ehrenreich:
illuminates the realities pomegranate trees INPALESTINE, by Ben Ehrenreich (Granta,
of Palestinian life. with spent tear $36.99)



Ticket to a
new life
Theres much to enjoy
in Karyn Hays novel self-centred lover, who has recently Micks dad has died and his mum has
become engaged to someone else. But been committed, so he is sent to live with
about a new woman Frances has taken revenge on him for her his grandfather in the Australian outback.
banished to colonial humiliation, and the consequences of that
action are creeping inexorably towards
There, he nds a mad, one-eyed horse,
attack lizards, Aboriginal treasures and a
New Zealand. her. THE MARCH OF THE FOXGLOVES (Esom red kelpie puppy, which, of course, must
House, $32) is Karyn Hays second novel, be called Blue. Louis de Bernires adapted
and it has much for readers to enjoy. The this prequel to Red Dog from a screenplay,
by CATHERINE ROBERTSON writing is lively, intelligent and good- from which he admits hes diverged
humoured, and Hay has clearly loved shamelessly. Hes also probably correct in

hen Frances Woodwards father researching the history, with particular his claim that, despite being penned for
discovers her secret enterprise emphasis on colonial domestic life. The 12-year-olds, BLUE DOG (Knopf, $34) will be
of taking saucy photographs, novel has its frustrations: the histori- read mostly by adults. Although it often
he puts her on the next ship cal data often overwhelms (Hay even seems like a modern guide to speaking
from London to New Zealand. However, crams facts into her similes); characters Strine, its humour, zz and charm are
being what 1893 society considers a who appear signicant end up being hard to resist.
new woman, shunning corsets and irrelevant to the plot; and although the
supporting womens suffrage, Frances novel promises a dramatic climax, when it Being heavily based on real people
is up for adventure. Shes also glad to comes, its a bit of a damp squib. But all in and real events, EVERYONE IS WATCHING
put distance between herself and her all, the book is a lot of fun. (Picador, $34.99) only just squeaks into
the category of novel. Author Megan
Bradbury shines the spotlight on four men
Walt Whitman, Robert Mapplethorpe,
Robert Moses and Edmund White whose
lives were dened by their time in New
York City and who, in turn, made their
mark on the citys cultural and social
history. The link is more than the city
itself the book is also about ambition,
leaving a legacy and staying true to your
artistic vision. It doesnt entirely cohere,
but it is immensely readable and often
utterly fascinating.

Tauranga in the 1880s is just getting

established. Anna is doing her best to be a
good mother and wife to her respectable
banker husband. Then she meets Violet,
a woman with a past, unhappily married
to a wealthy investor. Violet proves to
have lasting inuence. Author Lindsey
Dawsons chatty style makes SCARLET &
MAGENTA (Out Loud Press, $35) an entertain-
ing read. The novels insight into what it
was like to be a woman in that time and
Karyn Hay: lively, place will leave most of us grateful were
intelligent and good- not, even if Dawson makes it clear that
humoured writing.
some attitudes havent moved on much. l


Art vs war
A grandfathers
Flanders Fields
memoirs provide
plenty of material
for Stefan Hertmans


e are still in the midst of the
centenary years of the Great Stefan Hertmans: the story
War, with their reminders and is framed and filtered
commemorations. It seems we within his own reflections,
speculations and research.
need to remember that time, although
few living witnesses remain and there was
never really any chance that its particular love of art: the church paintings made which the present seems joyless and
forms of slaughter would be repeated after by his father, and the old masters that he hollow. In itself, this can only be wrong.
the advent of bombers, air strikes and later painstakingly copies. Old Europe was no idyll, as this book
ballistic missiles. Our lest we forgets are There are some old themes here: art demonstrates. Martien witnesses the
more complicated than they seem, and both hides and expresses trauma; art working hell of the factories and foundries
come loaded with all kinds of questions: redeems suffering, but tends also to of early industry, and off stage and
what exactly to remember, and why and unmentioned are the horrors that Europe
how. exported to its colonies.
Flemish Belgian author Stefan Hertmans
There are suggestions It is part of the complexity of Hertmans
has written a thought-provoking novel
that the Great War marks book that he also seems to know this.
that draws on Flanders Fields memoirs the boundary between Martiens honour was also his naivety,
written by his maternal grandfather, ages, separating then and even stupidity, something that allowed
Urbain Martien. He comes at the subject now, art and ugliness, him to accept brutal and suicidal roles
in ways that acknowledge the difcul- virtue and barbarism. even before the war. Hertmans doesnt
ties of remembering: the story is framed (quite) take sides, but throws multiple
and ltered within Hertmans own opinions and perspectives together. They
reections, speculations and research, and pile up in memories, thoughts, evocations
is set alongside his family reminiscences, remove us from a full life, to hold us and asides that jar and sometimes hit
conversations and visits to signicant in thrall to ideal images. Art, too, for wrong notes (as in the nal paragraphs,
sites. Much of the method of this book Martien, is something carried over from a which jokingly imagine Martien at the
will be familiar to readers of WG Sebald, more honourable time. Indeed, it seems pearly gates).
including its slightly mannered, self- to belong to a ne old Europe that it was At its least-successful moments, War and
questioning rst-person style and its World War Is fate to bring to an end. Turpentine rambles on and loses itself. Or
abrupt leaps back to an evoked past. maybe this is, after all,
Although war is central literally, t is unclear how much the author agrees the best or only form
occupying the middle section of the book,
written from the grandfathers perspective
the story is a longer one, taking in
I with this picture. War and Turpen-
tine is never simplistic, but there are
suggestions that the Great War marks
of memory available
to us a confusion of
detail and unresolved
Martiens childhood of poverty and the boundary between ages, separating questions. l

hard work, strict Catholicism and sexual then and now, art and ugliness, virtue WAR AND TURPENTINE,
naivety, his relationship with his beloved and barbarism. There is something of a by Stefan Hertmans,
parents and a lost early love. The most nostalgic tone to the book as a whole, a translated by David
important foil to war, though, is Martiens feeling for the fullness of the past against McKay (Text, $37)

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 57


A WAY WITH WORDS into the past to see where this equivocal steaming at my elbow as I boot up the
blessing came from, who gave it to me, I computer and begin the process of picking

Swimming nd the name of Leon Narbey, sculptor,

cinematographer, lm director, with
whom I wrote two lms last century.
up where I left off the day before.
Some days are really hard and others a
breeze; there can be moments of extreme

laps at These screenplays were written in stages

at Leons house in Auckland where, over
from Sydney, I would stay for a few weeks
emotional distress, giving-up despair,
complete loss of journey, but Ive learnt
to soldier on. Whatever kind of day it is,

the pool
intensive composition. We would begin I persist until Ive assembled 1000 words.
after breakfast and go on until exhaustion
set in; and that is still how I work. Like
this: I write ve days a week and on those I write ve days a week
Martin Edmond days I always know the night beforewhat and on those days I always
I will be trying to say tomorrow; this know the night before
describes his is important because much of the
preparation, I believe, happens before
what I will be trying to say
writing day. theact.
I detest alarms of all descriptions and
prefer to wake, with my dreams intact,

hen I was younger, I always whenever I happen to do so. Usually This might take, on a good day, a couple
wanted a writing routine, around seven oclock. I make a pot of of hours; longer if its not. I dont worry
which I thought of not as a lapsang souchong and drink tea while too much about quality, the important
discipline but as something looking at whatever has come through thing is to get the words down. Then I go
given or bestowed, a gift or a blessing. overnight on various electronic feeds. for another walk; curiously, on my return,
Now I have one, it does feel like a gift; Then I go for a walk to buy fresh rolls for I usually nd ways of correcting the
although, unpredictably, it can also take breakfast. After that, I brew an espresso mornings mistakes and of expanding on
on the aspect of a curse. If I search back and take it to my desk, where it sits some of the sentences Ive drafted.
Revision, compulsively, will go on for
the rest of the day or until I cant see a
way of making any more improvements.
During both composition and revision,
I do a lot of looking online. Im a
non-ction writer, after all; accuracy is
important. And you never know what you
might nd. Plus, much of what I write is
collaged from other sources.

hatever else I may be up to, I

W always return for one last look,

at ve in the afternoon, with a
glass of wine at my elbow. Then Ill back
it up, obsessively, for the umpteenth
time, in several different places; and thats
it. Writing extended-prose works is like
swimming laps at the pool. After a while,
you become so adept, so uent, you can
do it almost without thinking. The harder
part is accomplished unconsciously,
beforehand, in the mind, perhaps even in
sleep; and then, supremely consciously,
afterwards, when the draft is complete
and must be edited. l

Born in Ohakune, award-winning writer

Martin Edmond now lives in Sydney. His latest
biographical work, examining the lives of expat
Martin Edmond: Some New Zealanders Harold Williams, Ronald
days are really hard and Syme, John Platts-Mills and Joe Trapp, will be
others a breeze.
published by Bridget Williams Books this year.


by James Belfield

frenzied fun
Marking their 20th
anniversary, the
Dropkick Murphys
new album features 11
folk-fuelled belters.
Al Barr of the Dropkick
Murphys: guaranteed to

he danger of being entangled in
turn any ceilidh into a mosh.
the streams and downloads of
new music is that a snobbishness
emerges whereby only novelty and Theres even room for a few social and but gentle, heres your soundtrack.
creativity drive ratings and scores. political messages in the Boston Mara- REFLECTIONS, Brian Eno (Border)
But most listeners playlists are thon bombing-themed 4-15-13 and a
made up mainly of a back catalogue of glorious, snarling version of Youll Never lso in the ambient eld but
tried-and-tested singles and albums, with
hardy perennials by U2, Abba or AC/DC
rubbing shoulders with pop-chart fodder
Walk Alone sung in support of Bostons
opioid addicts that rivals Liverpool fans
at Aneld for sheer passion.
A somehow far more embedded in
the past are Music and Audio
Institute of New Zealand tutors Alan
from the Swifts, Biebers and Novelty and creativity be Brown and Kingsley Melhuish in their jazz
Adeles and soundalike choirs damned enjoy the furious, duo Alargos rst outing, Central Plateau.
of their wannabes. frenzied fun. Although Enos experimentation uses
Add to that the loud and 11 SHORT STORIES OF PAIN & GLORY, silence and stillness to push boundaries,
proud, beer-fuelled chants Dropkick Murphys (Born & Bred) Alargos horns, conch shells and South
of Celtic punk possibly the American quena create historical and
uncoolest sound in todays R&B- familiar boundaries around the spaces
obsessed electro, synth-washed t the other end of the scale, dened by electronic loops and lapping
world. And yet for anyone with
a Pogues, Mahones, Dropkick
Murphys or Blood or Whiskey
A Brian Eno, the high priest
of ambient music, released
his meditation on uncertainty on
washes of synths. The result wavers
between comfortingly ancient and
unnervingly modern.
track hidden in their collection, January 1. Reections marked the CENTRAL PLATEAU, Alargo (Pacific Echoes)
theres nothing quite as satisfying start of an endlessly algorithm-
as a rip-roaring rebel yell backed adapted piece of haunting,
by a stirring guitar growl and an drifting, somnambulant music, of y cutting up and reconguring
all-together-now chorus.
The Dropkick Murphys have
marked their 20th anniversary
which the 54-minute CD release is
simply a snapshot. The eternally
looped app version of Reections
B choice cuts from 80s dance and
R&B tracks, then scrunching the
results through gritty samplers, Wolver-
with a ninth full-lengther that is even programmed to reect the hampton duo Letherette have created a
powers through 11 joyous folk- time of day in which the listener smoky, late-night-subterranean-club feel
fuelled belters in just a shade is hearing it, raising tensions to their second full-lengther, Last Night
over 30 minutes. The Bostonians between the idea of control, on the Planet. Bookending the album with
pipes, ddles and drones in 11 Short Stories randomness, repetition and progress. two hip-hop tracks shows the breadth of
of Pain & Glory are all very familiar, but While last years The Ship saw Eno their talents but its the wrecked-rave
in tracks such as The Lonesome Boatman, pulled between notions of pop and pounding basslines and mashed classic
Blood, First Class Loser and I Had a Hat, avant-garde, Reections is a return to pure, house of Bad Sign, Dog Brush and Frugaloo

they have the sort of high-humoured experimental and artistically creative that get the dance muscles twitching. l
stomps guaranteed to turn any ceilidh ambience. LAST NIGHT ON THE PLANET, Letherette
into a mosh. If you want 2017 to be unpredictable (Border)

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 59


by James Robins

Behold a
A condent and
chronicle of a young
black mans struggles.
directed by Barry Jenkins

o the esteemed roster of
chroniclers of black experience
in the US which includes James
Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Nina
Simone, Toni Morrison and
Ta-Nehisi Coates we can add the name
Barry Jenkins, the writer and director of
Moonlight. What unites this exceptional
group is the unbending honesty of their pre-adolescence (played by Alex Hibbert), the plywood, lets the humid Florida light
observations and the outright majesty of backpack apping as he ees a gang in and offers a warm hand, Chiron only
their art. of playground bullies, holing up in a looks at him with wide white eyes. Juan
Moonlight is a story in three parts, bombed-out house with boarded-up becomes a surrogate father in lieu of a
chapters in the life of a black man windows. He is an introverted kid. Even cracked-up, unloving mother (Naomie
named Chiron. We rst see him in when Juan (Mahershala Ali) prises away Harris), but such succour does not last. We

Look back in
A family drama
that follows a sad,
angry man forced to
confront his past.
directed by Kenneth Lonergan

his lm has the outward appear-

T ance of a deadbeat downer. It

follows moping Boston handyman
Lee (Casey Afeck) as he returns to his
austere hometown in the wake of his Grief revisited: Boston handyman Lee
brothers death. The journey pitches him (CaseyAffleck) with his ex-wife (Michelle
Williams) in Manchester by the Sea.
into contact with his ex-wife (Michelle


The last is especially wounding, for hes
only ever touched one other boy a
So evocative is momentary late-night grapple that just
Jenkins imagery conrms he must keep his sexuality
that Moonlight suppressed.
could almost be Hidden Figures

a silent film. o point out that Moonlight is about

T being black, poor and gay in the US

wouldnt be incorrect. The lm is
littered with markers violence, drugs,
Now showing
Hidden Figures
incarceration, persecution. Yet these
miserable stereotypes only exist so that Soapy and uplifting story of the black
Jenkins can climb inside and quietly women who crunched numbers in the
gut them from within. He is much
early days of the space programme. A
little ahistorical, but empathetic all the
more interested in compassion, love,
unconsummated yearning, forgiveness
and, above all, the erring humanity of his
characters, each of them performed in Perhaps one of the best biopics made.
astonishing ways. Lifts the veil on Jackie Kennedy (Natalie
Jenkins directs with poetry. Both Portman) and her desire to create a
energetic and patiently observant, myth of her husband.
he dares to let the story tell itself. So
evocative is his imagery that Moonlight The Edge of Seventeen
could almost be a silent lm. But that Hailee Steinfeld gives a beguiling and
Juan (Mahershala Ali) with would omit the subtle cadences and beats commanding performance in this tale
Chiron (Alex Hibbert): between lines. This is where true intimacy of tormented adolescence.
astonishing characters.
lies, in snatched glances and uncertain
shudders, between pauses louder than The Eagle Huntress
next see Chiron as a lonesome angular mere words. A pink-cheeked 13-year-old shows
up some crusty old men in this lovely
teenager (Ashton Sanders), beaten down This kind of condence is rare. Which
documentary portrait.
again, then nally as a hardened, hulking is all the more reason to treasure Moonlight
adult (Trevante Rhodes). as the masterpiece it undoubtedly is. l
La La Land
Throughout, hes known by cruel Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling tap, jive
nicknames. Little, Black, Faggot. IN CINEMAS NOW and waltz their way through Damien
Chazelles sunny romance.

Williams) and a philandering teenage and catharsis, but these things never Assassins Creed
nephew (Lucas Hedges), who suddenly arrive, partly because of the dry jokes The director and two leads who gave us
comes into his custody. Lee is unable to ofoaded at inopportune moments and 2015s astonishing Macbeth somehow
process any of these heavy shifts. Unsure the unintended laughs that come at times made this utter turkey.
of how to behave, he carries the stiff of arch seriousness (crying over frozen
shoulders and glum expression of a man chicken, for example). Passengers
who has already seen far too much grief Afecks performance may also be partly Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt read
for one lifetime. to blame. Hes so outwardly rigid and from a script of clichs in this science-
The source of this taciturnity is revealed brow-beaten that any empathy we may
fiction procedural.
in ashback midway through the lm a feel crashes on his expressionless face like
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
tragic moment of drunken forgetfulness the Atlantic on the Massachusetts coast.
First spinoff from the main saga goes
that leads to unimaginable pain. However, The best emoting he can manage is a
slumming with the troops.
Kenneth Lonergan, writing and directing, mild grimace that bares his bottom teeth,
plays this horror scene as a comedy of which certainly isnt enough to survive Elle
errors, a humiliating farce that undercuts on. During awards season, these turns
whatever heady emotion ought to be come to be called controlled or tightly
Sunset Song
knocking us sideways. wound. I just wondered how he could
Such ploys lend the picture an air of get away with doing so little. Allied
disjointed obliqueness. For a story about Manchester by the Sea isnt a bad lm. Nocturnal Animals
the inhibiting qualities of mourning, this But it does languish, suspended between Julieta
looks a little strange. ultra-sincerity and inadvertent absurdity. l
You can see that Lonergan is attempting Films are rated out of 5:
a slow, natural build-up towards pathos IN CINEMAS NOW (abysmal) to (amazing)

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 61

QUIZWORD by Alan Shuker CROSSWORD by David Tossman
Puzzle No 1403 Puzzle No 1012
Clues across Clues down 1 2 3 4 5
1. What gas is used to inate 1. What is a member of a people
racing car and aircraft tyres? who move about according 6 7 8 9
(8) to the seasons? (5)
7. What was the only beast of 2. During WWII, what single-
burden in the Inca empire? seater ghter aircraft was
(5) planned by the Royal Airforce 10 11
8. What foodstuff resulted from to replace the Hurricane? (7)
an 1869 competition by 3. What is Stewart Islands
Napoleon III who wanted it township? (4) 12 13
for his army? (9) 4. Which Hebrew prophet in
9. What is a female hare? (3) the Old Testament opposed
10/11. Who did Elvis Presley the worship of idols? (6)
describe as the king of 5. Who composed his Surprise 14 15 16
cool? (4,6) symphony in 1791? (5)
13. What is the middle section of 6. Which Russian goldsmith 17 18
the body of an insect? (6) and jeweller created a series
14. What dessert of sponge, of elaborate Easter eggs for 19 20 21 22
custard, jelly and cream royalty? (7)
might be avoured with 7. A 19th-century French
sherry? (6) trapeze artist gave his name
23 24 25
17. What describes a compact to what garment? (7)
group of mountains? (6) 12. What culinary herb is
18. What is an adult male whale? Petroselinum crispum? (7)
(4) 13. Which 1953 biblical epic lm 26 27
20. Which 2011 computer- was based on a 1942 novel?
generated adventure-comedy (3,4)
lm features Blu, a Spixs 15. From French, what is a
macaw? (3) socially awkward or tactless
22. What cold treat was invented act? (4,3) Clues across Clues down
in the US by Danish 16/17. Whose career was 6. General is in control as a rule 1. Conspicuous and renowned,
immigrant Christian Kent launched in 1928s short lm (5) having been beheaded for
Nelson in 1920? (6,3) Steamboat Willie? (6,5) 7. With backseat driver possibly having an illegal relationship
23. What fur hat was worn by 19. Citizens of which English city avert somehow missing (8)
Hussars in the 19th century? are known as Loiners? (5) helper at a stop sign (4,5) 2. Reveal peacekeepers live in
(5) 21. Uttered at the end of a prayer, 10. Leapt around with gold disarray (6)
24. What trancelike state what means so be it? (4) achieving a high level (7) 3. Only blokes inside
resembling sleep can be 11. Serum is formulated to tad unsatisfactory
induced by a therapist? (8) advance a theory (7) accommodation (10)
12. Medic before procedure 4. A spy organisation here just
allowed a tiny amount of the way you see it (2,2)
uid (7) 5. Whip about six to be
13. Popish scheme includes unsparing (6)
enterprise, beginning a 6. Large ows of water that
bakery (3-4) might endanger the rafters (6)
14. A message to be seen on Sky? 8. Intrude to prohibit hard
Maybe Eskimo slang (5,6) liquor by pronouncement (5,2)
19. Survive longer but dismissed 9. Former English
nally (7) parliamentarian and Tory
21. Exclude former prime leader is not subject to
minister when speaking with taxation (6)
a sad grimace (4,3) 13. Codeine perhaps for Father
23. The French stable hand nds on the matter of tattoos and
space to stretch out (7) increasingly ailing (10)
25. Simple device gets wet, badly, 15. Enjoying continuing luck
in Scottish water (3-4) making a place for sesame
26. Capone led reform of law seeds (2,1,4)
regarding punishment (5,4) 16. Unnished business as
27. Wrangle produces desolation lavatories need changing (5,3)
about new leader (3-2) 17. A random serving of soft food
for Barbie before surgery (6)
Solution No 1011 18. Haunt a rude citizen of Salt
Lake City (6)
20. Eating stew, a Moroccan dish
H N S A S M V (6)
S A GAC I T Y S L EWE D 22. A prince Ian followed for a
R T N S L S R time about 100 years ago (6)
U P B E A T OV E RH E AR 24. Tie up the boat to remove
E H N O the central component of the
E N T I C E D C O BWE B S engine (4)
Solution 1402 Across: 1 Top brass, 7/8 Sarah Bernhardt, 9 Pus, 10 Rain, 11 S R C A
Turret, 13 Rhesus, 14 Humber, 17 Kansas, 18 Jamb, 20 Han, 22 Narcissus, HA I R L I N E CRUDD Y
T A C F U P W For explanations of previous
23 Rouge, 24 Buchanan. CO H E R E I N P E R SON
Down: 1 Tiber, 2 Porcine, 3 Ruhr, 4 Sirius, 5 Crypt, 6 Chester, 7 Sternum, cryptic crosswords, see David
Tossmans blog at www.noted.
12 Quinine, 13/15 Richard Branson, 16 Wairau, 17 Knout, 19 Bison, 21 U L T I MA T E NOS E D
S S P D T E co.nz/distractions/quiz


BRIDGE by David Bird
play a second trump to his queen, your
partner throwing a club. Do you duck or
3 win? If you win, what do you play next?
A 10 9 6 4 3 Now have a look at the full diagram. You
by Gabe Atkinson
954 can see that if you win the rst or second This weeks challenge invited readers
WEST EAST round of trumps, declarer will have an easy to submit examples of Tom Swifties,
K752 4 time. A club switch will do you no good
attributing the quote to either Tom or
K J 10 5 4 2 AQ8 because declarer can win, draw trumps
2 875 and run the diamonds for an overtrick. Taylor. Ill need a drink to get through
KQ J 10 8 7 3 2 You can switch to a heart and receive one these puns, said the editor spiritedly.
SOUTH diamond ruff, but declarer will still make Ron Taylor of Gisborne writes: You
A Q 10 9 6 his game. Now try the effect of ducking can observe the river from the top of the
976 the rst two rounds of trumps. Declarer pyramid, said Tom senilely. Waikawas
KQJ is sunk. If he plays the ace of trumps and
Nozz Fletcher: I declare my love for
A6 turns to diamonds, you can ruff the third
round and play a club, eventually scoring mashed potato, said Tom protuberantly.
three hearts, one trump and one club. Nor Taurangas Helen Jones: That is the
North-South game, dealer South
will declarer fare any better by conceding largest snapper Ive ever seen! said Taylor
West North East South a heart. superficially.
Declarers line of play ducking two From Bannockburns Trevor Lloyd:
trumps was the best available. Against Ive completed the patients prostate
2H 2S 3H 4S many defenders it would have brought
All Pass examination, Dr Tom entered digitally.
home the contract.
Neil Wilson of Pohara: All that Chinese
This is a defensive problem from the West BIDDING QUIZ food has made me amorous, said Tom
hand. If you are the industrious sort, you wantonly.
may wish to cover the South and East WEST West North East South
AQ93 1H Pass 3H Pass Bay of Plentys David Wort: I lost a
hands and see how you fare. You lead your
AJ962 ? tooth while chopping firewood, said Tom
singleton two of diamonds to the 3, 5 and
AJ7 accidentally. From Karoris Poppy Sinclair:
jack. Declarer now leads a low trump from
A All I want to do is watch the cricket!
his hand. Do you duck or win? If you win,
what do you play next? If you duck the rst declared Tom testily. Aucklands Karen
What will you say now?
trump, declarer will win with dummys jack (Answer on page 64) Ward: That man got me so angry that I
of trumps, partner following. He will then said a four-letter word, whispered Taylor
Palmerston Norths Paul Kelly: I refute
by Simon Shuker CHESS PROBLEMS the big bang theory, Tom steadily stated.
Also from Paul: I used to enjoy that TV
series about a police inspector, Tom said
remorsefully. Wellingtons John Marshall:
They taught me to drive armoured vehicles
in the military, said Tom cantankerously.
Doug Price of Wanganui: I think Ive
used the wrong dye in my hair, said Taylor
But clever punnery from Aucklands
Rex McGregor wins the prize this week:
Youll get your thousand bucks next
month, said Tom grandiosely.
For the next competition, send us a
brief acrostic poem in which the first
letters of each line combine to spell the
word FIASCO. Entries, for the prize below,
close at noon on Thursday, February 9.
Sipke Ernst v David Smerdon,
Amsterdam, 2014 Submissions: wordsworth@listener.co.nz
Talented Australian master Smerdon plays or Wordsworth, NZ Listener, Private Bag
most of his chess in Europe, where he is a 92512, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141.
dangerous opponent in open tournaments. Please include your address.
However, Smerdon got lucky in todays
puzzle diagram where chances look level.
White (to play) chose 1 Rb6? and the game
was eventually drawn. Dutch grandmaster
Ernst missed a good opportunity. Can you A copy of New Zealand
do better? Wine: The Land, the Vines,
the People, by Warren
(Answer on page 64) Moran, which illustrates
the growth and success of
this countrys viticulture
over the past 50 years.

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 63


Fill the grid so that every column, every row

and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.
Reubens Puzzles





There is no point in bidding Blackwood.
554 You can expect there to be a good play for
12 tricks, so you should bid 6H. It is just
1 Place a number from 1 to 9 about possible that partner has exactly the
in each empty box. cards you need to make 7H, but impossible
2. The sum of each vertical or to discover this. The best tactics are to go
horizontal block equals the straight to the most likely contract.
number at the top or on Awards: 6H 10, 4NT 6, 5H 4, Pass 2.
the left of that block.
3. Numbers may be used only
once in each block. CHESS SOLUTION
1 Qxc4! Qxg6? 2 Qc5 forks both Blacks
rooks. If Black declines the g6 bishop,
LAST WEEKS SOLUTION Whites queen and bishop will have threats
to h7.


1. False. Wild pandas will occasionally eat
other plants and even meat.
2. The Hully Gully is a type of line dance.
3. Magma.
4. Phrygian cap.
5. Occurrence.
6. At sign.
7. Iceland.
8. Gharials are crocodilian reptiles native to
the Indian subcontinent.
9. Rembrandt. The work was stolen in 1990
and never recovered.
Reubens Puzzles 10. Waiting for Godot.


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Lives less ordinary

Two programmes celebrate the huge contributions made
by Sir David Attenborough and the Queen. by entertainment editor FIONA RAE

eing 90 was, like, so There are genuine wow made by the BBC and was lm department said shoot in
hot in the UK last year. moments in the former, as rst broadcast in 1954, more colour, as it would give better
Along with the exten- lm that was broadcast in than 10 years before colour denition.
sive celebrations for black and white bursts into television in the UK. When The 63-year-old colour nega-
Queen Elizabeth IIs birthday, gorgeous, remastered life. A it went out, it was all in black tive footage, discovered by an
the BBC was totally across uffy caterpillar becomes an and white, says cameraman archivist, is an amazing record,
David Attenboroughs 90th, astonishing green, the intricate Charles Lagus, and it looked not least of a time when a
with roughly 2000 retrospec- patterns and colours of a pretty miserable. bunch of Englishmen could
tives and a sequel to Planet dancers costume are revealed, Lagus had used colour lm roll into Sierra Leone, buy
Earth. and the beautiful markings on at the insistence of the BBC. animals and ship them back to
This week, were catching up a deadly viper become clear. Attenborough realised they London Zoo. These days, you
on the nonagenarian festivities And theres a young, tanned couldnt get massive 35mm would never dream of doing
with Attenboroughs Zoo Quest Attenborough, emerging from cameras into remote locations, that, says Attenborough.
in Colour and Elizabeth at 90: A a plane or chasing an anteater. such as West Africa, and There is also fascinating
Family Tribute (Prime, Sunday, Zoo Quest was the rst wanted to use small, 16mm archive footage in Elizabeth
7.30pm and 8.35pm). natural history programme cameras. As a compromise, the at 90: A Family Tribute, a


ment The Queen with Prince
Andrew in 1960, Elizabeth at
90: A Family Tribute, Sunday.
Left, Attenboroughs Zoo
Quest in Colour, Sunday.

Travel Guides, Saturday.

Television by FIONA RAE

The Best of the Week

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 4 Travel Guides (TVNZ 1, and wife Bianca (former stars
2017 NRL Auckland Nines (Sky 8.35pm). Ordinary Brits are Dan Ewing and Lisa Gormley
Sport 2, Sky 052, 11.30am). A sent to holiday destinations reprise their roles) are visiting.
feature-length documentary treat for Warriors fans at the (this week: Dubai) to com- The new season of Home and
that includes home movies fourth NRL Auckland Nines: plain about the weather, the Away returns tomorrow in
from the Queens private the return of Ruben Wiki food and the locals. Torture. the much gentler timeslot of
collection. Viewers of the to the eld. The Warriors 5.30pm.
amazing Netix series The strength and conditioning SUNDAY FEBRUARY 5
Crown may remember George coach has just turned 44, Home and Away: All or Nothing Is OJ Innocent? The Missing
VI gifting Elizabeth a cine lm and since playing his nal (TVNZ 2, 7.00pm). A Summer Evidence (Discovery, Sky 070,
camera at her wedding, and rst-grade game in 2008, Bay special that is off the 8.30pm). So weird, because
it seems it was also a habit he has kept in shape with leash, according to one we thought he had actually
for Prince Philip and Princess marathons and iron- Aussie newspaper. Hence been found not guilty. There
Margaret, as well as King man events. Still, its 7.00pm timeslot: are, yknow, TV series about
George , to make movies. contact sport
Good for its a bloodbath it. However, this documen-

The doco is narrated by is tough and that wouldnt tary series is referring to the
Prince Charles, and various he admit- be out of place court of public opinion, and
royal family members are on ted he will in Wentworth. features private investigator

hand to comment, including probably Theres a prison William C Dear, author of
Princes William and Harry, be trying
onday, riot, bashings OJ Is Innocent and I Can Prove
Princess Anne, the Duke of to look for TVNZ 1, Mpm and shootings It. There are many experts
Kent and the Queens cousin, oxygen as 8.00 when drug dealer and witnesses wheeled in
Princess Alexandra. much as I can Gunno goes on a and Dears principal theory
The whole collection when he lines up with revenge rampage after is that the real murderer
provides a wonderful insight the team, some of whom are discovering that Kyle is in was Jason Simpson, OJs son
into my mamas long life, half his age. The tournament the pokey with him, and from his rst marriage. Dear
says Charles. l runs today and tomorrow. that Kyles brother Heath has a history of taking on

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 67


time-travelling reporter, which

allows interviews, explana-
tions and a cinma vrit feel.
In consultation with Witi Ihi-
maera, Strawhan manages to
portray an admirable breadth
of opinion and motive, and the
production is stuffed full of the
best of New Zealands acting
community. Rawiri Paratene,
George Henare, Calvin Tuteao,
Miriama McDowell, Jarod
Rawiri, Peter Daube, Stephen
Lovatt and Craig Parker are
among the many who appear.

The Graham Paul Hollywood City Bakes
Norton Show, (Choice TV, 4.30pm). Around
the world in 80 cakes. Paul
Hollywood eats things in
sensational cases: he claims Atlanta Falcons in a live show lovely locations open
to know the identity of the from NRG Stadium in Hou- sandwiches in Copenhagen,
rumoured second shooter in ston, Texas, and the national rye bread in St Petersburg
the Kennedy assassination; he anthem will be performed by and 12 different cheesecakes
was appointed to supervise country singer Luke Bryan. in New York then bakes his
the exhumation of Lee version of the treats he nds in
Harvey Oswalds body; and he each city. Baked-goods heaven.
investigated the Roswell alien Waitangi: What Really Hap-
autopsy video. pened? (Maori, 8.30pm). Back Seven Sharp (TVNZ 1, 7.00pm).
in the day, Maori Television Theyre baa-aack. Mike
WAITANGI DAY used to have reporters in all Hosking and Toni Street get
NFL Super Bowl 51 Live (TVNZ 1, corners of Aotearoa reporting the jump on The Project, TV3s
TVNZ Duke and TVNZ OnDe- on Waitangi Day celebrations; new 7.00pm show, which has
mand, noon). It seems that today, its making do with a not yet announced a start date.
Waitangi Day is Super Bowl 2011 docudrama commis- Joining the team is former All
day: the show runs for a sioned by TVNZ. Nevertheless, Black Andy Ellis, whose skills
couch-loving four and a half its a goodie: Gavin Strawhan, as a rugby expert, landscape
hours with only a Lady Gaga the co-creator of Go Girls and architect and radio presenter
half-time show to break the Dirty Laundry, has penned an should come in handy.
monotony. The New England entertaining depiction of the
Patriots will be playing the four days leading up to the WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 8
signing of the Treaty of Wai- The Expanse (The Zone, Sky
The Expanse, Wednesday. tangi. He uses the device of a 009, 8.30pm). By all accounts a

Documentaries by FIONA RAE

At last, definitive proof that features volunteers testing

quinoa is rubbish or at least five superfoods: goji berries,
no better than other grains. chia seeds, coconut oil, kale
The Truth About Healthy Eating and red quinoa. What came
(TVNZ 1, Tuesday, 9.45pm) next will shock you. Theyre
looks at some of the so-called no better than pearl barley,
superfoods and concludes pumpkin seeds, cabbage,
theyre basically a good way to
empty your bank account. The Truth About Healthy Eating,
The BBC programme Tuesday.


pretty good adaptation of the
sci- series by Daniel Abraham
and Ty Franck, who go by the
pen name James SA Corey. For
If Noah Hawley can reboot
the X-Men universe the same
way he has with Fargo, this TV
series could be a whole heap
Online by FIONA RAE

one thing, we have to assume of fun. Also, Dan Stevens as Catch of the Week
that Thomas Janes hairdo is youve never seen him. The
book-accurate, because theres perfect Matthew Crawley
no other explanation for it. In of Downton Abbey is gone,
the rst season, his detective replaced by a skinny, tortured
Joe Miller went rogue while soul who may be the most
searching for a missing woman powerful mutant ever, if he
and stumbled on a huge con- did but know it. The charac-
spiracy involving some terrible ter, David Haller, is the son Artist Marcus Kings
contagion. Season two looks of X-Men founder Charles 20th-century impression of the
even bigger: in a colonised Xavier, but his abilities have signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.
solar system 200 years from manifested as severe mental
now, Earth, Mars and the aster- illness. In the trailer, there are TE TIRITI O WAITANGI: Some of our most fas-
oid belt are heading towards trippy special effects, psyche- cinating founding documents, including the
war. Kiwi Frankie Adams, delic interludes and a spot of Womens Suffrage Petition, can be viewed at
formerly of Shortland Street, has Bollywood dancing. The cast Archives New Zealand in Wellington, and on
a signicant role as a Martian includes Fargo alumnae Jean Waitangi Day, the nine documents that com-
marine. Smart and Rachel Keller, and prise the Treaty of Waitangi may be seen in
Jemaine Clement is listed as the Constitution Room in Mulgrave St. Free
THURSDAY FEBRUARY 9 recurring. between 10.00am and 4.00pm. The Treaty
Legion (SoHo, Sky 010, 8.30pm). is also online and the Archives website has
resources and downloads: tinyurl.com/NZLTreaty.
The Graham Norton Show (TV3,
8.30pm). The hottest pair on
DRONING ON: If youve noticed an upswing in
the planet are on Nortons
sweeping yover shots on TV and in movies,
couch: Golden Globe and
its because drones are so much cheaper than
likely Oscar winners Ryan
Gosling and Emma Stone,
helicopters. They may also herald a whole
who discuss La La Land as
new era of surveillance and pizza delivery, but
well as their previous until then, theres Dronestagram (dronestagr.
lm, Crazy Stupid am), a photo-sharing site for drones that fea-
Love. Ben Afeck tures spectacular overhead pictures. Puts the
and Sienna Miller world in some much-needed perspective. CNN
charmingly plug has an interview with its founder, Eric Dupin,
Live by Night and who also has some tips for budding drone
the musical guest photographers: tinyurl.com/NZLDupin.
is cool jazz guy
Gregory Porter. SVOD HIGHLIGHT:
Whats good in
Seven Sharp, weekdays.
subscription video
on demand. Looks
rapeseed oil and fruit. They homesteader Jay Gruen has like the kids
are, of course, much more no such problems with fad books A Series of
expensive, as presenter Fiona foods: hes been living an Unfortunate Events
Phillips discovers at the super- off-the-grid lifestyle for a have nally got the
market when she forks out while and in Unplugged Nation

adaptation they Neil Patrick Harris in A Series

36 quid for quinoa and chia (Choice TV, Thursday, 5.30pm), of Unfortunate Events.
deserve, probably
seeds et al compared with he helps other families into
because Daniel
6 for alternatives. She also their dream self-sufficient
checks out which breakfast home. The manifestly unready
Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, adapted his own
sustains the longest; whether families live on unplugged books for the new Netix series and producer
fried eggs are bad for us; the properties for three days and director Barry Sonnenfeld has stayed true
right way to cook veges; and to see if they like it, with to his vision. Neil Patrick Harris is Count Olaf
antioxidant smoothies. Gruen offering advice and and theres even a bit part for Rhys Darby.
Outdoorsman and Homestead Hacks.

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 69


Heavenly Creatures, Saturday.

TV Films
nub is two men chasing the friendship between their
redemption. In Frosts case, he 13-year-old sons: one shy
by FIONA RAE wanted to show the television and artistic, the other brash
world that the lightweight and condent. There are

A Guide to the Weeks Viewing could be a heavyweight, and

Nixon was trying to salvage
breakout performances from
young actors Theo Taplitz and
his reputation. (2008) Michael Barbieri and Sachs
and Mauricio Zacharias
SATURDAY FEBRUARY 4 happen, dies, and then rises Little Men (Rialto, observational script
Pearl Harbor (TVNZ 2, 7.00pm).
Tedious bombast from Michael
up into the sky on a bicycle.
Hence the expression Christ
Sky 039, 8.30pm).
Another under- Bearlesytmovie is devastatingly
emotionally acute.
Bay featuring a banal love on a bike. (1982) stated and subtle Bo bM (2016)
triangle between Ben Afeck,
Josh Hartnett and Kate Frost/Nixon (Maori, 8.30pm). In
gem from Ira
Sachs, whose MARLEY esday, Duplex (TVNZ 2,
Beckinsale that makes us care the Trump era, every political twin themes of Maori, Tu 10.10pm) . A black
less about the Japanese attack movie seems loaded, or gentrication and
8.30pm comedy about a pair
in 1941 rather than more. perhaps it is here to remind us family surface again of unlikeable yuppies
(2001) that Trump isnt the rst liar to after his 2014 lm Love Is (BenStiller and Drew Barry-
occupy the White House. Ron Strange. Here, unsuccessful more) who plot the murder of
ET the Extra-Terrestrial (TV3, Howard expands on Peter Mor- actor Brian (Greg Kinnear) their unlikeable tenant (Eileen
7.00pm). Steven Spielbergs sub- gans play about the televised inherits his fathers Brooklyn Essel). Thin. (2003)
urban lm has variously been interviews between David Frost brownstone, now a valuable
interpreted as a coming-of-age and Richard Nixon in 1977. piece of real estate. He and The Purge (TV3, 9.20pm). After
story, a modern fairy tale and a Michael Sheen and Frank Lan- wife Kathy (Jennifer Ehle) an economic collapse, the far-
religious parable (reinforced by gella brilliantly reprise their must decide what to do with right US Government enacts
the Michelangelo-style nger- stage roles: Sheens Frost is the dress shop on the bottom a 12-hour crime amnesty that
touching in the posters). After slick and obsequious, whereas oor, run by Chilean seam- allows citizens to get rid of
all, ET is an alien who comes Langellas Nixon is all slippery stress Leonor (Glorias Paulina their homicidal tendencies all
to Earth, makes magical things guile and clever charm. The Garca). In the midst of this is in one go. Ethan Hawke and


The Beatles: Eight Days a huge success and Goldberg not much does. It was seen
a Week The Touring
Years, Tuesday. won an Oscar, a Bafta and a as his return to form (a
Golden Globe. (1990) sequel is out this month), if
a blank assassin on a revenge
Kes (Maori, 8.30pm). Does mission is form. Well, hell,
KenLoach despair? From they did kill his dog. Willem
1969s Kes to last years Palme Dafoe, Ian McShane, Michael
dOr-winning I, Daniel Blake, Nyqvist and Adrianne Palicki
the plight of the working do the real acting. (2014)
class doesnt seem to have
changed. Kes was only his
second feature, but its still a TUESDAY FEBRUARY 7
masterpiece, a social-realist Marley (Maori, 8.30pm). A
tragedy unlike anything else. daylate for Waitangi Day/
(1969) Bob Marleys birthday
celebrations,surely. Kevin
The Brothers Bloom (Choice TV, Macdonalds biopic is
8.30pm). Rian Johnson made exhaustive, vergingon
his debut with the clever exhausting. Possibly the only
and verbally interesting Brick Marley movie youll ever
(and in 2012 made another need. (2012)
clever and interesting lm
with Joseph Gordon-Levett, The Beatles: Eight Days a Week
Looper), but is, perhaps, too The Touring Years (Prime,
self-conscious in his second 8.35pm). George Martins son,
feature. Johnson peppers his Giles, has done some wonder-
script with literary references ful things with the sound in
and channels Wes Andersons this extraordinary collection
Kes, Sunday.
meandering and montages. of early Beatles concerts. As
However, there are good Elvis Costello points out,
Game of Thrones Lena Headey SUNDAY FEBRUARY 5 performances from Adrien it was a wonder they were
are a wealthy couple under Ghost (TVNZ 2, 8.30pm). Brody,Mark Ruffalo and even in tune, because they
siege. Its set in 2022, but the The movie that lives on in Rachel Weisz, who faked could barely hear themselves,
rst Purge director James a thousand pottery-wheel skateboarding, juggling, but their amazing singing
DeMonaco, did you have a parodies. It was Airplane! break-dancing and playing and musicianship can be
crystal ball? was in 2017. director Jerry Zuckers rst the banjo, violin, guitar and clearly heard in the docos
(2013) dramatic lm and he veered pianofor the role. Johnsons remastered audio and
between genres: comedy with next lm is the upcoming pictures. Ron Howards lm
Heavenly Creatures (TVNZ 1, WhoopiGoldberg, romance Star Wars: Episode VIII. (2008) covers the period 1962-66,
10.35pm). Something of a with Demi Moore and Patrick from the joyful exuberance of
shock after Peter Jacksons Swayze, and murder and the Cavern and the rst tours
early lms: a straight(ish) corruption with Scandals Tony WAITANGI DAY to the dread of their nal
story, with occasional CGI Goldwyn. Nevertheless, it was John Wick (TVNZ Duke, 8.30pm). concert at Candlestick Park
ights of fancy, that cap- Ultra-stylised ultra-violence in San Francisco,by which
tures the emotional and seems to suit Keanu time the Fab Four werefed up
psychological states of two Reeves; Lord knows, with Beatlemania. It put huge
teenage girls who thought pressure on the band, but,
murder was their only way says Ringo, We had each
out. Much has been written other. It also forced them
about the Parker-Hulme into the studio to make such
case, but the real story here classics as Sgt Peppers and
is the wonderful early-career LetIt Be. Theres judicioususe
performances from Melanie of interviewees, including
Lynskey and Kate Winslet and Whoopi Goldberg, who,
the step-up in Jacksons craft withher mum, saw the
and vision. (1994) Beatlesat Shea Stadium.
Films are rated out of 5:
(abysmal) to (amazing). ET the Extra-Terrestrial, Saturday.


Radio by FIONA RAE Talkback

The Best of the Week Your comments on TV and radio

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 4 is performed by Peking Opera SILLY SEASON viewers associate with Mr
Art, Life, Music (RNZ Concert, soprano Xiao Di and Dutch As well as mourning the lack Bean. As Maigret, Atkinson
1.00pm). The series subject pianist Ralph van Raat. The of news coverage on our state was a pipe-smoking, stony-
this week is political cartoon- other works in this cross-cul- broadcasters, as Kevin Reilly faced detective, and both
ist correction, 2016 Canon tural celebration are de Fallas points out (Talkback, January episodes were gripping.
Cartoonist of the Year Danza ritual del fuego (Ritual 21), our family laments the Other treats were Upstart
Sharon Murdoch, whose work Fire Dance), a movement from lack of meaty shows on Crow and The Windsors.
appears in the Sunday Star- his ballet El amor brujo, and RNZ during the holidays. Brian Collins
Times and the Christchurch Stravinskys The Firebird. Shows such as The Panel, (Aro Valley, Wellington)
Press. She also continues to Saturday Morning and Sunday
charm Fairfax newspaper read- SUNDAY FEBRUARY 5 Morning all disappear. Its sad to see the end of
ers with Munro the Crossword The Sunday Feature (RNZ Yes, people need a break, Upstart Crow. Good on
Cat. I love drawing Judith Concert, 2.00pm). Chinese but couldnt someone else TVNZ 1 for screening such
Collins, she told New Year celebrations cover during this lunatic high-quality British comedy
Wallace Chapman are in full swing month? The country appears nearly as good as the great
in an interview cer ts on RNZ Concert: to be coated in aspic. Will Shakespeare himself!
in October: RNZ Confrican choral Shanghai Spring Trish Bishop Please tell me another series
th A
tinyurl.com/ Best Sou
ve 2017 is a new (Hamilton) will be screened one day.
Music Ali four-part series
of broadcasts RNZ news coverage over the
Maree Roy
Music Alive Friday, from the 33rd silly season is abysmal. The Talkback responds: Another
(RNZ Concert, 7.00pm Shanghai Spring countrys free press at least series of Upstart Crow and a
7.00pm). Superstar International Music made praiseworthy efforts to Christmas special have been
night at the APO: Festival. The works of keep readers informed. commissioned by the BBC, but
composer and conductor Zhao Jiping, Chinas answer Clarke Isaacs TVNZ cannot say if it will be
Tan Dun, famed for his score to John Williams, are explored (Dunedin) screening it.
for Crouching Tiger, Hidden today. On Tuesday, Long
Dragon, makes his debut with Yu conducts the Shanghai BEST PRESENTER PRONOUNCED DIFFICULTY
the Auckland orchestra. The Symphony Orchestra in a Jesse Mulligan is one of the Is the inability of New Zea-
concert ts in perfectly with programme of works that best presenters weve had on land cricket commentators
Chinese New Year celebra- includes Chen Qigang, Chen RNZ National for a long time. to pronounce Colin de
tions and features two of Tans Gang and Tchaikovsky. Solo- His diction and slower deliv- Grandhommes name
compositions, Passacaglia: ists include pianist Lang Lang ery mean we can hear what correctly the result of igno-
Secret of Wind and Birds and and Hungarian mezzo Ildiko he says, unlike many who rance, arrogance or laziness?
Farewell My Concubine, which Komlosi (Music Alive, 7.00pm). gabble and therefore are hard Mind you, when TVNZ 1s
to hear. He is knowledgeable sports anchor is unable to
and well prepared and treats differentiate between air
interviewees with respect. and ear (The ball went
Well done, Jesse. Long may ying through the ear)
you be on RNZ National. and tennis commentators
B Turnwald annually maul the names
(Ohaupo) of visiting players, perhaps
it isnt surprising. Surely it
BRITISH INVASION is not too much to expect
What a holiday treat to see all involved to be coached
Rowan Atkinson playing before going on air.
Maigret (TVNZ 1). Gone was Peter Smith
the rubbery-faced comic that (Devonport)

pianist Ralph
van Raat, Send comments, queries or complaints about radio or television
Music Alive, to: talkback@listener.co.nz, or Talkback, NZ Listener, Private Bag
92512, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141.



6.00 Te Karere (R, C) 6.00 Blaze and the Monster 6.00 Charles Stanley (R)
6.30 Hyundai Country Calendar Machines (G, C) 6.30 Power Rangers Dino Super
(G, R, HD, C) 6.25 Thomas and Friends (G, C) Charge (G, HD)
7.00 Showtime (PGR, R, C) 6.35 Maia the Brave (HD, C) 7.00 Turbo FAST (G, R, HD)
7.30 Infomercials 6.45 The Furchester Hotel (C) 7.30 Infomercials
9.00 Tagata Pasifika (HD) 6.55 Thunderbirds Are Go 9.30 Chelsea New Zealands
9.30 Coach Trip (G, R, C) Today: (G, R, C, AD) Hottest Home Baker
A Baltic and Scandinavian 7.15 The Jungle Bunch: To the (G, R, HD)
adventure starts in Latvia. Rescue! (G, C) 10.30 Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Bravo: The Millionaire
Noon Come Dine with Me 7.45 Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (G, R, HD) Matchmaker, 7.30pm
Couples (G) (C) 11.30 Americas Next Top Model
2.00 Instant Gardener (G, C)
UK series in which designer
8.10 Marvels Guardians of the
Galaxy (G, C)
(PGR, R, HD)
12.30 Face Off (PGR, HD)

Danny Clarke brings unloved 8.35 Marvel Avengers Assemble 1.25 The Bachelor NZ 6.00 Childrens Programmes (G)
gardens back to life. (G, C) (PGR, R, HD, C)
9.50 Robot Wars (PGR, R, C)
3.00 Vet Tales (R, HD, C) Today: 9.00 Adventure Time (G, C) 2.25 Fresh Off the Boat
10.55 MythBusters (PGR, R)
Meg the Labrador has 9.25 Clarence (G, R, C) (PGR, HD)
11.55 The Crowd Goes Wild (G, R)
swallowed a UFO. 9.45 Regular Show (G, R) 2.55 New Girl (PGR, R, HD)
2.25 James Mays Cars of the
3.30 The Renovation King (G, R) 9.55 Gamers Guide to Pretty 3.25 The Goldbergs
People (PGR, R, C)
Barry Du Bois turns humble Much Everything (PGR, R, HD, C)
3.30 Fishing and Adventure
places into palaces. 10.20 Crash & Bernstein (C) 3.55 Grand Designs UK (G, R, C)
(G, R)
4.00 River Monsters (G, R, C) 10.45 Blossom (G, C) 4.55 The Wonder of Animals
4.00 Ados Addicted to Fishing
Bone Crusher: Deep in the 11.10 Full House (G, R, C) (G, HD) UK animal behaviour
series. (G, R)
Amazon, Jeremy Wade 11.40 Baby Daddy (C)
6.00 Newshub Live 4.30 Soccer English Premier
investigates the case of a 12.05 The 100 (PGR, C)
7.00 ET the Extra-Terrestrial League, highlights.
corpse washing ashore with 1.00 This Is Us (PGR, R, C, AD)
(1982, G, R, C) Henry 5.30 Prime News
severe bruising. 3.00 The Voice (G, C)
Thomas, Drew Barrymore. 6.00 David Attenboroughs
5.00 Ultimate Fishing (G, C) Man 4.00 Food Fighters (G)
Films, page 70 Natural Curiosities (G, R, C)
vs Sword vs Mako Shark: 5.00 Dogs Make You Laugh Out
9.20 The Purge (2013, AO, 6.30 The Wonderful World of
The power and speed of Loud 2 (PGR, R, C)
the Atlantic giant bluefin 6.00 The Simpsons (PGR, C) See R, HD, C) A family comes Gordon Watson (G, R, C)
is legendary, but the team Homer Run: Homers inability under seige during a state- 7.00 Storage Wars: Canada
must first find one to to embrace Lisas Fathers sanctioned crime wave. (PGR, R)
experience it first-hand. Day gift the same way he Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey. 7.30 Antiques Roadshow (G, C)
6.00 1 News (C) does Barts causes Lisa great Films, page 70 Today: RAF Coningsby in
7.00 Posh Pawn (C) Tonight: distress. 11.00 Motive (AO, HD, C) The Lincolnshire.
A colourful Soho legend 6.30 The Middle (G, R, C) Errand Amateurs: The detectives 8.30 Silent Witness (AO, C)
wants to sell some vintage Boy: Brick objects to being search for a link between In Plain Sight (Part 1):
Chanel bags to finance carted around with Frankie three homicides. A teenager is accidentally
botox and a new bathroom on her weekend errands and 12.00am Nurse Jackie (AO, HD) killed, then a body is found
(includes Lotto at 8.00pm). asks to be left at home. 12.30 Live at the Apollo (AO, HD) in close proximity.
8.05 Rachel Hunters Tour of 7.00 Pearl Harbor (2001, PGR, 1.30 Infomercials 10.50 Jonathan Strange and Mr
Beauty (G, R, HD, C, AD) R, C, AD) Two childhood 5.00 Hillsong (G, R) Norrell (AO)
Australia: Starting in sunny friends grow up to be US 5.30 6.00 Charles Stanley (R) 12.05am 12.55 Scorpion (PGR, R)
Queensland, Rachel finds out Army pilots stationed at
that, like the Great Barrier
Reef, our skin is under attack
Pearl Harbor, where they fall
in love with the same woman

from the elements. before the base comes 6.00 Infomercials 10.00 Flipping 6.30 Pukoro (G, R)
8.35 Travel Guides (AO, C, AD) under surprise attack by the Out (G, R) 10.50 The Millionaire 7.00 SpongeBob (G, R)
UK reality series in which five Japanese. Ben Affleck, Josh Matchmaker (PGR, R) 11.40 Million 7.30 Pukana (G, R)
ordinary British families are Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale.
Dollar Listing LA (G, R) 12.35 8.00 The Zoo (G, R)
sent to review some of the Films, page 70
Wahlburgers (G, R) 1.25 Flipping 8.30 Te Kaea (R)
worlds most popular tourist 10.10 Duplex (2003, PGR, R, C)
Out (G, R) 2.20 Kim of Queens 9.00 Swagger (G, R)
destinations. Tonight: Dubai, A young New York couple
(G, R) 3.10 Dance Moms Superfan 9.30 Kai Time on the Road (G, R)
one of the fastest-growing find their dream apartment,
Takeover (G, R) 6.00 Million 10.00 Atamira Behind the Scenes
tourist destinations on earth. but it soon becomes a
Dollar Listing NY (R) 50 Shades (PGR, R)
9.35 Coronation Street (PGR, nightmare when the old
lady living upstairs refuses of Greystone: Luis tries to solidify 10.30 Nga Pari Karangaranga (R)
HD, C, AD) Tonight: Michael
learns the shocking truth; to leave. Ben Stiller, Drew himself as a major player. 7.30 1.30 Mama Son Learner League
Kevin may have unwittingly Barrymore, Eileen Essell. The Millionaire Matchmaker (AO) (G, R)
agreed to Jacks kidnapping; Films, page 70 Workaholics: The Voice runner- 2.00 World Forklift League
and Mary suspects Dev has 11.55 Keith Lemon: The Film up Katrina has worked hard for (PGR, R)
had his head turned. (2012, AO, R, C) A British TV success. 8.30 Keeping Up with 2.30 Basketball College National
10.35 Heavenly Creatures personality decides to follow the Kardashians (PGR) Out with Championship 2016,
(1994, AO, R, C, AD) Based his dream of becoming a the Old, in with the New: Khloe Rangitoto v Westlake Boys.
on the true story of Pauline successful entrepreneur. struggles to make sure that Lamar 3.30 The Kapa (G, R)
Rieper and Juliet Hulme, Leigh Francis, Kelly Brook. has proper care and a house of 4.30 The Big Sing (G, R)
whose friendship in 1950s 1.35am Good Deeds (2012, his own. 9.30 Shahs of Sunset 5.00 He Kupenga Hou (G, R)
New Zealand lead to a tragic AO, R, C) A successful (PGR) Return to the Homeland 5.30 Te Kaea
conclusion. Melanie Lynskey, businessman is jolted out of (Part 1): The gang heads to Turkey 6.00 Nga Pari Karangaranga
Kate Winslet, Sarah Peirse. his predictable routine. Tyler for Asas family reunion, and (G, R)
Films, page 70 Perry, Gabrielle Union. Mike has a startling realisation. 6.30 Harriet the Spy
12.30am Last Tango in Halifax 3.30 Constantine (AO, R, C) 10.30 Kourtney and Kim Take New (1996, G, R)
(PGR, R, C, AD) Season three 4.15 The Jeremy Kyle Show York (AO) Threes a Crowd: Kim 8.20 Iti Pounamu (AO, R)
of the UK drama series. (AO, R) decides to stop taking birth control. 8.30 Frost/Nixon (2008, AO, R)
1.35 Emmerdale (PGR, R, C) 5.05 Americas Funniest Home 11.30 Snapped (PGR, R) 12.20am Michael Sheen, Frank
3.30 Infomercials Videos (G, R, C) Infomercials 5.00 6.00 Dance Langella. Films, page 70
5.30 6.00 The Key of David 5.30 6.00 It Is Written (R) Moms Superfan Takeover (G, R) 10.40 11.10 Te Kaea (R)

NEW RETURN FINAL FILM C Captions AD Audio Description HD High Definition

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 73
6.25 #PopFan (2014, M) 6.35 Lovesick (2014, M) 7.35 The Hurricane (1999) 6.05 The Bureau Marathon (16)
Chelsea Kane. Matt LeBlanc. Denzel Washington. French crime series.
7.55 Mad Max: Fury Road 8.00 My Girlfriends Boyfriend 10.00 Absolute Power (1997, M) Noon Review (2015, M)
(2015, 16) Tom Hardy. (2010, PG) Alyssa Milano. Clint Eastwood. Jonny Brugh.
9.55 Friended to Death (2014, 16) 9.25 Hello, My Name Is Doris Noon Rebel Without a Cause 12.15 Last Days in Vietnam
Ryan Hansen. (2015, M) Sally Field. (1955, M) James Dean. (2014, M) US documentary.
11.35 The Vatican Tapes (2015, M) 10.55 The Perfect Guy (2015, M) 1.50 The Great Northfield 1.55 Believe (2013, PG) Jack
Olivia Taylor Dudley. Sanaa Lathan. Minnesota Raid (1972, PG) Smith, Brian Cox.
1.05 #PopFan (2014, M) 12.35 Lovesick (2014, M) Cliff Robertson. 3.30 Cartel Land (2015, M)
Chelsea Kane. Matt LeBlanc. 3.25 The Gauntlet (1977, 16) US documentary.
2.35 Stretch (2014, 16) 2.00 Boychoir (2014, PG) Clint Eastwood. 5.10 Waiting for Guffman
Patrick Wilson . Dustin Hoffman. 5.15 Easy Money (1983, M) (1996, M) Christopher Guest.
4.10 Dirty Grandpa (2016, 16) 3.45 Perfect Sisters (2014, M) Rodney Dangerfield. 6.40 45 Years (2015, M) Charlotte
Robert De Niro, Zac Efron. Abigail Breslin. 6.50 Sweeney! (1977, 16) Rampling, Tom Courtenay.
6.00 Batman v Superman: Dawn 5.25 Dorfman in Love (2011, PG) A Scotland Yard squad 8.15 The Tide Keeper (2014, PG)
of Justice (2016, M) Batman Sara Rue. investigates a suicide. Local short film about an old
launches a personal assault 6.55 Paper Planes (2014, G) John Thaw. seaman who dreams a storm
on Superman. Ben Affleck, A boy yearns to compete 8.30 Vertigo (1958, PG) into his bed.
Henry Cavill. in the World Paper Plane A detective with a fear of 8.30 Little Men (2016, PG) A new
8.30 Spectre (2015, M) A cryptic Championships. Sam heights is hired by a friend to pair of best friends have their
message from the past Worthington. keep watch over his unhappy bond tested by their parents
sends Bond on a trail 8.30 Spy (2015, 16) A previously wife. James Stewart. battle. Greg Kinnear, Jennifer
to uncover a sinister desk-bound analyst is sent 10.35 Psycho (1960, 16) A woman Ehle. Films, page 70
organisation. Daniel Craig. into the field to take down arrives at a motel run by a 10.00 A Place in the Sun (2012, M)
11.00 Stag (2013, 16) A mans an arms dealer. Melissa sinister innkeeper. Anthony A Swedish family is found
friends plan an elaborate McCarthy, Rose Byrne. Perkins, Janet Leigh. murdered. Malin Crpin.
stag party. Donald Faison, 10.35 99 Homes (2014, M) Andrew 12.25am Dirty Pretty Things (2002, 11.35 The Lost Aviator (2014, M)
Eva Amurri. Garfield, Michael Shannon. 16) 2.00 Little Odessa (1994, 16) Australian documentary.
12.25am Stretch (2014, 16) 2.15 Dirty 12.25am What If (2013, M) 2.05 3.40 Hollywood Singing & Dancing: 1.10am Waiting for Guffman (1996,
Grandpa (2016, 16) 4.05 Batman v Perfect Sisters (2014, M) 3.45 A Musical History (PG) 4.35 The M) 2.35 Believe (2013, PG) 4.10 Last
Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016, Dorfman in Love (2011, PG) 5.15 Great Northfield Minnesota Raid Days in Vietnam (M) 5.50 A Place in
M) Paper Planes (2014, G) (1972, PG) the Sun (2012, M)

GENERAL to take them all down. 9.50 Bates Motel (18) The
Truth: Dylan tells Gil what happened to Ethan and
is assigned a new partner. 10.35 Bates Motel (18)
Choice TV FREEVIEW 12 SKY 024 The Man in Number Nine: A mysterious man arrives
6.00 Escape to the Chateau 7.00 Getaway
7.30 Operation Pygmy Hippo 8.30 Rick Steins in town. 11.20 Bates Motel (18) A Boy and His Dog:
Mediterranean Escapes 9.30 Buying & Selling with Norman takes up a grizzly hobby. 12.05am Bates
the Property Brothers 10.30 Four Rooms 11.30 Alan Motel (18) Underwater: Norma considers selling the
Titchmarshs Garden Secrets 12.30 Escape to the motel. 12.50 Bates Motel (18) Midnight: Norman
Chateau 1.30 Better Homes and Gardens 3.00 Sarah takes Emma to the dance. 1.35 Animal Kingdom
Beeny: How to Sell Your Home 4.00 Beverly Hills Marathon (16)
Pawn 4.30 Salvage Hunters 5.30 Wild Transport
6.00 Walking the Nile 7.00 Fish of the Day 7.30 Living SKY 017
American Pickers 8.30 Charlie & Boots (2009, 6.00 Flog It! 6.55 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun
AO) A loving son embarks on a road trip with his 7.50 Zoo Days (M) 8.15 Long Lost Family UK 9.10 A
reluctant father from Victoria to Australias northern Place in the Sun: Summer Sun 4.00 Country House
tip. Paul Hogan, Shane Jacobson, Morgan Griffin. Sky Premiere: Spectre, 8.30pm Rescue (M) 5.00 Garden Rescue 6.00 Greatest
10.30 NZ Hunter Adventures 11.30 Sarah Beeny: Gardens 6.30 Gardening Australia 7.00 Better
How to Sell Your Home 12.30am Beverly Hills Pawn QI (M) 10.10 The Bill (PG) 2.20 Casualty (PG) 3.15 Homes and Gardens 8.30 Great Canal Journeys (G)
1.00 Wild Transport 1.30 Walking the Nile 2.30 Keeping Up Appearances (PG) 3.50 A Touch of With Timothy West and Prunella Scales. Tonight: The
Charlie & Boots (2009, AO) Paul Hogan. 4.30 Fish Frost (M) 5.10 New Tricks (M) 6.05 Wanted Down Rochdale Canal. 9.30 Restoration Home: One Year
of the Day 5.00 American Pickers Under (PG) 6.55 Allo Allo! (PG) Money to Burn: On 10.30 A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun 12.30am
Helga informs the Colonel that Leclerc will be shot Better Homes and Gardens 1.55 Garden Rescue
TVNZ Duke FREEVIEW 13 SKY 023 if the stolen money is not returned. 7.40 Doc Martin 2.45 Greatest Gardens 3.15 Gardening Australia 3.45
8.20 Bundesliga, Hamburg v Bayer Leverkusen, (M) The Holly Bears a Prickle: Martin and Louisa Restoration Home: One Year On 4.45 A Place in
live. 10.25 On Duke Today 11.55 Formula E: Street attend an outdoor concert together. 8.30 Prime the Sun: Summer Sun 5.35 Colin and Justins Cabin
Racers 12.25 NFL: Road to the Super Bowl 1.30 Suspect (16) Tonight: Tennison investigates the Pressure
NZ Superbikes Grand Prix 2.00 NBA, Chicago murder of a girl found dead in a seedy rented room
with bruises all over her body. 10.20 Inspector Morse
Bulls v Houston Rockets, live. 4.30 NFL Replay
(M) 12.10am 8 Out of 10 Cats (M) 12.45 The Graham
Sky Arts SKY 020
5.20 Worlds Fastest Car Show 5.45 Diggers 6.10 6.00 Later with Jools Holland 7.00 Greatest
Seinfeld. (G, C) Pilot: A friend from Michigan asks Norton Show (M) 1.45 Doc Martin (M) 2.35 Birds
Painters: Toulouse Lautrec 8.00 Other Voices 8.50
to stay with Jerry and he is unsure where he stands of a Feather (PG) 3.05 A Touch of Frost (M) 4.25
Dancing Shiva 9.40 Rough Draft with Reza Aslan
with her. 6.35 MythBusters (G) Phone Book Friction: Inspector Morse (M)
10.10 Later with Jools Holland 11.10 Video Killed
The teams tests Phone Book Fables and Hollywood the Radio Star 11.35 Urban Legends Noon Skyline:
Fireworks Myths. 7.35 Air Crash Investigation (PGR) SoHo SKY 010 Cesar Pelli 12.30 The Magic of the Diary of Anne
Turning Point: How a quick-thinking captain saved 6.00 Bates Motel (18) 6.45 Fear the Walking Dead Frank 1.30 Neil Gaimans Likely Stories 2.00 Later
Northwest Airlines Flight 85 from disaster in 2002. . (16) 7.30 Bates Motel Marathon (18) Season one of with Jools Holland 3.00 Greatest Painters: Toulouse
8.30 Megafactories (G) Heineken: Behind the scenes the US drama series. 11.15 All the Way (2016, M) Lautrec 4.00 Aimee Mann Plays Baloise Session 5.15
of Europes largest brewery at Zoeterwoude in the Bryan Cranston. 1.25 Animal Kingdom Marathon (16) Tori Amos Plays Baloise Session 6.30 The Book Club
Netherlands. 9.30 Megastructures (G) Megaship: Season one of the US drama series. 6.30 Animal 7.30 Borgen (PG) Season three of the Danish drama
The 134,000-tonne OOCL Atlanta. 10.30 Bar Rescue Kingdom (16) Goddamn Animals: Baz takes the series. A Child of Denmark: Birgitte is now a speaker
(PGR) Dont Mess with Taffers Wife: At a Vegas final step in his con. 7.20 Animal Kingdom (16) Man and business executive. 8.30 Soundstage: Tori
blues bar, Jon must stop a co-owners wandering In: Tensions run high as the Codys prepare for their Amos 9.30 Front Row Center: Norah Jones 10.30
eye. 11.20 12.20am MythBusters big heist. 8.10 Animal Kingdom (16) Judas Kiss: Makers 2: Women in Space 11.30 Looking for the
Catherine triggers Smurfs suspicions when she Hobbit 12.00am Aimee Mann Plays Baloise Session
UKTV SKY 007 comes to make amends. 9.00 Animal Kingdom 1.15 Tori Amos Plays Baloise Session 2.30 The Book
6.05 Keeping Up Appearances (PG) 6.40 Mrs (16) What Have You Done: With J caught in the Club 3.30 Borgen (PG) 4.30 Soundstage 5.30 Front
Browns Boys (M) 7.15 Would I Lie to You? (PG) 7.50 middle, the cops close in on the Codys and threaten Row Center: Norah Jones


Sky Sport 1 SKY 051 RNZ National
6.00 The Golf Fix 7.00 School of Golf 8.00
Golf, PGA Tour, Phoenix Open, highlights. 8.30
Golf, European PGA Tour, Dubai Desert Classic,
6.08 Storytime
second round. 9.00 Golf, US PGA Tour, Phoenix 7.10 Country Life
Open, second round, live. 1.00 Cricket, ODI, NZ 8.10 Saturday Morning with Kim Hill
v Australia, game two. 1.30 The Cricket Show 12.11 This Way Up with Simon Morton
2.00 ICC Cricket 360 3.00 NBL, Perth Wildcats v 1.10 Music 101 Music-related stories, interviews,
Brisbane Bullets. 5.00 Netball, International Quad live music and news from NZ and the world
Series, England Roses v NZ Silver Ferns. 5.30 Golf, 5.11 Focus on Politics
European PGA Tour, Dubai Desert Classic, second 5.30 Tagata o te Moana
round. 6.00 Golf, US PGA Tour, Phoenix Open, 6.06 Great Encounters Interviews selected
second round. 6.30 Golf Central 7.30 A-League, from feature programmes during the week
Phoenix v Western Sydney Wanderers, live. 9.45 7.06 Saturday Night With Paul Brennan
A-League, Melbourne Victory v Melbourne City, live. BBC Knowledge: Stephen Fry in Central 12.04am All Night Programme 12.05 Music
12.00am A-League, Perth Glory v Newcastle Jets, America, 8.30pm After Midnight; 12.30 A Sound of Life; 1.05 Our
live. 2.15 Fox Sports News 2.45 TBA 3.15 Rugby, Six Series, England Roses v NZ Silver Ferns. 2.30 Sky Changing World; 1:40 Essential NZ Albums;
Nations, round one, Scotland v Ireland, live. 5.40 Sports UK News 3.00 Sky Sport News NZ 3.30
2.05 Heart and Soul (BBC); 2.35 Hymns on
Rugby, Six Nations, round one, England v France, Cricket, ODI, NZ v Australia, game two. 4.00 The
Sunday; 3.05 The Thrill of Falling, by Witi
live. Cricket Show 4.30 Manchester United TV 7.30
Ihimaera (3 of 4, RNZ); 3.30 Te Waonui a Te
NBL, Adelaide 36ers v NZ Breakers, live. 9.30 NBL,
Manu Korihi; 4.30 CrowdScience (BBC); 5.10
Sky Sport 2 SKY 052 Sydney Kings v Melbourne United, live. 11.30 Fox
Sports News 12.00am The ITM Fishing Show 1.00
The Kindness of Strangers, by Shonagh Koea
6.00 The Crowd Goes Wild 6.30 Cricket, ODI, NZ 5.45 Historical Highlight
v Australia, game two. 7.00 The Cricket Show 7.30 NRL, Auckland Nines, day one. 1.30 NBL, Adelaide
ICC Cricket 360 8.30 NBL, Illawarra Hawks v Cairns 36ers v NZ Breakers. 3.30 NBL, Sydney Kings Website: radionz.co.nz
Taipans. 10.30 Netball, International Quad Series, v Melbourne United. 5.30 A-League, Phoenix v
England Roses v NZ Silver Ferns. 11.00 Sky Sport Western Sydney Wanderers. RNZ Concert
News NZ 11.30 NRL, Auckland Nines, day one, FREEVIEW 51 SKY 422 iHeartRADIO
live. 8.00 Cricket, ODI, NZ v Australia, game two. ESPN SKY 060 News and Weather 6.00am, 7.00, 8.00,
8.30 The Cricket Show 9.00 Cricket, T20, India v 6.00 NBA, Golden State Warriors v LA Clippers. 9.00am, noon, 3.00pm, 6.00, 10.00pm
England, game three. 9.30 Fox Sports News 10.00 7.00 Outside the Lines 7.30 College Football 6.00 Classic Morning
TBA 10.30 NRL, Auckland Nines, day one. 12.00am Live 8.00 NFL Insiders 9.00 NFL Live 10.00 9.00 The Works Major pieces, familiar and
A-League, Phoenix v Western Sydney Wanderers. SportsNation 10.30 Highly Questionable 11.00 NFL unfamiliar
12.30 NBL, Adelaide 36ers v NZ Breakers. 1.00 Live Noon SportsCenter 1.00 NBA Countdown 10.00 Your Choice (Box 123, Wellington
TBA 2.00 A-League, Phoenix v Western Sydney 2.00 NBA, Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers, or concert@radionz.co.nz)
Wanderers. 4.00 Gillette Soccer Saturday live. 4.30 NBA, Portland Trail Blazers v Dallas Noon The RNZ Concert Classical Chart
Mavericks, live. 7.00 ESPN Original Documentaries The weeks best-selling CDs
Sky Sport 3 SKY 053 9.00 Around the Horn 9.30 Pardon the Interruption 1.00 Art, Life, Music Today: Sharon Murdoch
6.00 Hockey, India League, final, Jaypee Punjab 10.00 ESPN FC 10.30 NFL Films 11.00 AMA is the first woman in New Zealand to have a
Warriors v Kalinga Lancers. 7.30 TBA 8.00 Supercross 1.00am SportsCenter 2.00 ESPN FC regular political cartooning spot and is also the
Manchester United TV 11.00 A-League, Brisbane 2.30 NBA Action 3.00 NBA, Boston Celtics v Los brains behind Munro, the crossword cat
Roar v Sydney FC. 1.00 Netball, International Quad Angeles Lakers. 5.00 SportsCenter (2 of 5)
2.00 Global Sounds Worlds of Music with
Trevor Reekie. Today: The start of Chinese New
DOCUMENTARIES History SKY 073 Year celebrations
7.30 The Missing Evidence (PG) 8.30 Romes
3.00 Afternoon Concert Wellington Chamber
Discovery SKY 070 Invisible City (PG) 9.30 Time Team 10.30 Coast
Music Trust: Diedre Irons (pno), Vesa-Matti
6.00 Auction Hunters (PG) 6.30 MythBusters (PG) Australia (PG) 11.30 41 (PG) 1.30 ISIS: Rise of Terror
8.30 ET Fishing Escapes (PG) 9.25 Dual Survival (M) 3.30 Dive WWII (PG) 4.30 Who Killed Gandhi? Leppnen (vln), Andrew Joyce (cello)
(M) 10.20 Naked and Afraid XL (M) 11.15 Treehouse (PG) 5.30 The Great Commanders (PG) 6.30 Beethoven: Piano Trio No 6 in E flat Op 70/2;
Masters (PG) 12.10 Sydney Harbour Patrol (PG) Coast Australia (PG) 7.30 Genius (PG) Sarnoff vs Debussy: Violin Sonata in G minor; Cello
1.05 Running Wild with Bear Grylls (M) 2.00 On Farnsworth: The story of media innovator David Sonata in D minor; Schubert: Piano Trio No 2
Tracks (PG) 2.55 What on Earth? (PG) 3.50 Alaskan Sarnoff. 8.30 Barbarians Rising (16) Resistance: in E flat D929 (recorded in St Andrews on The
Bush People (M) 4.45 Auction Hunters (PG) 6.05 A 700-year battle for freedom begins. 9.30 The Terrace, Wellington)
Auction Hunters (PG) 6.35 Gold Rush (PG) 7.30 Birth of an Empire (PG) Reveals how the behemoth 5.00 Inside Out with Nick Tipping A journey
Treehouse Masters (PG) 8.30 Salvage Hunters (PG) that was the East India Company grew into an through the jazz spectrum
Tonight: Drew dives in at the former Naval Royal imperial power. 10.30 Hunting Hitler (PG) 11.30 7.00 Music Alive Famous for the film score
Hospital School. 9.30 Alaska: The Last Frontier Ancient Aliens (PG) 12.30am Conspiracy (PG) 1.30 to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, luminary
(M) 10.30 Auction Hunters (PG) 12.00am Gold Unsealed: Alien Files (PG) 2.00 Great Mysteries
composer/conductor Tan Dun makes his APO
Rush (PG) 12.55 Alaskan Bush People (M) 1.50 and Myths (PG) 2.30 Monsters & Mysteries (M)
debut. Xiao Di (sop), Ralph van Raat (pno),
Moonshiners (M) 2.45 Auction Hunters (PG) 3.15 3.15 Ancient Aliens (PG) 4.00 Genius (PG) 4.45
Barbarians Rising (16) 5.30 The Birth of an Empire APO/Tan Dun Falla: Ritual Fire Dance, from
Treehouse Masters (PG) 4.10 Moonshiners (M) 5.05
MythBusters (PG) (PG) El amor brujo; Dun: Concerto for Piano
& Peking Opera Soprano, Farewell My
Concubine; Dun: Passacaglia: Secret of Wind
National Geographic SKY 072 BBC Knowledge SKY 074 and Birds; Stravinsky: The Firebird, Suite
7.30 Megastructures (PG) 8.30 Megafactories 9.30 6.20 Who Do You Think You Are? (PG) 7.20
Inside World War II (M) 10.30 Nazi Megastructures Dragons Den (PG) 8.25 David Attenborough: 60 (recorded in the Aotea Centre, Auckland)
(PG) 12.30 Map of Hell (M) 2.30 seconds from Years in the Wild (PG) 10.15 Animal Attraction (PG) 9.00 From the New Zealand Collection
Disaster (M) 3.22 Situation Critical (M) 4.22 11.10 David Attenboroughs Natural Curiosities (PG) 10.00 Days End
Air Crash Investigation (PG) 6.22 Air Crash 12.40 Sea Cities (PG) 1.40 Where the Wild Men 12.00am Music Through the Night
Investigation (PG) River Runway: In 2002, Garuda Are with Ben Fogle (PG) 2.25 Life Below Zero (M) Website: radionz.co.nz/concert
Flight 421 encountered severe thunderstorms. 3.10 The Wanted (PG) 3.55 Stop, Search, Seize (M)
Bad Altitude: Examines Korean Air Cargo Flight 4.40 The Force: Manchester (M) 5.30 Top Gear Radio Live
8509. 8.30 Afterburn (PG) Black Friday was the (PG) 6.40 24 Hours in A&E (M) 7.35 Life (PG) 8.30 6.00 Tony Murrell 10.00 Carly Flynn 2.00 Brendan
most lethal firestorm in Australias history. 9.30 Stephen Fry in Central America (M) Tonight: Mexico. Telfer 6.00 Newshub 7.00 Outdoors Hour 8.00
WW2: Hell Under the Sea (M) Atlantic Showdown: 9.25 Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle (M) Graeme Hill 12.00am Joe Reid
In 1943, Lt Commander John Gordon Luther must 10.20 Top Gear (PG) 11.30 Sea Cities (PG) 12.30am Website: radiolive.co.nz
choose between protecting a convoy of supplies Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle (PG) 1.15
or rescuing survivors. 10.30 Nazi World War Weird Life Below Zero (M) 2.00 The Wanted (PG) 2.45 Newstalk ZB
(PG) 11.30 Nazi Megastructures (PG) 12.30am Stop, Search, Seize (M) 3.30 The Force: Manchester 6.00 Nigel Yalden 9.00 Jack Tame Noon Tony Veitch
Drugs Inc. (M) 3.30 Yukon Gold (M) 5.30 Air Crash (M) 4.20 24 Hours in A&E (M) 5.10 Eggheads (PG) 6.00 Bruce Russell 12.00am Jim Snedden
Website: newstalkzb.co.nz
Investigation (PG) 5.40 Life (PG)

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 75


6.00 The ITM Fishing Show 6.00 Art Attack (G, C) 6.00 Life TV (G, R)
(G, R, C) 6.25 Thomas and Friends (G, C) 6.30 Brian Houston (G, R)
6.45 Going Going Gone (G, R, C) 6.35 Maia the Brave (HD, C) 7.00 Charles Stanley (G, R)
7.10 Together Again (G, R, C) 6.45 Little Monstar (G, R, HD, C) 8.00 Universal Church of the
7.35 Tagata Pasifika (R, HD) 6.50 My Little Pony (G, R, C) Kingdom of God (G, R)
8.00 Praise Be (G, R, HD) 7.10 Looped (G, R, C) 8.30 Turning Poinut (G, R)
8.30 Attitude (G, R, HD, C, AD) 7.35 Jamies Got Tentacles! 9.00 R&R (HD) With Robert
Today: Rachel and KJ are (G, C) Rakete.
two friends living with 8.00 Tom & Jerry: Spy Quest 9.30 Family Secret (G, R, HD, C) TV3: Teenage Mutant Ninja
Huntingtons. (2015, G, R, C) 9.50 MasterChef NZ (G, R, HD, C) Turtles, 8.20pm
9.00 Morena (G, R, HD) 9.10 Super Hero High (C) Noon Entertainment Tonight
10.00 Waka Huia (G, HD) Today:
Honours the winners of the
10.00 Mako Mermaids (G, R, C)
10.25 Shortland Street
Weekend (PGR)
1.00 Car Culture (HD)

best male and female leader (R, HD, C, AD) 1.30 Formula E: Street Racers 6.00 Religious Programming (G)
category at the national Noon Addams Family Values (HD) 10.30 Sport Box (G)
Maori haka competitions (1993, G, C) Anjelica Huston. 2.00 Motorsport (HD) SsangYong, Noon Trawlermen Tales
since 1972. 2.00 Hot in Cleveland (G, R, C) round three, Hampton (PGR, R, C)
11.00 Neighbourhood (G, R, Fear and Loathing in Los Downs. 1.00 NCIS: New Orleans (PGR, R)
HD, C) Today: Tamati Coffey Angeles: The ladies head 3.00 Motorsport (HD) Formula 2.00 Piha Rescue (PGR, R, C)
hosts a tour of Lake Rotorua. to Los Angeles to meet the Drift. 2.30 The Millers (PGR, R)
11.30 Being Me (G, HD, C, AD) creator of Victorias new TV 4.00 Motorsport (HD) NZ Motor 3.00 Aftermath: Doing Business
Today: Nick Chisholm is a show. Cup Race, Hampton Downs. (PGR, R)
bodybuilder whose body is 2.30 Grandfathered (PGR, R, C) 5.00 Ice Road Truckers (G, HD, C) 4.00 Sachies Kitchen (G, R)
paralysed. Dad Face: Gerald surprises 6.00 Newshub Live 4.30 The Wonder of Britain
Noon David Attenboroughs Great everyone with a trip to the 7.00 The Block Australia (G, R, HD, C)
Barrier Reef (G, R, C, AD) beach. (PGR, HD, C, another 5.30 Prime News
Today: David examines the 3.00 I Can Do That USA episode screens tomorrow)
6.00 Attenborough at 90: Behind
annual journeys to Osprey (PGR, R, C) Today: Tonight: The teams reveal
the Lens (G, R, C)
Reef made by birds and The celebrities take on roller- their master bedrooms.
7.00 Storage Wars (PGR, HD)
whales. skating acrobatics. 8.20 Teenage Mutant Ninja
7.30 Prime Planet:
1.00 Undercover Boss (G, R, C) 5.00 Greatest Hits (G, C) 2000- Turtles (2014, PGR, HD, C)
Attenboroughs Zoo Quest
Phenix Salon Inc: Meet 2005: Features a tribute Four teenage mutant
in Colour (G, C) A special
Phenix Salons president to Destinys Child by Fifth turtle brothers battle a
featuring newly-discovered
Gina Rivera. Harmony. gang of criminals who are
colour footage of natural
1.55 The Fixer (PGR, R, C) 6.00 The Simpsons (PG, C) The threatening New York City.
history series Zoo Quest.
Balloonin Marvellous: Last of the Red Hat Mamas: Megan Fox, Will Arnett,
8.35 Elizabeth at 90: A Family
A husband and wife team Homer has an altercation William Fichtner.
Tribute (G, HD, C) A special
are struggling to pay the with the Easter bunny at the 10.20 The Pyramid (2014, HD)
featuring cine film footage
rent. mayors egg hunt and causes Archaeologists discover an
taken by members of the
3.00 Britains Busiest Airport: Marge to be shunned by a unusual pyramid. Ashley
Royal Family.
Heathrow (PGR, R, C, AD) group she was befriending. Hinshaw, James Buckley.
10.25 The Cell (2000, AO, C)
4.00 Supervet (G) Today: German 6.30 The Middle (G, R) 12.20am Infomercials
A psychotherapist enters
shepherd Otto has a life- Thanksgiving II: When Mikes 5.30 6.00 Brian Houston @
the imagination of a killer.
threatening tumour. brother and father join the Hillsong TV (G, R)
Jennifer Lopez.
5.00 Outback Truckers family for Thanksgiving, 12.40am Bull (AO, R, C)
(PGR, R, C) Today: Brett
has a battle on his hands to
Frankie encourages the men
to share their feelings.
BRAVO FREEVIEW 4 SKY 012 1.40 2.10 Cricket ODI, Black Caps
v Australia, game three.
deliver massive machines. 7.00 Home and Away: All or 6.00 Flipping Out (G, R) 6.45 Flip
6.00 1 News (C) Nothing (AO, C) A special
7.00 Wild New Zealand (C, AD) in which Heath, Bianca and
or Flop (G, R) 7.35 Million Dollar
Listing LA (G, R) 9.15 Flipping MAORI FREEVIEW 5 SKY 019
New Arrivals: The story of Kyle are caught in a prison
Out (G, R) 10.05 The Millionaire
the changing fortunes of riot. 10.00 Whanau Bake-Off (G, R)
Matchmaker (AO, R) 10.55 Hoarders
New Zealands wildlife since 8.30 Ghost (1990, AO, R, C, AD) 10.30 Whanau Living (G, R)
(G, R) 11.40 Dance Moms (G, R)
humans first arrived. A man murdered during 11.00 Native Affairs Summer
12.35 The Real Housewives of
8.05 Nigel Latta Blows Stuff a mugging returns as a Series (R)
Up (G, R, HD, C, AD) Sound: Atlanta (R) 1.30 Keeping Up with 11.30 Ka Tu Ka Korero (G, R)
ghost to warn his girlfriend
the Kardashians (R) 2.30 Shahs of Noon My Reggae Song (G, R)
Nigel tries to break the of imminent peril from the
man who killed him. Patrick Sunset (PGR, R) 3.30 Million Dollar 12.30 Te Hikoi Mahanga (G, R)
sound barrier and ends up
breaking all kinds of other Swayze, Demi Moore, Listing LA (G, R) 5.30 Million Dollar 1.00 Hoiho (G, R)
stuff along the way. Whoopi Goldberg. Films, Listing (G, R) 6.30 Kim of Queens 1.30 Play (PGR, R)
8.35 Sherlock (AO, C, AD) page 70 (G) Talent Trade-Off: Kim heads out 2.30 The Pits TV (G)
The Lying Detective: The 10.55 Dead Calm (1989, AO, of town to rescue the preachers 3.30 Basketball College National
daughter of a well-known R, C) A couple on a round- daughter. 7.30 The Millionaire Championship 2016.
entrepreneur asks Sherlock the-world yachting trip Matchmaker (PGR) Mr President 4.30 Waka Ama Sprints
to investigate her father, but encounter a mysterious man Meets the Beverly Hillbilly: Patti 5.30 Te Kaea
Sherlocks mind is addled by whose boat is in distress. plans a Valentines Ball for young 6.00 Nga Tangata Taumata Rau
narcotics. Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman, entrepreneurs. 8.30 Dance Moms (G, R)
10.30 Indian Summers (AO, C) Billy Zane. (G) Fight for Your Life: After an 7.00 Pukuhohe (G)
Tonight: Aafrins troubles 12.50am The Walking Dead eight-week break, Abby asks the 7.30 Waka Huia (G) Archival
deepen when his personal (AO, R, C) Junior Elite mothers to come to the documentary series.
and political worlds collide, 2.00 Supernatural (AO, C) ALDC to hear an announcement. 8.30 Kes (1969, AO) A working-
and Ralph needs to befriend 2.45 Infomercials 9.30 Botched (AO) Super Fupa: class lad in northern England
the Maharajah of Patiala. 3.20 Marvels Agent Carter A woman has been teased about spends his free time caring
11.30 One Born Every Minute UK (AO) her nose since childhood. 10.30 for and training his pet
(AO) 4.05 Mike Tyson Mysteries Donnie Loves Jenny (AO) Tonight: falcon. David Bradley,
12.30am Attitude (G, R, HD, C, AD) 4.15 It Is Written Jenny contemplate moving to Freddie Fletcher, Lynne
1.00 Emmerdale (PGR, R, C) 4.45 The Fosters (PGR, R) Chicago. 11.30 Snapped (PGR, R) Perrie. Films, page 70
3.00 6.00 Infomercials 5.30 6.00 Infomercials 12.20am 6.00 Infomercials 10.35 11.05 Te Kaea (R)

NEW RETURN FINAL FILM C Captions AD Audio Description HD High Definition

6.35 Spectre (2015, M) 6.50 What If (2013, M) 6.05 Easy Money (1983, M) 7.25 45 Years (2015, M)
Daniel Craig. Daniel Radcliffe. Rodney Dangerfield. Charlotte Rampling.
9.15 Stag (2013, 16) 8.30 99 Homes (2014, M) 7.40 Sweeney! (1977, 16) 9.00 Waiting for Guffman
Donald Faison. Andrew Garfield. John Thaw. (1996, M) Christopher Guest.
10.40 Batman v Superman: 10.25 Spy (2015, 16) 9.15 Vertigo (1958, PG) 10.25 Little Men (2016, PG)
Dawn of Justice (2016, M) Melissa McCarthy. James Stewart. Greg Kinnear.
Ben Affleck. 12.25 Paper Planes (2014, G) 11.20 Showdown (1973, PG) 11.55 Time Bandits (1981, PG)
1.10 Dirty Grandpa (2016, 16) Sam Worthington. Rock Hudson. Sean Connery.
Robert De Niro. 2.05 Dorfman in Love (2011, PG) 1.00 Running on Empty 1.50 Boomerang (2015, M)
3.00 The 33 (2015, M) Sara Rue. (1988, PG) River Phoenix. Laurent Lafitte.
Antonio Banderas. 3.35 Kept Woman (2015, M) 2.55 Do the Right Thing (1989, M) 3.35 How to Lose Jobs
5.05 Daddys Home (2015, M) Courtney Ford. Danny Aiello. and Alienate
Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg. 5.05 Then She Found Me 4.55 Sixteen Candles (1984, PG) Girlfriends (2014, M)
6.40 Secret in Their Eyes (2007, M) Helen Hunt. A girls birthday is Australian documentary.
(2015, M) Three investigators 6.45 The Lady in the Van overlooked by her family. 4.55 Noma: My Perfect Storm
reunite 13 years after a case. (2015, M) Based on the story Molly Ringwald. (2015, M) UK documentary.
Julia Roberts. of Mary Shepherd, who lived 6.25 The Bonfire of the Vanities 6.40 Macbeth (2015, 16) An
8.30 The Huntsman: Winters in a van on Alan Bennetts (1990, PG) A financial whizs adaptation of Shakespeares
War (2016, M) As war driveway. Maggie Smith. life comes crashing down. play. Michael Fassbender,
escalates between good 8.30 Eddie the Eagle (2016, PG) Tom Hanks. Marion Cotillard.
and evil, Eric the Huntsman Based on the story of Eddie 8.30 Jaws (1975, PG) A police 8.30 Miss in Her Teens (2014, M)
must help Freya vanquish Edwards, who became the chief, a game fisherman and Suitors try to win a womans
her sister. Chris Hemsworth, first competitor to represent a marine biologist hunt a heart. Tori Butler Hart.
Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron. Great Britain in Olympic ski shark. Roy Scheider. 9.45 James White (2015, M)
10.25 A Most Violent Year jumping. Taron Egerton. 10.30 The Talented Mr Ripley Christopher Abbott,.
(2014, M) An immigrant 10.20 Diana (2013, M) Naomi (1999, M) A young man 11.15 Heart of a Dog (2015, PG)
fights to protect his business Watts, Naveen Andrews. assumes the life of a playboy. French documentary.
and family. Oscar Isaac. 12.15am Theres Always Woodstock Matt Damon. 12.30am Time Bandits (1981, PG)
12.30am Daddys Home (2015, M) (2014, M) 1.50 Kept Woman (2015, 12.45am Fallen (1998, M) 2.45 Wild 2.25 Boomerang (2015, M) 4.10
2.05 The 33 (2015, M) 4.10 Close M) 3.20 Then She Found Me (2007, at Heart (1990, 18) 4.50 Directors: How to Lose Jobs and Alienate
Up: Ben Affleck (PG) 4.40 The M) 5.00 The Lady in the Van (2015, Bernando Bertolucci (PG) 5.20 Girlfriends (M) 5.30 Macbeth (2015,
Huntsman: Winters War (2016, M) M) Jaws (1975, PG) 16)

GENERAL and Vorenus and Pullos showdown with local thug

Erastes gets an unexpected reprieve from Caesar.
8.30 The Affair (16) Tonight: A chance encounter
Choice TV FREEVIEW 12 SKY 024 offers Noah the possibility of healing a relationship.
6.00 The Dog Hotel 6.30 Through the Bible with
Les Feldick 7.00 Salvage Hunters 8.00 This Old 9.30 Homeland (16) The Covenant: Saul goes to Abu
Thing with Dawn OPorter 9.00 American Pickers Dhabi; Carrie delivers bad news; and Quinn senses
10.00 Sarah Beeny: How to Sell Your Home 11.00 something. 10.30 Hap and Leonard (16) Trudy: After
Fish of the Day 11.30 Better Homes and Gardens counting the money, the gang discovers that there
1.00 Wild Transport 1.30 Salvage Hunters 2.30 is not enough for their cause. 11.15 Herblock: The
Walking the Nile 3.30 Explorers 4.30 Jamie at Home Black & the White (M) US documentary about the
5.00 Pohs Kitchen 5.30 George Clarkes Amazing life, times and influence of cartoonist Herbert Block.
Spaces 6.30 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy 7.30 12.15am Fargo (16) 1.25 Rome (16) 2.25 The Affair
Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle 8.30 (16) 3.25 Homeland (16) 4.25 Hap and Leonard (16)
The Brothers Bloom (2008, AO) Two con artists 5.10 Herblock: The Black & the White (M)
decide to take part in one last caper. Adrien Brody,
Mark Ruffalo, Rachel Weisz. Films, page 70 10.30 Sky Premiere: The Huntsman: Winters War, Living SKY 017
Stuck in Love (2012, AO) A writer struggles after his 8.30pm 6.00 Great Canal Journeys 6.55 My Flatpack
wife leaves. Greg Kinnear. 12.30am The Dog Hotel 9.20 Heartbeat (PG) 10.10 Doc Martin (PG) 11.00 Home 7.20 Better Homes and Gardens 8.50
1.00 Jamie at Home 1.30 Pohs Kitchen 2.00 The Death in Paradise (M) Noon The Jonathan Ross We Meet Again 12.50 Joanna Lumleys Trans-
Brothers Bloom (2008, AO) 4.00 Robsons Extreme Show (M) 12.50 DCI Banks (16) 2.25 Prime Suspect Siberian Adventure 3.35 Grand Designs Australia
Fishing Challenge (PGR) 5.00 George Clarkes (16) 4.15 New Tricks (M) 5.10 Heartbeat (PG) 6.00 4.30 Homes by the Sea 5.30 Selling Houses with
Amazing Spaces Death in Paradise (M) Missing a Body? A womans Amanda Lamb 6.30 We Meet Again 7.30 Escape
murder confession proves problematic for Poole and to the Country 8.30 Great Canal Journeys (G)
TVNZ Duke FREEVIEW 13 SKY 023 the team after they are unable to locate the body The Llangollen Canal: Pru and Tim return to their
6.20 Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund v Leipzig, live. of her purported victim. 7.00 Birds of a Feather honeymoon destination in North Wales. 9.30 Long
8.20 NFL, NFC Conference Final, Atlanta Falcons (PG) Theres Something About Sharon: Dorien has Lost Family UK 10.30 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun
v Green Bay Packers. 10.55 NFL, AFC Conference the idea that Sharon could be the heroine in her 11.30 We Meet Again 12.30am My Flatpack Home
Final, New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers. next book. 7.30 Casualty (PG) Carrot Not Stick: 1.00 Escape to the Country 1.55 Homes by the Sea
1.25 NBA, Chicago Bulls v Houston Rockets. 3.25 Dixie risks her job to take a patient to see his dying 2.50 Great Canal Journeys 3.45 Long Lost Family
NFL: Road to the Super Bowl 4.30 NBA, Golden mother. 8.30 Let It Shine (PG) A talent search for UK 4.40 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 5.35 My
State Warriors v Sacramento Kings, live. 7.00 Short five boys who will form a band to perform the songs Flatpack Home
& Wide 7.10 Brooklyn Nine-Nine (PGR, C) Cruise: of Take That. 10.00 A Touch of Frost (M) Mistaken
Jake and Amy go on a cruise. The Fugitive (Part Identity (Part 1): Frost and his team investigate the Sky Arts SKY 020
2): The squad searches for nine escaped convicts. discovery of a body found in a local reservoir. 11.20 6.30 Makers 2: Women in Space 7.30 Looking for
8.05 Duck Dynasty (PGR) Samurai Si: Willie Doc Martin (PG) 12.10am Death in Paradise (M) the Hobbit 8.00 Aimee Mann Plays Baloise Session
recieves a samurai sword as a gift. 8.30 Bar Rescue 1.10 Casualty (PG) 2.05 DCI Banks (16) 3.35 Prime 9.15 Tori Amos Plays Baloise Session 10.30 Un Ballo
(PGR) Dont Judge a Booze By Its Bottle: A North Suspect (16) 5.25 A Touch of Frost (M) in Maschera 1.00 Soundstage: Tori Amos 2.00 Front
Carolina nightclub is refilling premium liquor bottles Row Center: Norah Jones 3.00 Makers 2: Women in
with cheap alcohol. 9.25 Megafactories (G) The SoHo SKY 010 Space 4.00 Genius of the Modern World: Friedrich
Lotus Evora: Lotus CEO Dany Bahar unveils plans 6.35 Animal Kingdom Marathon (16) Season one of Nietzsche. 5.00 Glastonbury 2015 6.00 Not Cool
for its latest supercar. 10.20 Supernatural (AO, C) the US drama series about a family of criminals. 6.20 (2014, M) Shane Dawson. 7.30 Off Camera: Lake
Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets: Lily waits to exact Fargo (16) Season one of the US drama series. The Bell. 8.30 Soundstage: Rob Thomas Live at Red
her revenge on angels. 11.15 Bar Rescue (PGR, R) Crocodiles Dilemma: In a small town in Minnesota, Rocks, and the Wallflowers. 10.30 Comic Books
12.05am 12.30 Duck Dynasty disgruntled insurance salesman Lester Nygaard Go to War (PG) 11.35 Smart Secrets of Great
meets a violent drifter and is set on a course of Paintings 12.00am Genius of the Modern World 1.00
UKTV SKY 007 destruction. 7.30 Rome (16) Utica: With Scipio and Glastonbury 2.00 Not Cool (2014, M) 3.30 Off
6.15 The Vicar of Dibley (PG) 7.00 EastEnders (PG) Cato defeated, Caesar returns to a heros welcome, Camera 4.30 Soundstage

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 77

Sky Sport 1 SKY 051 RNZ National
6.00 Rugby, Six Nations, round one, England v
France, live. 8.00 Rugby Sevens, World Series,
Sydney, day one. 9.30 Golf, European PGA Tour,
6.08 Storytime
Dubai Desert Classic, third round. 10.00 Cricket, 7.10 Sunday Morning with Wallace Chapman
ODI, NZ v Australia, game two. 10.30 Cricket, Including: 8.10 Insight; 9.06 Mediawatch
ODI, NZ v Australia, game three, live. 2.35 The 12.12 Standing Room Only with Lynn Freeman
Cricket Show 3.05 Cricket, ODI, NZ v Australia, Including: 1.10 At the Movies with Simon Morris;
Chappell-Hadlee series, game three, from Seddon 2.05 The Laugh Track
Park, Hamilton, live. 7.00 Cricket, T20, India v 3.04 The 3 OClock Drama: Potikis Memory
England, game three. 7.30 Fox Sports News 8.00 of Stone, by Briar Grace-Smith A small-town
ICC Cricket 360 9.00 Cricket, ODI, NZ v Australia, Gothic saga of love and loss (RNZ)
game three. 9.30 NRL, Auckland Nines, final day. 4.06 The Sunday Feature Great Ideas:
11.00 Fox Sports News 11.30 MMA, UFC Fight Darwins Origin of the Species
Night, Dennis Bermudez v Chan Sung Jung. 1.30am Discovery: Is OJ Innocent? The Missing 5.00 The World at Five
Cricket, ODI, NZ v Australia, game three. 2.00 The Evidence, 8.30pm 5.11 Heart and Soul (BBC)
Cricket Show 2.20 TBA 2.50 Rugby, Six Nations, Pradesh Wizards. 3.30 The ITM Fishing Show 4.30 5.40 Te Waonui a Te Manu Korihi
round one, Italy v Wales, live. 5.00 Cricket, ODI, NZ NBL, Adelaide 36ers v NZ Breakers. 5.00 NBL,
6.06 Te Ahi Kaa
v Australia, game three. 5.30 The Cricket Show Cairns Taipans v Perth Wildcats, live. 7.00 Golf,
6.40 Voices
US PGA Tour, Phoenix Open, third round. 7.30
7.05 The TED Radio Hour (NPR)
Golf Central 8.30 Golf, European PGA Tour, Dubai
Sky Sport 2 SKY 052 Desert Classic, third round. 9.00 Golf, US PGA Tour,
8.06 Sunday Night with Grant Walker
6.00 Gillette Soccer Saturday 6.25 Soccer, EFL 10.00 The 10 OClock Report
Cship, Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa, live. 8.30 Phoenix Open, third round. 9.30 Golf, European
PGA Tour, Dubai Desert Classic, final round, live. 10.12 Mediawatch
A-League, Phoenix v Western Sydney Wanderers. 11.04 The Retro Cocktail Hour (KPR)
9.00 NRL, Auckland Nines, day one. 10.30 NRL, 2.00am NBL, Cairns Taipans v Perth Wildcats. 4.00
A-League, Central Coast Mariners v Adelaide United. 12.04am All Night Programme Including:
Auckland Nines, day two, live. 7.30 The ITM Fishing 12.05 Music After Midnight; 12.30 Health Check
Show 8.30 NBL, Adelaide 36ers v NZ Breakers.
(BBC); 1.05 Te Ahi Kaa; 2.30 NZ Music Feature;
9.00 Netball, International Quad Series, England ESPN SKY 060 3.05 The Thrill of Falling, by Witi Ihimaera (4
Roses v NZ Silver Ferns. 9.30 Cricket, ODI, NZ v 6.00 Basketball, College, NCAA Tournament, live.
Australia, game three. 11.30 Ice Hockey, NHL, Dallas of 4, RNZ); 3.30 Science in Action (BBC); 5.10
8.00 Basketball, College, NCAA Tournament, live.
Stars v Chicago Blackhawks. 1.45am Netball, Quad Witness (BBC); 5.45 Black Widows, by Maggie
10.00 Basketball, College, NCAA Tournament, live.
Series, England Roses v Australian Diamonds, live. Lilleby
Noon Basketball, College, Big Ten Conference,
3.45 Fox Sports News 4.15 Netball, Quad Series, Michigan v Ohio State, live. 2.00 NBA Countdown Website: radionz.co.nz
Silver Ferns v South Africa, live. 2.30 NBA, New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers,
live. 5.00 SportsCenter 5.30 Rugby, Six Nations RNZ Concert
Sky Sport 3 SKY 053 Tournament, round one, Scotland v Ireland. 7.30 FREEVIEW 51 SKY 422 iHeartRADIO
6.00 The ITM Fishing Show 7.00 Golf, US PGA Rugby, Six Nations Tournament, round one, England News and Weather 6.00am, 8.00, 9.00am,
Tour, Phoenix Open, third round, live. Noon Golf, v France. 9.30 ESPN Original Documentaries noon, 3.00pm, 6.00, 10.00pm
European PGA Tour, Dubai Desert Classic, third 10.30 AMA Supercross 12.30am ESPN Original 6.00 Sanctuary
round. 12.30 Sky Sports UK News 1.00 Sky Sport Documentaries 2.00 NFL, Super Bowl, highlights. 7.30 Hymns on Sunday
News NZ 1.30 NBL, Adelaide 36ers v NZ Breakers. 2.30 NFL Films 3.30 NFL Matchup 4.00 NFL 8.00 Grace Notes
2.00 Hockey, India League, Ranchi Rays v Uttar Insiders 5.00 NFL Countdown 9.00 The Works
10.00 Spoleto Chamber Music Festival 2016
DOCUMENTARIES History SKY 073 Noon The Critics Choice
6.30 Hunting Hitler (PG) 7.30 Ancient Aliens (PG)
1.00 Vintage Years
Discovery SKY 070 8.30 The Story of British Path (PG) 9.30 Genius
2.00 The Sunday Feature Shanghai Spring
6.00 Auction Hunters (PG) 6.30 MythBusters (PG) (PG) 10.30 Barbarians Rising (16) 11.30 The Birth
8.30 Gold Rush (PG) 9.25 Treehouse Masters (PG) of an Empire (PG) 12.30 Hunting Hitler (PG) 1.30 2017: Pianist and composer Conrad Tao
10.20 Salvage Hunters (PG) 11.15 You Have Been Ancient Aliens (PG) 2.30 The Story of British Path presents broadcasts from the 33rd Shanghai
Warned (M) 12.10 What on Earth? (PG) 1.05 Edge (PG) 3.30 The Civil War by Ken Burns 4.30 Coast Spring International Music Festival. Today: The
of Alaska Marathon (M) 6.35 Alaska: The Last Australia (PG) 5.30 Grand Tours of the Scottish music of Zhao Jiping (1 of 4, WFMT)
Frontier (M) 7.30 Blowing Up History (PG) Medieval Islands (PG) 6.00 Tony Robinsons Time Travels 3.00 Sunday Concert Inbal Megiddo (cello),
Cathedral Mysteries: A medieval engineering (PG) 6.30 Blood and Gold: The Making of Spain Alicia Cadwgan (sop), New Zealand School
marvel may house the remains of the Bibles Three (PG) 7.30 Joanna Lumleys Greek Odyssey (PG) of Music Orch/Vincent Hardaker, Kenneth
Magi. 8.30 Is OJ Innocent? The Missing Evidence 8.30 Coast Australia (PG) 9.30 Who Killed Gandhi? Young Gade: Hamlet Overture Op 37; Villa-
(M) William C Dear presents his investigation into (PG) 10.30 The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved Lobos: Cello Concerto No 2; Vaughan Williams:
the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron (PG) 11.30 Extreme Railway Journeys 12.30am Symphony No 3, Pastoral (recorded in St
Goldman. 10.30 Treehouse Masters (PG) 11.30 Decisive Battles of Hitlers War (M) 1.30 Dogfights Andrews on The Terrace, Wellington)
MythBusters (PG) 12.30am What on Earth? (PG) (PG) 2.30 History of Warfare (PG) 3.15 Time Team
5.00 New Horizons With William Dart
1.25 Moonshiners (M) 2.20 Auction Hunters (PG) 4.00 Joanna Lumleys Greek Odyssey (PG) 4.45
Blood and Gold: The Making of Spain (PG) 5.30 6.00 Opera on Sunday Metropolitan Opera
3.15 Moonshiners (M) 4.10 Treehouse Masters (PG)
5.05 MythBusters (PG) Who Killed Gandhi? (PG) Season. Marianna Pizzolato, Ren Barbera,
Nicola Alaimo, Ildar Abdrazakov, Metropolitan
Opera Chorus & Orch/James Levine Rossinis
National Geographic SKY 072 BBC Knowledge SKY 074 The Italian Girl in Algiers (5 of 24, EBU)
7.30 Supercar Megabuild (PG) 8.30 Megafactories 6.30 Stephen Fry in Central America (M) 7.20
9.30 Megastructures 10.30 Invasion Earth (PG) Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle (M) 8.05 9.20 From the New Zealand Collection
11.30 Nazi World War Weird (PG) 12.30 WW2: Hell 24 Hours in A&E Marathon (M) 12.15 Top Gear 10.00 Days End
Under the Sea (M) 1.30 Seconds from Disaster (M) Marathon (PG) 6.45 24 Hours in A&E (M) One Fine 12.00am Music Through the Night
4.30 Air Crash Investigation (PG) 6.30 Outback Day: St Georges trauma team fight to save the Website: radionz.co.nz/concert
Wrangler (PG) 7.30 Australias Great Flood (PG) In life of a young woman after a horrific motorbike
early 2011, a freak inland tsunami smashed through accident. 7.40 The Dog Rescuers (PG) Tonight: Radio Live
Queensland, bringing widespread destruction. 8.30 An elderly terrier is found alone and shaking. 8.30 6.00 Tony Murrell 10.00 Ryan Bridge 2.00 Andrew
Top 10 Biggest Beasts Ever (PG) Before man ruled Stop, Search, Seize (M) Tonight: The Customs Gourdie 6.00 Newshub 7.00 Vaughan Davis 8.00
the world, Earth was a land of giants. 10.30 Years of team uncovers drugs hidden in unusual places Graeme Hill 12.00am Tony Amos
Website: radiolive.co.nz
Living Dangerously (M) The Uprooted: Don Cheadle and encounters a pack of wild animals. 9.20 The
and Tom Friedman investigate climate change. Wanted (PG) Tonight: The Fugitive Squad executes
11.30 The Story of God with Morgan Freeman (PG) a warrant for drugs offences in a series of early Newstalk ZB
6.00 Pete Wolfkamp 8.00 Mark Watson 9.00
Creation: Morgan Freeman explores the meaning morning raids and they remain on the look-out for Andrew Dickens Noon Tony Veitch 6.00 John Cowan
of life. 12.30am Yukon Gold (M) 2.30 seconds from one of their most wanted suspects. 10.10 Top Gear 8.00 Tim Wilson 11.00 Mike King 1.00am Bruce
Disaster (M) 3.30 Air Crash Investigation (PG) 5.30 Marathon (PG) 4.40am 24 Hours in A&E (M) 5.30 Russell
Wicked Tuna: North Vs South (M) Eggheads (PG) Website: newstalkzb.co.nz



6.00 Breakfast 6.00 Creflo Dollar Ministries 6.00 16-Love (G, 2012, HD)
9.00 East to East (C) 6.30 Sesame Street (G, R, C) Lindsey Shaw.
10.00 Whanau Living (G, HD) 6.55 The Jungle Bunch: To the 8.00 Rachael Ray (G, HD)
Today: Chef Eru Shelford Rescue! (G, R, C) 9.00 Entertainment Tonight
fires up the BBQ to make 7.20 Transformers: Robots in Weekend (PGR, R)
fish tacos; Maihi gives the Disguise (G, R, C) 10.00 Infomercials
Whanau Living kitchen a 7.45 Breadwinners (G, R, C) 11.25 Celebrity Family Feud
facelift; and Beez tries out 8.15 Jake and the Never Land (G, R, HD, C)
a new exercise class called Pirates (G, R, C) Noon Dr Phil (AO, HD) TVNZ 1: Our Girl, 8.30pm
Warrior. 8.40 Miles from Tomorrowland 1.00 Crash Site: A Family in
10.30 The Chase (G, R, C) Bradley (G, R, C) Danger (2011, PGR, HD)
Walsh hosts a UK game
9.00 Infomercials
10.30 Neighbours (G, R, C)
Charisma Carpenter.
2.55 Baggage (PGR, R, HD)

11.30 Come Dine with Me 11.00 Home and Away (PGR, R, C) 3.20 Sticky TV (G, HD) 6.00 Childrens Programmes (G)
Daytime (G) Strangers 11.30 Step by Step (G, R, C) 4.00 Entertainment Tonight (G) 8.55 Million Dollar Minute (G, R)
compete to be the top Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 4.25 Wipeout (G, HD, C) 9.25 Wheel of Fortune (G, R)
dinner party host. (PGR, C) 5.25 Family Feud (G, HD, C) 9.55 Hot Bench (G)
Noon NFL Super Bowl 51 Live 1.00 Bachelor in Paradise 6.00 Newshub Live 10.20 The Doctors (PGR)
(C) Atlanta Falcons v New (PGR, C) 7.00 The Block Australia 11.15 Netball Quad Series, Silver
England Patriots, from NRG 2.00 Yogi Bear (2010, G, R, C) A (PGR, HD, C, another Ferns v South African
Stadium, Houston, Texas, bear and his friends protect episode screens tomorrow) Proteas.
live. their home. Voices of Dan Tonight: The seventh week 12.50 Jonathan Creek (PGR, R)
4.30 Te Karere (C) Aykroyd, Justin Timberlake. begins with the hallways, 2.00 The Tonight Show Starring
5.00 The Chase (G, C) Bradley 3.40 Greatest Hits (G, C) laundries and powder rooms. Jimmy Fallon (PGR, R)
Walsh hosts a UK game 5.30 Home and Away (PGR, C) 8.05 Married at First Sight 3.00 Escape to the Country (G, R)
show. Today: The Summer Grooves Australia (PGR, HD, C, 4.00 Antiques Roadshow (G, C)
6.00 1 News (C) Festival goes up in flames, another episode screens 5.00 Million Dollar Minute (G)
7.00 Pound Pups to Dog and Justins life is on the line. tomorrow) Season four of 5.30 Prime News
Stars (G, R, HD, C) With 6.00 The Big Bang Theory (PGR, the Australian reality series.
Mark Vette. Tonight: Tysons 6.00 Wheel of Fortune (G)
R, C) The Cornhusker Vortex: Tonight: The first two of the
snapping was so bad the Leonard asks Sheldon to 6.30 Jeopardy! (G)
10 couples meet for the first 7.00 Storage Wars: Canada
pound had scheduled to tutor him. time at their wedding.
have him put down before 6.30 Neighbours (G, C) Tonight: (PGR, R)
9.35 Bodyshockers: Nips, 7.30 Fishing Impossible
Mark turned up to rescue Dee attempts to confront Tucks and Tattoos
him. Sonya about her resentment. (PGR, HD)
(AO, R, HD, C) Katie Piper
7.30 Piha Rescue (PGR, R, C) 7.00 Shortland Street (PGR, 8.35 True Lies (1994, AO, C) A
meets people with major
Tonight: A father-and-son HD, C, AD) Tonight: Leannes secret agent tries to balance
body modifications. Tonight:
kayak trip goes terribly dastardly plan backfires. his work and family life.
33-year-old butcher Jo is
wrong, and rock fishermen Writer Nina Vlahovic, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
planning some scarification.
misjudge the incoming tide. director Caroline Bell-Booth. 11.35 The Tonight Show Starring
10.30 Gallipoli (AO, HD, C) If Only:
8.00 Gadget Man (G, C) Health 7.30 The Big Bang Theory Jimmy Fallon (PGR)
Murdoch visits the British PM
and Safety: Fearing that the (PGR, R, C) The Hot Tub 12.35am 2.35 Soccer EPL,
with a letter that changes
world is a dangerous place Contamination: Howard and Leicester City v Manchester
the course of the war.
for Gadget Man, Richard Bernadette take a holiday. United.
11.30 Fail Army (AO, R, HD)
Ayoade tests security 8.30 Life in Pieces (PGR, C) 12.05am Entertainment Tonight (G)
devices, including a post-
apocalypse survival kit that
Prison Baby Picking Golf:
Greg stands up to Joan
12.30 Infomercials
5.30 6.00 City Impact Church (R)

works at festivals. over her passive-aggressive 6.30 Childrens Programmes

8.30 Our Girl (AO, C, AD) UK questioning of Jens (G, R)
drama series about an
army medic. Look Now:
parenting skills.
9.00 The Mick (AO, C) The
BRAVO FREEVIEW 4 SKY 012 8.00 Miharo (G, R)
8.30 Te Kaea (R)
Exhausted, Georgie cant Balloon: Mickey learns they 6.00 Infomercials 10.00 Million 9.00 2Kaha (G, R)
wait to get home to fiance have all forgotten Bens Dollar Listing (G, R) 10.55 Hoarders 9.30 R&R (PGR, HD)
Jamie and her family, but the seventh birthday. (G, R) 11.45 Snapped (PGR, R) 10.00 Korero Mai (G, R)
forces need her help first. 9.30 First Dates UK (C) Tonight: 12.40 Vanderpump Rules 1.35 11.00 Toku Reo (G, R)
9.45 Criminal Minds (AO, Ed is young and well-spoken Dance Moms (G, R) 2.30 Botched Noon Lost in Translation (G, R)
R, C, AD) Rock Creek Park: and is meeting the equally (R) 3.30 Flipping Out (G, R) 4.30
inexperienced Purdey. 5.00 Kapa Haka Regionals 2016
The wife of an up-and- Dance Moms (G) 5.30 Hoarders
coming congressman is 10.30 Two and a Half Men (G, R)
(G, R) 6.30 Million Dollar Listing
kidnapped in broad daylight (PGR, R, C) Whipped Unto 5.30 Te Kaea
(G, R) Mexican Retreat: The Altman
and the unit fears the crime the Third Generation: Charlie 6.00 Pukoro (G, R)
brothers land a dazzling listing,
could be motivated by agrees to Chelseas request. 6.30 SpongeBob Tarau Porowha
but must deal with the sellers
politics until the request for a 11.00 Mom (AO, R, C) Quaaludes demands. 7.30 Masters of Flip (G) (G, R)
large ransom arrives. and Crackerjack: Bonnie 8.30 Million Dollar Listing LA (G) 7.00 Hahana (G, R)
10.45 1 News Tonight (C) drags Christy to a new AA Co-List from Hell: Madison and 7.30 Waka Huia (G)
11.15 American Crime (AO) meeting. the Brits continue to clash over 8.30 Waitangi: What Really
Tonight: Anne decides that 11.25 The Undateables (G, R, C) their co-list. 9.30 Wahlburgers (G) Happened? (AO)
she would rather take the 12.30am Desperate Housewives Wahl of Fame: The New Kids on Docudrama that follows a
school to court than accept (AO, R, C) the Block Australia are awarded news reporter who travels
a settlement. 1.25 Shortland Street a star on the Hollywood Walk back in time to cover the
12.10am Murder in the First (R, HD, C, AD) of Fame, and it sends Donnie, days leading up to the Treaty
(AO, R, C) Number Thirty 1.55 Infomercials Alma and Danny Woods father of Waitangi. George Henare,
Nine: Terry and Hildy swarm 2.55 The Good Witch (G, R, C) on sentimental journeys. On Your Peter Daube, Miriama
in on a murder suspect. 3.40 The Real (PGR) Mark, Ted Set, Home!: Paul takes McDowell, Jarod Rawiri.
1.05 Te Karere (R, C) 4.30 Regular Show (PGR, R) a trip to LA to visit his brother 9.50 Iti Pounamu (AO, R)
1.30 Infomercials 4.40 Baby Daddy (G, R, C) Mark. 10.30 Intervention (AO) 11.30 10.00 Whawhai Fight Night
5.05 Impact for Life (R) 5.05 Neighbours (G, R, C) Snapped (PGR, R) 12.20am 6.00 10.30 Te Kaea (R)
5.35 6.00 Te Karere (R, C) 5.30 6.00 Infomercials Infomercials 11.00 11.30 Te Kauta (PGR, R)

NEW RETURN FINAL FILM C Captions AD Audio Description HD High Definition

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 79
6.35 Secret in Their Eyes 6.45 Eddie the Eagle (2016, PG) 7.20 The Talented Mr Ripley 7.20 Breakery (2015, M)
(2015, M) Julia Roberts. Taron Egerton. (1999, M) Matt Damon. Roy Snow.
8.25 Close Up: Ben Affleck (PG) 8.30 Diana (2013, M) 9.35 Dirty Dancing (1987, PG) 7.40 Noma: My Perfect Storm
8.55 Daddys Home (2015, M) Naomi Watts. Patrick Swayze. (2015, M) UK documentary.
Will Ferrell. 10.20 Theres Always Woodstock 11.15 Monty Pythons the 9.25 Miss in Her Teens (2014, M)
10.30 The 33 (2015, M) (2014, M) Allison Miller. Meaning of Life (1983, 16) Tori Butler Hart.
Antonio Banderas. 11.55 The Lady in the Van Graham Chapman. 10.40 James White (2015, M)
12.35 The Huntsman: Winters War (2015, M) Maggie Smith. 1.00 A Nightmare on Christopher Abbott.
(2016, M) Chris Hemsworth. 1.40 Then She Found Me Elm Street (1984, 16) 12.05 Portrait of Wally (2012, M)
2.30 A Most Violent Year (2007, M) Helen Hunt. Heather Langenkamp. US documentary.
(2014, M) Oscar Isaac. 3.20 Eddie the Eagle (2016, PG) 2.30 A Nightmare on Elm 1.40 Like the Wind (2013, 16)
4.35 A Year and Change Taron Egerton. Street 2: Freddys Revenge Valeria Golino.
(2015, M) Bryan Greenberg. 5.05 Burnt (2015, M) (1985, 16) Kim Myers. 3.30 CT Fletcher: My Magnificent
6.10 Bridge of Spies (2015, M) Bradley Cooper. 3.55 A Nightmare on Elm Obsession (2015, M)
A lawyer is thrust into the 6.45 Risen (2016, M) Joseph Street 3: Dream Warriors US documentary.
politics of the Cold War. Fiennes, Tom Felton. (1987, M) Robert Englund. 5.10 London Road (2015, M)
Tom Hanks. 8.30 Awkward Sexy People 5.30 A Nightmare on Elm Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman.
8.30 The Forest (2016, M) (2015, 16) Two self- Street 4: The Dream Master 6.40 Colonia (2015, 16) A young
After her twin sister is proclaimed losers go (1988, 16) Robert Englund. woman searches for her
last seen entering the from mild to wild as 7.00 A Nightmare on Elm abducted boyfriend. Emma
fabled Suicide Forest, they reinvent themselves Street 5: The Dream Child Watson, Daniel Bruhl.
a woman is determined into sexier, cooler people. (1989, 16) Robert Englund. 8.30 Un Plus Une (2015, M)
to bring her home. Natalie Adam Pally, Sarah Burns. 8.30 Mulholland Falls (1996, M) A composer goes to India
Dormer, Eoin Macken. 10.10 Kill Me Three Times Four police officers form an and has a relationship with
10.05 Gods of Egypt (2016, M) (2014, 16) A hitman botches elite squad. Nick Nolte. the wife of the French
A hero rises to overthrow an assignment. Simon Pegg. 10.20 Wyatt Earp (1994, M) ambassador. Jean Dujardin.
Set, the God of Darkness. 11.40 Grandma (2015, M) Kevin Costner. 10.25 Orthodox (2015, 18) Stephen
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Lily Tomlin. 1.30am The Road to Wellville Graham, Michael Smiley.
12.10am Mantervention (2014, 18) 1.00am Risen (2016, M) 2.45 (1994, M) 3.30 Agatha Christies 12.05am Deep Web (M) 1.35
1.50 Bridge of Spies (2015, M) 4.10 Awkward Sexy People (2015, 16) Death on the Nile (1978, PG) 5.50 Portrait of Wally (M) 3.10 Not Like
A Year and Change (2015, M) 5.40 4.20 Kill Me Three Times (2014, 16) Monty Pythons the Meaning of Life Her (2015, M) 3.30 Like the Wind
The Forest (2016, M) 5.50 Burnt (2015, M) (1983, 16) (2013, 16) 5.25 Orthodox (2015, 18)

GENERAL with John Oliver (M) 7.30 Marathon: The Patriots

Day Bombing (2016, M) US documentary about
the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing and its
Choice TV FREEVIEW 12 SKY 024 aftermath. 9.15 Hap and Leonard (16) War: Soldier
6.00 Benny Hinn 6.30 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy
7.30 Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle and Angel force Leonard to dig up the money but
8.30 Explorers 9.30 Jamie at Home 10.00 Pohs find a surprise, and Trudy stands her ground while
Kitchen 10.30 George Clarkes Amazing Spaces Hap and Leonard seek a way out. 10.15 Bates Motel
11.30 American Restoration Noon Robsons Extreme (16) Gone But Not Forgotten: Bradley searches for
Fishing Challenge (PGR) 1.00 Explorers 2.00 50 her fathers killer. 11.05 Last Week Tonight with John
Ways to Kill Your Mammy 3.00 The Cook and Oliver (M) 11.35 Fortitude (16) Tonight: A murder
the Chef 3.30 Baby Animals in Our World 4.30 rocks the community. 12.35am Taboo (16) 1.35
Hughs Three Good Things 5.00 Peter Kuruvitas Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing (2016, M) 3.20
Coastal Kitchen 5.30 Tiny House Hunting 6.00 Hap and Leonard (16) 4.20 Fortitude (16) 5.20 Last
Home Wranglers 6.30 American Pickers 7.30 Travel Week Tonight with John Oliver (M) 5.50 Bates Motel
Man: 48 Hours In 8.00 Grand Tours of the Scottish (16)
Islands 8.30 Extreme Railway Journeys 9.30 Rialto: Un Plus Une, 8.30pm
Walking the Himalayas 10.30 American Pickers 11.30 Living SKY 017
Hughs Three Good Things 12.00am Peter Kuruvitas Death in Paradise (M) 11.40 New Tricks (M) 12.35 6.00 Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb 6.55 We
Coastal Kitchen 12.30 Benny Hinn 1.00 Billionaires Doc Martin (PG) 1.25 Peaky Blinders (16) 2.25 Prime Meet Again 7.55 Escape to the Country 8.50 Great
Paradise: Inside Necker Island 2.00 Baby Animals in Suspect (M) 4.15 The Bill (M) 5.05 New Tricks (M) Canal Journeys 9.45 Long Lost Family UK 4.30
Our World 3.00 Home Wranglers 3.30 Tiny House 6.00 Death in Paradise (M) The Man with the Golden Great Canal Journeys 5.30 Antiques Roadshow
Hunting 4.00 Robsons Extreme Fishing Challenge Gun: A property developer is found murdered in 6.30 Grand Designs 7.30 Homes Under the Hammer
(PGR) 5.00 Walking the Himalayas his home on an isolated island. 6.55 EastEnders 8.30 Grand Designs Australia 9.30 Selling Houses
(PG) 7.30 QI (M) 8.00 Would I Lie to You? (M) Australia 11.30 Grand Designs 12.25am Long Lost
TVNZ Duke FREEVIEW 13 SKY 023 8.30 New Tricks (M) Breadcrumbs: After a librarian Family UK 1.20 Homes Under the Hammer 2.20
8.00 Formula E: Street Racers 8.30 NZ Superbikes is murdered, Danny finds himself in the spotlight Grand Designs Australia 3.15 Selling Houses Australia
Grand Prix 9.00 NBA, Oklahoma City Thunder when it is revealed he knew the victim through 5.05 Grand Designs
v Portland Trail Blazers, live. 11.30 NFL: Road to their shared participation in an amateur sleuthing
club. 9.30 Sherlock (M) His Last Vow: Sherlock
the Super Bowl Noon NFL, Super Bowl LI, live.
finds himself in conflict with a powerful businessman
Sky Arts SKY 020
5.05 Short & Wide 5.15 Regular Show (G, C) 5.40 6.30 Comic Books Go to War (PG) 7.35 Smart
According to Jim (G, C) 6.05 Home Improvement who uses blackmail to get his way. 11.05 Casualty
Secrets of Great Paintings 8.00 Genius of the
(G, C) The Eyes Dont Have It: Mark feels he will be (PG) Carrot Not Stick: Dixie risks her job to take a
Modern World 9.00 Glastonbury 2015 10.00 Not
labelled a loser at school when he learns he needs patient to see his dying mother. 12.00am The Bill
Cool (M) 11.30 Off Camera 12.30 Soundstage 2.30
glasses. 6.35 MythBusters 7.35 Family Guy (PGR) (M) 12.50 New Tricks (M) 1.50 Death in Paradise (M)
Comic Books Go to War (PG) 3.35 Smart Secrets
Passenger Fatty-Seven: The guys come to doubt 2.50 Prime Suspect (M) 4.40 Doc Martin (PG) 5.30
of Great Paintings 4.00 Behind the Artist: Art & BD
Quagmires abilities as a pilot. 8.30 John Wick Peaky Blinders (16)
5.00 Masters of Dreams: Grand Jewellers 6.00 Off
(2014, AO) A hitman comes out of retirement to Camera: Matt Damon 7.00 Fake or Fortune? (G)
track down the gangsters who took everything from SoHo SKY 010 Tonight: The team investigate whether three small
him. Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe, Michael Nyqvist. 6.10 Fargo (16) 7.20 Rome (16) 8.15 The Affair pictures are really the work of LS Lowry. 8.00 Many
Films, page 70 10.20 Duck Dynasty 10.45 Kinne (16) 9.15 Homeland (16) 10.15 Hap and Leonard Beautiful Things (G) Documentary about artist Lilias
(AO) Australian sketch comedy series. 11.15 Regular (16) 11.10 Fargo (16) 12.20 Bates Motel (16) 1.10 Trotter. 9.00 Dalis Last Masterpiece (G) A tour of
Show (PGR, C) 11.40 12.25am The Late Late Show Herblock: The Black & the White (M) 2.10 The Affair the Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres, Spain. 10.00
with James Corden (16) 3.10 Homeland (16) 4.10 Hap and Leonard Grayson Perry: All Man 11.00 Art and Soul 12.00am
(16) 5.10 Herblock: The Black & the White (M) 6.10 Behind the Artist: Art & BD 1.00 Masters of Dreams:
UKTV SKY 007 Bates Motel (16) Gone but Not Forgotten: With the Grand Jewellers 2.00 Off Camera: Matt Damon 3.00
6.45 Bluestone 42 (M) 7.15 Death in Paradise (M) bypass threatening the future of the motel, Normas Fake or Fortune? 4.00 Many Beautiful Things 5.00
8.10 The Bill (M) 9.00 Prime Suspect (M) 10.45 anxiety continues to build. 7.00 Last Week Tonight Dalis Last Masterpiece


Sky Sport 1 SKY 051 RNZ National
6.00 NBL, 36ers v Breakers. 6.30 Golf, Phoenix
Open, third round. 7.00 Golf, Phoenix Open, final
round, live. Noon Netball, Quad Series, Silver Ferns
6.00 Breakfast with Paul Brennan
v South African Proteas. 12.30 NRL, Auckland 7.00 Waitangi News Special
Nines, final day. 2.00 NRL, Auckland Nines, day two. 8.10 Waitangi Monday with Colin Peacock
2.30 Sky Sports UK News 3.00 NBL, 36ers v Noon The Midday Report
Breakers. 3.30 Netball, Quad Series, Silver Ferns v 12.28 Matinee Idle
South African Proteas. 5.00 Netball, Quad Series, 5.00 The 5 OClock Report
England Roses v Australian Diamonds. 6.30 The 5.12 The Waitangi Rua Rau Tau Lectures The
Cricket Show 7.00 Cricket, ODI, NZ v Australia. 14th in a series of annual lectures launched by
9.00 The ITM Fishing Show 10.00 Rugby Sevens, the New Zealand Maori Council in 2003
World Series, Sydney. 1.00am NRL, Auckland Nines, 6.06 Global Business (BBC)
day one. 2.30 NRL, Auckland Nines, final day. 4.00 7.06 Tame Iti: The Paul Reeves Memorial
Netball, Quad Series, Silver Ferns v South African National Geographic: StarTalk, 11.30pm Lecture Tame Iti explains how the idea of
Proteas. 4.30 TBA 5.00 Golf, Dubai Desert Classic, mana can challenge those in authority
10.30 Cricket, ODI, NZ v Australia, game three.
final round. 5.30 Golf, Phoenix Open, final round. 8.30 Windows on the World
11.00 The ITM Fishing Show Noon MMA, UFC Fight
Night, Dennis Bermudez v Chan Sung Jung. 2.00 9.06 Manfall, by Victoria McHalick A middle-
Sky Sport 2 SKY 052 TBA 2.30 Rugby Sevens, World Series, Sydney, aged man engages in a bittersweet struggle to
6.00 Netball, Quad Series, Silver Ferns v South day one. 4.00 Rugby Sevens, World Series, Sydney, reconcile his past with his present
Africa, live. 6.30 NRL, Auckland Nines, day two. final day. 5.30 NRL, Auckland Nines, day one. 6.00 9.30 Insight
7.00 NRL, Auckland Nines, final day. 8.30 Netball, NRL, Auckland Nines, day two. 6.30 Golf Central 10.00 The 10 OClock Report
Quad Series, Silver Ferns v South African Proteas. 7.00 Golf, US PGA Tour, Phoenix Open, final round. 10.12 Whats the Word Sally Placksin looks at
10.00 Netball, Quad Series, England Roses v 7.30 Golf, European PGA Tour, Dubai Desert Classic, the use of language in literature
Australian Diamonds. 11.30 A-League, Phoenix v final round. 8.00 Netball, Quad Series, Silver Ferns 11.06 Nashville Babylon (Arrow FM)
Wanderers. 1.30 NZ Football Weekly 2.00 Golf, v South African Proteas. 9.30 NBL, Melbourne 12.04am All Night Programme Including: 12.05
Dubai Desert Classic, final round. 2.30 Golf Central United v Illawarra Hawks, live. 11.30 NBL, Adelaide Music After Midnight; 12.30 Black Sheep; 1.05
3.00 Golf, Phoenix Open, final round. 3.30 TBA 36ers v NZ Breakers. 12.00am A-League, Phoenix
From the World; 2.05 The Jazz Singers: On
4.30 NBL, Taipans v Wildcats. 6.30 NBL, 36ers v v Western Sydney Wanderers. 12.30 Soccer, Stirling
Breakers. 7.00 NRL, Auckland Nines. 10.00 The the Road and in the Club (Smithsonian); 3.05
Sports Premiership, Hawkes Bay United v Auckland
Crowd Goes Wild 10.30 Netball, Quad Series, Silver City. 2.30 NZ Football Weekly 3.00 The Crowd Lucky Bastard, by Peter Wells (1 of 15, RNZ);
Ferns v South African Proteas. 11.00 Netball, Quad Goes Wild 3.30 Fox Sports News 4.00 MMA, UFC 3.30 Authors View; 5.10 Witness (BBC)
Series, England Roses v Australian Diamonds. Fight Night, Dennis Bermudez v Chan Sung Jung. Website: radionz.co.nz
12.30am NBL, Cairns Taipans v Perth Wildcats. 2.30
NBL, 36ers v Breakers. 3.00 NBL, Melbourne United ESPN SKY 060 RNZ Concert
v Illawarra Hawks. 5.00 NRL, Auckland Nines, 6.00 NFL Countdown 8.00 NFL Films 9.00 NFL FREEVIEW 51 SKY 422 iHeartRADIO
day one. 5.30 NRL, Auckland Nines, day two. Countdown Noon NFL, Super Bowl LI, live. 4.00 News and Weather 6.00am, 7.00, 8.00,
SportsCenter Special 4.30 NFL Primetime 5.30 9.00am, noon, 3.00, 5.00, 6.00, 10.00pm
Sky Sport 3 SKY 053 SportsCenter 7.00 Rugby, Six Nations Tournament, 6.00 Classic Morning
6.00 Soccer, Stirling Sports Premiership, Hawkes round one, Italy v Wales. 9.00 NFL Primetime 10.00 10.00 Weekday Classics
Bay United v Auckland City. 8.00 NZ Football ESPN FC 11.00 NFL, Super Bowl LI. 3.00am ESPN 1.00 New Zealand Youth Choir A concert
Weekly 8.30 A-League, Mariners v Adelaide United. FC 4.00 NFL, Super Bowl LI. given by the choir shortly before their 2016
European Landmark Tour. New Zealand Youth
Choir/David Squire, Dean Sky-Lucas (pno)
DOCUMENTARIES History SKY 073 Anon: Te lucis ante terminum (with karanga);
6.30 The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved (PG)
Trad arr Te Whanau Wehi: Te Iwi E; Phillips:
Discovery SKY 070 7.30 Extreme Railway Journeys 8.30 The Civil War
Ecce vicit leo; Mendelssohn: Ehre sei Gott in
6.00 Auction Hunters (PG) 6.30 Deadliest Catch by Ken Burns 9.30 Grand Tours of the Scottish
(PG) 7.30 How Do They Do It? (PG) 8.00 Auction Islands (PG) 10.00 Time Travels (PG) 10.30 Joanna der Hhe; Hamilton: Angele Dei; Cornelius:
Hunters (PG) 8.30 MythBusters (PG) 9.25 On Lumleys Greek Odyssey (PG) 11.30 Who Killed Der Tod, das ist die khle Nacht Op 11/1; T
Tracks (PG) 10.20 Gold Rush (PG) 11.15 Deadly Gandhi? (PG) 12.30 The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Wehi arr Wiremu: Waerenga-a-Hika; Vaughan
Sins (M) 12.10 Most Evil (M) 1.05 True Crime with Solved (PG) 1.30 Extreme Railway Journeys 2.30 Williams: Three Shakespeare Songs; M
Aphrodite Jones (M) 2.00 How Its Made (PG) Decisive Battles of Hitlers War (M) 3.30 Dogfights Harris: O mistress mine; Schafer: Epitaph for
2.55 How Do They Do It? (PG) 3.20 Auction (PG) 4.30 Coast New Zealand (PG) 5.30 Time Moonlight; McCallum: The moons glow once
Hunters (PG) 3.50 Deadliest Catch (PG) 4.45 Team 6.30 National Treasures with Griff Rhys Jones lit; Whitacre: Little man in a hurry; Trad arr
What on Earth? (PG) 5.40 MythBusters (PG) 6.35 (PG) 7.00 The Quizeum (PG) 7.30 Coast Australia Hogan: This Little Light of Mine; Carmichael
On Tracks (PG) 7.30 You Have Been Warned (M) (PG) 8.30 Rome: Empire Without Limit (PG) 9.30 arr Shaw: The Nearness of You (recorded in
8.30 MythBusters (PG) 9.30 What on Earth? (PG) Man on Earth with Tony Robinson 10.30 Coast Sacred Heart Cathedral, Wellington)
10.30 What Happened Next? (M) 11.30 Codes Australia (PG) 11.30 Rise of the Continents 12.30am 2.15 Made in New Zealand
and Conspiracies (M) 12.30am True Crime with Coast Australia (PG) 1.30 Dogfights (PG) 2.30
3.00 Classic Afternoons
Aphrodite Jones (M) 1.25 Most Evil (M) 2.20 History of Warfare (PG) 3.15 Time Team 4.00 Coast
New Zealand (PG) 4.45 Rise of the Continents 5.30 7.00 Music Alive Mikhail Ovrutsky (vln), New
Auction Hunters (PG) 3.15 Deadliest Catch (PG)
4.10 Treehouse Masters (PG) 5.05 Moonshiners (M) Man on Earth with Tony Robinson Zealand SO/Pietari Inkinen Wagner: Siegfried
Idyll; Korngold: Violin Concerto in D Op 35;
Massenet: Meditation, from Thas; Tchaikovsky:
National Geographic SKY 072 BBC Knowledge SKY 074 Symphony No 4 in F minor Op 36 (recorded in
7.30 Brain Games (PG) 8.30 StarTalk (M) 9.30 6.00 The Dog Rescuers (PG) 6.45 Stop, Search,
Salvage Code Red (M) 10.30 Mine Kings (M) Seize (M) 7.35 The Wanted (PG) 8.20 Top Gear: the Auckland Town Hall)
11.30 No Man Left Behind (M) 12.30 Air Crash Ambitious but Rubbish (PG) 9.15 Top Gear (PG) 10.00 Days End
Investigation (PG) 2.30 Egypts Treasure Guardians 10.20 Life of Mammals (PG) 11.10 Countryfile (PG) 12.00am Music Through the Night
(PG) 3.30 Down to the Earths Core 5.30 12.05 24 Hours in A&E (M) 12.55 Pointless (PG) Website: radionz.co.nz/concert
Megastructures 6.30 Science of Stupid (PG) 7.30 1.40 Who Do You Think You Are? Aus (PG) 2.35
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman (PG) The Countryfile (PG) 3.35 Embarrassing Fat Bodies (M) Radio Live
Power of Miracles: Morgan explores miracles. 8.30 4.25 24 Hours in A&E (M) 5.15 Pointless (PG) 6.05 6.00 Tony Murrell 9.00 Annabelle White Noon
Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler (PG) Becoming Who Do You Think You Are? US (PG) 6.50 Natural Richard Green 3.00 Roman Travers 6.00 Newshub
Hitler: From his early life as a mediocre student and Curiosities (PG) 7.40 The Force: Manchester (M) 7.00 Martin Crump 12.00am Tony Amos
failed artist, follow the events that led to Hitlers 8.30 Life Below Zero (M) 9.20 Sea Cities (PG) 10.25 Website: radiolive.co.nz
dictatorship. 10.30 Ancient X-Files (PG) The Great 24 Hours in A&E (M) 11.20 Embarrassing Bodies
Flood: Flood stories appear in ancient cultures (M) 12.10am Life of Mammals (PG) 1.00 Top Gear: Newstalk ZB
around the world. 11.30 StarTalk (M) Tonight: Terry Ambitious but Rubbish (PG) 1.55 Top Gear (PG) 6.00 Chris Lynch 9.00 Nadine Chalmers-Ross Noon
Crews. 12.30am Yukon Gold (M) 2.30 seconds from 2.55 Embarrassing Fat Bodies (M) 3.45 24 Hours Andrew Dickins 4.00 Tim Beveridge 8.00 Tim
Wilson 12.00am Bruce Russell 5.00 Rachel Smalley
Disaster (M) 3.30 Air Crash Investigation (PG) 5.30 in A&E (M) 4.35 Eggheads (PG) 5.05 Ross Kemp:
Website: newstalkzb.co.nz
Wicked Tuna: North Vs South (M) Extreme World (16) 5.50 The Force: Manchester (M)

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 81


6.00 Breakfast With Hilary Barry 6.00 Creflo Dollar Ministries 6.00 The Best of Paul Henry
and Jack Tame. 6.30 Sesame Street (G, R, C) 8.00 Rachael Ray (G, HD)
9.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 6.55 The Jungle Bunch: To the 9.00 The Cafe
(PGR, R, C) Today: Ed ONeill Rescue! (G, R, C) 10.00 Infomercials
and Maura Tierney. 7.20 Transformers: Robots in 11.25 Family Feud (G, R, HD, C)
10.00 Whanau Living (G, HD) Disguise (G, R, C) Noon Dr Phil (AO, HD)
Today: Kasey and Karena 7.45 Breadwinners (G, R, C) 1.00 Stonados (2013, PGR, HD)
Bird are in the kitchen with 8.15 Jake and the Never Land Boston is under threat
Stacey making dinner; Pirates (G, R, C) from apocalyptic twisters. Prime: The Great British Bake Off,
Jenny-May and Dean 8.40 Miles from Tomorrowland Paul Johansson. 7.30pm
Clarkson introduce us to (G, R, C) 2.55 Baggage (PGR, R, HD)
their twin babies; and Maihi
gives the dining room a
9.00 Infomercials
10.30 Neighbours (G, R, C)
3.20 Sticky TV (G, HD)
4.00 Entertainment Tonight (G)

makeover. 11.00 Home and Away (PGR, R, C) 4.25 Wipeout (G, HD, C) 6.00 Childrens Programmes (G)
10.30 The Chase (G, R, C) 11.30 Shortland Street 5.25 Family Feud (G, HD, C) 8.55 Million Dollar Minute (G)
11.30 Come Dine with Me Daytime (R, HD, C, AD) 6.00 Newshub Live 9.25 Wheel of Fortune (G, R)
Noon 1 News (C) Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 7.00 The Block Australia
9.55 Jeopardy! (G, R)
12.30 Emmerdale (PGR, C) Today: (PGR, C) (PGR, HD, C, another
10.25 The Doctors (PGR)
It is Christmas day, and Zak 1.00 Bachelor in Paradise episode screens tomorrow)
11.20 Hot Bench (G)
cant help but think about (PGR, C) Tassie Road Trip Challenge:
11.45 Bondi Rescue (PGR, R)
Lisa. 3.00 Americas Funniest Home The teams are challenged
12.50 Jonathan Creek (PGR, R)
1.00 Location Location Location Videos (G, R, C) to design a table for their
2.00 The Tonight Show Starring
(G, R, C) Today: A couple 3.30 The Jungle Bunch: To the terraces.
8.05 Married at First Sight Jimmy Fallon (PGR, R)
search for a one bed in Rescue! (G, R, C)
Australia (PGR, HD, C, 3.00 Escape to the Country
Clapham or Brixton. 3.40 Kickin It (G, R, C)
another episode screens (G, R)
2.00 Kiwi Living (PGR, R, HD, C) 4.05 K.C. Undercover (G, R, C)
tomorrow) Tonight: One 4.00 Antiques Roadshow (G, C)
2.55 Tipping Point (G) 4.30 My Wife and Kids (G, R, C)
5.00 Friends (G, R, C) bride is left shocked when a 5.00 Million Dollar Minute (G)
3.55 Te Karere (C)
5.30 Home and Away (PGR, C) big secret is revealed. 5.30 Prime News
4.25 Millionaire Hot Seat (G, C)
6.00 The Big Bang Theory 9.35 Bodyshockers (AO, R, HD, C) 6.00 Wheel of Fortune (G)
5.00 The Chase (G, C) Bradley
Walsh hosts a UK game (PGR, R, C) The Guitarist Tonight: Lewis has a 6.30 Jeopardy! (G)
show. Amplification: Leonard and troublesome tattoo above 7.00 The Crowd Goes Wild (G)
6.00 1 News (C) Penny fight. his private parts, and Louis 7.30 The Great British Bake Off
7.00 Seven Sharp (C) Toni 6.30 Neighbours (G, C) Tonight: desires to brand his design (G, C) Tonight: Desserts.
Street and Mike Hosking Dees DNA test results cause work onto his skin. 8.35 The Beatles: Eight Days a
present current affairs. strain on Toadie and Sonyas 10.35 Newshub Late Week The Touring Years
7.30 Border Security marriage, and Mark begins to 11.05 The Night Shift (AO, HD) (2016, PGR, C) Documentary
International (PGR, C) doubt his future with Steph. The Times They Are about the early days of the
Tonight: A currency dog 7.00 Shortland Street (PGR, a-changin: The overnight Beatles career. Films, page
sniffs out thousands in HD, C, AD) Tonight: Nicole crew becomes immersed in 70
undeclared cash; an aspiring faces some hard truths; a bizarre car-accident rescue. 11.30 The Tonight Show Starring
actor has trouble keeping Leanne has an unwelcome 12.00am Entertainment Tonight Jimmy Fallon (PGR)
track of the plot; and unusual admirer; and Kylie exposes (G) 12.30am 1.00 The Crowd Goes
body art may not be what it all. Writer Ben Marshall, 12.30 6.00 Infomercials Wild (G, R)
seems. director Caroline Bell-Booth.
8.00 The Force (PGR, C)
Australian series that follows
7.30 Renters (PGR, R, C) Moray
Place Pigs: There is a flat

the work of the police. full of boys who wont clean

6.00 Infomercials 10.00 Million 6.30 Childrens Programmes
Tonight: Police turn up the their mess.
Dollar Listing (G, R) 10.55 Hoarders (G, R)
heat in the war against ice, 8.00 Motorway Patrol
(G, R) 11.45 Snapped (PGR, R) 8.00 Miharo (G, R)
and a missing elderly woman (PGR, R, HD, C) Tonight:
12.40 Vanderpump Rules 1.35 8.30 Te Kaea (R)
may be in grave danger. Shoplifters become trapped
Intervention (R) 2.30 Masters of 9.00 2Kaha (G, R)
8.30 Eat Well for Less? (C) The in their car.
Flip (R) 3.30 Interior Therapy with 9.30 R&R (PGR, HD)
Stanton Family: The Stantons 8.30 Sensing Murder (AO, R, C)
A Bump in the Night: Jeff Lewis (G, R) 4.30 Dance Moms 10.00 Korero Mai (G, R)
are spontaneous shoppers,
Psychics investigate the (G) 5.30 Hoarders (G, R) 6.30 11.00 Toku Reo (G, R)
and a fear of the freezer
murder of six-year-old Alicia Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Noon Korero Mai (G, R)
means that they are
OReilly. (G, R) Madison v Heather (Again!): 1.00 Toku Reo (G, R)
throwing away a lot
10.00 Medical Mysteries (AO) Madison gets an irresistible offer; 2.00 Opaki (G, R)
of food and money.
9.45 The Truth About Healthy Tonight: A woman who has Josh Flagg decides to sell his 2.30 Ako (R)
Eating (C, AD) UK special been dizzy and disorientated condo; and Josh Altman is hired by 3.00 City Slickers Rodeo (G, R)
in which Fiona Phillips for 12 years. a long-time client. 7.30 Hoarders 3.30 The Stage: Haka Fusion
looks into the truth about 11.00 Two and a Half Men (G, R) Tonight: Carol sleeps in a (G, R)
so-called superfoods; the (AO, R, C) Mmm, Fish, Yum: hoarded truck parked in front of her 4.30 Hahana (G, R)
best breakfast; antioxidant Alan cares for Judiths child. condemned house and has been 5.00 Kapa Haka Regionals 2016
smoothies; and cooking 11.30 Empire (AO, R, C, AD) allotted one week to get everything (G, R)
veges. Past is Prologue: Jamal out. 8.30 Botched (PGR, R) Making 5.30 Te Kaea
11.00 1 News Tonight (C) refuses to make music. of a Belieber: Dr Dubrow helps 6.00 Pukoro (G, R)
11.20 Major Crimes (AO, C) 12.30am The Last Ship (AO, C) Charlotte get her breasts fixed in 6.30 SpongeBob (G, R)
Hindsight (Part 2): A recently 1.25 Shortland Street time for her sister-in-laws wedding. 7.00 KTK: Next Level (G, R)
released prisoner linked to (R, HD, C, AD) 9.30 The Millionaire Matchmaker 7.30 Tangaroa with Pio (G, R)
the murders ends up dead 1.55 Infomercials (AO, R) Workaholics: The Voice 8.00 Both Worlds (PGR)
after being questioned by 3.00 The Good Witch (G, R, C) runner-up Katrina has worked 8.30 Marley (2012, PGR, R)
the police. 3.45 The Real (PGR) hard for success, but Patti tells her Documentary about Bob
12.15am Allegiance (AO, R, C) 4.30 Regular Show (PGR, R) she can have a career as well as Marley. Films, page 70
1.05 Te Karere (R, C) 4.40 Baby Daddy (G, R, C) a relationship. 10.30 Intervention 10.40 Media Take (R)
1.30 Infomercials 5.05 Neighbours (G, R, C) (AO) 11.30 Snapped (PGR, R) 11.10 Te Kaea (R)
5.35 6.00 Te Karere (R, C) 5.30 6.00 Infomercials 12.20am 6.00 Infomercials 11.40 12.10am Te Kauta (PGR, R)

NEW RETURN FINAL FILM C Captions AD Audio Description HD High Definition

7.15 Gods of Egypt (2016, M) 7.30 Risen (2016, M) 7.35 Wyatt Earp (1994, M) 7.05 Cub (2013, M) Local short
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Joseph Fiennes. Kevin Costner. film.
9.20 Bridge of Spies (2015, M) 9.20 Grandma (2015, M) 10.40 The Road to Wellville 7.25 CT Fletcher: My Magnificent
Tom Hanks. Lily Tomlin. (1994, M) Anthony Hopkins. Obsession (2015, M)
11.40 A Year and Change 10.40 Kill Me Three Times 12.40 I Wanna Hold Your Hand US documentary.
(2015, M) Bryan Greenberg. (2014, 16) Simon Pegg. (1978, PG) Bobby Di Cicco. 9.05 London Road (2015, M)
1.15 The Forest (2016, M) 12.10 Awkward Sexy People 2.20 The Pack (1977, M) Tom Hardy.
Natalie Dormer. (2015, 16) Adam Pally. Joe Don Baker. 10.35 Colonia (2015, 16)
2.50 Gods of Egypt (2016, M) 1.50 Burnt (2015, M) 4.00 Lone Star (1996, M) Emma Watson.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Bradley Cooper. A Texas border sheriff 12.25 Un Plus Une (2015, M)
5.00 The Program (2015, M) 3.30 Lets Rap (2015, M) reopens the investigation Jean Dujardin.
Ben Foster. Rachel Wilson. of the murder of a 2.20 That Sugar Film (2014, PG)
6.40 Mississippi Grind (2015, M) 5.15 Poker Night (2014, 16) predecessor during the Australian documentary.
Ben Mendelsohn, Ryan Beau Mirchoff. 1950s. Chris Cooper. 4.00 The Crows Egg (2014, PG)
Reynolds. 7.00 Fading Gigolo (2013, M) 6.15 Henry and June (1990, 18) Ramesh, J Vignesh.
8.30 The Final Girls (2015, M) A man becomes a Based on Anas Nins 5.30 National Lampoon: Drunk
A young woman mourning professional gigolo. relationship with Henry and Stoned Brilliant Dead
the loss of her famous Woody Allen. June Miller. Fred Ward, Uma (2015, 16) US documentary.
scream queen mother finds 8.30 The Good Lie (2014, M) Thurman, Maria de Medeiros. 7.05 Addicted to Fresno
herself inside her mums A spirited employment 8.30 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (2015, 16) Judy Greer.
most famous movie. Taissa counsellor takes on the (1988, PG) A small-time 8.30 Old Money (2015, M)
Farmiga, Malin Akerman. cause of three Sudanese American con man butts Udo Kier, Sunnyi Melles.
10.05 Criminal Activities (2015, 16) refugees who yearn to heads with a successful 9.15 Welcome to New York
Four friends find themselves have their sister with European swindler working (2014, 18) Grard Depardieu.
embroiled with the mob. them in America. Reese on the Riviera. Steve Martin, 11.20 Cub (2014, 16) Maurice
John Travolta. Witherspoon, Arnold Oceng. Michael Caine. Luijten, Evelien Bosmans.
11.40 The Bell Witch Haunting 10.25 Pitch Perfect 2 (2015, M) 10.20 Under Fire (1983, M) Nick 12.45am Braquo (2013, 18, season 4,
(2013, 16) Andrew Hellenthal. Anna Kendrick, Hailee Nolte, Gene Hackman. episode 1) 1.40 National Lampoon:
1.10am The Program (2015, M) Steinfeld. 12.25am Are You Being Served? Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead (2015,
2.50 Criminal Activities (2015, 16) 12.20am X/Y (2014, 16) 1.45 Fading (1977, PG) 2.00 Klute (1971, 16) 3.55 16) 3.15 The Crows Egg (2014, PG)
4.25 The Final Girls (2015, M) 5.55 Gigolo (2013, M) 3.15 Poker Night The Pack (1977, M) 5.35 Lone Star 4.45 Welcome to New York (2014,
Mississippi Grind (2015, M) (2014, 16) 5.00 Lets Rap (2015, M) (1996, M) 18)

GENERAL turn, James is blackmailed into a dangerous mission.

9.30 Rome (16) Triumph: Caesar pronounces the
war over and prepares for five days of feasting and
Choice TV FREEVIEW 12 SKY 024 games honouring his triumph. 10.20 Bates Motel
6.00 Benny Hinn 6.30 Travel Man: 48 Hours In
7.00 Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands 7.30 Baby (16) Shadow of a Doubt: Bradley turns to Norman
Animals in Our World 8.30 American Pickers 9.30 for help. 11.10 Togetherness (16) 11.40 Marathon:
Hughs Three Good Things 10.00 Peter Kuruvitas The Patriots Day Bombing (2016, M) 1.25am Nixon
Coastal Kitchen 10.30 Home Wranglers 11.00 Tiny by Nixon: In His Own Words (M) 2.35 The Affair (16)
House Hunting 11.30 American Restoration Noon 3.35 Taboo (16) 4.35 Rome (16) 5.25 Bates Motel
Travel Man: 48 Hours In 12.30 Grand Tours of the (16)
Scottish Islands 1.00 Extreme Railway Journeys
2.00 Walking the Himalayas 3.00 The Cook and Living SKY 017
the Chef 3.30 Bondi Vet 4.30 Paul Hollywood City 6.00 Long Lost Family UK 7.50 Zoo Days (M) 8.15
Bakes 5.00 Valentine Warners Canadian Wild Table Antiques Roadshow 9.15 Long Lost Family UK
5.30 The Living Room 6.30 Money for Nothing 7.30 10.10 Selling Houses Australia 12.05 Homes Under
Building the Dream 8.30 My Dream Home 9.30 Sky Premiere: The Final Girls, 8.30pm the Hammer 1.05 Flog It! 2.00 A Place in the Sun:
The House That 100K Built: Tricks of the Trade Winter Sun 3.00 Zoo Days (M) 3.30 Escape to the
10.30 Money for Nothing 11.30 Paul Hollywood Death in Paradise (M) 11.40 New Tricks (M) 12.35 Country 4.30 Grand Designs Australia 5.30 Antiques
City Bakes 12.00am Valentine Warners Canadian Doc Martin (PG) 1.25 Peaky Blinders (16) 2.25 Prime Roadshow 6.30 Grand Designs 7.30 Homes Under
Wild Table 12.30 Benny Hinn 1.00 Natures Treasure Suspect (16) 4.15 The Bill (M) 5.05 New Tricks (M) the Hammer 8.30 A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun
Islands 2.00 Bondi Vet 3.00 The Living Room 4.00 6.00 Death in Paradise (M) Rue Morgue: Humphrey 9.30 Ugly House to Lovely House with George
Robsons Extreme Fishing Challenge (PGR) 5.00 My becomes convinced a retiree who was found dead Clarke 10.30 Selling Houses Australia 11.30 Grand
Dream Home in her locked room must have been murdered. 6.55 Designs 12.30am Escape to the Country 1.20
EastEnders (PG) 7.30 QI (M) 8.05 Would I Lie to Homes Under the Hammer 2.20 A Place in the Sun:
TVNZ Duke FREEVIEW 13 SKY 023 You? (M) 8.35 Heartbeat (PG) Cashing in: A flood of Summer Sun 3.15 Ugly House to Lovely House with
12.55pm Bundesliga, Hamburg v Bayer Leverkusen. counterfeit money indicates that a missing gangster George Clarke 4.10 Selling Houses Australia 5.05
2.45 NBA, Golden State Warriors v Sacramento is in the area. 9.30 Call the Midwife (PG) Tonight: Grand Designs
Kings. 4.45 Bundesliga Highlights 5.40 According Sister Juliennes faith is challenged after a mother
refuses medicine for her newborn. 10.35 Keeping Up
to Jim (G, C) 6.05 Home Improvement (G, C) 6.35
Appearances (PG) Problems with Relatives: Daddy
Sky Arts SKY 020
MythBusters 7.35 Bar Rescue (PGR) Dont Judge a 6.00 Grayson Perry: All Man 7.00 Art and Soul
Booze By Its Bottle: A North Carolina nightclub is has disappeared. 11.05 Allo Allo! (PG) 11.40 The Bill
8.00 Behind the Artist: Art & BD 9.00 Masters of
refilling bottles with cheap alcohol. 8.30 South Park (M) 12.30am New Tricks (M) 1.25 Death in Paradise
Dreams: Grand Jewellers 10.00 Off Camera: Matt
(AO) Informative Murder Porn: The children of South (M) 2.25 Prime Suspect (16) 4.15 Doc Martin (PG)
Damon 11.00 Fake or Fortune? Noon Many Beautiful
Park discover their parents are watching disturbingly 5.05 Peaky Blinders (16)
Things 1.00 Dalis Last Masterpiece 2.00 Grayson
violent TV shows. 8.55 Tosh.0 (AO) Daniel Tosh Perry: All Man 3.00 Art and Soul 4.00 El Ambulante
takes a jaundiced look at the internet. 9.25 Kinne SoHo SKY 010 5.00 Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth
(AO) Tonight: Meet the Secret Richman, and the 6.40 Taboo (16) 7.40 Marathon: The Patriots Day 6.00 Later Jools Holland 7.00 Inocente 7.40 In
theory that you can get in anywhere if you are Bombing (2016, M) 9.25 Hap and Leonard (16) 10.25 Conversation with (G) Julie Walters talks with
carrying a ladder is tested. 9.55 Workaholics (AO) Fortitude (16) 11.25 Last Week Tonight with John Richard E Grant. 8.30 Master of Photography 9.35
The Lords Force: Two members of a strongman Oliver (M) 11.55 Taboo (16) 12.55 Bates Motel (16) The Cardboard Bernini (G) A look at the life and
group are welcomed. 10.50 South Park (AO) 11.15 1.45 Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing (2016, work of artist James Grashow. 10.30 Video Killed
Tosh.0 (AO) 11.40 12.30am The Late Late Show M) 3.30 Hap and Leonard (16) 4.15 Fortitude (16) the Radio Star: Blur. 11.00 Put Some Colour in Your
with James Corden 5.10 Taboo (16) 6.10 Bates Motel (16) Shadow of Life 12.00am El Ambulante 1.00 Ancient Greece:
a Doubt: Bradley turns to Norman for help. 7.00 The Greatest Show on Earth 2.00 Later with Jools
UKTV SKY 007 Togetherness (16) Family Day: Alex is evicted and Holland 3.00 Inocente 3.40 In Conversation with
6.35 EastEnders (PG) 7.10 Death in Paradise (M) Brett lets him move in. 7.30 The Affair (16) 8.30 4.30 Master of Photography 5.35 The Cardboard
8.05 The Bill (M) 8.55 Prime Suspect (M) 10.45 Taboo (16) Tonight: After a duel takes a surprising Bernini

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 83

Sky Sport 1 SKY 051 RNZ National
6.00 Rugby Sevens, World Series, Sydney. 9.00
Golf, Phoenix Open. 10.00 Golf, Dubai Desert
Classic. 10.30 NRL, Auckland Nines. 1.30 Golf,
6.00 Morning Report Including: 6.16 and 6.50
Phoenix Open. 2.30 Golf, Dubai Desert Classic. 3.00 Business News; 6.18 Pacific News; 6.26 Rural
Golf Central 4.00 Netball, Quad Series, Silver Ferns News; 6.48 and 7.45 NZ Newspapers
v South African Proteas. 5.30 Rugby Sevens, World 9.06 Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan
Series, Sydney, final day. 7.00 TBA 7.30 UFC Now Including: 10.45 The Reading: The Larnachs,
8.30 Fight Night on Sky 10.30 TBA 11.00 Arsenal by Owen Marshall, told by Michele Amas and
TV 2.00am Netball, Quad Series, Silver Ferns v Owen Scott (1 of 12, RNZ)
South African Proteas. 2.30 Hockey, India League, Noon Midday Report Including: 12.16 Business
Delhi Waveriders v Jaypee Punjab Warriors, live. News; 12.26 Sport; 12.34 Rural News; 12.43
4.30 Cricket, ODI, NZ v Australia, game three. 5.00 Worldwatch
Asian Le Mans Series. 1.06 Jesse Mulligan
Sky Sport 1: Rugby Sevens, 5.30pm 4.06 The Panel with Jim Mora
Sky Sport 2 SKY 052 Melbourne City. 5.00 Golf, Dubai Desert Classic. 5.00 Checkpoint with John Campbell
6.00 The ITM Fishing Show 7.00 NZ Football 5.30 Golf, Phoenix Open. 6.30 Golf Central 7.30 The 6.30 Trending Now
Weekly 7.30 The Football League Show 8.00 TBA Golf Fix 8.30 School of Golf 9.30 Fox Sports News 7.06 Nights with Bryan Crump
8.30 A-League, Phoenix v Wanderers. 9.00 TBA 10.00 The Crowd Goes Wild 10.30 NZ Premiership 7.35 The Sampler
9.30 NBL, Melbourne United v Hawks. 11.30 NBL, Football Highlights Show 11.00 TBA 11.30 The 8.30 Windows on the World
36ers v Breakers. Noon NHL, Dallas Stars v Chicago Football League Show 12.00am Manchester United 9.06 The Tuesday Feature Great Ideas:
Blackhawks. 2.00 Cricket, ODI, NZ v Australia. TV 3.00 The Crowd Goes Wild 3.30 Fox Sports Darwins Origin of the Species
2.30 The Cricket Show 3.00 NRL, Auckland Nines. News 4.00 Golf, Phoenix Open. 5.00 Golf, Dubai 10.00 News and Late Edition Including: 10.35
5.00 NRL, Auckland Nines, day two. 5.30 NBL, Desert Classic. 5.30 TBA The House: Insights from Parliament; 10.45
Melbourne United v Hawks. 7.30 NZ Premiership Dateline Pacific
Football Highlights Show 8.00 The Football League
Show 8.30 TBA 9.00 Netball, Quad Series, Silver
ESPN SKY 060 11.06 Worlds of Music
6.00 NFL, Super Bowl LI. 7.00 In Depth with 12.04am All Night Programme Including:
Ferns v South African Proteas. 9.30 Cricket, ODI,
Graham Bensinger 7.30 NFL Primetime 8.30 NFL 12.06 Music After Midnight; 12.30 Insight; 1.15
NZ v Australia. 10.00 The Cricket Show 10.30 Golf,
Live 9.30 NBA: The Jump 10.00 SportsNation Country Life Story; 2.05 The Forum (BBC);
Phoenix Open, final round. 11.00 Fox Sports News
10.30 Highly Questionable 11.00 NFL Live Noon 3.05 Lucky Bastard, by Peter Wells (2 of 15,
11.30 NRL, Auckland Nines, day two. 12.00am The
NBA Specials 1.00 NBA, New York Knicks v Los RNZ); 3.30 Diversions; 5.10 Witness (BBC)
Crowd Goes Wild 12.30 Golf, Dubai Desert Classic. Angeles Lakers, live. 3.30 NBA, Memphis Grizzlies
1.00 Golf, US PGA Tour, Phoenix Open. 2.00 Fight v San Antonio Spurs, live. 6.00 SportsCenter 7.00
Website: radionz.co.nz
Night on Sky 4.00 NHL, Dallas v Chicago. In Depth with Graham Bensinger 7.30 Basketball, Parliament: parliament.nz
College, Atlantic Coast Conference, Louisville v
Sky Sport 3 SKY 053 Virginia. 9.00 Around the Horn 9.30 Pardon the RNZ Concert
6.00 Netball, Quad Series, Silver Ferns v South Interruption 10.00 ESPN FC 10.30 ESPN Original FREEVIEW 51 SKY 422 iHeartRADIO
African Proteas. 7.30 Netball, Quad Series, England Documentaries 12.00am Basketball, College, News and Weather 6.00am, 7.00, 8.00,
Roses v Australian Diamonds. 9.00 Manchester Atlantic Coast Conference, Kansas State v Kansas. 9.00am, noon, 3.00, 5.00, 6.00, 10.00pm
United TV Noon Asian Le Mans Series. 1.00 1.30 SportsCenter 2.30 ESPN FC 3.00 Jalen & 6.00 Classic Morning with Rick Young
TBA 1.30 NRL, Auckland Nines. 2.30 Sky Sports Jacoby 3.30 NBA, Knicks v Lakers. 5.30 NBA, 10.00 Weekday Classics with Clarissa Dunn
UK News 3.00 A-League, Melbourne Victory v Grizzlies v Spurs. 1.00 Upbeat with Eva Radich
2.00 Made in New Zealand
DOCUMENTARIES History SKY 073 3.00 Classic Afternoons with David Morriss
7.00 Music Alive Five concerts from the
6.30 Rome: Empire Without Limit (PG) 7.30 Rise
Discovery SKY 070 of the Continents 8.30 Coast Australia (PG) 9.30 Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Long Yu
6.00 Auction Hunters (PG) 6.30 Deadliest Catch Time Team 10.30 National Treasures with Griff Rhys conducts the orchestra in works by Chen
(PG) 7.30 How Do They Do It? (PG) 8.00 Auction Jones (PG) 11.00 The Quizeum (PG) 11.30 Rome: Qigang, Chen Gang and He Zhanhao, Verdi
Hunters (PG) 8.30 MythBusters (PG) 9.25 You Empire Without Limit (PG) 12.30 Man on Earth and Saint-Sans, with Maxim Vengerov (vln),
Have Been Warned (M) 10.20 What on Earth? with Tony Robinson 1.30 Coast Australia (PG) 2.30 Ildiko Komlosi (mezzo), and Lang Lang (pno)
(PG) 11.15 Deadly Sins (M) 12.10 Most Evil (M) 1.05 Decisive Battles of Hitlers War (M) 3.30 Dogfights as soloists Qigang: Instants dun Opera
Unraveled (M) 2.00 How Its Made (PG) 2.55 How (PG) 4.30 Pompeii: The People Frozen in Time (PG) de Pekin; Chen/He: Butterfly Lovers Violin
Do They Do It? (PG) 3.20 Auction Hunters (PG) 5.30 Time Team 6.30 Meet the Romans (PG) 7.30 Concerto, Maxim Vengerov (vln); Verdi: Nei
3.50 Deadliest Catch (PG) 4.45 Dual Survival (M) Ivan the Terrible (M) 8.30 Last Secrets of the third giardindel bello, from Don Carlos; Saint-Sans:
5.40 MythBusters (PG) 6.35 Running Wild with Reich (PG) The Search for Hitlers Bomb: Delves
Mon coeur souvre a ta voix, from Samson &
Bear Grylls (M) 8.30 Naked and Afraid XL (M) Rock into the Nazi regime. 9.30 Life in the War (PG)
Dalila; Trad Arr Zou: Jasmine Flower, Ildiko
Bottom: Steven fails to return with Darrin from their 11.00 Voices of the D-Day Landings (PG) 12.30am
Decisive Battles of Hitlers War (M) 1.30 Dogfights Komlosi (mezzo); Huang: Fantasia of City
two-day hunting expedition. 10.30 River Monsters
(PG) 11.30 Codes and Conspiracies (M) 12.30am (PG) 2.30 History of Warfare (PG) 3.15 Time Team Scenes, Shanghai SO/Mario Paci; Tchaikovsky:
Unraveled (M) 1.25 Most Evil (M) 2.20 Auction 4.00 Ivan the Terrible (M) 4.45 Last Secrets of the Piano Concerto No 1 in B flat minor Op 23,
Hunters (PG) 3.15 Deadliest Catch (PG) 4.10 third Reich (PG) 5.30 Life in the War (PG) Lang Lang (pno); Haydn: String Quartet
Treehouse Masters (PG) 5.05 Moonshiners (M) in D minor Op 76/2, Shanghai Orchestra
BBC Knowledge SKY 074 Academy (WFMT)
National Geographic SKY 072 6.35 Life Below Zero (M) 7.20 Sea Cities (PG) 8.20 10.00 Days End RNZ Concerts musical
7.30 Brain Games (PG) 8.30 StarTalk (M) 9.30 Top Gear: Ambitious but Rubbish (PG) 9.10 Top nightcap
Salvage Code Red (M) 10.30 Nazi World War Weird Gear (M) 10.15 The Life of Mammals (PG) 11.05 12.00am Music Through the Night
(PG) 11.30 WW2: Hell Under the Sea (M) 12.30 Countryfile (PG) Noon 24 Hours in A&E (M) 12.50 Website: radionz.co.nz/concert
Air Crash Investigation (PG) 2.30 Eyewitness War Pointless (PG) 1.35 Who Do You Think You Are?
(M) 3.30 No Man Left Behind (M) 4.30 Situation Aus (PG) 2.30 Countryfile (PG) 3.25 Embarrassing Radio Live
Critical (M) 5.30 Megafactories 6.30 Science of Fat Bodies (M) 4.15 24 Hours in A&E (M) 5.05 6.00 Mike Puru and Trudi Nelson 9.00 Mark
Stupid (PG) 7.15 Afterburn (PG) Black Friday was Pointless (PG) 5.55 Who Do You Think You Are? US Sainsbury Noon Willie Jackson 3.00 Ali Mau 6.00
the most lethal firestorm in Australias history. 8.30 (PG) Susan Sarandon. 6.40 David Attenboroughs Newshub 7.00 Kim Blair 8.00 Karyn Hay 12.00am
Air Crash Investigation (PG) Deadly Solution: On 28 Natural Curiosities (PG) 7.30 Sea Cities (PG) 8.35 Tony Amos 5.00 James Coleman
December 2014, Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 24 Hours in A&E (M) 9.30 Stop, Search, Seize (M) Website: radiolive.co.nz
departed Indonesia for Singapore with 162 people 10.20 24 Hours in A&E (M) 11.15 Embarrassing
on board. Munich Air Disaster: British European Bodies (M) 12.05am The Life of Mammals (PG) Newstalk ZB
6.00 Mike Hosking 8.30 Leighton Smith Noon
Airways Flight 609 crashed on February 6, 1958. 12.55 Top Gear: Ambitious but Rubbish (PG) 1.45
Kerre McIvor and Mark Dye 4.00 Larry Williams 7.00
10.30 Megafactories (G) 11.30 Megastructures Top Gear (M) 2.50 Embarrassing Fat Bodies (M) DArcy Waldegrave 8.00 Tim Wilson 12.00am Tim
12.30am Yukon Gold (M) 2.30 Situation Critical 3.40 24 Hours in A&E (M) 4.30 Eggheads (PG) Beveridge 5.00 Rachel Smalley
(M) 3.30 Air Crash Investigation (PG) 5.30 Wicked 5.00 Ross Kemp: Extreme World (16) 5.45 Sea Website: newstalkzb.co.nz
Tuna: North vs South (M) Cities (PG)



6.00 Breakfast With Hilary Barry 6.00 Creflo Dollar Ministries 6.00 The Best of Paul Henry
and Jack Tame. 6.30 Sesame Street (G, R, C) 8.00 Rachael Ray (G, HD)
9.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 6.55 The Jungle Bunch: To the 9.00 The Cafe
(PGR, R, C) Today: Kristen Rescue! (G, R, C) 10.00 Infomercials
Bell, Dax Shepard and 7.20 Transformers: Robots in 11.25 Family Feud (G, R, HD, C)
Anderson Paak. Disguise (G, R, C) Noon Dr Phil (AO, HD)
10.00 Whanau Living (G, HD) 7.45 Breadwinners (G, R, C) 1.00 Bring It on Again
10.30 The Chase (G, R, C) Bradley 8.15 Jake and the Never Land (2004, PGR, R) Students
Walsh hosts a UK game Pirates (G, R, C) form their own cheerleading Bravo: Vanderpump Rules,
show. 8.40 Miles from Tomorrowland team. Anne Judson-Yager. 9.30pm
11.30 Come Dine with Me Daytime (G, R, C) 2.55 Baggage (PGR, R, HD)
Strangers compete to be the
top dinner party host.
9.00 Infomercials
10.30 Neighbours (G, R, C)
3.20 Sticky TV (G, HD)
4.00 Entertainment Tonight (G)

Noon 1 News (C) 11.00 Home and Away (PGR, R, C) 4.25 Wipeout (G, HD, C) 6.00 Childrens Programmes (G)
12.30 Emmerdale (PGR, C) Today: 11.30 Shortland Street 5.25 Family Feud (G, HD, C) 8.55 Million Dollar Minute (G, R)
Joanie makes a decision; (R, HD, C, AD) 6.00 Newshub Live 9.25 Wheel of Fortune (G, R)
Chrissie grows suspicious; Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 7.00 The Block Australia
9.55 Hot Bench (G)
and Jimmy is mystified. (PGR, C) (PGR, HD, C) Mid Week
10.20 The Doctors (PGR)
1.00 Coronation Street 1.00 Bachelor in Paradise Mayhem: Scott and Shelley
11.15 Netball International Series,
(PGR, R, HD, C, AD) Today: (PGR, C) discover that the deadlines
Wales v Silver Ferns.
Lives hang in the balance as 2.00 Judge Rinder (G, R) are getting the better of
1.00 Wayward Pines (PGR, R)
flames lick through Victoria 3.00 Americas Funniest Home some of the contestants.
2.00 The Tonight Show Starring
Court; Leanne is over the Videos (G, R, C) 8.05 Married at First Sight
Australia (PGR, HD, C, Jimmy Fallon (PGR, R)
moon; and Maddie discovers 3.30 The Jungle Bunch: To the
another episode screens 3.00 Escape to the Country
Jennys plan. Rescue! (G, R, C)
tomorrow) Tonight: (G, R)
2.00 Kiwi Living (PGR, R, HD, C) 3.40 Kickin It (G, R, C)
Two more weddings are 4.00 Antiques Roadshow (G, C)
Hosted by Miriama Kamo. 4.05 K.C. Undercover (G, R)
celebrated by couples 5.00 Million Dollar Minute (G)
2.55 Tipping Point (G) Ben 4.30 My Wife and Kids (G, R, C)
meeting for the first time at 5.30 Prime News
Shephard hosts a quiz show. 5.00 Friends (G, R, C)
5.30 Home and Away (PGR, C) the altar. 6.00 Wheel of Fortune (G)
3.55 Te Karere (C)
4.25 Millionaire Hot Seat (G, C) 6.00 The Big Bang Theory 9.35 Bodyshockers (AO, R, HD, C) 6.30 Jeopardy! (G)
Eddie McGuire hosts a quiz (PGR, R, C) The Adhesive Tonight: Katie meets Amy, 7.00 The Crowd Goes Wild
show. Duck Deficiency: Sheldon who has her eyes tattooed 7.30 Teen Exorcists (PGR, R)
5.00 The Chase (G, C) Bradley helps a distressed Penny. like a horse and her tongue 8.30 The White Queen (AO, R)
Walsh hosts a UK game 6.30 Neighbours (G, C) Tonight: split to look like a snakes. The Final Battle: The key
show. Mark turns to Sonya for 10.35 Newshub Late players look to become His
6.00 1 News (C) support as he struggles 11.00 NCIS: Los Angeles or Her Majesty.
7.00 Seven Sharp (C) Toni Street to understand Stephs (AO, R, HD, C) Field of Fire: 9.50 Crimes That Shook Britain
and Mike Hosking present attraction to Victoria. The team pursues a former (AO, R, C)
current affairs. 7.00 Shortland Street (PGR, sniper who escaped from a 10.50 Madam Secretary (AO, R, C)
7.30 Vet Tales (HD, C) Tonight: HD, C, AD) Tonight: Kylie is veterans hospital. 11.50 The Tonight Show Starring
Meg the Labrador has hooked on a controversial 12.00am Entertainment Tonight Jimmy Fallon (PGR)
swallowed a UFO; Chocolate romance, and Vinnie and (G) 12.50am 1.20 The Crowd Goes
the horse is suffering from Nicole get an awful wake- 12.30 6.00 Infomercials Wild (G, R)
asthma; and Mark and up call. Writer Cole Meyers,
Stacey compete in a chilli
eating challenge.
director Caroline Bell-Booth.
7.30 Pets Make You Laugh Out

8.00 Women in Blue Loud 2 (C) Footage of funny 6.00 Infomercials 10.00 Million 6.30 Childrens Programmes (R)
(PGR, HD, C, AD) Tonight: pet moments. Dollar Listing Los Angeles 8.00 Miharo (G, R)
Senior Detective Kate Smith 8.30 How to Lose a Guy in (G, R) 10.55 Hoarders (G, R) 8.30 Te Kaea (R)
comes to the aid of a small 10 Days (2003, PGR, R, C)
11.45 Snapped (PGR, R) 12.40 9.00 2Kaha (G, R)
four-legged friend in a An advertising hotshot tries
Vanderpump Rules 1.35 Intervention 9.30 R&R (PGR, HD)
suburban house fire, and to win over a woman for a
(R) 2.30 Botched (PGR, R) 3.30 10.00 Korero Mai (G, R)
Constable Emma Daken bet, while she tries to drive
Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis 11.00 Toku Reo (G, R)
deals with a midday assault. him away in 10 days for a
(G, R) 4.30 Dance Moms (G) 5.30 Noon Korero Mai (G, R)
8.30 800 Words (AO, C) Tonight: story. Kate Hudson, Matthew
Hoarders (G, R) 6.30 Million Dollar 1.00 Toku Reo (G, R)
Georges first date with Katie McConaughey.
Listing (G, R) This Means War!: Josh 2.00 Opaki (G, R)
is the only thing anyone in 10.50 Two and a Half Men
Flagg and Josh Altman vie for the 2.30 Ako (R)
Weld seems to be talking (PGR, R, C) Laxative Tester,
about, and Constable Tom Horse Inseminator: Alan same client, while Madison hosts 3.00 Tamaki Paenga Hira (R)
and Big Mac clash over starts working for Evelyn. an uber-exclusive charity event. 3.30 Nga Pari Karangaranga (R)
an invasion of freedom 11.20 Mom (PGR, R, C) Cinderella 7.30 Botched (AO, R) Super Fupa: 4.00 Iwi Anthems (G, R)
campers. and a Drunk MacGyver: Paul performs a reconstructive 4.30 Pumanawa Celebrating
9.30 20/20 (HD, C) Carolyn Christy tries to help a newly rhinoplasty on a woman who Maori in Business (G, R)
Robinson presents current sober AA member. has been teased about her nose 5.00 Kapa Haka Regionals (R)
affairs. 11.50 Brooklyn Nine-Nine since childhood. 8.30 The Real 5.30 Te Kaea
10.30 1 News Tonight (C) (PGR, C) Housewives of Beverly Hills (PGR) 6.00 Pukoro (G, R)
11.00 The Catch (AO) The Trial: 12.15am Angie Tribeca (AO, C) Hostile Hacienda: As the women 6.30 SpongeBob Tarau Porowha
Margot, Ben and Reggie set 12.45 Mistresses (PGR) pack for their trip to Mexico, Eden (G, R)
out to con a Middle Eastern 1.40 Shortland Street stops by Lisa Vanderpumps house. 7.00 Grid (G, R)
princess. (R, HD, C, AD) 9.30 Vanderpump Rules (PGR) 7.30 Cafe Niugini (PGR, R)
12.00am The Astronaut Wives Club 2.10 Infomercials The Sociopath Test: Scheana and 8.00 Hakataetae (G, R)
(PGR, R, C) Retroattitude: 3.10 Pretty Little Liars Kristen throw a surprise party for 8.30 Waka Huia (G)
Scott gets ready for his (PGR, R, C) Shay and Carter, but Scheana gets 9.00 Waiata (G, R)
launch. 3.55 The Real (PGR) surprised when Stassi and Katie 9.30 Iti Pounamu (AO, R)
12.50 Te Karere (R, C) 4.45 Baby Daddy (R, C) attack her. 10.30 Intervention (AO) 10.00 Koroua (G, R)
1.15 Infomercials 5.05 Neighbours (G, R, C) 11.30 Snapped (PGR, R) 12.20am 10.30 Te Kaea (R)
5.35 6.00 Te Karere (R, C) 5.30 6.00 Infomercials 6.00 Infomercials 11.00 11.30 Te Kauta (PGR, R)

NEW RETURN FINAL FILM C Captions AD Audio Description HD High Definition

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 85
7.40 The Program (2015, M) 6.40 The Good Lie (2014, M) 7.50 Are You Being Served? 6.50 The Crows Egg (2014, PG)
Ben Foster. Reese Witherspoon. (1977, PG) Wendy Richard. Ramesh.
9.20 The Bell Witch Haunting 8.30 Pitch Perfect 2 (2015, M) 9.25 Giant (1956, G) 8.25 Tits on a Bull (2015, M)
(2013, 16) Andrew Hellenthal. Anna Kendrick. Rock Hudson. Local short film.
10.50 Criminal Activities (2015, 16) 10.25 X/Y (2014, 16) 12.40 Jeremiah Johnson 8.45 That Sugar Film (2014, PG)
John Travolta. Ryan Piers Williams. (1972, PG) Robert Redford. Australian documentary.
12.25 The Final Girls (2015, M) 11.50 Lets Rap (2015, M) 2.35 Greystoke: The Legend of 10.25 Addicted to Fresno
Taissa Farmiga. Rachel Wilson. Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (2015, 16) Judy Greer.
1.55 Mississippi Grind (2015, M) 1.30 The Good Lie (2014, M) (1984, PG) Ralph Richardson. 11.50 Burn (2012, M)
Ben Mendelsohn. Reese Witherspoon. 4.50 Absolute Power (1997, M) US documentary.
3.40 The Bell Witch Haunting 3.20 Pitch Perfect 2 (2015, M) A thief uncovers a deadly 1.15 Marguerite (2015, M)
(2013, 16) Andrew Hellenthal. Anna Kendrick. conspiracy. Clint Eastwood. Catherine Frot.
5.10 Dope (2015, 16) Shameik 5.15 My Girlfriends Boyfriend 6.50 Grumpier Old Men 3.25 Four Lions (2010, M)
Moore, Tony Revolori. (2010, PG) Alyssa Milano. (1995, PG) Long-time Riz Ahmed.
6.50 No Escape (2015, 16) An 6.40 The Water Diviner (2014, M) elderly residents Max 5.05 The Source Family (2012, M)
American family are caught A man searches for his sons. and John declare war on US documentary.
in a coup in a Southeast Russell Crowe. plans to change the local 6.45 The Paperboy (2012, 16)
Asian country. Owen Wilson, 8.30 Ricki and the Flash bait store into a restaurant. A reporter investigates a
Lake Bell. (2015, PG) A guitar heroine Jack Lemmon. case involving a death row
8.30 Crimson Peak (2015, 16) who gave up everything 8.30 The Green Berets (1968, PG) inmate. Nicole Kidman.
In the aftermath of a family for her dream of rocknroll A special forces unit is sent 8.30 Just Eat It: A Food
tragedy, an aspiring author stardom returns home. Meryl on a mission to the south of Waste Story (2014, M)
is torn between love for her Streep, Rick Springfield. Vietnam to capture a high- Canadian documentary
childhood friend and the 10.15 Magic Mike XXL (2015, 16) ranking Viet Cong general. about food waste.
temptation of a mysterious A former stripper works John Wayne, Jim Hutton. 9.45 Little Men (2016, PG) Two
outsider. Mia Wasikowska. his way back for one final 10.50 The Hurricane (1999) friends are caught in their
10.30 Friended to Death (2014, 16) performance. Channing A promising boxer is parents battle. Greg Kinnear.
Ryan Hansen. Tatum. wrongly imprisoned. Denzel 11.15 Braquo (2013, 18, season 4,
12.10am The Vatican Tapes (2015, 12.10am Eden (2012, 16) 1.45 My Washington, John Hannah. episode 2)
M) 1.55 Dope (2015, 16) 3.35 Girlfriends Boyfriend (2010, PG) 1.15am Forget Paris (1995, M) 2.55 12.10am Burn (M) 1.35 Marguerite
Crimson Peak (2015, 16) 5.45 The 3.10 Magic Mike XXL (2015, 16) 5.05 Winter Kills (1979, 16) 4.25 Giant (2015, M) 3.45 Four Lions (2010, M)
Vatican Tapes (2015, M) Ricki and the Flash (2015, PG) (1956, G) 5.25 Little Men (2016, PG)

GENERAL (16) 12.40am Fear the Walking Dead (16) 1.30

Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted (M) 2.30 Pete
Holmes: Faces and Sounds (M) 3.30 Baskets (M)
Choice TV FREEVIEW 12 SKY 024 4.00 Catastrophe (16) 4.30 Togetherness (16) 5.00
6.00 Benny Hinn 6.30 The House That 100K Built:
Tricks of the Trade 7.30 Bondi Vet 8.30 Money for Fortitude (16) 5.50 Bates Motel (16)
Nothing 9.30 Paul Hollywood City Bakes 10.00
Valentine Warners Canadian Wild Table 10.30 The Living SKY 017
Living Room 11.30 American Restoration Noon 6.00 Flog It! 6.55 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun
Building the Dream 1.00 My Dream Home 2.00 7.50 Zoo Days (M) 8.15 Antiques Roadshow 9.15
The House That 100K Built: Tricks of the Trade Escape to the Country 10.10 Ugly House to Lovely
3.00 The Cook and the Chef 3.30 Polar Bear Town House with George Clarke 11.05 Selling Houses
4.30 Aussie Barbecue Heroes 5.30 The French Australia 12.05 Homes Under the Hammer 1.05 Flog
Collection 6.30 American Restoration 7.30 Shoreline It! 2.00 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 3.00 Zoo
Detectives 8.30 NZ Hunter Adventures 9.30 Days (M) 3.30 Escape to the Country 4.30 A Place
Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week 10.30 American in the Sun: Summer Sun 5.30 Antiques Roadshow
Restoration 11.30 Aussie Barbecue Heroes 12.30am Sky Premiere: Crimson Peak, 8.30pm 6.30 Grand Designs (G) Tonight: A Cornwall couple
Benny Hinn 1.00 Natures Treasure Islands 2.00 want to restore a dilapidated historic engine house.
Polar Bear Town 3.00 The French Collection 4.00 dangerous situations. 9.40 Holby City (M) Merry-Go- 7.30 Homes Under the Hammer 8.30 A Place in the
NZ Hunter Adventures 5.00 Special Forces: Ultimate Round: Chrissie must look inside herself to find what Sun: Winter Sun 9.30 Location Location Location
Hell Week she truly needs. 10.45 Stella (M) Tonight: Rob and 10.30 Selling Houses Australia 11.30 Grand Designs
Stella finally get a chance to talk. 11.35 The Bill (M) 12.30am Escape to the Country 1.20 Homes Under
TVNZ Duke FREEVIEW 13 SKY 023 12.25am New Tricks (M) 1.15 Death in Paradise (M) the Hammer 2.20 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun
2.55pm NZ Superbikes Grand Prix 3.25 Formula E: 2.15 Prime Suspect (16) 4.05 Pride & Prejudice (PG) 3.15 Location Location Location 4.10 Selling Houses
Street Racers 3.55 Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund 5.00 Peaky Blinders (16) Australia 5.05 Grand Designs
v Leipzig. 5.40 According to Jim (G, C) 6.05 Home
Improvement (G, C) Borland Ambition: Al buys SoHo SKY 010 Sky Arts SKY 020
into Harrys Hardware store. 6.35 MythBusters 7.35 6.15 Nixon by Nixon: In His Own Words (M) 7.25 6.30 Video Killed the Radio Star 7.00 Put Some
Megafactories 8.30 The Flash (PGR) 9.25 Release The Affair (16) 8.25 Taboo (16) 9.25 Rome (16) Colour in Your Life 8.00 El Ambulante 9.00
the Hounds (AO) Reggie Yates hosts this horror- 10.15 Nixon by Nixon: In His Own Words (M) 11.25 Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth 10.00
themed game show. 10.20 Supergirl (PGR) Supergirl Togetherness (16) 11.55 Bates Motel (16) 12.40 Later with Jools Holland 11.00 Inocente 11.40 In
Lives: While searching for a missing woman, Taboo (16) 1.40 The Affair (16) 2.40 Rome (16) Conversation with 12.30 Master of Photography
Supergirl and Mon-El end up on another planet. 11.10 3.30 Nixon by Nixon: In His Own Words (M) 4.40 1.35 The Cardboard Bernini 2.30 Video Killed the
Tosh.0 (AO) Daniel Tosh takes a jaundiced look at Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing (2016, M) Radio Star 3.00 Put Some Colour in Your Life 4.00
the internet. 11.35 12.25am The Late Late Show 6.25 Bates Motel (16) Caleb: Norma gains a new Mark Isaacs Symphony No 1 4.30 Red Ribbon
with James Corden ally. 7.05 Togetherness (16) Handcuffs: Tina enlists Celebration Concert 2014 5.35 Chailly Conducts
Alex to help her with her business. 7.30 Tig Notaro: Mahlers Symphony No 7 (G) Riccardo Chailly
UKTV SKY 007 Boyish Girl Interrupted (M) Grammy-nominated conducts the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig. 7.00
6.05 EastEnders (PG) 6.40 Death in Paradise (M) comedian Tig Notaro headlines and directs her first Ryuichi Sakamoto: Playing the Orchestra (G) Ryuichi
7.35 The Bill (M) 8.25 Prime Suspect (16) 10.15 Death stand-up comedy special. 8.30 Pete Holmes: Faces Sakamoto performs some of his most famous pieces
in Paradise (M) 11.20 New Tricks (M) 12.15 Pride & and Sounds (M) Comedian Pete Holmes features with the Tokyo Philharmonic. 9.00 Verbier Festival:
Prejudice (PG) 1.15 Peaky Blinders (16) 2.15 Prime in a stand-up special. 9.30 Baskets (M) Tonight: Kavakos, Hagen, Hamelin 10.00 Il Divo: A Musical
Suspect (16) 4.05 The Bill (M) 4.55 New Tricks (M) Chip is given an opportunity to pee in the cowboy Affair: Live in Japan 11.00 Off Camera 12.00am
5.50 Death in Paradise (M) 6.55 EastEnders (PG) toilet. 10.00 Catastrophe (16) Tonight: Rob faces an Mark Isaacs Symphony No 1 12.30 Red Ribbon
7.30 QI (M) 8.00 Would I Lie to You? (M) 8.30 The indecent proposal from an exotic new colleague. Celebration Concert 2014 1.35 Chailly Conducts
Living and the Dead (16) Tonight: Nathan finds 10.30 Bates Motel (16) Caleb: Norma gains a new Mahlers Symphony No 7 3.00 Ryuichi Sakamoto:
himself drawn into another case as a young boys ally. 11.20 Togetherness (16) Handcuffs: Tina enlists Playing the Orchestra 5.00 Verbier Festival: Kavakos,
nightmarish hallucinations lead him into increasingly Alex to help her with her business. 11.50 Fortitude Hagen, Hamelin


Sky Sport 1 SKY 051 RNZ National
6.00 Golf, US PGA Tour, Phoenix Open, highlights.
7.00 The Golf Fix 8.00 School of Golf 9.00 Golf,
European PGA Tour, Dubai Desert Classic, highlights.
6.00 Morning Report Including: 6.16 and 6.50
9.30 The ITM Fishing Show 10.30 UFC Now 11.30 Business News; 6.18 Pacific News; 6.26 Rural
Arsenal TV 2.30 Golf Central 3.30 Golf, Phoenix News; 6.48 and 7.45 NZ Newspapers
Open. 4.30 Golf, Dubai Desert Classic. 5.00 Asian 9.06 Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan
Le Mans Series. 6.00 Netball, International Series, Including: 10.45 The Reading: The Larnachs,
Wales v Silver Ferns. 7.30 Fox Sports News 8.00 by Owen Marshall, told by Michele Amas and
NZ Football Weekly 8.30 NZ Premiership Football Owen Scott (2 of 12, RNZ)
Highlights Show 9.00 The Football League Show Noon Midday Report Including: 12.16 Business
9.30 UFC Now 10.30 Fight Night on Sky 12.30am News; 12.26 Sport; 12.34 Rural News; 12.43
TBA 1.00 Netball, International Series, Wales v Silver Worldwatch
Ferns. 1.30 UFC Now 2.30 Hockey, India League, 1.06 Jesse Mulligan
Delhi Waveriders v Uttar Pradesh Wizards, live. 4.30 History: Coast Australia, 10.30pm 4.06 The Panel with Jim Mora
Netball, International Series, Wales v Silver Ferns. 5.00 Checkpoint with John Campbell
Desert Classic. 9.00 Cricket, ODI, NZ v Australia,
game three. 9.30 Fox Sports News 10.00 The 6.30 Trending Now
Sky Sport 2 SKY 052 Crowd Goes Wild 10.30 Golf, Dubai Desert Classic. 6.55 The House
6.00 The Cricket Show 6.30 Cricket, ODI, NZ v 11.00 Fox Sports News 11.30 Softball, International 7.06 Nights with Bryan Crump
Australia, game three. 7.00 The Football League Challenge Cup. 12.00am The Crowd Goes Wild 7.35 At the Movies with Simon Morris
Show 7.30 TBA 8.00 NZ Premiership Football 12.30 Manchester United TV 3.30 Cricket, India v A weekly topical magazine about current film
Highlights Show 8.30 NRL, Auckland Nines. 11.30 Bangladesh, first test, day one. 4.00 TBA 4.30 The releases and film related topics
Fight Night on Sky 1.30 Soccer, Stirling Sports Football League Show 5.00 ICC Cricket 360 8.30 Windows on the World International
Premiership, Hawkes Bay United v Auckland City. public radio features and documentaries
3.30 NZ Premiership Football Highlights Show 4.00
TBA 5.00 NRL, Auckland Nines. 8.00 The Crowd
ESPN SKY 060 9.06 The Wednesday Drama Who Wants to
6.00 NBA, Grizzlies v Spurs. 7.30 NFL Insiders 8.30 be 100? Anyone Whos 99, by Roger Hall (1 of
Goes Wild 8.30 NRL, Auckland Nines. 9.30 Netball,
NFL Live 9.30 NBA: The Jump 10.00 SportsNation 2, RNZ)
Wales v Silver Ferns. 11.00 Rugby Sevens, World
10.30 Highly Questionable 11.00 NFL Live Noon 10.00 News and Late Edition Including: 10.35
Series, Sydney. 2.00 NRL, Auckland Nines.
SportsCenter 1.00 Basketball, College, SEC, The House; 10.45 Dateline Pacific
Kentucky v LSU, live. 3.00 Basketball, College, 11.06 Inside Out with Nick Tipping
Sky Sport 3 SKY 053 Big Ten, Michigan v Michigan State, live. 5.00 12.04am All Night Programme Including: 12.05
6.00 NRL, Auckland Nines. 7.00 Asian Le Mans SportsCenter 6.00 SportsCenter 7.00 In Depth Music After Midnight; 12.30 Discovery (BBC);
Series. 8.00 Netball, Quad Series, Silver Ferns v with Graham Bensinger 7.30 Basketball, College, 1.05 The Thursday Feature; 2.05 The Cultural
South African Proteas. 8.30 Netball, Wales v Silver SEC, Georgia v Florida. 9.00 Around the Horn
Frontline; 3.05 Lucky Bastard, by Peter Wells
Ferns, live. 10.30 TBA 11.30 The Crowd Goes 9.30 Pardon the Interruption 10.00 ESPN FC 10.30
(3 of 15, RNZ); 3.30 NZ Books; 5.10 Witness
Wild Noon TBA 12.30 Golf, Phoenix Open. 1.30 NBA: The Jump 11.00 Basketball, College, Big 12,
Golf, Dubai Desert Classic. 2.00 Netball, Quad Texas v Iowa State. 12.30am Boxing, 1986, Micky
Series, Silver Ferns v South African Proteas. 2.30 Ward v Chris Bajor. 12.45 Boxing, 1986, Micky Ward Website: radionz.co.nz
Netball, Wales v Silver Ferns. 3.00 NRL, Auckland v Luis Pizzarro. 1.00 SportsCenter 2.00 ESPN FC
Nines. 4.00 Netball, International Series, Wales v 2.30 Jalen & Jacoby 3.00 Basketball, College, SEC, RNZ Concert
Silver Ferns. 4.30 Fight Night on Sky 6.30 Golf Kentucky v LSU. 4.30 Basketball, College, Big Ten, FREEVIEW 51 SKY 422 iHeartRADIO
Central 7.30 Golf, Phoenix Open. 8.30 Golf, Dubai Super Tuesday, Michigan v Michigan State. News and Weather 6.00am, 7.00, 8.00,
9.00am, noon, 3.00, 5.00, 6.00, 10.00pm
6.00 Classic Morning with Rick Young
DOCUMENTARIES History SKY 073 10.00 Weekday Classics with Clarissa Dunn
7.00 Voices of the D-Day Landings (PG) 8.30
1.00 Upbeat with Eva Radich (RNZ)
Discovery SKY 070 Pompeii: The People Frozen in Time (PG) 9.30
2.00 Made in New Zealand
6.00 Auction Hunters (PG) 6.30 Deadliest Catch Time Team 10.30 Meet the Romans (PG) 11.30
(PG) 7.30 How Do They Do It? (PG) 8.00 Auction Ivan the Terrible (M) 12.30 Last Secrets of the third 3.00 Classic Afternoons with David Morriss
Hunters (PG) 8.30 MythBusters (PG) 9.25 Naked Reich (PG) 1.30 Invasion: The Outbreak of World Favourite music from the Renaissance to the
and Afraid XL (M) 11.15 Deadly Sins (M) 12.10 Your War II (M) 2.30 Decisive Battles of Hitlers War (M) Romantic and beyond
Worst Nightmare (M) 1.05 Nightmare Next Door 3.30 Dogfights (PG) 4.30 Rome: The Worlds first 7.00 Music Alive Elina Vhl (vln), RT
(M) 2.00 How Its Made (PG) 2.55 How Do They Do Superpower (PG) 5.30 Time Team 6.30 Australia: National Symphony Orchestra/Michal
It? (PG) 3.20 Auction Hunters (PG) 3.50 Deadliest The Story of Us (PG) 7.30 Blood and Gold: 8.30 Nesterowicz: Grecki: Three pieces in the old
Catch (PG) 4.45 Alaska: The Last Frontier (M) 5.40 Genius (PG) Space Race USA vs USSR: Tells the style; Vasks: Violin Concerto, Distant Light;
MythBusters (PG) 6.35 MythBusters (PG) 7.30 story of the people that changed the way we live. Shostakovich: Symphony No 10 in E minor
Aussie Gold Hunters (PG) 8.30 Alaska: The Last 9.30 Hunting Hitler (PG) The Hunt Begins: Explores (RT Lyric FM, Ireland)
Frontier (M) 9.30 Edge of Alaska (M) 10.30 Alaskan whether Hitler survived World War II. 10.30 Coast 10.00 Days End RNZ Concerts musical
Bush People (M) 11.30 NASAs Unexplained Files Australia (PG) 11.30 East to West (PG) 12.30am nightcap
(PG) 12.30am Nightmare Next Door (M) 1.25 Your Decisive Battles of Hitlers War (M) 1.30 Dogfights
12.00am Music Through the Night
Worst Nightmare (M) 2.20 Auction Hunters (PG) (PG) 2.30 History of Warfare (PG) 3.15 Time Team
3.15 Deadliest Catch (PG) 4.10 Treehouse Masters 4.00 Blood and Gold: The Making of Spain (PG) Website: radionz.co.nz/concert
(PG) 5.05 Moonshiners (M) 4.45 Genius (PG) 5.30 Hunting Hitler (PG)
Radio Live
National Geographic SKY 072 BBC Knowledge SKY 074 6.00 Mike Puru and Trudi Nelson 9.00 Mark
Sainsbury Noon Willie Jackson 3.00 Ali Mau 6.00
7.30 Brain Games (PG) 8.30 StarTalk (M) 9.30 6.45 24 Hours in A&E (M) 7.35 Stop, Search, Seize Newshub 7.00 Kim Blair 8.00 Karyn Hay 12.00am
Salvage Code Red (M) 10.30 Ancient X-Files (M) 8.20 Top Gear: Ambitious but Rubbish (PG) Tony Amos 5.00 James Coleman
(PG) 11.30 Tales by Light (PG) 12.30 Air Crash 9.10 Top Gear (PG) 10.15 Life of Mammals (PG) 11.05 Website: radiolive.co.nz
Investigation Marathon (PG) 5.30 Megafactories Countryfile (PG) Noon 24 Hours in A&E (M) 12.50
6.30 Science of Stupid (PG) Hosted by Richard Pointless (PG) 1.35 Who Do You Think You Are? Newstalk ZB
Hammond. 7.30 Vikings (M) Born Again: Rollo Aus (PG) 2.30 Countryfile (PG) 3.25 Embarrassing 6.00 Mike Hosking 8.30 Leighton Smith Noon
ponders the Seers prophecy. Paris: The Viking Bodies (M) 4.15 24 Hours in A&E (M) 5.05 Pointless Kerre McIvor and Mark Dye 4.00 Larry Williams 7.00
fleet approaches Paris. To the Gates!: Paris goes (PG) 5.55 Who Do You Think You Are? US (PG) DArcy Waldegrave 8.00 Marcus Lush 12.00am Tim
into lockdown. 10.30 StarTalk (M) Tonight: Jay 6.40 Natural Curiosities (PG) 7.30 Embarrassing Beveridge 5.00 Rachel Smalley
Website: newstalkzb.co.nz
Leno. 11.30 Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan (PG) Using Bodies Down Under (M) 8.25 Who Do You Think
cutting-edge technology and a handful of obscure You Are? (PG) 9.30 Life Below Zero (M) 10.20 24 Parliament
clues from ancient texts, a National Geographic Hours in A&E (M) 11.15 Embarrassing Bodies (M) On AM radio: Auckland 882 Bay of Plenty 657
Explorer races to locate Genghis Khans lost tomb 12.05am Life of Mammals (PG) 12.55 Top Gear: Waikato 1494 Napier 909 Wellington 657
before it is destroyed forever. 12.30am Yukon Ambitious but Rubbish (PG) 1.45 Top Gear (PG) Christchurch 963 Dunedin 900 Southland 1314
Gold (M) 2.30 Situation Critical (M) 3.30 Air Crash 2.50 Embarrassing Bodies (M) 3.35 24 Hours in A&E On television: Freeview 22 Sky 086 Igloo 50
Investigation (PG) 5.30 Wicked Tuna: North Vs (M) 4.25 Eggheads (PG) 4.55 Extreme World (16) Vodafone 86
South (M) 5.40 Embarrassing Bodies Down Under (M) Website: parliament.nz

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 87


6.00 Breakfast With Hilary Barry 6.00 Creflo Dollar Ministries 6.00 The Best of Paul Henry
and Jack Tame. 6.30 Sesame Street (G, R, C) 8.00 Rachael Ray (G, HD)
9.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 6.55 The Jungle Bunch: To the 9.00 The Cafe
(PGR, R, C) Today: The Rescue! (G, R, C) 10.00 Infomercials
Growlers. 7.20 Transformers: Robots in 11.25 Family Feud (G, R, HD, C)
10.00 Whanau Living (G, HD) Disguise (G, R, C) Noon Dr Phil (AO, HD)
10.30 The Chase (G, R, C) 7.45 Breadwinners (G, R, C) 1.00 Fatal Acquittal
11.30 Come Dine with Me Daytime 8.15 Jake and the Never Land (2014, PGR, HD) A woman
(G) Pirates (G, R, C) searches for her husbands Prime: MacGyver, 7.30pm
Noon 1 News (C) 8.40 Miles from Tomorrowland killer. Joely Fisher.
12.30 Emmerdale (PGR, C) Today: (G, R, C) 2.55 Baggage (PGR, R, HD)
Jimmy learns the truth, and
Chrissie interferes.
9.00 Infomercials
10.30 Neighbours (G, R, C)
3.20 Sticky TV (G, HD)
4.00 Entertainment Tonight (G)

1.00 Coronation Street 11.00 Home and Away (PGR, R, C) 4.25 Wipeout (G, HD, C) 6.00 Childrens Programmes (G)
(PGR, R, HD, C, AD) Today: 11.30 Shortland Street 5.25 Family Feud (G, HD, C) 8.55 Million Dollar Minute (G, R)
Tracys guilt weighs heavy, (R, HD, C, AD) 6.00 Newshub Live 9.25 Wheel of Fortune (G, R)
and a desperate Jenny is Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 7.00 The Best of Jono and Ben 9.55 Hot Bench (G)
forced to rethink her plan. (PGR, C) (PGR, HD) The best bits
10.20 The Doctors (PGR)
2.00 Kiwi Living (G, R, HD, C) 1.00 Bachelor in Paradise from last years series.
11.15 Netball International Series,
2.55 Tipping Point (G) (PGR, C) 7.30 The New Celebrity
Wales v Silver Ferns.
3.55 Te Karere (C) 3.00 Americas Funniest Home Apprentice (PGR, HD, C,
1.00 Wayward Pines (PGR, R)
4.25 Millionaire Hot Seat (G, C) Videos (G, R, C) another episode screens
2.00 The Tonight Show Starring
Eddie McGuire hosts a quiz 3.30 The Jungle Bunch: To the tomorrow) Arnold
Jimmy Fallon (PGR, R)
show. Rescue! (G, R, C) Schwarzenegger hosts
a reality series in which 3.00 Escape to the Country
5.00 The Chase (G, C) Bradley 3.40 Kickin It (G, R, C)
celebrities compete to make (G, R)
Walsh hosts a UK game 4.05 K.C. Undercover (G, R, C)
the most money for charity. 4.00 Antiques Roadshow (G, C)
show. 4.30 My Wife and Kids (G, R, C)
8.30 Married at First Sight 5.00 Million Dollar Minute (G)
6.00 1 News (C) 5.00 Friends (G, R, C)
Australia (PGR, HD, C) 5.30 Prime News
7.00 Seven Sharp (C) Toni Street 5.30 Home and Away (PGR, C)
Tonight: Lauren, the single 6.00 Wheel of Fortune (G)
and Mike Hosking present Today: Heath and Bianca
current affairs. drop a bombshell. mum looking for love a 6.30 Jeopardy! (G)
7.30 George Clarkes Amazing 6.00 The Big Bang Theory second time around, has a 7.00 The Crowd Goes Wild
Spaces (PGR, C) Tonight: (PGR, R, C) The Vengeance big decision to make. 7.30 MacGyver (PGR, C) Wire
On his New Zealand road Formulation: Sheldon takes 10.05 Newshub Late Cutter: Mac and Jack try to
trip, George travels to revenge on Barry. 10.35 Golf World (G, HD) With defuse a warhead.
Waiheke Island to see a 6.30 Neighbours (G, C) Tonight: Mark Leishman and Laura 8.30 Bull (AO, C) Callisto: Bull
modernist tent-like home as Sonya struggles to deal McGoldrick. assists with a patent lawsuit
hidden in the tropical with a complication in her 11.05 The Good Wife (AO, R, HD) defence.
undergrowth. pregnancy, she blames her Open Source: Alicia must 9.30 Madam Secretary (AO, C)
8.30 Blindspot (AO, C, AD) health troubles on the stress decide whether to use 10.30 NCIS: New Orleans
Hero Fears Imminent of Dees return. Peters past against him. (AO, R, C)
Rot: Weller and the team 7.00 Shortland Street (PGR, 12.00am Entertainment Tonight 11.30 The Halberg Awards (G)
must stop a series of HD, C, AD) Tonight: Lucy (G) 1.30am 2.00 The Crowd Goes
escalating bombings, and and Ali face an uncertain 12.30 6.00 Infomercials Wild (G, R)
Jane is forced to go on an future; Jacks heroic effort
assassination mission to
prove her loyalty.
fails; and Ruby hits Nicole
with an uncomfortable truth.

9.30 Walliams and Friend (C, AD) Writer Anna Nuria Francino, 6.00 Infomercials 10.00 Million 6.30 Childrens Programmes (R)
Tonight: David Walliams director Caroline Bell-Booth. Dollar Listing (G, R) 10.55 Hoarders 8.00 Miharo (G, R)
invites comedian Harry 7.30 Men in Black (1997, AO, (G, R) 11.45 Snapped (PGR, R) 8.30 Te Kaea (R)
Enfield to be his friend, and R, C, AD) Special agents
12.40 Vanderpump Rules 1.35 9.00 2Kaha (G, R)
the result is a masterclass in police aliens on Earth.
Intervention (R) 2.30 The Real 9.30 R&R (PGR, HD)
sketch. Tommy Lee Jones, Will
Housewives of Beverly Hills (R) 10.00 Korero Mai (G, R)
10.05 Insert Name Here (PGR) Smith.
3.30 Interior Therapy with Jeff 11.00 Toku Reo (G, R)
Sue Perkins presents a 9.25 Caught on Dashcam
Lewis (G, R) 4.30 Dance Moms Noon Korero Mai (G, R)
comedy panel show about (PGR, R, C) Footage of the
(G) 5.30 Hoarders (G, R) 6.30 1.00 Toku Reo (G, R)
famous people, past and most spectacular and bizarre
present, who share the same car crashes. Million Dollar Listing (G, R) Love 2.00 Opaki (G, R)
name. 10.25 Two and a Half Men Conquers: Josh Flagg seeks a new 2.30 Ako (R)
10.45 1 News Tonight (C) (PGR, R, C) For the Sake of home but faces an ultimatum, 3.00 Whaikorero (G, R)
11.15 Upper Middle Bogan the Child: Charlie and Alan and Madison lands a Malibu 3.30 Nga Pari Karangaranga (R)
(AO, R, C) Bonds and humiliate Jake. property. 7.30 Snapped (PGR, R) 4.00 Iwi Anthems (G, R)
Stocks: Bess is concerned 10.55 Ten 7 Summer (PGR, HD) Kelly Ryan: A fitness queen turns 4.30 Ka Tu Ka Korero (G, R)
the Brights do not have any Tonight: North Shore police fugitive when her assistants body 5.00 Kapa Haka Regionals (G, R)
family bonding hobbies like interrupt a party in the back turns up in her car. 8.30 Snapped: 5.30 Te Kaea
the Wheelers. of a ute. Killer Couples (AO) Diana Haun & 6.00 Pukoro (G, R)
11.50 A Night at the Classic 11.25 Hells Kitchen (AO) Michael Dally: Two love-obsessed 6.20 Huhu (G)
(AO, R, HD, C) Tonight: 12.25am Agent X (AO) grocery store employees come up 6.30 SpongeBob Tarau Porowha
A conniving Brendhan 1.15 Shortland Street with a deadly plan. 9.30 Hoarders (G, R)
Lovegrove leaps at the (R, HD, C, AD) (G) Leza & Linda: A womans 7.00 Playlist (G)
opportunity to manipulate 1.45 Infomercials home is uninhabitable and she 7.30 Cams Kai (G, R)
Raybon Kan through his 2.50 Pretty Little Liars has to clean it up or risk losing her 8.00 Whanau Living (G, R)
young daughter. (PGR, R, C) property. 10.30 Intervention (AO) 8.30 Kairakau (PGR, R)
12.20am Benefits Street 3.35 The Real (PGR) Sarah/Mikeal: A poor boy and a 9.00 The GC (PGR)
(AO, R, C, AD) 4.20 Americas Funniest Home rich girl have found sanctuary in 9.30 Billy T James (AO, R)
1.20 Te Karere (R, C) Videos (G, R) each others pain. 11.30 Snapped 10.00 Nga Pari Karangaranga (R)
1.45 Infomercials 5.05 Neighbours (G, R, C) (PGR, R) 12.20am 6.00 10.30 Te Kaea (R)
5.35 6.00 Te Karere (R, C) 5.30 6.00 Infomercials Infomercials 11.00 11.30 Te Kauta (PGR, R)

NEW RETURN FINAL FILM C Captions AD Audio Description HD High Definition

7.15 No Escape (2015, 16) 6.45 The Water Diviner (2014, M) 7.45 The Green Berets (1968, PG) 6.55 Braquo (2013, 18, season 4,
Owen Wilson. Russell Crowe. John Wayne. episode 2)
8.55 Friended to Death (2014, 16) 8.35 My Girlfriends Boyfriend 10.05 Forget Paris (1995, M) 7.50 The Source Family (2012, M)
Ryan Hansen. (2010, PG) Alyssa Milano. Billy Crystal. US documentary.
10.35 Dope (2015, 16) 10.00 Ricki and the Flash 11.45 Touch of Evil (1958, M) 9.30 The Paperboy (2012, 16)
Shameik Moore. (2015, PG) Meryl Streep. Charlton Heston. Nicole Kidman.
12.15 Crimson Peak (2015, 16) 11.40 Magic Mike XXL (2015, 16) 1.20 The Getaway (1972, 16) 11.15 Just Eat It: A Food
Mia Wasikowska. Channing Tatum. Steve McQueen. Waste Story (2014, M)
2.10 No Escape (2015, 16) 1.35 The Water Diviner (2014, M) 3.20 Tremors (1990, M) Canadian documentary.
Owen Wilson. Russell Crowe. Kevin Bacon. 12.30 Little Men (2016, PG)
3.50 Friended to Death (2014, 16) 3.25 Theres Always Woodstock 4.55 Light Sleeper (1992, 16) Greg Kinnear.
Ryan Hansen. (2014, M) Allison Miller. A man is lured into a world 2.00 Keep on Keepin on
5.30 #PopFan (2014, M) Chelsea 5.00 Boychoir (2014, PG) of drugs. Willem Dafoe. (2014, M) US documentary.
Kane, Nolan Gerard Funk. Dustin Hoffman. 6.40 The Last of the Mohicans 3.25 The Medicine Seller
7.00 Freaks of Nature 6.40 Divorce Invitation (2012, 16) (1992, PG) A Mohican warrior (2013, 16) Isabella Ferrari.
(2015, 16) An alien Jonathan Bennett, Jamie- falls for the daughter of a 5.15 Road to Nowhere (2010, 16)
apocalypse threatens Lynn Sigler. British officer. Daniel Day- Shannyn Sossamon.
a town. Nicholas Braun. 8.30 Truth (2015, M) After Lewis. 7.15 Miss in Her Teens (2014, M)
8.30 The Huntsman: Winters getting their hands on some 8.30 The Sting (1973, PG) During Tori Butler Hart.
War (2016, M) As war incriminating documents, the 1930s, two conmen try 8.30 Underfire (2016, 16)
escalates between good journalists run with a story to take revenge on a crime US documentary about a
and evil, Eric the Huntsman about President George boss who had their friend WWII infantryman who took
must help Freya vanquish W Bush. Cate Blanchett, killed. Paul Newman, Robert his camera into battle.
her sister. Chris Hemsworth, Robert Redford. Redford. 9.50 The Bureau (2015, 16,
Charlize Theron. 10.40 Hello, My Name Is Doris 10.35 Maverick (1994, PG) A card season 2, episode 1) French
10.25 The Forger (2014, M) (2015, M) Sally Field, Max shark joins forces with a lady crime series.
A petty thief makes a deal Greenfield. thief. Mel Gibson. 10.50 Millers Crossing (1990, 18)
with the devil. John Travolta. 12.10am The Diary of a Teenage 12.40am Critters 2 (1988, M) 2.05 Gabriel Byrne.
12.00am Lap Dance (2014, 16) 1.45 Girl (2015, 16) 1.50 Dorfman in Love The MacKintosh Man (1973, M) 3.45 12.45am Braquo (2013, 18, season 4,
#PopFan (2014, M) 3.15 Freaks (2011, PG) 3.20 Truth (2015, M) 5.25 Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf? episode 3) 1.35 Underfire (16) 2.55
of Nature (2015, 16) 4.45 The Theres Always Woodstock (2014, (1966, M) 5.55 The Getaway (1972, The Medicine Seller (2013, 16) 4.45
Huntsman: Winters War (2016, M) M) 16) Millers Crossing (1990, 18)

GENERAL encounter with a fellow patient. 9.30 Fortitude (16)

Tonight: The police follow their first lead, but Ingrid
discovers something that troubles her. 10.35 Bates
Choice TV FREEVIEW 12 SKY 024 Motel (16) 11.20 Togetherness (16) 11.50 Rome (16)
6.00 Benny Hinn 6.30 Shoreline Detectives
7.30 Polar Bear Town 8.30 American Restoration 12.50am The Honourable Woman (16) 1.50 Hap and
9.30 Aussie Barbecue Heroes 10.30 The French Leonard (16) 2.35 Legion (16) 3.30 Fortitude (16)
Collection 11.30 American Restoration Noon Special 4.20 Togetherness (16) 4.50 Rome (16) 5.50 Bates
Forces: Ultimate Hell Week 1.00 Shoreline Detectives Motel (16)
2.00 The Old Man & the Sea: The Expedition 3.00
The Cook and the Chef 3.30 Martin Clunes: Heavy Living SKY 017
Horsepower 4.30 Poh & Co 5.00 Pohs Kitchen 6.00 Flog It! 6.55 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun
Lends a Hand 5.30 Unplugged Nation 6.30 Flog It! 7.50 Zoo Days (M) 8.15 Antiques Roadshow 9.15
7.30 Tiny House Nation 8.30 Hughs Fish Fight 9.30 Escape to the Country 10.10 Location Location
Trust Me Im a Doctor 10.30 Flog It! 11.30 Poh & Co Location 11.05 Selling Houses Australia 12.05 Homes
12.00am Pohs Kitchen Lends a Hand 12.30 Benny Under the Hammer 1.05 Flog It! 2.00 A Place in the
Hinn 1.00 Natures Treasure Islands 2.00 Martin Rialto: Road to Nowhere, 5.15pm Sun: Winter Sun 3.00 Zoo Days (M) 3.30 Escape
Clunes: Heavy Horsepower 3.00 Unplugged Nation to the Country 4.30 A Place in the Sun: Winter
4.00 Robsons Extreme Fishing Challenge (PGR) 7.30 Would I Lie to You? (PG) 8.00 Mrs Browns Sun 5.30 Antiques Roadshow 6.30 Grand Designs
5.00 Hughs Fish Fight (PGR) Boys (M) Mammy Rides Again: Agnes and Winnie (G) Tonight: A couple always dreamed of building
crash Marias hens night. 8.30 Birds of a Feather a home large enough for a dance floor and DJ
TVNZ Duke FREEVIEW 13 SKY 023 (PG) Christmas in Dreamland: Sharon dozes off into booth. 7.30 Homes Under the Hammer 8.30 Holmes
12.55pm Bundesliga, Hamburg v Bayer Leverkusen. a fantasy world where she has changed places with Inspection 9.30 Great Continental Railway Journeys
2.40 Bundesliga Highlights 3.35 NBA, Oklahoma her sister and is now the wealthy one in the family. 10.30 Selling Houses Australia 11.30 Escape to the
City Thunder v Portland Trail Blazers. 5.40 9.30 Let It Shine (PG) A talent search for five boys Country 1.20am Homes Under the Hammer 2.20
According to Jim (G, C) 6.05 Home Improvement who will form a band to perform the songs of Take Holmes Inspection 3.10 Great Continental Railway
(G, C) Lets Go to the Videotape: Tims jokes about That. 11.00 QI (M) 11.30 The Bill (M) 12.20am New Journeys 4.10 Selling Houses Australia 5.05 Grand
his wife are caught on videotape. 6.35 MythBusters Tricks (M) 1.15 Death in Paradise (M) 2.20 Prime Designs
7.35 Air Crash Investigation (PGR) Altitude: Korean Suspect (16) 4.10 Pride & Prejudice (PG) 5.05 Peaky
Blinders (16)
Air Cargo Flight 8509, which exploded near Sky Arts SKY 020
Stansted Airport. 8.30 Taskmaster (PGR) Greg 6.00 Il Divo: A Musical Affair: Live in Japan 7.00
Davies hosts a game show in which he sets a series SoHo SKY 010 Off Camera 8.00 Mark Isaacs Symphony No 1 8.30
of stupefying tasks for a group of British comedians. 6.40 Fear the Walking Dead (16) 7.30 Tig Notaro: Red Ribbon Celebration Concert 2014 9.35 Chailly
9.30 DCs Legends of Tomorrow (AO) Turncoat: Boyish Girl Interrupted (M) 8.30 Pete Holmes: Conducts Mahlers Symphony No 7 11.00 Ryuichi
When the Legends find a new Time Aberration they Faces and Sounds (M) 9.30 Baskets (M) 10.00 Sakamoto: Playing the Orchestra 1.00 Verbier
must travel to the winter of 1776 to protect George Catastrophe (16) 10.25 Fortitude (16) 11.15 Fear Festival: Kavakos, Hagen, Hamelin 2.00 Il Divo: A
Washington. 10.20 Arrow (AO) Bratva: A mission the Walking Dead (16) Noon Togetherness (16) Musical Affair: Live in Japan 3.00 Off Camera 4.00
takes Oliver, Felicity and team to Russia. 11.15 Full 12.30 Bates Motel (16) 1.20 Tig Notaro: Boyish Edna OBrien: Life, Stories 5.00 Madeleine Peyroux:
Frontal with Samantha Bee 11.40 12.30am The Girl Interrupted (M) 2.20 Pete Holmes: Faces and A Portrait 6.00 Off Camera: Sarah Silverman 7.00
Late Late Show with James Corden Sounds (M) 3.20 Baskets (M) 3.50 Catastrophe Design & Decoration 8.00 Polifonia 8.30 London
(16) 4.20 Fortitude (16) 5.20 Fear the Walking Film School (PG) Love After Sunrise; and Long
UKTV SKY 007 Dead (16) 6.10 Bates Motel (16) Check-Out: Dylan Walk Home (PG) 9.00 Art: 21 10.00 Reelside 10.30
6.00 EastEnders (PG) 6.30 Death in Paradise (M) questions his loyalty to Norma. 7.00 Togetherness Stars of the Silver Screen: Greta Garbo. 11.15 Neil
7.35 The Bill (M) 8.25 Prime Suspect (16) 10.15 Death (16) Insanity: Tina and Alex engage in a personal McCormicks Needle Time: Belinda Carlisle. 12.00am
in Paradise (M) 11.20 New Tricks (M) 12.15 Pride & mission. 7.30 Hap and Leonard (16) Soldier and Edna OBrien: Life, Stories 1.00 Madeleine Peyroux:
Prejudice (PG) 1.15 Peaky Blinders (16) 2.15 Prime Angel force Leonard to dig up the money. 8.30 A Portrait 2.00 Off Camera: Sarah Silverman 3.00
Suspect (16) 4.05 The Bill (M) 4.55 New Tricks (M) Legion (16) Tonight: A young man wonders if the Design & Decoration 4.00 Polifonia 4.30 London
5.50 Death in Paradise (M) 6.55 EastEnders (PG) visions he experiences are real following a strange Film School (PG) 5.00 Art: 21

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 89

Sky Sport 1 SKY 051 RNZ National
6.00 TBA 6.30 The Cricket Show 7.00 TBA 7.30
NRL, Auckland Nines. 8.30 Softball, International
Challenge Cup. 9.00 Asian Le Mans Series. 10.00
6.00 Morning Report Including: 6.16 and 6.50
TBA 10.30 Hockey, India League, Delhi Waveriders Business News; 6.18 Pacific News; 6.26 Rural
v Uttar Pradesh Wizards. Noon Fox Sports News News; 6.48 and 7.45 NZ Newspapers
12.30 Cricket, ODI, NZ v Australia, game three. 9.06 Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan
1.00 TBA 1.30 Inside the PGA Tour 2.00 Golf, Including: 10.45 The Reading: The Larnachs,
Dubai Desert Classic. 2.30 Golf Central 3.30 NRL, by Owen Marshall, told by Michele Amas and
Auckland Nines. 5.30 Netball, International Series, Owen Scott (3 of 12, RNZ)
Wales v Silver Ferns. 7.00 TBA 8.00 Halberg Noon Midday Report Including: 12.16 Business
Awards 10.30 The Crowd Goes Wild 11.00 UFC News; 12.26 Sport; 12.34 Rural News; 12.43
Countdown 12.00am Softball, International Worldwatch
Challenge Cup. 12.30 TBA 1.00 NBL, Taipans v 1.06 Jesse Mulligan
36ers. 3.00 Netball, Wales v Silver Ferns. BBC Knowledge: Where the Wild Men Are 4.06 The Panel with Jim Mora
with Ben Fogle, 8.30pm 5.00 Checkpoint with John Campbell
Sky Sport 2 SKY 052 7.30 Fox Sports News 8.00 Golf, European PGA 6.30 Trending Now
6.00 NZ Football Highlights 6.30 NZ Football Tour, Maybank Cship Malaysia, first round, live. 6.55 The House
Weekly 7.00 The Football League Show 7.30 TBA 11.00 Fox Sports News 11.30 Netball, Wales v Silver 7.06 Nights with Bryan Crump
8.00 Fox Sports News 8.30 The Crowd Goes Wild Ferns. 12.00am The Crowd Goes Wild 12.30 NZ 7.30 New Horizons Music commentator and
9.00 Golf, Phoenix Open. 10.00 UFC Now 11.00 Premiership Football Highlights Show 1.00 The critic William Dart looks at music with more
Fight Night on Sky 1.00 TBA 1.30 Rugby Sevens, Football League Show 1.30 A-League, Sydney FC v going on in it than just surface
World Series, Sydney, final day. 3.00 Netball, Wales Phoenix. 2.00 UFC Countdown 3.00 Fight Night on 8.30 Windows on the World
v Silver Ferns. 4.30 TBA 5.00 Fight Night on Sky Sky 5.00 The ITM Fishing Show 9.06 Our Changing World Highlights from the
7.00 UFC Countdown 8.00 The Crowd Goes Wild world of science and the environment, with
8.30 TBA 9.00 Fox Sports News 9.45 A-League, ESPN SKY 060 Alison Ballance
Sydney FC v Phoenix, live. 12.00am Halberg Awards 6.00 Basketball, College, Big 12, Texas v Iowa 9.30 This Way Up After Dark Exploring the
2.30 Hockey, India League, Jaypee Punjab Warriors State. 7.30 NFL Insiders 8.30 NFL Live 9.30 things we use and consume
v Ranchi Rays, live. 4.30 Golf, Maybank Cship NBA: The Jump 10.00 SportsNation 10.30 Highly
Malaysia, first round. 5.00 Asian Le Mans Series. 10.00 News and Late Edition Including: 10.35
Questionable 11.00 NFL Live Noon SportsCenter The House: Insights from Parliament; 10.45
1.00 NBA Countdown 2.00 NBA, Knicks v Clippers, Dateline Pacific
Sky Sport 3 SKY 053 live. 4.30 NBA, Golden State Warriors v Chicago 11.06 The Music 101 Pocket Edition
6.00 Softball, International Challenge Cup. 6.30 Bulls, live. 7.00 In Depth with Graham Bensinger Music, interviews, live performances,
The ITM Fishing Show 7.30 Netball, Quad Series, 7.30 Basketball, College, ACC, Florida State v North
industry issues, profiles, greatest hits and tall
Silver Ferns v South African Proteas. 8.00 Netball, Carolina State. 9.00 Around the Horn 9.30 Pardon
tales, with a focus on New Zealand/Aotearoa
Wales v Silver Ferns. 8.30 Netball, Wales v Silver the Interruption 10.00 ESPN FC 10.30 NBA: The
Ferns, live. 10.30 NRL, Auckland Nines. 1.30 World Jump 11.00 Basketball, College, Big 12, Oklahoma v 12.04am All Night Programme Including: 12.05
Rally Cship, Rally Sweden, Preview. 2.00 Netball, West Virginia. 12.30am Boxing, 1988, Micky Ward v Music After Midnight; 12.30 At the Movies with
Wales v Silver Ferns. 2.30 Sky Sports UK News Francisco Tomas Da Cruz. 1.00 SportsCenter 2.00 Simon Morris; 1.05 The Friday Feature; 2.30
3.00 The ITM Fishing Show 4.00 Golf, European ESPN FC 2.30 Jalen & Jacoby 3.00 NBA, New York The Sampler; 3.05 Lucky Bastard, by Peter
PGA Tour, Maybank Cship Malaysia, first round, Knicks v Los Angeles Clippers. 5.00 NBA, Golden Wells (4 of 15, RNZ); 3.30 The Why Factor
live. 6.00 Inside the PGA Tour 6.30 Golf Central State Warriors v Chicago Bulls. (BBC); 5.10 Witness (BBC)
Website: radionz.co.nz
DOCUMENTARIES History SKY 073 Parliament: parliament.nz
6.30 Invasion: The Outbreak of World War II (M)
Discovery SKY 070 7.30 East to West (PG) 8.30 Rome: The Worlds RNZ Concert
6.00 Auction Hunters (PG) 6.30 Deadliest Catch first Superpower (PG) 9.30 Time Team 10.30 Coast FREEVIEW 51 SKY 422 iHeartRADIO
(PG) 7.30 How Do They Do It? (PG) 8.00 Auction Australia (PG) 11.30 Blood and Gold: The Making of News and Weather 6.00am, 7.00, 8.00,
Hunters (PG) 8.30 MythBusters (PG) 9.25 Edge of Spain (PG) 12.30 Genius (PG) 1.30 Hunting Hitler 9.00am, noon, 3.00, 5.00, 6.00, 10.00pm
Alaska (M) 10.20 Alaska: The Last Frontier (M) 11.15 (PG) 2.30 Tales of the Gun (PG) 3.30 Dogfights 6.00 Classic Morning with Rick Young
Deadly Sins (M) 12.10 Your Worst Nightmare (M) (PG) 4.30 Pompeii: New Secrets Revealed (PG) 10.00 Weekday Classics with Clarissa Dunn
1.05 Blood Relatives (M) 2.00 Made by Destruction 5.30 Time Team 6.30 Rome Unwrapped (M) 7.30 1.00 Upbeat with Eva Radich
(PG) 2.25 How Its Made (PG) 2.55 How Do They Historys Greatest Hoaxes (PG) 8.30 National Park: 2.00 Made in New Zealand
Do It? (PG) 3.20 Auction Hunters (PG) 3.50 Secrets & Legends (M) UFOs at Joshua Tree: 9.00 3.00 Classic Afternoons with David Morriss
Deadliest Catch (PG) 4.45 On Tracks (PG) 5.40 Unsealed: Conspiracy Files 9.30 The Universe:
Favourite music from the Renaissance to the
MythBusters (PG) 6.35 Gold Rush (PG) 8.30 On Ancient Mysteries Solved (PG) 10.30 Unsealed:
Romantic and beyond
Tracks (PG) 9.30 Railroad Australia (PG) 10.30 Alien Files (PG) 11.00 The Conspiracy Show (PG)
11.30 The Universe 12.30am Tales of the Gun (PG) 7.00 Music Alive Gordon Hunt (ob),
Deadliest Catch (PG) 11.30 NASAs Unexplained
Files (PG) 12.30am Blood Relatives (M) 1.25 Your 1.30 Dogfights (PG) 2.30 History of Warfare (M) Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra/Vladimir
Worst Nightmare (M) 2.20 Auction Hunters (PG) 3.15 Time Team 4.00 Historys Greatest Hoaxes Ashkenazy Rautavaara: Isle of Bliss; Strauss:
3.15 Deadliest Catch (PG) 4.10 Treehouse Masters (PG) 5.00 National Park: Secrets & Legends (M) Oboe Concerto in D; Sibelius: Symphony No
(PG) 5.05 Moonshiners (M) 5.30 The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved (PG) 2 in D Op 43 (recorded in the Auckland Town
National Geographic SKY 072 BBC Knowledge SKY 074 10.00 Days End RNZ Concerts musical
7.30 Brain Games (PG) 8.30 StarTalk (M) 9.30 6.30 Who Do You Think You Are? (PG) 7.30 Life nightcap
Salvage Code Red (M) 10.30 Explorer: Faces of Below Zero (M) 8.15 Top Gear (PG) 10.15 Life in the 12.00am Music Through the Night
Death (M) 11.30 Stephen Hawkings Science of Undergrowth (PG) 11.05 Countryfile (PG) Noon 24 Website: radionz.co.nz/concert
the Future (PG) 12.30 Air Crash Investigation (PG) Hours in A&E (M) 12.50 Pointless (PG) 1.35 Who
2.30 Yukon Gold (M) 3.30 Outback Wrangler Do You Think You Are? Aus (PG) 2.30 Countryfile Radio Live
(PG) 4.30 Gold Rush Ghost Ships (PG) 5.30 (PG) 3.25 Embarrassing Bodies Down Under (M) 6.00 Mike Puru and Trudi Nelson 9.00 Mark
Megastructures 6.30 Science of Stupid (PG) 7.30 4.15 24 Hours in A&E (16) 5.05 Pointless (PG) Sainsbury Noon Willie Jackson 3.00 Ali Mau 6.00
Worst Weather Ever? (PG) 9.30 Australias Great 5.55 Who Do You Think You Are? US (PG) 6.40 Newshub 7.00 Kim Blair 8.00 Karyn Hay 12.00am
Flood (PG) In early 2011, a freak inland tsunami David Attenboroughs Natural Curiosities (PG) 7.30 Joe Reid 5.00 James Coleman
smashed through Queensland bringing widespread Countryfile (PG) 8.30 Where the Wild Men Are Website: radiolive.co.nz
destruction. This is the story of Australias greatest with Ben Fogle (PG) 9.20 Natures Miracle Orphans
flood, caught on camera by those who lived (PG) 10.15 24 Hours in A&E (M) 11.10 Embarrassing Newstalk ZB
through it. 10.30 Air Crash Investigation (PG) Bodies (M) 12.00am Life in the Undergrowth (PG) 6.00 Mike Hosking 8.30 Leighton Smith Noon
Kerre McIvor and Mark Dye 4.00 Larry Williams 7.00
12.30am Mystery Files (PG) 1.00 Lost Tomb of 12.50 Top Gear (PG) 2.50 Embarrassing Bodies DArcy Waldegrave 8.00 Marcus Lush 12.00am Bruce
Genghis Khan (PG) 2.00 Yukon Gold (M) 4.00 Air Down Under (M) 3.40 24 Hours in A&E (16) 4.35 Russell 5.00 Rachel Smalley
Crash Investigation (PG) 5.00 Mystery Files (PG) Eggheads (PG) 5.05 Ross Kemp: Extreme World Website: newstalkzb.co.nz
5.30 Wicked Tuna: North vs South (M) (M) 5.50 Countryfile (PG)



6.00 Breakfast With Hilary Barry 6.00 Creflo Dollar Ministries 6.00 The Best of Paul Henry
and Jack Tame. 6.30 Sesame Street (G, R, C) 8.00 Rachael Ray (G, HD)
9.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 6.55 The Jungle Bunch: To the 9.00 The Cafe
(PGR, R, C) Today: Timothy Rescue! (G, R, C) 10.00 Infomercials
Olyphant, Mario Lopez, 7.20 Transformers: Robots in 11.25 Family Feud (G, R, HD, C)
Camila Cabello and Machine Disguise (G, R, C) Noon Dr Phil (AO, HD)
Gun Kelly. 7.45 Breadwinners (G, R, C) 1.00 A Woman Betrayed
10.00 Whanau Living (G, HD) 8.15 Jake and the Never Land (2013, PGR, R, HD) A woman
Today: Hilary Barry shows Pirates (G, R, C) who is unlucky in love meets Prime: NCIS: New Orleans,
how to make hummingbird 8.40 Miles from Tomorrowland her perfect man, but he is 8.30pm
cake, and Maihi has a (G, R, C) not who he claims he is.
clever idea for turning your
favourite photos into a piece
9.00 Infomercials
10.30 Neighbours (G, R, C)
Sarah Lancaster.
2.55 Baggage (PGR, R, HD)

of art. 11.00 Home and Away (PGR, R, C) 3.20 Sticky TV (G, HD) 6.00 Childrens Programmes (G)
10.30 The Chase (G, R, C) Bradley 11.30 Shortland Street 4.00 Entertainment Tonight (G) 8.55 Million Dollar Minute (G, R)
Walsh hosts a UK game (R, HD, C, AD) 4.25 Wipeout (G, HD, C)
9.25 Wheel of Fortune (G, R)
show. Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 5.25 Family Feud (G, HD, C) Dai
9.50 Jeopardy! (G)
11.30 Come Dine with Me Daytime (PGR, C) Henwood hosts a game
10.20 The Doctors (PGR)
(G) Strangers compete to be 1.00 Bachelor in Paradise (C) show.
11.10 Hot Bench (G)
the top dinner party host. 2.00 Judge Rinder (G, R) 6.00 Newshub Live
11.40 Jane the Virgin (PGR, R)
Noon 1 News (C) 3.00 Americas Funniest Home 7.00 Now Thats Funny!
12.35 Wayward Pines (PGR, R)
12.30 Emmerdale (PGR, C) Today: Videos (G, R, C) (PGR, R, HD, C) With
1.30 The Tonight Show Starring
Nicola and Jimmy are forced 3.30 The Jungle Bunch: To the Simon Barnett and Gary
McCormick. Jimmy Fallon (PGR, R)
to reconcile; Kerry flashes Rescue! (G, R, C)
2.30 The Crowd Goes Wild (G, R)
the cash; and Cains patience 3.40 Kickin It (G, R, C) 7.30 The New Celebrity
Apprentice (PGR, HD, C) 3.00 Escape to the Country
wears thin. 4.05 My Wife and Kids (G, R, C)
Hosted by Arnold (G, R)
1.00 Coronation Street 5.00 Friends (G, R, C)
Schwarzenegger. 4.00 Antiques Roadshow (G, C)
(R, HD, C, AD) Today: 5.30 Home and Away (PGR, C)
8.30 The Graham Norton Show 5.00 Million Dollar Minute (G)
Michael learns the shocking 6.00 The Big Bang Theory
(AO, HD, C) Tonight: Ryan 5.30 Prime News
truth; Kevin may have (PGR, R, C) The Gorilla
Gosling, Emma Stone, Ben 6.00 Wheel of Fortune (G)
unwittingly agreed to Jacks Experiment: Bernadette
kidnapping; and Mary makes Howard jealous. Affleck, Sienna Miller and 6.30 Jeopardy! (G)
suspects Dev has had his 6.30 Neighbours (G, C) Tonight: Gregory Porter. 7.00 The Crowd Goes Wild
head turned. Sonya is concerned by the 9.30 Live at the Apollo (AO, 7.30 Scorpion (PGR)
2.00 Tipping Point (G) Ben news of Steph and Marks HD, C) Tonight: Joe Lycett 8.30 NCIS: New Orleans (AO, C)
Shephard hosts a quiz show break-up, leading Mark to introduces Ivo Graham and Escape Plan: Sebastian is
in which four players take on make a surprising decision. Phil Wang. kidnapped and forced to
a machine. 7.00 Shortland Street (PGR, 10.30 Newshub Late help with a prison break.
3.55 Te Karere (C) HD, C, AD) Tonight: Jack is 11.00 Bobs Burgers (PGR, HD) 9.30 Class (AO)
4.25 Millionaire Hot Seat (G, C) forced to face his fears; Chris 11.30 American Dad! (PGR, R, HD) 10.30 MacGyver (PGR, R, C)
Eddie McGuire hosts a learns Harry has gone too Anchorfran: Francine lends 11.30 The Tonight Show Starring
quiz show in which six far, and Ali hurts the one he her neighbour a hand. Jimmy Fallon (PGR)
contestants answer multiple- loves the most. Writer Jan 12.00am Fail Army (AO, R, HD) 12.30am 1.00 The Crowd Goes
choice questions. Prettejohns, director Caroline 12.25 6.00 Infomercials Wild (G, R)
5.00 The Chase (G, C) Bradley Bell-Booth.
Walsh hosts a UK game
show in which contestants
7.30 The Middle (G, R, C) Not
Your Brothers Drop Off:

race to answer quiz Sues excitement about 6.00 Infomercials 10.00 Million 6.30 Childrens Programmes
questions correctly. moving into her dorm turns Dollar Listing (G, R) 10.55 Hoarders (G, R)
6.00 1 News (C) to dread when she is forced (G, R) 11.45 Snapped (PGR, R) 8.00 Miharo (G, R)
7.00 Seven Sharp (C) Toni Street to cut her hair. 12.40 Vanderpump Rules 1.35 8.30 Te Kaea (R)
and Mike Hosking present 8.00 Take Me Out (PGR, C)
Intervention (R) 2.30 Hoarders 9.00 2Kaha (G, R)
current affairs, entertainment Comedian Paddy
(G, R) 4.30 Dance Moms (G) 5.30 9.30 R&R (PGR, HD)
and opinion. McGuinness hosts a UK
Teen Mom 2 6.30 Catfish: The TV 10.00 Korero Mai (G, R)
7.30 Kirstie and Phils Love It or dating series in which one
Show (PGR) Sunny & Jamison: 11.00 Toku Reo (G, R)
List It UK (C) Kirstie Allsopp man tries to impress 30
A look at couples who have fallen Noon Korero Mai (G, R)
and Phil Spencer present women.
in love online: Sunny has never 1.00 Toku Reo (G, R)
a UK realty series. Tonight: 9.05 The Voice US (G, C)
The Charles family cant met Jamison, and is afraid that if 2.00 Opaki (G, R)
Tonight: The winner is
decide whether to hang revealed. they do, he wont turn out to be 2.30 Ako (R)
onto their three-bed semi in 11.00 Cougar Town (PGR, R, C) the man of her dreams after all. 3.00 My Country Song (G, R)
Birmingham or to seek out a Pilot: Jules is pressured by 7.30 Snapped (PGR, R) Monique 3.30 Nga Pari Karangaranga
new home in the city. her friends to get back out Berkley: A military wife is caught in (G, R)
8.30 Coronation Street (PGR, there after her divorce. a deadly love triangle. 8.30 The 4.30 Whare Taonga (G, R)
HD, C, AD) Tonight: Todd 11.30 2 Broke Girls (AO, R, C) First Wives Club (1996, PGR) Three 5.00 Kapa Haka Regionals 2016
exacts his revenge on Eileen, 12.00am Scrubs (PGR, R, C) women, dumped by their husbands (G, R)
and Dev and Julie have 12.55 Shortland Street for younger women, decide to 5.30 Te Kaea
different ideas. (R, HD, C, AD) get their own back. Goldie Hawn, 6.00 Pukoro (G, R)
10.30 1 News Tonight (C) 1.25 Infomercials Bette Midler, Diane Keaton. 10.40 6.30 SpongeBob Tarau Porowha
11.00 Castle (AO, R, C) Veritas: 2.25 iZombie (AO, R, C) Intervention (AO) Penny Lee: A (G, R)
A secret investigation 3.10 Shameless (AO, R, C) mother-of-four is an out of control 7.00 Street Dance Nationals
conducted by Beckett 4.00 How to Get Away with alcoholic who spends most of her (G, R)
related to her mothers Murder (AO, R, C, AD) time alone. 11.35 Snapped (PGR, R) 7.30 Whanau Bake-Off (G, R)
murder goes awry after a 4.45 Americas Funniest Home Adrienne Hickson: The turbulent 8.00 Paki Vault (G, R)
man she has been watching Videos (G, R, C) relationship between a promising 8.30 Daylight (1996, PGR, R)
is killed. 5.10 Neighbours (G, R, C) law student and her boyfriend ends Sylvester Stallone.
12.50am Te Karere (R, C) 5.35 6.00 Good Luck Charlie with an unexpected act of violence. 10.35 Te Kaea (R)
1.15 6.00 Infomercials (G, R, C) 12.25am 6.00 Infomercials 11.05 11.35 Te Kauta (PGR, R)

NEW RETURN FINAL FILM C Captions AD Audio Description HD High Definition

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 91
6.40 The Forger (2014, M) 7.00 Boychoir (2014, PG) 7.55 The Last of the Mohicans 6.40 Keep on Keepin On
John Travolta. Dustin Hoffman. (1992, PG) Daniel Day-Lewis. (2014, M)
8.15 #PopFan (2014, M) 8.40 Divorce Invitation (2012, 16) 9.45 Maverick (1994, PG) 8.05 Miss in Her Teens (2014, M)
Chelsea Kane. Jonathan Bennett. Mel Gibson. Tori Butler Hart.
9.45 Lap Dance (2014, 16) 10.30 The Diary of a Teenage Girl 11.50 Critters 2 (1988, M) 9.20 The Medicine Seller
Stacey Dash. (2015, 16) Bel Powley. Scott Grimes. (2013, 16) Claudio
11.30 Freaks of Nature (2015, 16) 12.10 Hello, My Name Is Doris 1.15 The Pack (1977, M) Santamaria.
Nicholas Braun. (2015, M) Sally Field. Joe Don Baker. 11.05 Road to Nowhere (2010, 16)
1.05 The Huntsman: Winters War 1.40 Truth (2015, M) 2.55 Do the Right Thing (1989, M) Tygh Runyan.
(2016, M) Chris Hemsworth. Cate Blanchett. Danny Aiello. 1.05 Mavis! (2015, PG)
3.00 The Forger (2014, M) 3.45 Dorfman in Love (2011, PG) 4.55 Sixteen Candles (1984, PG) Mavis Staples.
John Travolta. Sara Rue. Molly Ringwald. 2.25 Zoran, My Nephew the Idiot
4.35 The Night Before (2015, 16) 5.20 Paper Planes (2014, G) 6.25 Philadelphia (1993, PG) (2013, M) Giuseppe Battiston.
Colin Egglesfield. Sam Worthington. A man with AIDS fights 4.15 How to Be Happy (2013, M)
6.05 Spectre (2015, M) A cryptic 6.55 Take Care (2014, M) a wrongful dismissal suit. Brian Gleeson.
message sends Bond on a After a car accident, Tom Hanks. 5.40 600 Miles (2015, 16)
trail. Daniel Craig. a woman is left to fend 8.30 Evil Dead II (1987, 16) Tim Roth, Kristyan Ferrer.
8.30 Southpaw (2015, 16) A boxer for herself. Leslie Bibb. The lone survivor of 7.05 Slow West (2015, M)
turns to a trainer to help 8.30 Eddie the Eagle (2016, PG) an onslaught of flesh- Kodi Smit-McPhee.
him get his life back on Based on the story of Eddie possessing spirits shelters 8.30 The Bureau (2015, 16,
track after losing his wife Edwards, who became the in a cabin with a group of season 2, episode 1)
in a tragic accident and his first competitor to represent strangers while the undead 9.30 Un Plus Une (2015, M)
daughter to child protection Great Britain in Olympic continue their attack. Bruce A composer goes to India
services. Jake Gyllenhaal. ski jumping. Taron Egerton, Campbell. and starts a relationship.
10.35 American Ultra (2015, 16) Hugh Jackman. 9.55 The Bonfire of the Vanities Jean Dujardin.
A stoner is targeted by 10.20 To Write Love on Her Arms (1990, PG) A financial whizs 11.25 Time Out of Mind (2014, M)
the government. Jesse (2012, M) Kat Dennings, life comes crashing down. Richard Gere, Ben Vereen.
Eisenberg. Chad Michael Murray. Tom Hanks, Melanie Griffith. 1.25am Braquo (2013, 18, season 4,
12.10am A Year and Change (2015, 12.00am Man About Town (2006, 12.00am Dirty Pretty Things (2002, episode 4) 2.15 Mavis! (2015, PG)
M) 1.40 The Night Before (2015, M) 1.40 Kept Woman (2015, M) 3.10 16) 1.35 The Road to Wellville (1994, 3.35 Zoran, My Nephew the Idiot
16) 3.05 Spectre (2015, M) 5.50 Eddie the Eagle (2016, PG) 4.55 M) 3.35 The Pack (1977, M) 5.15 (2013, M) 5.25 How to Be Happy
Southpaw (2015, 16) Paper Planes (2014, G) Sixteen Candles (1984, PG) (2013, M)

GENERAL Pete Holmes performs a stand-up special. 10.30

Bates Motel (16) The Escape Artist: Norman trusts
Cody with a family secret. 11.20 Togetherness (16)
Choice TV FREEVIEW 12 SKY 024 11.50 Legion (16) 12.40am Taboo (16) 1.40 Fear the
6.00 Benny Hinn 6.30 Tiny House Nation 7.30
Martin Clunes: Heavy Horsepower 8.30 Flog It! Walking Dead (16) 2.30 Pete Holmes: Faces and
9.30 Poh & Co. 10.00 Pohs Kitchen Lends a Hand Sounds (M) 3.30 Togetherness (16) 4.00 Legion (16)
10.30 Unplugged Nation 11.30 American Restoration 4.50 Taboo (16) 5.50 Bates Motel (16)
Noon Tiny House Nation 1.00 Hughs Fish Fight
2.00 Trust Me Im a Doctor 3.00 The Cook and the Living SKY 017
Chef 3.30 Natural World Special: A Wolf Called 6.00 Flog It! 6.55 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun
Storm 4.30 Rick Steins Mediterranean Escapes 7.50 Zoo Days (M) 8.15 Antiques Roadshow 9.15
5.30 Buying & Selling with the Property Brothers Escape to the Country 10.10 Great Continental
6.30 Four Rooms 7.30 Escape to the Chateau 8.30 Railway Journeys 11.10 Selling Houses Australia
Better Homes and Gardens 10.00 Alan Titchmarshs 12.05 Homes Under the Hammer 1.05 Flog It! 2.00
Garden Secrets 11.00 American Restoration 11.30 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 3.00 Zoo Days (M)
Rick Steins Mediterranean Escapes 12.30am Benny Movies Extra: Eddie the Eagle, 8.30pm 3.30 Escape to the Country 4.30 Holmes Inspection
Hinn 1.00 Natures Treasure Islands 2.00 Natural 5.30 Antiques Roadshow 6.30 Grand Designs
World Special: A Wolf Called Storm 3.00 Buying Eager to prove they are not too old for a party, 7.30 Homes Under the Hammer 8.30 Long Lost
& Selling with the Property Brothers 4.00 Better Agnes and Winnie decide to crash Marias hens Family UK 9.30 Family Finders 10.30 Selling Houses
Homes and Gardens 5.30 The Cook and the Chef night. 7.00 A Touch of Frost (M) Conclusions: Frost Australia 11.30 Grand Designs 12.30am Escape to
investigates the hit-and-run of a pensioner. 8.50 the Country 1.20 Homes Under the Hammer 2.20
TVNZ Duke FREEVIEW 13 SKY 023 Lewis (M) Expiation: After a housewife is found Long Lost Family UK 3.10 Family Finders 4.10 Selling
8.00 WRC, Rally Sweden, day one, live. 9.00 On hanged, it appears to be a case of suicide, but Lewis Houses Australia 5.05 Grand Designs
Duke Today 10.20 MMA: One Championship 1.25 instincts tell him something is not right. 10.30 Peaky
Blinders (16) Tonight: Tommy hatches a plan to take
NFL, Super Bowl LI Replay 5.40 According to Jim
control of the southern racecourses. 11.35 The Bill
Sky Arts SKY 020
(G, C) 6.05 Home Improvement (G, C) Quibbling 6.00 Reelside 6.30 Stars of the Silver Screen 7.15
Siblings: Brad guest hosts an episode of Tool (M) 12.25am Mrs Browns Boys (M) 1.00 New Tricks
Neil McCormicks Needle Time 8.00 Edna OBrien:
Time. 6.35 MythBusters 7.35 Megastructures (G) (M) 1.55 Death in Paradise (M) 3.00 Prime Suspect
Life, Stories 9.00 Madeleine Peyroux: A Portrait
North Branch Correctional: The North Branch (16) 4.50 Pride & Prejudice (PG) 5.45 Peaky Blinders
10.00 Off Camera: Sarah Silverman 11.00 Design &
Correctional Institution is a cutting-edge maximum (16)
Decoration Noon Polifonia 12.30 Love After Sunrise
security prison that houses 2000 inmates. 8.30 (PG) 12.45 Long Walk Home (PG) 1.00 Art: 21 2.00
Killer Elite (2011, AO) A former assassin is drawn SoHo SKY 010 Reelside 2.30 Stars of the Silver Screen 3.15 Neil
out of retirement to rescue his long-time mentor. 6.40 The Honourable Woman (16) 7.40 Hap and McCormicks Needle Time 4.00 Other Voices 4.50
Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Robert De Niro. 10.40 Leonard (16) 8.30 Legion (16) 9.20 Togetherness Stars of the Silver Screen: Sidney Poitier. 5.40 Rough
Taskmaster (AO) Greg Davies hosts a game show. (16) 9.50 Fortitude (16) 10.40 Rome (16) 11.30 The Draft with Reza Aslan 6.10 Art of War 7.10 Video
11.35 Workaholics (AO, R) 12.30am 1.15 The Late Honourable Woman (16) 12.30 Bates Motel (16) 1.20 Killed the Radio Sta: Roxy Music & Brian Ferry. 7.35
Late Show with James Corden Hap and Leonard (16) 2.10 Togetherness (16) 2.40 Urban Legends 8.00 Skyline 8.30 Courtesans &
Legion (16) 3.30 Fortitude (16) 4.20 Rome (16) 5.10 Cocettes: Through Painters Eyes 9.30 Neil Gaimans
UKTV SKY 007 The Honourable Woman (16) 6.10 Bates Motel (16) Likely Stories (PGR) Feeders and Eaters: A man
6.05 EastEnders (PG) 6.35 Death in Paradise The Escape Artist: Norman trusts Cody with a family is slowly consumed by his girlfriend. Tom Hughes.
(M) 7.40 The Bill (M) 8.30 Prime Suspect (16) secret. 7.00 Togetherness (16) Houston, We Have 10.00 Later with Jools Holland 11.00 Greatest
10.15 Death in Paradise (M) 11.20 New Tricks (M) a Problem: Alex and Tina fly back to Houston to Painters: Le Paris Canaille 12.00am Other Voices
12.15 Pride & Prejudice (PG) 1.15 Peaky Blinders pack up her things. 7.30 Taboo (16) Tonight: James 12.50 Stars of the Silver Screen 1.40 Rough Draft
(16) 2.20 Prime Suspect (16) 4.10 The Bill (M) 5.00 is blackmailed into a dangerous mission. 8.30 Fear with Reza Aslan 2.10 Art of War 3.10 Video Killed
New Tricks (M) 5.55 Keeping Up Appearances (PG) the Walking Dead (16) Shiva: Nick, Madison, Travis the Radio Star 3.35 Urban Legends 4.00 Skyline
Problems with Relatives: Daddy has disappeared. and the others try to stay close to each other. 9.30 4.30 Courtesans & Cocettes: Through Painters Eyes
6.30 Mrs Browns Boys (M) Mammy Rides Again: Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds (M) Comedian 5.30 Neil Gaimans Likely Stories


Sky Sport 1 SKY 051 RNZ National
6.00 The Crowd Goes Wild 6.30 Softball,
International Challenge Cup. 7.00 TBA 7.30
Cricket, India v Bangladesh, first test, day two.
6.00 Morning Report Including: 6.16 and 6.50
8.00 Darts, Premier League. 11.30 Cricket, India v Business News; 6.18 Pacific News; 6.26 Rural
Bangladesh, first test, day two. Noon Fox Sports News; 6.48 and 7.45 NZ Newspapers
News 12.30 Netball, Wales v Silver Ferns. 1.00 The 9.06 Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan
Football League Show 1.30 A-League, Sydney FC Including: 10.45 The Reading: The Larnachs,
v Phoenix. 3.30 Halberg Awards 6.00 TBA 6.30 by Owen Marshall, told by Michele Amas and
Rugby League, Super League, St Helens v Leeds Owen Scott (4 of 12, RNZ)
Rhinos. 7.00 Halberg Awards 7.30 NBL, Breakers v Noon Midday Report Including: 12.16 Business
Melbourne United, live. 9.30 Fox Sports News 10.00 News; 12.26 Sport; 12.34 Rural News; 12.43
The Crowd Goes Wild 10.30 TBA 11.00 Fox Sports Worldwatch
News 11.30 NBL, Wildcats v Kings, live. 1.30am 1.06 Jesse Mulligan News, interviews, music
NBL, Breakers v Melbourne United. 2.00 A-League, History: The Real American: Joe McCarthy, and current affairs
Sydney FC v Phoenix. 4.00 Rugby League, Super 9.30pm 4.06 The Panel with Jim Mora
League, St Helens v Leeds Rhinos. Ferns. 3.30 Netball, Wales v Silver Ferns. 4.00 Golf, 5.00 Checkpoint with John Campbell
Maybank Cship Malaysia, live. 6.00 Golf, Pebble
6.30 Trending Now
Beach Pro-Am. 6.30 Golf Central 7.30 Fox Sports
Sky Sport 2 SKY 052 News 8.00 Golf, Maybank Cship Malaysia, live. 11.00
6.43 Focus on Politics
6.00 NBL, Cairns Taipans v Adelaide 36ers. 8.00 7.06 Nights with Bryan Crump
Golf, Pebble Beach Pro-Am. 11.30 NHL, Flyers v
Rugby League, Super League, St Helens v Leeds 8.30 Spotlight
Rhinos, live. 11.30 The Crowd Goes Wild Noon Islanders. 1.30am The Crowd Goes Wild 2.00 Golf,
Maybank Cship Malaysia. 2.30 Golf, Pebble Beach
9.06 Country Life Memorable scenes, people
UFC Countdown 1.00 NHL, Flyers v Islanders, and places in rural New Zealand
live. 4.00 Darts, Premier League. 7.00 A-League, Pro-Am. 3.00 Cricket, India v Bangladesh, first test,
day three. 3.30 Softball, International Challenge 10.00 News and Late Edition Including: 10.35
Sydney FC v Phoenix. 7.30 Rally Sweden, Preview. The House: Insights from Parliament; 10.45
8.00 The Crowd Goes Wild 8.30 Super League, St Cup. 4.00 Darts, Premier League.
Dateline Pacific
Helens v Leeds Rhinos. 9.00 NRL All Star game,
11.06 The Mixtape A well-known New
Indigenous All Stars v NRL All Stars, live. 11.30 ESPN SKY 060 Zealander picks their favourite music
Softball, International Challenge Cup. 12.00am 6.00 NBA, Warriors v Bulls. 7.00 Outside the
Super League, St Helens v Leeds Rhinos. 2.00 NRL 12.04am All Night Programme Including: 12.05
Lines 7.30 NFL Insiders 8.30 NFL Live 9.30 NBA:
All Star game, Indigenous All Stars v NRL All Stars. Music After Midnight; 12.30 Laugh Track; 1.05
The Jump 10.00 SportsNation 10.30 Highly
2.30 Hockey, India League, Wizards v Lancers, live. From the World (BBC); 2.05 NZ Live; Lucky
Questionable 11.00 NFL Live Noon SportsCenter
4.30 UFC Countdown 5.30 Golf, European PGA 2.00 NBA, Thunder v Cavaliers, live. 4.30 NBA, Trail
Bastard, by Peter Wells (5 of 15, RNZ); 3.30
Tour, Maybank Cship Malaysia. Blazers v Celtics, live. 7.00 In Depth with Graham The Week; 4.30 In the Balance (BBC); 5.10
Bensinger 7.30 Basketball, College, Pacific-12, UCLA Witness (BBC); 5.45 Imaginary Letters from an
Absent Mother, by Griet Dierckxsens (RNZ)
Sky Sport 3 SKY 053 v Oregon. 9.00 Around the Horn 9.30 Pardon
6.00 Halberg Awards 8.30 Golf, Maybank Cship the Interruption 10.00 ESPN FC 10.30 NBA: The Website: radionz.co.nz
Malaysia. 9.00 Golf, Pebble Beach Pro-Am, live. Jump 11.00 Basketball, College, ACC, Duke v North
Noon The Golf Fix 1.00 Halberg Awards 1.30 Carolina. 12.30am Boxing, 1987, Micky Ward v RNZ Concert
Cricket, India v Bangladesh, first test, day two. 2.00 Derrick McGuire. 1.00 SportsCenter 2.00 ESPN FC FREEVIEW 51 SKY 422 iHeartRADIO
Super League, St Helens v Leeds Rhinos. 2.30 2.30 Jalen & Jacoby 3.00 NBA, Thunder v Cavaliers. News and Weather 6.00am, 7.00, 8.00,
Sky Sports UK News 3.00 Netball, Wales v Silver 5.00 NBA, Trail Blazers v Celtics. 9.00am, noon, 3.00, 5.00, 6.00, 10.00pm
6.00 Classic Morning with Rick Young
10.00 Weekday Classics with Clarissa Dunn
DOCUMENTARIES History SKY 073 1.00 Upbeat with Eva Radich
6.30 Unsealed: Alien Files (PG) 7.00 The Conspiracy
2.00 Made in New Zealand
Discovery SKY 070 Show (PG) 7.30 The Universe 8.30 Pompeii: New
3.00 Classic Afternoons with David Morriss
6.00 Auction Hunters (PG) 6.30 Deadliest Catch Secrets Revealed (PG) 9.30 Time Team 10.30 Rome
(PG) 7.30 How Do They Do It? (PG) 8.00 Auction Unwrapped (M) 11.30 Historys Greatest Hoaxes 7.00 Music Alive WOMAD Taranaki 2016:
Hunters (PG) 8.30 MythBusters (PG) 9.25 Railroad (PG) 12.30 National Park: Secrets & Legends (M) Live performances from artists recorded at
Australia (PG) 10.20 On Tracks (PG) 11.15 Deadly 1.00 Unsealed: Conspiracy Files 1.30 The Universe: the Festival held in New Plymouth last March.
Sins (M) 12.10 Your Worst Nightmare (M) 1.05 Ancient Mysteries Solved (PG) 2.30 Tales of the Gun Tonight: Ladysmith Black Mambazo One of
Swamp Murders (M) 2.00 How Its Made (PG) 2.55 (PG) 3.30 Dogfights (PG) 4.30 Hadrian with Dan the highest-profile visiting acts performing at
How Do They Do It? (PG) 3.20 Auction Hunters Snow (PG) 5.30 Time Team 6.30 Rome Unwrapped WOMAD 2016 was the nine-piece choral group
(PG) 3.50 Deadliest Catch (PG) 4.45 Gold Rush (PG) 7.30 Manhunt: The Hunt for Bin Laden (M) Ladysmith Black Mambazo, hailing from the
(PG) 5.40 MythBusters (PG) 6.35 MythBusters Explores the CIAs investigation of Osama bin township of Ladysmith, northwest of Durban
(PG) 7.30 On Tracks (PG) 8.30 Is OJ Innocent? Laden. 9.30 The Real American: Joe McCarthy (PG) in South Africa. Trevor Reekie speaks with
The Missing Evidence (M) 10.30 Deadliest Catch Explores the rise and fall of Joe McCarthy. 11.30 The choir leader Albert Mazibuko, who has been a
(PG) 11.30 NASAs Unexplained Files (PG) 12.30am Missing Evidence (PG) 12.30am America Unearthed member of the group since 1969 (1 of 5, RNZ)
Swamp Murders (M) 1.25 Your Worst Nightmare (M) 1.30 Unsealed: Conspiracy Files 2.30 Monsters &
9.00 Sound Lounge RNZ Concerts weekly
(M) 2.20 Auction Hunters (PG) 3.15 Deadliest Mysteries (M) 3.15 UFO Hunters (PG) 4.00 Manhunt:
The Hunt for Bin Laden (M) 5.30 The Real American: forum for contemporary music, including:
Catch (PG) 4.10 Treehouse Masters (PG) 5.05
Moonshiners (M) Joe McCarthy (PG) 11.00 New Music Dreams Ryan Smith
explores ambient and drone music, from
the very latest, to 20th-century seminal
National Geographic SKY 072 BBC Knowledge SKY 074 masterpieces
7.30 Brain Games (PG) 8.30 StarTalk (M) 6.45 Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle
9.30 Salvage Code Red (M) 10.30 Ancient (PG) 7.30 Natures Miracle Orphans (PG) 8.20 Top
12.00am Music Through the Night
Megastructures 11.30 Saving Egypts Oldest Gear (PG) 10.20 Life in the Undergrowth (PG) 11.10 Website: radionz.co.nz/concert
Pyramid 12.30 Air Crash Investigation (PG) 2.30 Countryfile (PG) 12.05 24 Hours in A&E (M) 12.55
Nazi Megastructures (PG) 3.30 WW2: Hell Under Pointless (PG) 1.40 Who Do You Think You Are? Radio Live
the Sea (M) 4.30 War Heroes of the Skies (PG) Aus (PG) 2.35 Countryfile (PG) 3.30 Embarrassing 6.00 Mike Puru and Trudi Nelson 9.00 Mark
5.30 Megastructures 6.30 Science of Stupid (PG) Bodies Down Under (M) 4.20 24 Hours in A&E (M) Sainsbury Noon Willie Jackson 3.00 Ali Mau 6.00
7.30 Worlds Worst Natural Disasters (PG) Looks 5.10 Pointless (PG) 6.00 Who Do You Think You Newshub 7.00 Fishing Show 8.00 Karyn Hay
at historic floods, destructive fires and violent Are? US (PG) Spike Lee. 6.45 David Attenboroughs 12.00am Joe Reid 5.00 James Coleman
Website: radiolive.co.nz
earthquakes. 8.30 Inside the American Mob (M) Natural Curiosities (PG) 7.35 Embarrassing Teen
New York-Philly War: Until 1980, the most successful Bodies (M) 8.30 Who Do You Think You Are? (PG)
mob family in Philadelphia was run by old-school David Dickinson. 9.35 Dragons Den (PG) 10.35 24
Newstalk ZB
6.00 Mike Hosking 8.30 Leighton Smith Noon
don Angelo Bruno. Taking Down the Mob: La Cosa Hours in A&E (M) 11.30 Embarrassing Bodies (M) Mark Dye 4.00 Larry Williams 7.00 DArcy
Nostra is ruling the streets of New York. 10.30 12.20am Life in the Undergrowth (PG) 1.10 Top Waldegrave 8.00 Marcus Lush 12.00am Tim
Drugs Inc. (M) 12.30am The War Generals (M) 2.30 Gear (PG) 3.10 Embarrassing Bodies Down Under Beveridge
Invasion Earth (PG) 3.30 Situation Critical (M) 5.30 (M) 3.55 24 Hours in A&E (M) 4.40 Ross Kemp: Website: newstalkzb.co.nz
Air Crash Investigation (PG) Extreme World (16)

FEBRUARY 4 2017 noted.co.nz/the-listener 93


An alternative
to a fact, I
would have
thought, is a
Cancel your as being only one step above second-
hand car salesmen in the credibility
Despite this similarity, New
Zealand and US politics have little in
subscription now stakes. common. Our party leaders largely
President Trump has Having come to drain the
Washington swamp, Trump is
appear to be sane and rational, with
a surprisingly large consensus in
outed the media for the perceived by his supporters as more key policy areas, and our economic

bigly pack of liars we are. believable than we hacks. The rest of

the US falls into two roughly equal
situation is also very different from
that in the US.
camps of those who despise him and The only potential trouble spot
those non-voters who dont give a visible at this stage is trade. If Trump,

o not believe a word of this column because damn either way. as he has broadly hinted, begins
I am a liar and dishonest, according to a trade war with the Chinese, and
the leader of the most powerful nation in ur last leader to have a running demands New Zealand support
the world. Those in the media, of whom I
am obviously one, are among the most dishon-
est human beings on Earth, says Donald Trump.
O war with the media was Rob
Muldoon. His style in this
matter was similar to Trumps: decry
him, we have a problem. China is
our biggest trading partner and the
US our third-largest; Australia, our
Thankfully, he extended the concession that I am a critical reporter, attack his or her second-most-lucrative market, could
at least human; but give him time he may revise media outlet and demand that the side with the Americans, whereas
that view, too. media just print what I say. we may be pulled closer to Beijing
After the New York Times published side-by- Having learnt at the feet of the because that is where the export
side photos of the National Mall crowds which master, Winston Peters adopts much dollars are for us. Messy.
turned out for his and Obamas inaugurations that the same style, ripping into the press Still, dont believe a word I say
appeared to show the Trump turnout was much and television at his rallies, encour- because I am, after all, dishonest
smaller, the new Potus seemed to blow a fuse. aging his supporters to jeer at the about Trump. Besides, notice that
His chief of staff claimed the photos had been assembled media. Muldoon managed when he was elected, summer called
tampered with to delegitimise this President and to be intimidating in this, whereas it quits and winter was back with a
declared the administration would ght the media Peters is just mildly humorous. vengeance. l
tooth and nail in what his boss had already
described as a running war.
Trump and his press secretary variously claimed
crowd numbers ranged from several hundred
thousand to 1.5 million, but they were certainly
bigly. When challenged about the veracity of
the numbers, presidential aide Kellyanne Conway
baldly stated the press secretary was giving
alternative facts, although an alternative to a
fact, I would have thought, is a falsehood.
During the past few decades, the US has had a
generally respectful relationship between journalists
and the President. The last President to have a true
running war with the media was Richard Nixon.
It didnt turn out too well for Tricky Dicky.
Leaving aside questions of his narcissism and

ego, Trump appears to have a strategy that pits his

credibility against the media. In this, he has an
advantage public belief in the media is generally
low, with journalists ranking alongside politicians




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