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Todays issue of PD
Pharmacy Daily today has
Codeine stockpiling alert Guild slams News Ltd
THe Pharmacy Guild has
The Victorian the practice could responded swiftly to New Limited
three pages of news plus a full Pharmacy Authority spread, the VPA articles published earlier this week
page from MIMS. (VPA) has issued said, reminding which claimed greedy chemists
a formal warning pharmacists they are forcing patients to pay more
Hail to the King about consumers must personally by denying them the optional
Federal Shadow Health attempting deliver or personally $1 discount on PBS prescription
Minister Catherine King will to stockpile supervise the supply copayments.
deliver a keynote address at S3 medicines of any S3 product, The Guild has in the past noted
the Pharmaceutical Society of containing codeine, in the lead-up and provide directions for its use. that offering the $1 discount simply
Communiqu means patients reach the safety net
Australias upcoming PSA17 annual to the rescheduling of the products Relevantly, the supply must be
conference taking place in Sydney. as prescription only next year.
31 March 2017 for therapeutic use after taking all threshold more slowly, with the net
King will speak on Fri 28 Jul and In a circular to pharmacists the reasonable steps to ensure that effect the same.
highlight the Labor Partys National VPA said the decisionTheto transfer a therapeutic
Victorian Pharmacy need
Authority (theexists, the met on 14InMarch
Authority) this latest
2017stoush, Guild
at the Authority offices.
Health Platform and vision for the non-prescription medicines that Authority added. executive director David Quilty has
pharmacy sector ahead of the contain codeine into Schedule 4
Recent Panel MEANWHILE the VPA also noted
Hearings written to the editors of the various
next Federal Election. has generated attempts by codeine serious common deficiencies newspapers, saying the claims by
PSA national vice president said habitus to use agentsThe Victorian Pharmacy Authority held two panel hearingsreporter
to purchase highlighted during inspections of in February Sue 2017.
Dunlevy are incorrect.
the Society was pleased to hear of stocks of them for reward.
Hearing 1 pharmacies in the state, including On the contrary, pharmacies are
Labors commitment to honour the The Authority cited an allegation a failure to routinely scan all working in partnership with the
Two pharmacists in partnership were reprimanded for carrying Federalon a pharmacytobusiness
Government without
deliver very
6CPA during Kings speech at the where a person had used an on- dispensed medicines.
premises being registered and without the owners having been granted a licence to carry on
recent APP conference, as well as line marketplace to recruit people
business Given theThe
at those premises. well-known
owners had problems large medicine
lodged the appropriate price reductions
applications of to sub
but failed
a promise of early and inclusive to visit pharmacies andthepurchase associated
required notifications andwith look-alike
pay the sound-
associated 50%
registration andor licence
more through
fees. PBS reforms.
negotiations towards the Seventh items such as Nurofen Plus and alike products as well as selection The low take-up of the optional
Community Pharmacy Agreement. Comment.
place them in a letterbox, with a Licensing of eligible
errors persons
and storing to carry
products, $1 discount
on a pharmacy
where simply
business andreflects the fact
registration of premi
are cornerstones of the Pharmacy Regulation Act 2010 and are fundamental to the legislative reg
PSA17 will also include an commission paid to the agent. the first few letters are the same, it that the sickest patients understand
and the Authoritys policies and guidelines. These are in the public interest as their absence undermi
appearance by pharmacist and The Glen Waverley area has
the suitability is surprising
of premises andthat
thesome of pharmacythere
practice is no net
in Victoria. benefit
The for them21)
Act (section as provi
former Australian Comic of the been identified at the penalties
time of of 240 penalty
do notunits
take (approx.
full advantage
$37,300) in the caseit of
of the means theyperson
a natural take longer to reach
and 1,200 penalty u
Year, Marty Wilson - psa17.com. this Circular going to press, but$186,500)
(approx. scanning technology,
in the case of a bodythe VPA said.In thistheir
corporate. casePBStheSafety Net, Quilty
pharmacists wrote.on oth
had relied
to submit the required notifications and highlights that owners are ultimately responsible for ensu
legislative requirements are met.
Hearing 2
RRP Two pharmacists in partnership were cautioned in that following an inspection, there were failures:
(a) in recording accurately all transactions of Schedule 8 poisons;

$149.95 Pocket Air and Controlled Substan
(b) in storing methadone in accordance with the Drugs, Poisons
Regulations 2006; Portable Nebuliser
(c) to maintain a temperature data logger in accordance with the Authoritys Guidelines;
Used in Australian (d) in keeping records of transactions of Schedule 8 poisons in a timely manner;
Pharmacies, Hospitals (e) in restricting the display of Schedule 3 poisons containing codeine to one shelf facing of

and Medical Centres smallest commercial package of each product in accordance with the Authoritys Guideline

for over 25 years

(f) in ensuring that the confidentiality of discussions between the pharmacist and the client; an
(g) in remedying deficiencies noted at a previous inspection by (i) omitting to initial filling reco
of dose administration containers; and (ii) not providing an additional or larger safe to s
RRP Schedule 8 poisons.

Comment. There were two general aspects to this hearing. The first (a to f) centres on p
housekeeping and regulatory deficiencies and the second (g) on making a false certification on
inspection report that is returned to the Authority.
The Authority wishes to make clear that it views false certifications seriously. Certifying an inspec
Breath-A-Tech Spacer & Maskreport is not a mere formality. The licensee or a person authorised by the licensee usually
Combo packs pharmacist regularly and usually in charge must ensure that all deficiencies listed in the report h

For orders and more information please call your Pharmabroker representative or Wholesaler
Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your doctor/healthcare professional

Pharmacy Daily Thursday 4th May 2017 t 1300 799 220 w www.pharmacydaily.com.au page 1
The long and the short of pharmacy
Gold Coast
pharmacist Veronica
Moss is celebrating
after being named the
PSA MIMS Queensland
Intern Pharmacist of
Thursday 04 May 2017 the Year.
Moss (pictured) was

New era for Sigma Healthcare

presented with her
award last weekend
by PSA Queensland
The Sigma the new domain,
director Mark Lock
Pharmaceuticals but a re-direction
during the PSA Intern
name is no longer, is in place so the
Training Program
with the companys old @sigmaco
Workshop at the
shareholders addresses will
Pharmacy Australia
yesterday formally adopting the continue to operate.
Centre for Excellence in
new Sigma Healthcare name, as During yesterdays Sigma annual
flagged by Pharmacy Daily two general meeting Hooper also
The diminutive
months ago (PD 08 Mar). confirmed a slowing of sales in the
Moss completed her
Managing director Mark Hooper last three months, driven by a
internship at Chemist
said the change continues our general market softening in sales of
Warehouse Varsity
evolution to a more holistic OTC products in particular.
Lakes, with lofty Lock
healthcare company, with a new He said for Sigma another factor
saying she was an
logo (pictured) and a Connecting was a strategic decision to sharpen
excellent example
Health Solutions tag-line that its focus on delivering a consistent
of what young
better captures Sigmas ongoing brand proposition and customer
pharmacists can achieve early in of us, Lee added.
role in the healthcare industry. experience.
their career. As well as working at the
The companys ASX listing code Our focus remains on partnering
Varsity Lakes Chemist Warehouse pharmacy, Moss was involved
has changed from SIP to SIG with brand members who want
managing pharmacist Eric Lee in many external activities
General from today,
Meeting while Sigmas
of Sigma to be part of a strong brand
said he had watched his intern including taking part in the
d theinternet
change address is also changing
of company name totoSigma proposition that puts pharmacists
Moss grow into a confident young Clinical Intervention Pilot program
sigmahealthcare.com.au. at the centre of supporting
pharmacist with a bright future. developed by Chemist Warehouse
All email addresses will align with community health, Hooper said.
Veronicas strength is certainly to use nationally.
He also told shareholders Sigma
healthcare company. At the same time, her therapeutic knowledge and As part of her award she will now
was continuing to engage with the
intelligence which made her pre- attend PSA17 in Sydney where she
Sigmas ongoing role in government
the and other stakeholders
registration year very challenging willl compete with other state and
in relation to the ongoing Review
Symposium of Pharmacy Remuneration and
for me as I had to create learning territory winners for the National
Last Fri Swisse Wellness, experiences that pushed her Intern Pharmacist of the Year
ges will now be made: Regulation.
together with partners CSIRO, further than our usual students. Award.
Whilst cheaper medicines are
Biostime Institute of Nutrition and She learnt quickly and was very
good for the government, patients,
althcare LimitedPGT (our ABN remains reflective of her actions, making
Care (BINC), Healthcare and communities and our health
the year a rewarding one for both
New South Africa
AusBiotech hosted the inaugural system, a continuation of the
Swisse from
G effective Preventative
4 May Health
2017 current remuneration operating
Advisory Board
maco.com.au atsigmahealthcare.com.au,
the Melbourne Arts framework is not sustainable longer TGA sanctions input South Africa has a new
Centre. term, he said. The Therapeutic Goods mechanism to support and guide
ealthcare.com.au - re-direction is in place.
Over 150 leading national and As it stands now, less than Administration (TGA) has opened pharmacy healthcare services,
international academic scientists, 105 of medicines are profitable a consultation process to seek with the formation this week
y services. We
clinicians, encourage
health you toand
professionals visit the of a fledgling multi-stakeholder
to distribute, and this cannot be stakeholders views on proposed
or update
industryyour details.
leaders joined together, sustained longer term, he added, Pharmacy Advisory Board.
legislative reforms to ensure the
sharing research on a range of reiterating calls for a pricing floor Act provides for an effective layered The new body provides a common
positions Sigma Healthcare
health topics such to build which would see a wholesale platform to identify key challenges
approach to compliance and
healthcare. We Chinese
as traditional look forward to your margin applied to a minimum price
medicine, enforcement. and opportunities in training,
mindfulness, sleep and movement and which can be achieved within An expanded suite of possible quality and regulatory issues, and
medicine and functional cognition. the existing government estimates. regulatory actions is proposed to help address the skills shortage in
Key international guests included match the severity of breaches. the pharmacy sector by supporting
Dr Mary Hardy, medical director training for pharmacists, pharmacy
from the School of Medicine, UCLA Cookie baker burned Visit tga.gov.au prior to 31 May.
assistants and front shop assistants.
who has integrated complementary A PHARMACIST in Cape Breton, The board said it hopes to
and alternative therapies with Nova Scotia, Canada, has been New analytics tool facilitate sponsorships of tertiary
western medicine. fired and temporarily stripped of US DATA analytics company institutions and teaching posts,
Swisse Wellness managing her licence for baking medicinal Agilence has released new software professional development portals
director Oliver Horn wants the marijuana into some cookies for designed to support the specific for pharmacists and front shop
Symposium to be a regular event a patient and packaging them in a needs of pharmacies. assistants, product training
on the calendar, explaining that prescription bag. Built on the foundation of sessions, and distribution of
it highlighted the importance of JoAnne Andrews was suspended Agilences 20/20 Data Analytics practice guides and operating
bringing together professionals for 30 days after agreeing her platform, 20/20 Rx focuses on procedure manuals.
in the industry, all with different actions amounted to professional pharmacy operations and allows It aims also to benchmark
experience and expertise, but a misconduct, with other sanctions easy identification and prevention South African pharmacy against
shared common passion for this including a ban on being a drug diversion activities, while also international best practice, and
evolving and exciting space. pharmacy manager for five years. ensuring regulatory compliance. help to develop the sector to meet
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Dispensary Pharmacy education key - FIP Travel

THe International With these newly
Transforming Pharmacy and

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical developed FIP

Education in the Context
of Workforce Development

Federation is calling tools and guidance

BLAME your sweet tooth on on pharmacy leaders 2017
from the Nanjing WELCOME to Pharmacy Dailys
your liver! It seems the chocolate worldwide to engage Copyright 2017 International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Conference, leaders travel feature. Each week we
cravings some of us have badly in the ongoing in pharmaceutical highlight a couple of great travel
could be affected by a liver education and practice, sciences and deals for the pharmacy industry,
hormone designated FGF21. development of the education are well brought to you by Cruise Weekly.
Researchers at the University pharmacy workforce, placed to support
of Copenhagen did a study with as part of a full and advocate for the
6,500 Danish individuals and wrap up report from implementation of
found that people with particular the organisations FIPs Global Vision
variants of the FGF21 gene were Global Conference for Education and
Sponsored by Cruise Weekly
20% more likely to have an on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Workforce within their countries,
your FREE cruise newsletter
insatiable sweet tooth. Sciences Education which took he said.
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They said the liver could also place in Nanjing, China last Nov. FIP is now establishing a steering
The so-called Nanjing Statements group to monitor progress and
secrete other hormones that
guide food choices broadly. have been published after extensive develop mechanisms to identify Beautiful MSC Bellisima
The team want to do a much consultation and validation, and are priority areas for action. MSC Cruises has opened sales
larger study of humans to gather grouped into eight clusters covering We recognise the need for for the inaugural season of
more info about the relationship areas such as professional skills resources to develop a sustainable MSC Bellisima, but only to MSC
between FGF21 variants and mix, recruitment of students, and workforce, Charman said, with Voyages Club Members.
sugar cravings. resources and academic staff. the organisation looking forward to For the rest of the cruising
The continued development working with stakeholders in each population, reservations for the
of pharmaceutical services and country as they move to adopt the new ship can be locked in from 15
sciences in order to meet the conclusions of the report. May with up to $1,000 onboard
health care needs of patients and A series of webinars will guide FIP credit.
health care systems around the members through the resources MSC Bellissima is MSC Cruises
world relies on a well educated, to help develop local strategies second Meraviglia-generation
competent, sufficient and well on workforce and education - for ship and will set sail in the
distributed pharmaceutical details of the report and the Western Mediterranean from
BEER may be a better pain killer
workforce, said FIP Education chair Nanjing Statements see the website Mar 2019.
than paracetamol, according to a
William Charman. at www.fip.org. A seven-night cruise on the
new British study published in The
Journal of Pain this week. new vessel is priced from just
Researchers from Greenwich $828 per person twin share.
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May 2017
New Products
Belkyra (deoxycholic acid) is a formulation of synthetically derived deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a cytolytic drug, which
when injected into localised subcutaneous fat, physically disrupts the cell membrane of adipocytes and causes cell lysis.
Macrophages are attracted to the area to eliminate cellular debris and lipids, followed by the appearance of fibroblasts and observed
thickening of fibrous septa. Belkyra injection is indicated for improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe convexity or
fullness associated with submental fat in adults. Belkyra is contraindicated in the presence of infection in the treatment area. Belkyra
10 mg/mL solution for injection is supplied in single use 2 mL vials in packs of 4s.

Epiduo Forte (adapalene/ benzoyl peroxide) combines two active substances which act through different but complementary
mechanisms of action. Topical adapalene normalises the differentiation of follicular epithelial cells resulting in decreased
microcomedone formation. Benzoyl peroxide has antimicrobial and sebostatic activity in acne, and additionally exfoliative and
keratolytic activities acting against comedones at all stages of development. Epiduo Forte is indicated for cutaneous treatment of
acne vulgaris, when comedones, numerous papules and pustules are present in patients 12 years of age and older and the
condition has not responded to first line treatment. Epiduo Forte (adapalene 0.3%/ benzoyl peroxide 2.5%) topical gel is supplied as
a 30 g bottle with pump.

Grazax (Timothy grass pollen (Phleum pratense) allergen extract) modifies the immune response to grass pollen induced
allergic disease, leading to improvement in disease control and quality of life during subsequent natural allergen exposure. Grazax
is indicated for disease modifying treatment of grass pollen (P. pratense or allergens cross reacting with P. pratense) induced
allergic rhinitis with or without conjunctivitis in adults, adolescents and children above the age of 5 years. Grazax is contraindicated
in adults with uncontrolled asthma or FEV1 < 70% of predicted value (after adequate pharmacological treatment) at initiation of
treatment; in paediatric patients with uncontrolled asthma or FEV1 < 80% of predicted value (after adequate pharmacological
treatment) at initiation of treatment; in patients with malignant or systemic disease affecting the immune system (e.g. autoimmune
diseases, immune complex diseases or immune deficiency diseases); in patients with acute severe oral inflammation or oral
wounds. Grazax is supplied as 75,000 SQ-T tablets in packs of 30s.

Stivarga (regorafenib) is an oral antitumour agent that potently blocks multiple protein kinases, including kinases involved in
tumour angiogenesis (VEGFR1, 2, 3, TIE2), oncogenesis (KIT, RET, RAF-1, BRAF), and the tumour microenvironment (PDGFR,
FGFR). In particular, regorafenib inhibits mutated KIT, a major oncogenic driver in gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST) and
thereby blocks tumour cell proliferation. Stivarga is indicated for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer that has been
previously treated with fluoropyrimidine, oxaliplatin and irinotecan based chemotherapy, an anti-VEGF therapy, and, if RAS wild
type, an anti-EGFR therapy. Stivarga is also indicated for the treatment of unresectable or metastatic GIST in patients who
progressed on or are intolerant to prior treatment with imatinib and sunitinib. Severe drug induced liver injury with fatal outcome has
been observed in patients receiving Stivarga. Monitor hepatic function prior to and during treatment. Stivarga is supplied as 40 mg
tablets in packs of 84s (3 x 28s).

New Indications
Afinitor (everolimus) is now indicated for the treatment of progressive, unresectable or metastatic, well differentiated,
nonfunctional neuroendocrine tumours of gastrointestinal or lung origin in adults.

Boostrix (diphtheria/ tetanus/ acellular pertussis (dTpa)) vaccine is now indicated for booster vaccination against diphtheria,
tetanus and pertussis in children aged four years and older.

Stelara (ustekinumab (rmc)) is now indicated for the treatment of adults with moderately to severely active Crohns disease who
have had an inadequate response, lost response, or were intolerant to either conventional therapy or a TNF antagonist or have
medical contraindications to such therapies.

Zydelig (idelalisib) in combination with ofatumumab is now indicated for the treatment of adults with chronic lymphocytic
leukaemia/ small lymphocytic lymphoma upon relapse in patients for whom chemo-immunotherapy is not considered suitable.

New Contraindications
Kaletra (lopinavir / ritonavir) is now contraindicated with the antipsychotic lurasidone.

Safety Related Changes

Zydelig (idelalisib) can cause serious infections and fatal pneumonitis. The increased risk of infection may be due to
immunomodulatory effects of the drug. Most frequently observed were infections in the respiratory system and septic events.

This list is a summary of only some of the changes that have occurred over the last month.
Before prescribing, always refer to the full product information.

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