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Task 6 : English Language Lessons

Structure of What the teacher does Language Teaching What the children do comments
lesson Method
Start of First the teacher will
lesson greetings the students The teacher will use The students will
greetings by said good Moring , many language answer the teacher
how are you etc . teaching method like when they greetings
warm up Then they will do a small : TPR , Direct method them good morning
warming up depend on , and many other teacher .. were fine and
the lesson which is our method . you ..etc .
activity time
amazing body . They will be see the
teacher when they
explain the some new
vocabulary . The
studnets will try to
pronunciation the word
for example : Skull ,
ribs , and other words.

Main activity
e.g. consolidating
the target The main activity
language through
consider in the learning The teacher will use The students will have
objective of this lesson. many language fun the activities and
The teacher will do the teaching method like they will learn form the
activity by the : TPR , Direct method activates who to work
, and many other in group or in pairs .
method .

End of
lesson/plenar The teacher will do The teacher will use
y assessment to check if many language
Review / the students understand teaching method like
e.g. Reviewing the
the lesson or not . : TPR , Direct method The students will do
session and , and many other the assessment . Then
finishing off the method . the teacher will check if
lesson. it is right or wrong .