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Middle School Unit 5 Caprock Press

1. Domestic violence is serious, and
buse is any behavior used to control or intimidate another person, and can be occurs among families or
verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual in nature. people involved in a
current or past relation-
Verbal and emotional abuse occurs when a person is put down, called names, ship. In groups, discuss
threatened, intimidated, stalked, or subjected to any kind of harassment that
and outline steps
causes mental distress.
that you think a
Physical abuse is an injury to a child or person that is not accidental. Physical person would need to
abuse can be inflicted by a parent, spouse, friend, acquaintance, or even a stranger. take if he/she was a victim
of domestic violence. Then, do
Sexual abuse occurs when a person uses or attempts to use a child or another further research on the topic on
person for their own sexual gratification. This includes inappropriate sexual
the Internet and compare your
contact, fondling or touching, rape, and sexual harassment.
steps with your findings from your research.
Sexual exploitation is using children in a sexually explicit way for personal gain. Are they similar?
Examples include: child or teen prostitution and using children to create
pornography. 2. In groups, discuss and list signs of neglect.
Then, share your list with the other groups.
Neglect is a more common form of abuse. Neglect is failing to provide adequate
food, clothing, shelter, supervision or medical care for a person in ones care. For
example, parents are responsible for providing adequate supervision, care, 3. How would you
guidance, and protection from physical or mental harm. When a parent fails to persuade a friend
provide these basic needs for their child, they can be charged with neglect. that was a victim of
abuse to report the
situation to the
What points
would you make to convince him/her?
Domestic violence or abuse is a pattern of controlling behaviors that occur to gain power or control
over an intimate partner or significant other in a current or former dating, married, or cohabiting 4. Why do you think children, adolescents,
relationship. Domestic violence is a combination of physical force or terror designed to cause physical, and the elderly are particularly vulnerable or
emotional, social, religious, or economic harm to victims. susceptible to abuse and neglect? List your
Tell someone, such as a teacher or the counselor at school.
Share your concerns with a trusted relative.
Tell a doctor if you have been abused or neglected.
Inform law enforcement and social services.
Dont cover up for family members. Seek help from trusted
adults, law enforcement, and social agencies that can help
end the abuse or neglect.

Home Connection With your

family, discuss the steps you take to prevent any
type of abuse, neglect, or violence within your
Discussion Questions family. For example, discussing your problems
calmly or getting family counseling are good
What signs might indicate a person is being physically abused? steps to prevent any kind of abuse. Write your
thoughts down and place them in your health
Why do you think it is important for people
to report abuse and neglect? portfolio.

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