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The Modern Safety Management course builds your risk competence.
The MSM is the worlds leading foundation course for Learning objectives:
health, safety, environmental and quality management. On completion of MSM the participant will:
With a long and proven track record, the MSM provides
leaders and supervisors with practical tools and techniques Understand the processes and activities that have
for risk management. proven effective for managing risks and improving
Purpose of the course: Be able to apply fundamental concepts and tools to
The course provides the participants with an understand- design and implement an effective risk management
ing of essential risk management concepts for integrated system.
health, safety, environmental and quality management. Be able to apply practical tools for risk identification,
The MSM, now in its second edition, has been DNV GLs evaluation and control.
flagship health and safety management foundation course Know how to apply behavior management tech-
for more than 20 years. niques.
Be more effective leaders in the continual improve-
ment of health, safety, environmental and quality
Topics covered:*
Modern Safety Management 1st Edition was established
Understanding Management Systems in 1985 and has been taught to more than half a million
Leadership participants worldwide. This pioneering course has defined
Managing Risk and Risk Recognition good practice in safety management for industry world-
Risk Evaluation wide.
Risk Control
Risk Monitoring Modern Safety Management 2nd Edition was launched in
Culture and Behaviour 2007 to include the latest risk management concepts and
Management of Change techniques needed to implement an integrated health,
Communication safety, environmental and quality management system.
Asset Management and Inspections Modern Safety Management 2nd Edition provides partici-
Changing Behaviour pants with practical and proactive management techniques
Emergency Preparedness to ensure safe and sustainable operations.
Learning from Events
Contractor and Supplier Management Modern Safety Management is recommended for safety
Measuring, Monitoring and Review managers, risk managers, supervisors and other operating
managers who have management system responsibilities.
*only limited topics will be covered in a one-day-course
Practicable information
Who should attend? The event is one of a number of events held at Dokken
Front line Supervisors 10, 6700 Esbjerg. Fee for participation in the event is DKK
HSEQ Managers / Coordinators 3.000 per person incl. refreshments. For event dates please
Middle Managers visit the Academy webpage - www.dnvgl.dk
Senior Managers
For questions and registration please contact:
Course Description DNV GL, Lisbeth Rasmussen
Modern Safety Management is based on proven princi- Phone: 79 12 86 10
ples of safety management and provides participants with E-mail: Lisbeth.Rasmussen@dnvgl.com
the fundamental concepts and techniques for a practical,
proactive approach to managing safety and sustainability Visit the DNV GL Academy event catalogue:
management. www.dnvgl.dk