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from all corners of the world

from all corners of the world and from the four corners of the earth
Fig. from all places in the world. People came from all corners of the world to attend
the conference.
See also: all, corner, of, world

Explore all avenues investigate every possible means to find a solution to a given
problem or to achieve a desired outcome.
Against the clock do something as fast as possible and try to finish it before a
certain time.
Lend an ear to listen carefully and in a friendly way to someone
==> If you have any problems, go to Claire. Shell always lend a sympathetic ear.

4. on cloud nine very happy; deliriously happy

==>She just bought her first new car and shes on cloud nine.

6. hard feelings the emotion of being upset or offended.

==>I am sorry I have to fire you. No hard feelings, okay?

7. hit the hay go to bed

==> Its after 12 oclock. I think its time to hit the hay.

8. be sick to death of something/doing something to be angry and bored because

something unpleasant has been happening for too long
==>Im sick to death of doing nothing but work. Lets go out tonight and have fun.

9. (come) rain or shine means something will happen regardless of weather or

other difficulties.
==>I will be on time for the class, rain or shine. Come rain or shine, she is always

10. be all ears eager and ready to listen

==>Im all ears, waiting to hear your latest excuse for not getting this job done!

11. in the nick of time not too late, but very close
==>I got to the drugstore just in the nick of time. Its a good thing, because I really
need this medicine!

13. have/get mixed feelings about something to be uncertain about something

==> I have mixed feelings about my trip to England. I love the people, but the
climate upsets me.

14. Give it ones best shot do the best that one can
==>This test question is really tough! Ill give it my best shot, and Ill get some
marks for doing my best.

15. In deep water in difficulty; in trouble or in a dangerous situation

==>He has not submitted his dissertation so hes in deep water.

16. next to nothing to cost very little

==>I went to the new discount store and bought these new shoes for only five
dollars. Thats next to nothing!

17. To be up in arms about something upset or angry about something.

==> She has been UP IN ARMS about the rent increase.

18. Put yourself in somebodys shoes imagine that you are in somebodys position
in order to understant his/her feelings
==> If you put yourself in my shoes, you would understand why I made that

19. At all costs do everything you can to achieve/succeed something

==> My dream is to become a successful businessman and I will work hard for it AT

20. Explore all avenues investigate every possible means to find a solution to a
given problem or to achieve a desired outcome.

= We need to EXPLORE ALL AVENUES before doing something that is not very safe
to a great number of people in order to minimize unfavourable consequences

21. On the ball active and aware of things

==>Our staff is really on the ball to get projects done on time.

22. Throw in the towel Give up on something

==>Ive spent too much time on this project to throw in the towel now.

23. Down to earth practical and realistic; Back to reality

==> Its time we were brought down to earth to figure out difficult situation, and
offer a good solution.

24. Full of beans A person who is lively, active and healthy.

==> I really enjoy being with my best friend because he is always full of beans.

25. Get a head start Start before all others.

==>This year well get a head start on the competition by running more
Kill two birds with one stone to accomplish two things at once.

By leaking the affair to the media, the opposition killed two birds with
one stone: firstly, they weakened the Ministers image, and secondly,
they won the medias favour in the run-up to the elections.

John loves to read, but lately he hasnt had the time to enjoy a good
book. A friend suggested that he /kill two birds with one stone/ by
listening to audio books while he drives to and from his office.

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two birds

Go the extra mile do more than is expected/required

A good employer will appreciate a staff member who /goes the extra mile/
with his customers, who will then come back because of the excellent

A good teacher not only covers the required material in class, but he
also /goes the extra mile/ by providing his students with interesting
examples from the real world.

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#relationships #education
(Dont) judge a book by its cover dont judge something by its
appearance only

When Susan Boyle walked onto the X-Factor stage, no-one thought she
would sing well because she looked a little rough. Her stunning
performance reminded everyone that you /shouldnt judge a book by its

They say that the clothes make the man. However, you /shouldnt/ rush to
/judge a book by its cover/; some people spend all their money on
clothes and thus look good, but in fact they might have no money or even
a job.

#people #relationships #society #health #competition #sports #studying

#news #scandal

Playing devils advocate argue in support of something you dont

believe (or vice versa)

I agree with the idea that a democratic government must allow for
freedom of expression, but if I were to /play devils advocate/, I would
argue that said freedom of expression is also how fascists gain their power.

In order to have a fair analysis of the deal we must also /play devils
advocate/ and consider what its detractors might argue.

#any topic that has an opposing view

Once in a blue moon a rare occurrence

Though it might seem that celebrities are created every day, the fact of
the matter remains that achieving sustainable fame is something that
happens only /once in a blue moon/ and to highly gifted (or extremely
lucky) people.

Though the media would have us believe that scientific discoveries of

great importance are becoming more and more common, the ones that
actually change the world happen only /once in a blue moon/.

#talent #sports #health #politics #entertainment #science #relationships


Take with a grain of salt do not take at face value (dont

completely trust to be true)

With the growth and spread of the internet came a greater access to
information. However, there also came less oversight of what information
is shared, such that much of what you read online ought to be /taken
with a grai//n of salt/.

Although opinion polls have become more scientific over the years, one
must remember that the media play an important role in politics these
days and that the numbers they broadcast on a weekly and even daily
basis should be /taken with a grain of salt/ and their motives questioned.

#news #science #health #internet #economy #journalism #entertainment

#gossip #environment
A drop in the bucket [or ocean] small or insignificant (amount)
in relation to the bigger picture

The channel is facing a backlash for calling the deaths of 250 civilians
in last weeks battle just /a drop in the bucket/. However, people must
remember that over 100,000 people have died during this conflict and
that we must focus on ending it sooner rather than later

Many people take big risks when playing the stock markets, with some
even playing to bankruptcy. For investors like Warren Buffet, however, a
loss of even $10 million would be considered just /a drop in the
bucket/. (Warren Buffets net worth = $72 billion)

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Common Idioms List
Set 1

Common Idioms Definitions

It cost me an arm and a leg to take my trip Very expensive

to Australia.

I was over the moon when he asked me to Extremely pleased or happy

marry him.

You are taking your IELTS test next week?? Doing or starting something too
Arent you jumping the gun. Youve only early
just started studying.

He comes round to see me once in a blue Happening very rarely


Hes got a chip on his shoulder. Feeling inferior or having a

grievance about something
I reckon getting a band 7 in IELTS will be a Very easy
piece of cake! Im very good at English.

The money sent by comic relief to help A very small part of something
poverty in Africa is just a drop in the much bigger
ocean. They need far more than this.

Getting a low score the first time I took IELTS Something positive that isnt
was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to recognized until later
study extremely hard so I got a much better
score the next time.

We have to actually do something about Its better to actually do something

global warming. Actions speak louder rather than just talking about it
than words.

I bumped into Jenny in town the other day. Meeting someone you would not
It's a small world. have expected to

Idioms Practice - Test yourself on these first 10 phrases

Set 2

Common Idioms Definitions

Oh well, I got 5.5 in IELTS again. Back to When an attempt to do something

the drawing board! fails and it's time to start all over
again using different methods

I hate my job so much I cant bare going to Having two very bad choices.
work, but if I quit I dont think I can get
(note: stuck/caught can be omitted)
another job. Im really stuck / caught
between a rock and a hard place.

I have to bite my tongue so I dont say Wanting to say something but

what I really think of him! stopping yourself.

Come on, cut to the chase. We havent got Leave out all the unnecessary
all day! details and just get to the point

Are you putting all of your savings into that Putting all of ones resources into
company? Dont put all your eggs in one one possibility

Try not to worry about it. Every cloud has a Believing that every bad situation
silver lining. has a positive side / eventually
leads to something good

It was difficult when I moved to another To become comfortable in what you

country but I eventually found my feet. are doing
My parents are very fixed in their ways. Not wanting to change from the
They wont start using the internet. normal ways of doing things

I think he got up on the wrong side of To refer to someone who is having

the bed this morning. He is in a terrible a bad day

My mother will always go the extra mile to Doing much more than is required
help people. when doing something

Go to the Idiom practice exercise for these 10 words

Set 3

Common Idioms Definitions

I think youve hit the nail on the head. Say exactly the right thing
Thats the reason he didnt get the job.

Todays going so badly. If its not one When everything seems to be

thing, its the other. going wrong

I just said it in the heat of the moment. I Saying or doing something

was angry. I know I shouldnt have. suddenly without thinking about it

Keep an eye on him. I think he may cheat Watch someone or something

in the exam. carefully

Have you heard? John down the road has Died

kicked the bucket.

I dont want to argue with him again. Its Avoid a conflict

better to let sleeping dogs lie.

I told him what gift you have bought him for Tell someone something that you
his birthday. Sorry, I didnt mean to let the were not supposed to
cat out of the bag.

Dont tell her what you really think of her if Hurt or upset someone who is
shes helping you with your English! Dont helping you
bite the hand that feeds you.

Im not sure which party he is going to vote Not making a firm decision
for. Hes sitting on the fence. between different choices

Everything she does is very over the top. Excessive

She cant just have a few drinks se has to
get really drunk.

View these 10 idioms in use and practice them

Set 4

Common Idioms Definitions

Lets keep studying for IELTS. Practice Continuously doing something to

makes perfect. improve

Dont get upset about what he said. Hes just Joking around
pulling your leg.

Sorry but I think Ill take a rain check on To decline an offer that you will
that. take up later

As a rule of thumb, I dont study at Principal that is strictly adhered /

weekends. I spend the time with my family. kept to

I can smell a rat. He said he has a PhD but To sense that something is not
he cant even remember which university he right
studied at.

Shes the spitting image of her mother. To look exactly like someone else

The ball's in your court now. What are you Telling someone it's now their turn
going to do? to make a decision

Unfortunately I think hell be studying for For a very long time

IELTS until the cows come home. His
English is very poor.

It was all tongue-in-cheek. He didnt really Something said in humour rather

mean what he said. than seriously

Shes feeling under the weather today so Unwell

she wont be going to work.

Go to idioms exercises for Set 4 words

Set 5

Common Idioms Definitions

We've had some big disagreements over the Things from the past that are not
years, but its all water under the bridge important anymore
now. We get on fine.

You are what you eat so its better to have a If you eat bad food, youll be
healthy diet. unhealthy, if you eat good food,
youll be healthy

You cant judge a book by its cover. I need The belief that outside appearances
to get to know him before I decide what he is do not reveal what someone or
like. something is really like

We're really working against the clock now. Not having enough time to do
We must hurry. something

Why are we bothering? We're flogging a Attempting to continue with

dead horse. Our online business is making no something that is finished / over
money, so we should move on and do
something else.

I bent over backwards to help him. I hope Doing all you can to help someone
he appreciates it.

So you have the IELTS test today?? Break a Good luck


Ok, I'm playing devil's advocate here, but if To put forward a side in an
marijuana is legalized, isn't it more likely argument that may not be your own
young people will smoke it? in order to show the counter-
argument / ensure all sides are

Hold your horses! We haven't won anything Telling someone who is getting
yet. ahead of themselves to wait / be

She is driving me up the wall. She won't Annoying or irritating somebody

stop talking.