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Ashlyn Moody

Deby Jizi


9 April 2017

Annotated Bibliography

Ilgen, Mark, and Felicia Kleinberg. "The Link Between Substance Abuse, Violence, and

Suicide." Psychiatric Times. N.p., 20 Jan. 2011. Web. 29 Mar. 2017.

In this article, The Link Between Substance Abuse, Violence, and Suicide, Ilgen and

Kleinberg provide ways in which Mental disorders, sexual abuse and drug abuse is linked to an

increased risk of suicide. Alcohol and drug use has actually been proven to be one of the leading

risks for suicide. Ilgen and Kleinberg report that substance abusers are 6 times more likely to

report suicide attempts in their lifetime. They also prove that mental disorders such as

schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder are highly linked with suicide as well showing

that about 90% of individuals that committed suicide or attempt suicide were diagnosed with 1 or

more psychiatric problems.

This article is relevant to my inquiry topic containing all the information I am looking for

in my sources. It answers many of the questions I proposed in my inquiry. Are all these things in

fact linked and if so, how? It gives me almost everything I need.

The article is written by a physician and a medical research. The facts seem credible and

are backed up quite well. It is not written by just anyone but is written by people with experience

and a degree to back up their research and knowledge. It is a website linked to the medical

Osgood, Nancy J., and Ameda A. Manetta. "Physical and Sexual Abuse, Battering, and

Substance Abuse." Journal of Gerontological Social Work 38.3 (2003): 99-113. Web.

In this journal, Physical and Sexual Abuse, Battering, and Substance Abuse Nancy and

Ameda talk about women that were born before 1945 and how they underwent physical and

sexual abuse. How that may affect them today, such as taking battering from spouses. The

journal includes clinical case studies about assessment and treatments for this behavior.

My inquiry is more about substance abuse as well as sexual abuse in younger women

rather than older but I see this still can lead back to younger women as well not just older. I think

that women that were born later than the 1940s have been subjected to just as much childhood


Nancy J. Osgood and Ameda A. Manetta both have their PhD. Nancy J. Osgood is the

Professor of Gerontology and Sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College

of Virginia. Ameda A. Manetta is a Professor in the Social Work department at Winthrop

University. They are both pretty high ranked professors with lots of experience in what they are

talking about in the journals.

Clay, Rebecca A. "Suicide and Intimate Partner Violence." Pardon Our Interruption. American

Psychological Association, n.d. Web. 09 Apr. 2017.

In most cases people who are in abusive relationships are more likely to commit suicide

or harm themselves. There are also some cases involving murder between spouses. Violence

happens more frequently between partner than people realize. It wrecks the self esteem of both

partners and it brings on depression.

This relates to my inquiry and the reason for which I chose my inquiry. My friend

Katelyn was sexually and physically abused by one of her friends and one of her past boyfriends.
I believe now that this is one of the reasons for her attempted suicide. Men had constantly tore

down her self esteem and she resorted to drugs, and she was very depressed. She was broken

after what happened to her.

Rebecca Clay is a part of the American Psychological Association, she has written many

articles and journals about psychological aspects and how it may lead to suicide or violence or

substance abuse. Cause us to do things we wouldnt normally do.

Bohn, Diane K. "Lifetime Physical and Sexual Abuse, Substance Abuse, Depression, and Suicide

Attempts Among Native American Women." Issues in Mental Health Nursing24.3

(2003): 333-52. Web.

These articles by Diane Bohn are focused more on a specific population of Native

Americans and how they were raised. It explores a group of 30 Native American women and

their pasts with abuse and how it affects them today. It was found that throughout their life, 87%

of these women experienced sexual abuse.

This relate to my inquiry connecting to how sexual abuse in your childhood and early

teenage years can lead to problems later in life. Increasing risks of suicide because of knocked

self esteem and letting people treat them like that later in life because they are used to being

mistreated. Goes to show that some of these things are more likely to happen within certain

cultures rather than others.

Diane is a certified midwife in Minnesota. She went to university and graduated honors

in the year 1988. She is an RN working at Cass Lake Indian Health Services. She also has over

29 years of experience.
Ross, Carolyn C., PhD. "Suicide: One of Addiction's Hidden Risks." Psychology Today.

Psychology Today, 20 Feb. 2014. Web. 09 Apr. 2017.

This blog written by Carolyn Ross focuses more on the risks of addiction to drugs. How

there is a list of leading risks addiction leads to suicide and depression leads to addiction. It

reverses both ways. The 10th leading cause of death in the US is suicide. Substance abuse not

only increases the likelihood that a person will take their own life, but it is also used as a means

for committing suicide (Ross 3).

This blog really wraps up my inquiry, showing that substance abuse is directly linked to

risk of increased suicide. Substance abuse, drugs is the way 75% of people committing suicide

go about doing it.

Carolyn Ross is an Integrative Medicine Physician. She has a medical degree (MD) and a

master of public health (MPH). From her review online she is seen as a great doctor, and very