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Grade Piano Exam Pieces 2017 & 2018 Piano Exam Pieces ABRSM Grade 2 Selected from the 2017 & 2018 syllabus ABRSM Piano exams Pieces (3x30 marks) ‘Choosing your pieces Tis book contains nine pieces from our 2017 & 2018 Grade 2 Piano syllabus. tn the exam, you will eed to play three pieces, one fom each ofthe three syllabus lists (A, Band G). You can choose from the pieces in this book an/or the other pieces set for the grade: ful ists on the opposite page Editorial guidance Weave taken these pieces fom a variety of sources. Where appropriate, we have edited the pleces to help you prepare for your performance. We have added fingering and metronome ‘marks (given in square brackets) and provided ornament realizations. Details of other editorial changes or suggestions are given in the footnotes. Fingering and other editorial additions are for guidance only; you do.not have to follow them inthe exam. Repeats You will need to observe all da capo and dal segno indieations but you should omit all ovuer repeats (including first-time bars) unless they are wery bref i.e. ofa few bars) or unless the syllabus specifies otherwise Other requirements Scales, arpeggios and broken chords see inside back cover (21 marks) Sight-reading (21 marks) Aural tests (18 mars) (Total available: 150 marks) Further information ‘You can find additional important information about all aspects of your exam - including scale ‘speeds and descriptions of sight-reading and aural tests - at wwwabrsm.org/plano2 Allsyllabus requirements are valid from } January 2017 until 31 December 2016. You will find advance notice of any planned changes to the Piano requirements from 2019 (including syllabus overlap information) online at wwwabrsm.org/piano? from January 2018. Win your exam entry! Enter your deta online to take pati ou prize daw. wuwabrsiorg/win ir Piano Exam Pieces [ Name ABRSM Grade 2 | Selected from the 2017 & 2018 syllabus Date of exam Contents Editor for ABRSM: Richard Jones page usta 1 Thomas Attwood Allegretto: first movement from Sonatina No.3 in F 2 2 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ein Midchen oder Weibchen (rom Die Zauberfldte, K.620), arr, Christopher Norton 3 3 Tylman Susato La Mourisque, arr. Martin White 4 ust e 1 Carl Reinecke Song: second movement from Serenade, Op. 183 No. 1 5 2 Bed#ich Smetana Waltz in G: No.2 from Poklad melodii, Vol.2 6 3 Stanley Wilson ‘The Stowaway: No.7 from Ship Ahoy! 7 ust 1 ‘Trad. Scottish The Piper o' Dundee, arr. Richard Michael a 2 Sergey Prokofiev The Cat (from Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67), art. David Blackwell 8 3. Manfred Schmitz Gospel Flair: No.43 from Mini Jazz, Vol. 1 10 Other pieces for Grade 2 USTA 4 J. Clarke The Prince of Denmatk’s March, Bucore, Book 1 |ABRSM) or No.25 from Baroque Keyboard Pieces, Book (ABRSM) 5 L.Moxart PolonaiseinC. P.M from 1, Mozart, Notenbuch fir Wolfgang (Schote) {6 Telemann Dolee (from Fantasia No.4 in G), Keynotes, Grades 1-2 Faber) uste 4 Bortkiewicz Through the Desert No.1 from Romantic Pano Antology Vol.1 (Schot®) 5 Gedike Poit pic, Op.6No. 11. No.7 from Russian Music for Plano, Book (Chester) {6 Holst Jupiter from The Planets, Op. 32), ar, Benziget. Piano Mix 2(ABRSM) uste 4 Bben The Goose-gl in Winter: No.30 from Hands Together 52 Ceech Fol-tunes (Faber) {7] 5 Simone Pé La poule dans|e jardin (The Hen in te Garden): No. 15 from Les chants ees jeux (Lemoine) [8] 6 SaranWatts Rock Pools. Sarah Watts, faz Sls, Book 1 (Kevin Mayle), o Sarah Watts, Razeamajazz Repertoire Piano (Kevta Mayhew) ext pbs e201 ABO Pasig Ld Unguthorbed plooeapying legal si agintion tla nee Swholromnedauisicey ofABISH21Tertandace _Alnharearee No parol poston Corry ate earn ney Poe {po i 0, iad King eyterpadiced cmiedariansnited — feinella Bent by lalean eid, Ament, (O20IGby thence Hondo theToalSchosis of Mane iranyfomorbyanyzents iat the Bula on satel emeuralabl are