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CSSA Exam (Andreea-version 2)

1.You need to create an application that does not require reuse at the application level. It is
unlikely that the application will be extended in the future. Which application structure would
you generate? (Choose One)
Implementation Only
Framework Only
Framework and Implementation

2.Process Commanders branching ability is most appropriate to use when ________

(something like that but more )
Several development teams work on different enhancements in a RuleSet
simultaneously that will go into production at the same time
Several development teams work on different enhancements in the same RuleSet
simultaneously and it is not known ahead when enhancements will go into production
All development teams simultaneously work on the same enhancement in a RuleSet and
it is not known ahead when the enhancement will go into production
The only development team work on an enhancement in a RuleSet and it is not known
ahead when the enhancement will go into production

3.Which of the following is not a best practice when merging the branch RuleSet into the
base RuleSet? (something like that , but not the same )
Lock the branch RuleSet before the merge
Always merge all available branches into the base RuleSet at the same time
Create a new RuleSet version in the target base RuleSet for the branch
Lock the target base RuleSet version after the merge

4.Which statement is least accurate with regards to merging rules? (Choose One)
Ignore warnings in other branched RuleSets since changes might not be final
It is recommended to merge rules into a new (higher) base RuleSet version

5.In which layer should you instantiate your work instances and why? (Choose One)
In the implementation to be the most specific
In the division so the division retains ownership of the work.
In the framework so they can be easily maintained
In the organization so they can be reused
6.A customer wishes to have rules that are managed by two groups of people, such that each
group cannot view the rules of the other, and each group can deploy their rules to production
and subsequently update them at different times. What are the best specialization
technique(s) to be used? (Choose One)
Both Class and RuleSet
Both Class and Circumstance
Both RuleSet and Circumstance
Class, RuleSet, and Circumstance specialization are all necessary.
Not enough information

7.Not sure about the question. There is a case with 2 subcases. When the subcases finish
their execution, they have to wait for the approval from parent case, in order that they send
value back to the parent , in order that the parent case do some calculations. How the
approval will arrive to the case?
Using data propagation to the subcases instantation
Using data propagation with a data transform that will copy the values from subcase to case
Using data transform in parent case
Using data transform in subcase

8.Before a business user register a customer , he has to check if the customer does not exist already.
Choose 3 from 6:

Using Pesisting a temporary case

Using Duplicate Search

Using a subprocess with spinoff to check duplicate

Using Validation Rule

9.Where is Routing configured in a screen flow?

Assignment Shape
Start Shape
End Shape
10.Given the following syntax, what Property Mode is .Address: .Address(Home).Name?
(Choose One)
Page Group
Page List
Page List or Page Group
Value List
11.Which of the following changes to the definition of a data page would require a change to
how the page is referenced? (Choose One)
Adding an additional required parameter
Adding a when rule to the refresh strategy
Changing the edit mode from read only to editable
Changing the scope from Thread to Node

12.Keyed page access can be used to _________. (Choose One)

return a subset of results from the data page
determine which data source to use
limit the data page to a single page
load a specific record from the database
13.What can you reference from a declare expression :

o Declare expression
o Data Transform
o When rule
o Map value
o Decision table
o Validate rule
14.Which of the following steps are done to enable responsive breakpoints on a grid layout?
(Choose 3/6)
o Configuring the importance flag on all columns
o Enabling the Responsiveness flag in repeating grids
o Ensure the Grid layout uses the Default Format
o Including a dynamic layout inside the grid layout

15.Which of the following choices listed are accurate in terms of event processing? (Choose
One)-not exactly these answers , but very appropiate
Events attached to an action are sequenced
Actions attached to an event are sequenced
The same action cannot be performed on different events
The same event cannot be used to configured to do multiple actions

16.We have a list of countries and their codes alfabethically sorted. How can we can insert
FRANCE with code F in that list in the right place?
A Albania
C Croatia
M Macedonia
T Turcia

17.Which option is the most likely to use an Activity rule, compared to Data Transform rule?
(Choose One)-not the same answers but parsing where by sure
o Initializing properties values of a new case instance
o Copying a page into a page list property
o Parsing a file to do some tasks
o Updating properties values from one page using properties of another page.

18.What is not related to skill-based routing?(choose one)

o Rating on skill
o Assignment skills
o Operator skills
o Workbasckets skills

19.How PRPC alert a parent case instance when all covered subcase instances are resolved.

20.Which of the following declarative rules can apply backward chaining?

21.Which of the following declarative rules can apply forward chaining?

22.How can we avoid business users to do mistakes when delegated rules?

o Allowed values
23.To delegate a business rule, we are always required to configure all of the following,
EXCEPT one. (Choose One)
Access Role
Access group
Operator ID

24.We have form, with Name, SSN, Age. How does we do to check if SSN has the correct
format and to appear crypted as XX-XXX-XXX?

o Edit validate
o Validate

25.Which of the following reporting requirements will require the use of class join?

26.Which tools are used to review the SQL query generated? (Choose Two)
Performance Profiler
DB Tracer

27.Two tables: Employees(Operator ID, Name) , Timeoff(OperatorID, Timeoff). How can we do

to have a report with the name of the people that dont have completed Timeoff column?

28Decision table with when rules

29.The Access Manager allows you to configure access to __________? (Choose Two)
Work Parties
Process Flows
30.The must accurate about Clipboard Tool?(one)

o Debugging
o Review the page structure
o View associated messages from property
31.Which statement regarding the Associated RuleSet setting on data instances is false?
(Choose One)
Associating a RuleSet to a data instance assists in application packaging
The associated RuleSet for data instances of certain classes must be entered manually
Associating a RuleSet to a data instance affects runtime behavior
A data instance does not have to be associated with a RuleSe

32.Which from the following has a dynamic behavior?

33.Which type of parse rule would you use for a Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) file?
Parse XML
Parse Structured
Parse Rule
Parse Delimited

34.How do we can restrict some users to have access to the attachments?(one)

o Using access group

o Using when in the attachment category
o Using privilege in the attachment category

35.Which impacts performance in a report?

o Sorting
o Grouping
o Filtering

36What identifies a WorkParty?

o Email
o Email1
o Uri

37.What Service Package Record doe it provide?(2)

o Security
o Service rule

38. When a user login the application to have access to his courses, what is the scope of the page?

o Node
o Requestor
o Thread
o Application