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The Lorax Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 1st Grade/ Elementary

Subject: Physical Education (PE)
Date: 3/3/17
Common Core/State Standard(s):
(S1.E1.1) Hops, gallops, runs and slides using a mature pattern.
(S1.E16.1b) Catches various sizes of balls self-tossed/tossed by a skilled
(S4.E5.1a) Exhibits the established protocols for class activities.
(S4.E6.1) Follows teacher directions for safe participation and proper use of
equipment with teacher reminders.

Learning Objective(s): Students will be able to(SWBAT)

Display how to catch a ball.
Demonstrate how to gallop and run using a mature pattern.
Exhibit the established protocols for class activities.
Follow directions for safe participation and proper use of equipment with

Rationale: Describe how this lesson is developmentally appropriate:

What skills and content are needed to master the lesson objective(s)?
How is this objective relevant to students, their lives, and/or the real world?
What types of instructional strategies will you use to deliver the content?
How does your lesson reflect educational theories/theorists?
The students need to have a basic understanding of different
locomotor movements and how to throw and catch a ball.
The objectives are relevant to the students because they learn
how to follow directions and rules. The will be able to skillfully use
the movements associated with the lesson in their lives.
Hands-on learning will be used to teach the how to play the games
as well as some direct instruction to demonstrate gameplay, rules,
and etiquette.
This lesson reflects constructivism which means the students learn
by doing. They use schema to connect new knowledge to existing
schema to understand the material.
How will you measure students readiness/level of understanding prior to
teaching this lesson? (e.g., KWL chart, SMARTboard responder quiz, whole-class
Q&A with response cards, individual student pre-test, etc.).
Q&A will be used at the beginning of the activity to ensure the
students understand the activity and what is asked of them.
Have you played pin-guard before?
Have you played The Lorax before?

How will the students demonstrate that they have attained the goals of the
Explain how the assessment aligns to the objective.
Include a copy of the lesson assessment.
Provide exemplar student responses/products (model outcome).
The students will be assessed through their performance of
the activities.
I will observe them to ensure they are staying on task and
meeting the objectives of the lesson.

How will you evaluate the students work/performance? ( e.g., rubric, weighted
responses, checklist)
Report results in qualitative and/or quantitative format.
I will use observation of their activity performance. I will
observe the students to ensure they are completing and
meeting the objectives of the lesson.

Key Vocabulary: Technology needed:

List words that you will either introduce or How will you use technology to
review which build background/schema engage students in authentic
relevant to the content area. learning experiences?
Pin-guard How will you address diverse
Everyones it Tag learning needs through technology?
The Lorax N/A

Other required materials:

Foam Balls (Fruit)

10 Pins (Trees)
Cones (Grass)
What accommodations/modifications will you include for students with special
needs? (use contextual information ) How will you make accommodations for the
identified students during each phase of the lesson?
Guided Practice
Independent Practice
Lesson Opening:
How will you
activate student interest?
present the learning objective(s) in an engaging and student-friendly way?
make connections to past learning?
convey the importance of the learning objective and make it relevant to
your students lives?
explain to students the sequence of instruction? (preview the activities for
the period)
communicate what knowledge or skills students will be expected to
produce by the close of the lesson?
I will ask the students how their day is going.
I will proceed to ask if they have played pin-guard before.
Then Ill tell the students that we are going to start with a
warm-up activity (Everyones it tag) and introduce the main
Lesson Plan Implementation

activity (The Lorax).

I will state the rules for the warm-up activity and get the
students started.
Instructional Input
I Do

How will you model/explain/demonstrate all knowledge and skills required of

the objective?
Restate the objective
Introduce new material (describe what types of instructional supports
Guided Practice
You Do We Do

How will students practice, with your support, all content and skills required to
continue to internalize the objective? (How will students be engaged?)
Students will stay engaged by participating in the activity. It is
Independent a Practice
fast moving game with many things for the students to do
How will you clearly state and model academic and behavioral expectations?
I will state the expectations to the students before the activity
Lesson Closing No fighting over balls
How will you
Review the skills/content taught in an interactive manner (whole/small
group, individually)
Reemphasize and clarify the objective
Reassess students mastery of, or progress toward the objective? (if not
already assessed)
I will have the students go sit on their spots.
I will ask how the activity went and what they liked and
disliked about it.
Then restate the objectives.
I will then dismiss the students by rows to line up and wait
for their classroom teacher.

After you have administered your assessments (formal or informal) for this lesson,

analyze the results.

How did the students perform on this assessment? To what degree did they
achieve mastery toward the lesson objective(s)?
How will you provide opportunities for remediation and extension?
Reflect on your effectiveness as a teacher based on the analysis of students
Reflect performance.
List two things you feel you did well to plan, implement, or assess
Describe the changes you would make if you were to teach this lesson