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Project 2 - Peer Review

How well does the writing answer the assignment prompt?

He introduce the kuwaiti community well. And provide many details.

Does the writer follow the role of a reporter?

Yes. He didnt add his personal ideas, just report the things he got.

Does the profile portray a specific perspective of community?

I didnt get the profile.

Does the writing focus on a specific community?

Sure. The Kuwaiti community.

Research: (6-7)
Is information from research & interviews effectively integrated? Does research enhance the individuals perspective of their

Both research and interview are effectively.

Does primary and secondary research provide helpful information and unique insight into the community?

Yes I got some information about the history of Kuwaiti. Many details like The development of Kuwaiti and the location.

Does the information enhance the writing?

Yes, the information enhance the writing, it give me enough information about the background.

Context: (3-7)
Is there sufficient contextual information for this audience to understand the individuals community?

Yes. The information is enough

Are the profile and community essay clearly related?

I didnt get the profile.

Does the writing provide helpful, relevant context for readers to understand this community?

Yes but I think he should add more information about the negative things.

Is there a unique, clear connection between the community essay and the profile?


Organization: (6-7)
Is information focused and organized?

Yes . He introduce some background information first, then report what he got from the interview. And the writing is focused on the
Kuwaiti community.
Are the community essay and profile focused and developed in a logical, purposeful, and engaging way?

Yes, at least the essay is great.

Are there clear connections between all ideas?

Almost ideas are connected well. But I think he should add more things between the end of talking about oil industry and introducing
Kuwaiti peoples characteristics.

Conventions: (4-7)
Do the profile and community essay follow genre conventions?

The essay follow genre conventions well.

Is writing revised to be clear and precise?

Yes I think he do well in this part.

Are the conventions (point of view, formality, and layout/design) consistent and appropriate for the genre?

Yes. The conventions are consistent. But I think he should add some connection between the second paragraph and the last paragraph.

Is writing clear, cohesive, concise, and precise as a result of thorough proofreading?

Its clear but just have some small mistakes. For example, The word in Hindustani language meanskut and after using the
diminution in Arabic, it becomes Kuwait.
I think it should be it became kuwait

Citations: (6-7)
Is all information accurately cited?

Almost information are accurately cited.

Are all in-text citations present and formatted in correct MLA format where needed?
Yes. the essay is MLA style.

Is a Works Cited page present with all entries formatted correctly?


Total Points: 30 /42