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Purpose of Philosophy to Philippine Education

The purpose of philosophy is to identify problems and suggest ways of handling these
problems. The educational philosophy must explain education, criticize its practice and
offer suggested solutions to the problems by means of critical and reflective thinking

2. Education is a continuous process of experiencing and of revising or

reorganizing experiences
Education is a continuous process of growth and development. As long as
growth continues, education is taking place. Education grows with the growth
of humanity

3. Philippine educational philosophy be based on accepted educational

Philosophy can help the educators of the country to criticize educational practices, draw
inferences, and make a proper evaluation. It can bridge the gap between theory and
practice. The Philippine educational leaders need philosophy to enable them to identify
better, define and evaluate educational outcomes.

4. Epistemology
Education to be effective, must develop the full personality of the intellect.
Each pupil must develop the truth.
The subject matter is of value in itself. It provides a body of knowledge that
serves to develop the mind of the pupil. It is an accepted fact that knowledge
is a by-product. The purpose of education is to enable man to know, to think
and to reason.
Education involves problems which must be felt and solved by the pupils.
The purpose of any lesson is to solve a problem

7. the goal of education is the development of the whole individual. This
means that the individual must be developed physically, mentally, socially,
emotionally, and spiritually.it is based on the philosophy that education is
growth and development

1 A teacher would like to transfer from one school to another school near
her residence. Describe the series of events that should happen in
order to consummate the transfer.
First the teacher must write a letter of intent

The sale of tickets and/or the collection of contributions in any form
whatsoever, by any person for any project or purpose, whether voluntary or
otherwise, from school children, students and teachers of public and private
schools, colleges and universities is hereby prohibited: Provided, however,
That this prohibition shall not cover membership fees of school children and
students in the Red Cross, the girl scouts of the Philippines and the boy
scouts of the Philippines: Provided, finally, That this prohibition shall not
cover the contributions of parents and other donors for the support of barrio
high schools."

STAR OBSERVATION is a tool used to measure teachers competence in

teaching. It is a descriptive tool that gives an idea on:

1. Progress of pupils
2. Instructional strategies and techniques utilized by the teacher
3. Teachers action towards curricular objective.
4. Suitable learning area.

a teacher who gives birth during the Christmas or long vacation period should be granted 60
days maternity leave with full pay or half pay, as the case may be, effective on the date she
delivers her child, as well as the proportional vacation pay earned during the school year.
However, the teacher should not be allowed to return to duty from maternity leave until after
the expiration of the 60-day maternity leave granted her
Instructional supervision include observation of classes, curriculum enrichment, developing learning
activities and teaching devices and making teaching and learning fun and exciting among pupils.
School heads may develop different leadership practices on Teacher-Classroom Management, which include
Informal Supervision, Coaching and Mentoring, Learning Action Cell and Formal Observation. If you want to
have a well-defined classroom discipline and well-improved instruction, Teacher-Classroom management
should be given emphasis.

If I were afraid of the responsibility, I might run from this proffession of educating our young,
like right. . .now. . . after reading this quote. But, I won't. It is at the heart of why I am
working to get back in the classroom as classroom teacher after ten years of staying home
with my own kids. It is the idea that a teacher is the decisive element in the classroom
and that As a teacher, I possess a tremendous power that is the scariest, because if I am
not extremely thoughtful and cautious I could actually miss an opportunity (or many) to
inspire my students to grow as humans not just as students. Our children who are different
kinds of learners, but also different kinds of humans need that education just as much as
learning to read. As teachers we are in the position to help children grow their humanity.