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Piano Exam Pieces 2017 & 2018 re Piano Exam Pieces ABRSM Grade 1 Selected from the 2017 & 2018 syllabus ABRSM Piano exams Pieces (3x30 marks) Choosing your pieces ‘This book contains nine pieces from our 2017 & 2018 Grade 1 Piano syllabus. Inthe exam, you will need to play three pleces, one fram each ofthe three syllabus lists (A, Band C). You ean ‘choose from the pieces in this book and/or the other pieces set forthe grade: a full ist is on the ‘opposite page. Editorial guidance ‘We have taken these pieces from a variety of sources, Where appropriate, we have edited the pleces to help you prepare for your performance. We have added fingering and metronome marks (given in square brackets), and provided omament realizations. Details of other editorial changes or suggestions are given in the footnotes. Fingering and other editorial additions are for guidance only; you de not have to follow them in the exam, Repeats ‘You will need to observe all da capo and dal segno indications, but you should omit all other repeats (including first-time bars) unless they are very brief (Le, ofa few bats) or unless the syllabus specifies otherwise, Other requirements Scales and broken chords from memory (21 marks) mance eeumEUS 6,0, Filan tans separately (Lm be played descending and ‘Dini outuorhamonie oot adeneparaly(L my bel ‘ean coe) eee or a Tocca ginning neni. G.Frmjons hands separate, os pater belo Sight-reading (21 marks) Aural tests (18 marks) (Total available: 150 marks) Further information ‘You can find additional important information about all aspects of your exam - including scale speeds and descriptions of sight-reading and aural tests - at www.abrsm.org/pianol. Allsyllabus requirements are valid from 1 January 2017 until 31 December 2018. You will find advance notice of any planned changes to the Plano requirements from 2018 (including syllabus overlap information) online at wwwabrsm.org/panol from January 2018, Win your exam entry! Enter your details online to takepart in our prize dv www.abrsm.org/win, Piano Exam Pieces Nome ABRSM Grade 1 Selected from the 2017 & 2018 syllabus Date of exam Contents Editor for ABRSM: Richard Jones ean page £9) usta 1 Johann Christian Bach Aria in F, BWV Anh. 11131 2 [2] 2. Anon. Canaries, arr. Sarah Watts 3 [3] 8. GiuseppeVerdi La donna é mobile (from Rigoletto), arr. Nancy Litten 4 uste [7] 1 Joantast Bouncing Billy: from Zeke Your Pick [B] 2 Bryan Kelly Gypsy Song: No.6 from A Baker’s Dozen [2] 8. ‘Trad.French Dansia forétlointaine, at. Hywel Davies 7 uste [3] 1 RobHall Asian Tiger Prow! fié] 2 Aram Khachaturian Skipping Rope: No.1 from Children’ Album, Book 2 [i] 8. trad.American When the saints go marching in, art. Kenneth Bartels 10 Other pieces for Grade 1 ust TZ] 4 S.Amola Giga: 3rd move fom Lesson nC, Op. 12 No.2. Encore, Book | (ABRSM) [E] 8 Beethoven Ar from’ Lite Russias Op, 107 No.8, The Best of Grade 1 Pano (Faber) [E] 8 Gilock A Stately Sarabande. Classic iano Repertoire Wiliam Glock (Elementary) (lis) ust [5] — Guslit Jagdsthekchen (Hunting) No.7 from Der erste Vortag, Op.210 (Schou) or No.5 kom The New Guatis ol. 1 (Sehow) 5 Maconchy Sad Story No, 17 fom Five by Tan, Grade 1 (Langnick) 8 Trad.Welsh David ofthe White Rock. In che Limelight, ar. Barratt (Chester) or Chester's Eases Songs of ‘The British Iles Chester) uste [4 Paul Drayton Chatterbox Chase. Piano Time Dance, art Hal (OUP) [HS ben TheHuntsman and the Maidens: No. from Hands Together 52 Ceach Folt-tunes (aber) [6 Simone PIé La petite troupe (The Little Troop): No. 10 from Les chants tle ous (Lemoine) ony wood sy oA, etn Mingiroerte hopensfepstason Chery bejnng anys Condon te 1, Unied Rng ‘mare reproduced, rezoned oc tronsmited Printed ia England by Hasta & CL, Amersham, [Ga0Ibby The Astcid Bo of ie Boyal Sc ofNee Inanplonorbyangments white Blls on mals om ssn sures Distal wortdwade by Ontord Unt res ‘at rman of ha copynigitoxne. he Megat Aria in F cr copynat BWV Anh. 11 131 J.C. Bach 1935-82) ‘This charming litle piece was written by Bachis youngest son Johann Christian when he was litle more than 10 years old. He wrote tout inthe Ctavierbtchlein, or Little Keyboard Book, that Bach dedicated ois wife Anna Magdalena in 1725.This manuscript album, fled up gradually over the next 20 years oro, gives vivid picnire of domestic musle-making nthe Bach family home during that period. The wedges in b. 4 ete. denote staccato and imply a light accent, Minims so marked might be shortened to half thelr value. The dynamics are eaitorlal suggestions onl, as are the slurs ane staceatos, except forthe righthand wedges in bb, 12 and 14 Soutee: Staatsbibliothek 2u Berlin, PreuBiscner Kulturbestz, Mus.mns.Baeh P225, (© 2016 yTheAssocinted Boaraf the loyal Schools of Maxie [Adapted rom] S Bach etal The Ana Megdalena Bach Book of 172, eteaby Richard Jones (ABRSM) AB3813 eget topless Eeyriht Canaries Arranged by Sarah Watts Anon. Lightly and with energy [4:= ¢.60] poco rall. Amagine a quick dance with lots of jumping and stamping of feet! Asits name suggests, che canarieoriginally caine from the Canary Islands, but it spread to Spain in the 1500s and then France in the 1600s. ‘Cancres i @ French lue piece from the Straloch Lutebook (Aberdeen, 1627). This collection was compiled by Robert Graham (1580-1661) of Straloeh, Scotland, It eontains many pivees of French as well as Scotish origin (©2016 by Te Associated ostdof the Royal Schools of Mule AB3813 The woman is fickle ‘sutnaad La donna é mobile Sante from Rigoletto Arranged by Nancy Litten Giuseppe Verdi wged by Nancy | (1813-1901) all. a tempo uy he aa at This is a plano arangement of famous tenor ata from Act of Vers Rigoletto. This opera was composed in 1851 and fst performed in Venice Jaterin the same year In‘La donna ® mobil the Duke of Mantua declares that women are changeable in their affections (©2015 by The associated oar ofthe Royal School of Music ‘Reproduted om Pian M1, comyped and edited by David Blackwell RSM) Anata Ths Hegel tomnee eee Bouncing Billy from Take Your Pick Joan Last Giocoso [= ¢.60] 1908-2002), 5 mf molto rit. a tempo poco stringendo 38 | 3 “This dance-like tunes shared between the hands (the middle Cin b.2, for example, belongs to the heme), From the upbeat Lob 17, a nev theme {is heard in alternating hands. Finally, tb, 26 the original theme returns, naw with the surprise of a chromatle, poco stringendo conclusion (that is, gradually getting litle fasten Joan Last was an English musician who taugh' the piano for many years atthe Royal Academy of Music, Landon, (© Copyigh 2002 Te Hawkins Theoan Last sate sed by pecsson all engures about this pie. apart rom those erect easing othe exam should be adessd oe aess musi panic. ADauI3 Oitcon authorises Gypsy Song ass consnsh No. 6 from A Baker's Dozen Bryan Kelly (barn 1934), Sadly [= «.80] 7 2 et 2. Tie ploce begins with a haunting melody in the style offal song (bh. 1-8). Aflora contesting middle section (bb. 16), the melody returns i ‘the bas, with an accompanying partin the treble (bb 17-28). Notice here how the eft-and right-hand phrases overlap ‘yan Kelly studied at the Royal Collegeof Music, Londen, and with Nadia Boulanger in Pars, He has taught at both the Royal Seotish Academy ‘of Music and Drama (now the Reyal Conservatoire of Scotland) and the Royal Collegeof Music. {©2014 Spactan Pres Msc Publis ited Used by kind permission ofthe poblsers. ll engries abou ths piece, par rom those detly easing othe exams, shouldbe addressed to Spartan Press Music Pubes Lite, Unie 20 Station Rod, Kinase Scosh Highlands, PH21 TER UK AB3a1a tisgt In the Distant Forest rsuthorses nae Dans la forét lointaine Arranged by Hywel Davies Trad. French “The iret two lines ofthis ragtional French song ares follows Danslaforétlointaine, nthe distant forest, Onentendlecoucou. _Youcan hear the cuckoo, In his arangemont, the cuekoo is fst heard in the right hand ane echoed in the lft (bb. 9-10), chen heard in the ot and echoed inthe right (bb. 13-14) Composer Hywel Davies ts known for his arrangements of folk musi, such a those included in the Fol: Roots series published by Boosey & Hawkes (©2016 by The Assia Dor of he Ray Schools of Mase An3813 ‘sgat ‘tomate Asian Tiger Prowl eats Rob Hall {born 199] ‘Menacing J = 120-126 5 Ped, ee “The composer has written: “The image is of @ tiger homing in on its prey, pausing at times, and pouneing at rhe end Close attention to the articulation markings will reveal the tigor's true characte. The piece is based on the D natural minor scale, oF Aeolian made. Originating rom Asla ‘Minor, the mode is used in western must, including jazz, bu also features in the raga music of northern India ~a home of tigers! Saxophonist and clarinetist Rob Hall has written fora range of ensembles with commissions from chamber ehoirs to jazz orchestras, With numerous CD releases and new publications of his music, this versatility is mirzored in his role as a azz and classical examiner with ABRSM, (© 20161 The Azote Boat of he Roy! Schools oF Music ADg013 ne Ckaxanka Skakalka ‘re aa Skipping Rope = No. 1 from Children’s Album, Book 2 Aram Khachaturian 1903-78), Allegro 3, e : _ > i 3 ‘This musical picture ofa skipping rope n ation is selected from Khachaturian’ Celdren’s Album (Berean ane6ow Detskial"bom), of which the first volume appeared in 1946 and the second in 1864. The opening melody occurs thee times. Its first and thed statements (bb, 1 and 17) ace ‘virtually identical, bu the midale one (b. 9) s quieter, in the dominant key, and hs legato, chromatic accompaniment in the left hand, Thelft- hhand aon the fourth beat ofb. 16 belongs tothe tune (compare the upbeat to b, 1) and so needa litle emphass ‘Aram Khachaturian studied atthe Gnesin Institute, Moscow (1922-8) and then atthe Moscow Conservatory (1929-36) He later taught at both Jstitutions. ls colourlu, pictorial compositions include three symphonies, thee concortos, film music and ballets, notably Spartacus, which has become his mast famous work. © Copyrigit by Boosey & Hashes MuslePblishes Ld forth UK, Bs Commonweal (exchaing Canada, ean South ica Reproduced by permission of Boosey & Hawkes Mule Publsers L.A enquices about tis piece apart fom thse direc rlating othe exams, should be ‘eese to Booey Hares si ules Ld, Adj How, 7-91 Alomgeh, London, WEED SHIN, AB 3813 10 Olan When the saints go marching in |S: Aarange by Kamath Bares Trae. American With energy J= ¢128 7 =J3) : ‘when the saints go marching i’ an Ameries gospel hymn. Its often played by jazz bands, so the jazzy style ofthis plano arrangement, with swung quavors, i well suited of The lies begin as follows ‘Of when the saints go marching, Oh when the saints go marching in, Lord, {want co be in that number, ‘When the saints go marching. (©2016 by Te Asolatod Bardo he Raya Schools of Music AB3@13