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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Use info from previous day to

Start with the anchor video and Review of making equations. Ratio: Students will research create proportions and rates with UA Little Rock campus field trip.
Week 1 introducing the topic.After do a lesson Creating equations and then materials for sidewalks and list money. Have an understanding Students take their own notes
about making equations. graphing them on a plane. different prices for each one. of tax and discounts, comparing about sidewalks, creating ideas
prices on different things.

Learn mapping scales. Making a blue

Create a budget for the new
print of what they saw at UALR. Have Continue blue prints and models of Research construction regulations Discuss models with regulations
Week 2 sidewalks with the knowledge
the students figure out a different scale maps from previous day for sidewalks. in mind.
from the researched materials.
to map the campus.

Students will be paired and will

measure items outside of the Guest speaker if possible. If not
Activity covering SI units and Cover the basics of volume and classroom. With their then students will take units from
Week 3 Teach SI units and converting them.
converting units. area. measurements, they will day before and convert findings in
calculate the item's volume and different units.

Discuss similarities and shapes

Quick review over previous week. Finish up research. Have lists of with manipulatives. Have different
Discuss in class the company
Week 4 Continue research on materials and Continue researching companies. prices with respect to sidewalks, sizes of shapes. At the end of
that should be used and why.
companies that can build the sidewalk. time it will take, and business. class, ask how we could use this
in the sidewalk projects?

Week 5 Teach the basics of Google SketchUp Continue mapping sidewalks Continue mapping sidewalks Continue mapping sidewalks Continue mapping sidewalks

Finalize group projects/Start combining Start combining projects into the Present final project to UA Little
Week 6 Contine Combining Projects Continue combining projects
group projects into finalized project final project Rock Board

Inquiry lessons Benchmark lesson Project lesson