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When quality and reliability Polymeric

matter most, trust the


BSI Kitemark
Why is the BSI Kitemark for polymeric pipes so important?
So if youre looking to differentiate your products in the
marketplace and are looking for experts with the recognized
industry knowledge to give your products trusted recognition
to open up new markets, were here to help.

We have expertise and experience in independent and impartial So how can I achieve the BSI Kitemark?
testing and certification of polymeric pipes, fittings and associated
products for various applications including: For a manufacturer to achieve the BSI Kitemark, the following steps
typically need to be taken:
Soil and waste systems
Initial laboratory type testing of the product;
Initial assessment of the manufacturing site and associated
Subsoil field drains manufacturing quality plan (usually to a recognised standard such
Cold and hot potable water supply systems as ISO 9001)
Gas supply On-going factory assessments and product testing , once or twice
a year, to ensure that the quality plan remains in place and agreed
In order to achieve a BSI Kitemark, manufacturers submit samples
manufacturing procedures are being followed
of products that will carry this trusted quality mark to our laboratory
for third party independent testing against various key industry A product audit of samples from current production to the
standards. During this rigorous process the products will be relevant standard to ensure products continue to comply. This also
temperature and pressure tested to make sure they perform, even gives an opportunity to review any amendments or updates to the
in extreme environments. But products that have earned a BSI standards and how they will affect the product.
Kitemark arent tested just once. We check them time and time again
on a regular basis to help ensure consistency, safety and quality. Helping you to access to global markets
This is what we believe sets the BSI Kitemark apart from many other
Because we are Notified Body for 17 European Directives we can
certification schemes.
help you meet the requirements to trade in Europe. We have UKAS
In every case, performance is tested in line with the accredited laboratories, and can provide testing, mandatory or
recommendations of the appropriate BS, ASTM, GIS, EN or ISO voluntary certification and compliance wherever your business is
standard. To achieve BSI Kitemark certification we also consider located.
quality of the materials used as well as quality control and We also meet the requirements of Gas Distribution Networks who
production management systems (such as ISO 9001) that are used will require all products used on the gas distribution networks to
by a manufacturer at their site. have BSI Kitemark certification.
BSI Kitemark for Polymeric Pipes

Core standards for polymeric pipes and associated products

that we can certify and test
Standard/specification Standard/specification name Cert Standard/specification Standard/specification name Cert

BS EN 12201-2:2011 Polyethylene pipes for water supply Plastics piping systems for non-pressure
underground drainage and sewerage.
Polyethylene pipes for water supply - BS EN 13598 parts Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U),
BS EN 12201-3:2011
fittings 2:2010 polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene
(replaces BS 7158) (PE). Specifications for manholes and
ISO 4427-2:2007 Polyethylene pipes for water supply inspection chambers in traffic areas and
deep underground installations
Thermoplastic pipes and associated
fittings for hot and cold water for domestic Elastomeric seals material requirements
BS 7291:-2&3:2010 BS EN 681-1&2:1996 for pipe joint seals used in water and
purposes and heating installations in
buildings drainage applications

Piping systems for water supply PVC-U Adhesives for thermoplastic piping
BS EN ISO 1452-2&3: BS EN 14814:2007
pipes and fittings rainwater drainage systems for fluids under pressure.
systems Adhesives for non-pressure thermoplastic
BS EN 14680:2006
Plastic rainwater piping systems for piping systems
BS EN 12200-1:2000 above ground external use pipes and Air admittance valves for drainage
fittings BS EN 12380:2002
Rainwater systems -PVC-U eaves, gutters
BS EN 607:2004 BS EN 274:2002 Waste fittings for sanitary appliances
and fittings
Rainwater systems -Brackets for eaves
BS EN 1462:2004
and gutters Gas pipes (used in the UK)
BS EN ISO 15876 Polybutylene piping systems for hot and
Polyethylene pipes and fittings for natural
series:2003 cold water installations & fittings GIS/PL2-2
gas and suitable manufactured gas
BS EN ISO 15874 PP piping systems for hot and cold water
Specification for Polyethylene pipes
series:2003 installations & fittings
and fittings for natural gas and suitable
BS EN ISO 15875 PE-X pipes and fittings piping systems for GIS/PL2-6 manufactured gas Part 6: Spigot end
series:2003 hot and cold water installations & fittings fittings for electrofusion and/or butt fusion
Multilayer piping systems for hot and cold
BS EN ISO 21003:2008
water installations inside buildings. Polyethylene pipes and fittings for natural
GIS/PL2-8 gas and suitable manufactured gas. Part-8
Plastics piping systems for soil and waste pipes for use at pressures up to 7 bar
discharge (low and high temperature)
BS EN 1519-1:2000
within the building structure. Polyethylene Technical specification for self-anchoring
(PE). mechanical fittings for polyethylene pipe
for natural gas and suitable manufactured
PVC-U soil and waste discharge within gas
BS EN 1329-1:2000 the building structure pipes fittings and
the system Specification for polyethylene pipes
and fittings for natural gas and suitable
PVC-U piping systems for non-pressured GIS/PL2-4
BS EN 1401-1:2009 manufactured gas Part 4: Fusion fittings
underground drainage and sewage with integral heating element(s)
Thermoplastic structured wall pipes,
BS EN 13476 parts 2 and Cant see the standard youre looking for contact us to see if we can help you
joints and couplers with a smooth bore
for gravity sewers
PE pressure pipe systems with an
WIS 4-32-19:2009 aluminium barrier layer for use in
contaminated land Want to find out more?
Plastics piping systems for non-pressure
underground drainage and sewerage.
Search our online product directory
BS EN 13598 parts 1:
Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U), bsigroup.com/productdirectory
polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).
(replaces BS 7158)
Specifications for ancillary fittings Discover our certification services
including shallow inspection chambers

The BSI Kitemark is an

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