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T. A.

Expert in Toll Operations.
1. Essel Infra Projects, Vice President (Regional Head)
2. TBR Infra, Head Toll Operation PAN India
3. Feedback Infrastructure-Gurgaon, Head Toll Operation- North
4. MNEL-Mumbai Nasik Expressway Ltd. Of -Gammon Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, Head Toll
Operation- GM
5. Pink City Expressway Pvt. Ltd-Gurgaon to Jaipur NH8, General Manager Toll & Route
6. ETA ASCON LLC Dubai, UAE, Manager- Operations
7. DABUR Ind. Ltd (Balsara Home Products), Asst. Manager-Administration
8. ENERCON IND. LTD. (German Co), Assistant Manager- Administration
9. Graphite Vicarb Ind. Ltd., Officer
10. Indian Air Force, Police Sergeant

E-mail: tashaikh@gmail.com
Address: Nasik. Mobile: 8888814641.
Armed Forces' Graduate with 15 years in the Indian Air Force and 24 years in Private sector,
experience in Toll Operation, Route Operation, Administration.
Key Skills:
Toll, Route Operation, Incident management including road maintenance of BOT project- a
Highway Tolling Project including Toll on BOT Project right from backend to front end to
delivery like procurement, installation and commissioning of the project, starting commercial
operations, stabilizing Operations & Maintenance; Meeting expectation of the management with
optimization of revenue while maintaining good health of the project and good relations across
with the client and customer while meeting all social obligation; Specialist: TOLL OPERATION.
Managing the entire departments of Toll & Route Operations like Toll Collection & Operation
Staff, ITES-Intelligence Transport System dept., Route Operation/Incident Management,
Maintenance, Statutory Compliance, Liaison with Police, NHAI & IE, Managing Security,
Housekeeping, HR, Canteen, Guest House, Transportation, Route Operation and Recruitment etc.
Education: Armed Force Graduate, A degree awarded by the Indian Air Force, Min. of Defense,
Govt. of India (Subject: Administration, Security Management, Intelligence & Counter
Intelligence, Investigation of Crimes, Prevention & Detection Crimes, Interrogation and
Vigilance) from Indian Air Force in 1990.
Text Resume
Name: - Tajuddin A. Shaikh
Date of birth: - April 25, 1959
Education: -Graduate (Armed Force Degree)
Languages Known: -English, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati (Not Expert).
Professional Experience: -
1. Organization: Essel Infra Position: Regional Head
From: Feb 2015 to 30 Oct 2015 as I left because the company moved from Mumbai to Delhi.
Regional Head-Toll Operation
(Total Revenue Collection per day: 1 Cr 07 Lacs)
Responsibilities: Toll Operation, Incident Management, Route Operation, Liaison, Maintenance,
Statutory compliance, Security, contractual dealings, Compliance as per the Concessionaire
Agreement etc. as mentioned below.
Overall in charge of tolling, route operation and maintenance activities.
Review of daily activities.
Coordinate, discuss and liaise with the Independent Consultant. (IE/IC)
Monitor the submission of the reporting requirement to Independent consultant as per the
Concession Agreement.
Responsible to ensure all statutory compliances as per the requirements of the Concession
Review of maintenance contractors work, tolling statements, site establishments and
Review of weekly and monthly O&M Schedule in line with the annual schedule.
Be accountable for revenue collection, revenue banking and has to ensure that the revenue
is collected as per the terms and conditions of the contract.
Control, appraise and monitor progress of works and staff.
Ensure processes, deviations must be checked, rectified and a follow up action must be
carried out to ensure that such deviations do not happen in future.
Responsible for all the expense made on toll operations that is the sum given to run the
daily expenses of the Plaza and its Operation. Should check that the expenses are in line of
budget, any deviation must be backed by logical justification. Should forecast any expense
for which there may not be a budgetary provision and then should create such provision
through proper channel.
Monitor submission of all operations reports on time by the PM as per the prescribed
format of the management. The report will generally deal with Toll operations revenue and
traffic. Comparison of traffic and revenue for specific period with logical explanation if
required regarding increase and decrease of the same should be done.
Undertake contract performance monitoring and evaluation.
Communicate to the management all ideas which will increase the toll revenue without
disturbing the provisions of the contract.
Ensured smooth operations of all BOT projects as per Concession Agreement without
allowing any malpractice, pilferage, revenue leakage and intended detouring etc.
Liaison with and to manage local people, Police, district administration, government /
village bodies and clients/vendors.
To monitor, implement and ensure proper discipline and welfare of the employees of Toll
Collection agencies, Security agencies, House Keeping agencies and Maintenance
agencies etc.;
To implement Tolling Procedures.
To provide support to Plaza Managers.
Monitoring of MIS reports and taking immediate action to eliminate revenue leakage.
To analyze the reports, ensure validation, revalidation.
Guidance to Plaza Managers pertaining to Road Users Complaint Handling.
Maintain an overview of plaza activity, manpower, traffic flow & pattern, banking and
future expected traffic flow; Service time & Queue Length.
To coordinate with Road Safety management through Route Operation.
Traffic Survey and Analysis.
To ensure periodic training to staff. To impart training to operation staff/Security on
behavioral part while dealing with road users.
Alertness & vigilance against theft, pilferage, sabotage & willful destruction of properties.
Contract labor Management; Transportation;
Responsible for enhancement of toll revenue.
To ensure proper discipline and welfare of the employees of Toll Collection agencies,
Security agencies, and House Keeping agencies, maintenance agencies etc.;
To ensure proper route operations and to manage NHAI compliances and to be very
friendly with road users.
Coordination in Commissioning of the New Plazas.
Budget Preparation.
Complaint Handling.
Maintain an overview of plaza activity, manpower, traffic flow & pattern, banking and
future expected traffic flow; Service time & Queue Length.
Security and Safety, Road Safety management.
Recruitment of staff, Training to staff.
Liaison. Firefighting. First aid. Housekeeping.
Achievement: Managed to eliminate malpractices, pilferage, revenue leakage and
increased daily collection of plaza revenue. Reduced irrelevant traffic exemption. (Record
collection in India) by plugging leakages and established a strong Operation team.

2. Organization: TBR Infra, Nasik March 2013 Jan 20145

Position: Head Toll Operation PAN India
3. Organization: Feedback Infrastructure, Gurgaon. Position: Head Toll
Operations-North India, from Aug 2012 to Jan 2013.
4. Organization: Gammon Infrastructure.
Position: Head Toll Operation- GM
MNEL (Mumbai-Nasik Expressway Pvt. Ltd) of Gammon Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Period: From 09 May 2011 to Aug 2012.
5. Organization: Pink City Expressway (JV of ETA Ascon, Dubai, U. A. E. & KMC of
Hyderabad). NH8 Gurgaon to Jaipur from Km 42.33 to Km. 273. (total stretch of 231 Km)
Position: General Manager Toll & Route Operations Period: From Apr 2009 till 04 May 2011.
(On deputation from ETA Ascon-Dubai)
Responsibility: Responsible for three (03) Toll Plazas on 225 Km long stretch on NH 8 of NHAI.
BOT & DBFO Project from Km 42.300 to Km 273 on Golden Quadrilateral route from Gurgaon to
(Total Revenue Collection per day: 1 Cr 20 Lacs) Project cost 3000 Cr
6. Organization: - ETA ASCON (STAR) Dubai- UAE
Position: - Manager- Operations. Period: From Jan 18, 2006 till April, 2009.

Responsibility: -To provide admin support and security cover to all the divisions & sub divisions
of ETA ASCON-Dubai, UAE; (Manpower of 62,000 employees working in 15 divisions).
To ensure administration, Transportation, House Keeping, Security Management - proper
Security Risk Assessment Survey/inspection of premises, sites, factories, offices, recruitment of
suitable candidates; Deployment of guards/supervisors/officers;
Preparation of Manuals/SOPs and to ensure implementation of the same;
Prevention & detection of crimes;
Interrogation & investigation;
To ensure Security of all the property like residential towers, hotels, apartments, corporate offices,
swimming pools is managed through professional/skilled guards/supervisors/officers and Lady
security Officers.
Its a total Security Management System to keep the employer/Management free from Loss &
Security/Safety is exceedingly important in this era, where security is no longer a tolerated
expenses but a valued investment.

7. Organization: - DABUR INDIA, Silvassa, INDIA (Balsara Home Products Ltd.)

Position: - Asst. Manager-Administration. Period: From Feb 2003 to Jan 2006.
Responsibility:- Contract Workers Management; Contract Security Management; Liaison With
FDA, Factory Inspector, Labor Inspector, Civil Police, Labor Officer etc.; Statutory Compliances;
GMP- Housekeeping; Transportation; Fire Fighting; First Aid; Training of Security personnel on
behavioral part and Fire Fighting drill; Garden (Horticulture); General Administration and
maintenance of discipline in the factory premises.
8. Organization: - ENERCON India LTD. Daman, (U. T.). INDIA
Position: -Assistant Manager- Administration. Period: April 1, 1995 to Feb 2002 (7 years).
Responsibility: - Contract Labor Management; Transportation (contract & company owned fleet
of vehicles); Contract Security Management at all sites of Wind Mills all over India. Manpower
planning of Admin Dept. Housekeeping; To take care of Administration & Security/Safety of
workshops plants & factory premises and wind mill sites all over India; General administration
like Employees housing (procured leased accommodation); Workers colony (98 flats) and its
maintenance, Travel, lodging & boarding booking - Entertainment arrangement of foreign visitors.
Telecommunications; to train Security Personnel on Behavioral Part, Fire Fighting,
Achievement: -
1. Incremental decrease in expenses on Admin (introduced Company owned Guest Houses in
place of hotels), employees housing, transportation & telephone expenses 2. Introduced innovative
cost cutting measures in Transportation & housing, etc. 3. Established very good rapport among
the Govt. officials. & Local leaders. 4. Established Security & Admin system across the Company
in Factory & sites all over India. 5. Managed hygienic condition through very effective
Housekeeping staff.
9. Organization: - Graphite Vicarb India LTD, Nasik, INDIA

Position: - Officer Period: From June 29, 1991 to Feb 06, 1995 (5 years)
Responsibility: - Administration, Contract workers management; House Keeping, Security of
Men, Material, Machine & Information; Employees Housing; Company guesthouse & colony;
Govt. Liaison etc.; and maintenance of discipline in the factory premises.
Achievement: -
1. Handled strike successfully in spite of two Union Organizations in the Company. 2. Established
regular & periodic checkup systems for Company property. 3. Established proper Access Control
System for visitors, employees, material and transports. 4. Established good rapport with Govt. &
other agencies.

10. Organization: - Indian Air Force, Ministry Of Defense, Govt. of India

Position: Indian Air Force Police Sergeant. Period: From Nov 19, 1975 to Nov 30, 1990 (15 years)
Responsibility & also Undergone training: - Administration, Transportation, Security of Men,
Aircrafts, Aircraft Hangars, Armory, Bomb Dumps, Defense Air Ports, Vital Installations,
Machines, Materials & Information. Protection of premises, property, personnel & information.
Prevention & Detection of crimes. Investigation & Interrogation. Intelligence & Counter
Intelligence. Accident-Incident procedure. Compilation of Security reports. Alertness & vigilance
against theft, pilferage, Sabotage & willful destruction of properties. Liaison. Firefighting. First
aid. Housekeeping. Office Administration, Handling of small arms, automatic weapons and Rifles,
Stein machine, carbine, LMG, Physical training during entire career in the I. A. F. etc.

Registered as a Professional SECURITY MANAGER with Dubai Police (trained at Dubai Police

Member of American Society of Intelligence & Security (ASIS).

DOB: 25/04/1959. Height: 180 Cm.
Health: Robust