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Grade Piano Exam Pieces 2017 «2018 PN") Piano Exam Pieces ABRSM Grade 3 Selected from the 2017 & 2018 syllabus Piano Exam Pieces ABRSM Grade 3 Selected from the 2017 & 2018 syllabus Contents Editor for ABRSM: Richard Jones 8) LSTA 1 George Frideric Handel Sonatina in G, HWY 582 mae art, Clem Virgo Bl usTs 1 Charles Dibdin Tom Bowling, arr Julian MeNamara Bes Name Date of exam 3. Ludwig van Beethoven German Dance in B flat: No.6 from 12 German Dances, WoO 13 2 Ferdinand Hiller Polnisches Lied: No. 18 from Leichte Lieder und Tanze, Op. 117 3 PyotrIl'yich Tchaikovsky Marche des soldats de bois: No.5 from Album pourenfants,Op.39 8 page 2 2 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Romanze (from Eine kleine Nachumusik, K.525, second movement), ste (1 Dinluyorisovich Kabalevsly Clowns: No.20 from 24 asy Pieces Op. 38 0 [iq] 2 Nikolay Petrovich Rakov Der Tagist vergangen: No.24 from Aus jugendtagen n [5] 9 Nicholas Scot-Burt Atitude! 2 Other pieces for Grade 3 usta 4 J.8.BBach Boureée:5th mov from Overtue in F, BWV 820. No. 45 from Baroque Keyboard Pieces, Book 1 (ABRSM) or No.5 from A Keyboard Anthology, 2nd Series, Book 1 (ABRSM) (5 Mozare Menve in F (Menuet? from K.6).No.42 from L- Mozart, Notebook for Nannerl Schot No.2 fom Mocact, Easy Pian Pieces and Dances (renseiter) (B_& Trad. English Staines Moris No.25 from English Folk Tame fr Plana ar: Carson Tuene (Scho) usta 4 Durgmutier Angelic Harmony: No.21 fom 25 Easy and Progressive Suis, Op, 100(ABRSM) 1H] 8 Gareolt Dwar ofthe is: No.8 trom Forest Fantsis (Forsyth) {TJ © Saint-Suins Lléphant, an. Heumann, Fncore, Book? (ABRSM) uste aa Piano (Kevin Mayhew) 4 HywelDavies Adieu. Folk Roots for Piano, ar. Davies (Boosey & Hawkes) 5 Trad, Spiritual Swing low swoet chaos, srt. Richards. Plano Dlx (ABRSM) © Sarah Watts Curtain Call Sarah Watts, Shades of Bive (Kevin Mayhew) or Sarah Watts, Razzamajazs Repertoire a publ in 2016 ABESAPaiting Ld, +s naar ofA Poe Shuld ty thadssned Dowel eteyalSchedsorbuase inant ‘Batted wai by Ona Unies Pass ‘Alligisorved No pert of tabi ‘muy bepoluces cata ranted or byany mene ett he Phir pect of te cpg oma. Mor ognation yaa Ree enats Unglnd by altan UC cs esha, Biss on seal em sesnle sos, Sonatina in G sort Hwy 582 G.F. Handel 11685-1759) Ths sa contrapuntal piece in two parts its double themes exchanged between the hands inthe fst wo bers, Handel wrote tin London around 1722, presumably fr teaching purposes. n this edition all slurs and dynamics are editorial suggestions only, ass che will athe final eadence. In the source, the seventh bass iote of. is g, but it has been carected hereto ein accordance with bb.7 and 16. evillam Museum, MS 258; MS copy, Landon, British Library RM. 188 ‘Sources: autograph MS, Cambridge, cool of Mule (© 2016 by Te Associated Hood ofthe Roy AB3615