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Rachel Tricomi

Technology Enhanced Blended Learning Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: The Three Branches of the Federal Government

Context: This lesson will show students the differences in the branches of the federal
government. This lesson will be taught after students learn how powers are now shared between
state and national government and how individuals and states are represented in Congress.

Objectives: Students will be able to identify the three branches of the federal government.
Students will be able to explain the structure and function of the legislative, executive, and
judicial branches of the federal government.

State Standards: Standard 4-4: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the beginnings
of America as a nation and the establishment of the new government.

Materials: Tablets, PowerPoint, Quizlet, YouTube, BrainPop.com

Introduction (10 min.): I will start by taking attendance, and then I will welcome the class, by
giving a short introduction on what we will be learning today. After that I will split the class up
into groups of four. Then we will watch a fun short clip on the three branches of federal
Teacher Directed (15 min.): I will start by giving each student guided notes to follow along and
fill in while I present a PowerPoint on the functions and structures of the three branches of the
federal government. I will present the definition of each and give examples of what is apart of
the three branches. Students can ask questions when going through each slide.
Collaborative (15 min.): Students, in their groups of four, will be testing each others knowledge.
With their tablets, students will download the Quizlet app. Students will then use this app to
make their own flashcards of what they learn about the three branches of federal government so
far. Students can use their guided notes from the PowerPoint presentation. Students will practice
their flashcards with the people in their group.
Rachel Tricomi


Independent Digital Content (20 min.): Students will watch one more video going over the three
branches of federal government online. They will login to BrainPop and search Branches of
Government, once they found the video and watched it, students will take the quiz after.
Students grades from the quiz will be recorded.
Closure (5 min.): To close the class I will have each student complete an exit slip. This exit slip
is composed of four questions. The first three questions will be on the material that we learned in
class. The last question will be opinion-based and will be what the student liked or disliked about
todays lesson.

YouTube Video: This video is titled Schoolhouse Rock: America Im Just a Bill. This video is a
fun way to teach students about what we will be learning in class today. This video will be
played first to show students a quick overview of the three branches of government.
Quizlet: Study Flashcards, Languages, Vocab & More: This app will help students test their
knowledge and their group about how much they have retained from learning about the three
branches of the federal government in a fun and easy way.
BrainPop: This website is user friendly is a great tool for students. This website will allow
students to watch an easy to follow video about the three branches of government. Then after the
video the website is set up for the student to take a quiz.