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Nike Womens Ad

Just Do It, three simple words that connect to the success of the Nike Empire. As one of the most

popular clothing lines in athletic fashion, the company continues to demonstrate a strong and motivating image

for all of its supporters. The usual advertisements of the company are directed toward promoting new

merchandise, especially shoes, but the focus of Nike is also about helping others live the best life possible. The

Nike Womens Ad sends a message to all, especially women to fight and remain strong for everything that may

knock us down. Womens bodies, words, and embracement in the Nike Womens Ad displays that Nike

establishes encouragement for a healthy and happy life.

Looking down at the white floor, there comes a time where standing on the toes bring higher and greater

confidence. The woman looking down is representing strength and integrity as she reflects on her journey to get

to where she wants to be. Women having acceptance for their bodies allows for the woman to leave the

negativity behind her but as a reminder of where she came from behind her. The model is seen wearing only a

sports bra and underwear to embrace her body and show the world that standing with confidence is the best

feeling. Since Nike has included women ambassadors, women's advertising ultimately increased Nike's market

share among women (Grow 313). No matter if a woman is skinny, average, plus size, short, tall, black, white,

has short or long hair, all women are powerful in their own skin and are embraced as so. Leaving the negative

behind and stepping for higher standards allows for growth and change.

Words can be the most powerful weapon that can be used to demeanor someones physical confidence.

The ad speaks to the power of verbal words and how the formation of them can bring strength to leave them

behind. The models attire shows support for the message being sent to all women of all looks. From a design

view, the creator of this ad allowed for the model and the words behind her stand as the main focus of the ad.

For over 40 years, Nike has made women a major priority of the athletic image being sent to women of all ages.

The major support for women come from the origin of Nike being named after a woman (Nike News 1). The

name Nike comes from the goddess of victory and her traits of swift running and flying (Reference 1).

Similar to the goddess Nike, women have the same traits of strength, beauty, and confidence that reflects the
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reputation of the Nike Empire. The model is depicting the same traits by standing on her toes embracing her

strength, acceptance, and beauty for everyone. The words behind her begin with the flaws of her body and

towards the end, there is an acceptance for her butt being big. No matter the amount of lunges, or the best deals

at a clothing store, the size of her butt is accepted as a part of her and any negativity can kiss it. For instance,

the first four words, My Butt Is Big are in a larger font to acknowledge the assets of a womans body. The

remaining of the message supports the reasons for a large butt and how it plays a role in the models life. Words

play a major role in establishing happiness in lives but when the joy appears, those same words that were life

damaging will be walking from behind.

The C formed gluteus maximus allows for straight, strong posture, slimed down stomach, strong arms

and legs. Looking at the models muscular built body, women can develop their own self confidence. Body

imaging is a constant struggle that all women endure in their lives. In the ad, the model shows the results of

hard work and how if she can do it, every woman can. Looking down on the negative setbacks, as shown by the

model, shows how starting from the bottom is the key in allowing for success in any aspect of life. Maintaining

a balance in life is another key aspect shown. As she balances on her toes, the weight of her thoughts and

endurance is equally distributed from front to back. Working hard and never giving up will allow for

achievements in everything that you do. The hand wraps are a covering and reminder of the pain endured to

withhold the courage to never give up. Obtaining a smaller body is not the end goal, the goal needs to be

focused on taking on new challenges and conquering personal goals (Nike News 1). The importance of being

inspired is applying the lessons to establishing a stable and balanced life.

Embracing the curves and strength expressed in the message and her body, the reader establishes a sense

of embracement to ensure acceptance within their selves. The My Butt is Big message is for all women to not

allow for the physical appearance to be a burden on who you are as a person on the inside. The model defines

her finely tuned and muscular body (Singley 461) as inspiration for all women that it is possible, no matter

the sacrifices needed to do so. The simple design of the ad suggests that the focus is not on clothes, shoes, or

even makeup but to focus and pay attention to the message past the words and model. Embracing the simplicity
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of a round butt, tied hair, and the simple attire of underclothes and sneakers embraces the embassador within

everyone inspired by the ad. Although life can be difficult, remaining confident in who we are and how we look

is a main factor in keeping the strength showing.

Nike has remained a fan of exposing feminism as a major benefit to the Just Do It legacy and because of

the inspiration taken from it, women can find their selves by just doing it. From the embracement, womens

bodies, and the power of words, The Nike Womens Ad is one of many ads that allow for women to be happy

and accepting to who they are. Standing in our own skin will lead to a successful, happy life for women now

and the future generation of future women leaders. Believing you can, those who might scorn it are invited to

kiss it. Just do it.

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