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Johnathan Barris

October 29th, 2016

Internship I

Houston Baptist University

Campus Demographic Study

Historical Background of the Community and The School

The muddy lands of Houston were purchased by the Allen Brothers in the 1800s and it
was developed as as entrepreneurial city. On the 1900,s large amounts of oil sprang up and
Houston rapidly became the nation's energy capital. I drew many companies and business to its
high economic traits.

Outside of the Allen Brothers, the district itself was named after the first post office.
Alief was the name of the Post Mistress that ran the post office out of her home. There are
around 30 schools and facilities in the Alief. Miller Intermediate was opened in 2001. It was
given its specific name from The layer Judeith A. Miller.

Campus Governance

The campus governance is as followed:

The chain of command is based on what the topic of the subject. Initially, staff question
about something related to curriculum, it would be a question for the content specialist. If it is a
question relating to the personal issues or situations, it would be taken up with the school
counselor. Currently there is no campus based site committee under contract at this time at Miller


The Student enrollment for Alief ISD is as follows:

Ethnic Group Number Percent

African American 13,972 29.6%

Hispanic 24,828 52.6%

White 1,746 3.7%

Asian 5,806 12.3%

Native American 519 1.1%

Two or More Races 283 0.6%

Total Students 47,202 100%

Eco Disadvantaged 37,950 80.4%

Limited English Proficiency 18,786 39.8%

Program Count Pct

Bilingual 18,881 40.0%

Gifted & Talented 2,124 4.5%

Special Education 3,493 7.4%

Vocational 8,591 18.2%

Teacher Student Ratio 14.50 S/T

Miller Intermediates enrollment data is listed below:

Ethnic Group Number Percent

African American 346 39.68 %

Hispanic 384 44.04 %

White 43 4.93 %

Asian 85 9.75 %

Native American 2 0.23 %

Two or More Races 10 1.15 %

Total Students 872 100.00%

Economically 630 72.25 %


Limited English 200 22.94 %


Political and Geographical Characteristics of the School Attendance Area

a. Over 90% of the students are socioeconomically disadvantaged, and qualify for free or
reduced lunch.

b. Parent activity at Miller intermediate is below average. Most parents do not attend school
function and do not come to parent night, and content night. Parent conferences are
sporadic and uncommon.

c. Currently there is no PTA/PTO that has regular meetings.

Professional Staff

Demographics for the Miller Staff is listed below:

Experience Number Percent

Over 20 years 10 15.63%

10 - 20 years 17 26.56%
6 - 10 years 18 28.13%

1- 5 years 8 12.50%

Beginning Teacher 11 17.19%

Teacher Experience 10.50 yrs


Teacher Tenure 10.30 yrs


The main element of the culture for Miller Intermediate is the inclusion of experienced
staff as leadership and mentors to the high amount of young teachers. There is a mentor program
that helps new teachers get adjusted to the teaching profession.

Artifacts Needed ( Both Documents Submitted as a separate attachment)

Synthesize the demographic information and write a response to the following:

Miller Intermediate can improve by making better efforts to include parents in the
academic experience of their children. Also, Some coaching in teaching science could be used to
bring up the scores in science STAAR results. Furthermore, more support could be given to
student who are minorities because they are the largest group within the school with the lowest
performances gaines. The stakeholders in the school are obviously the parents of the children
that attend the school, as well as property owners that are zoned in the area of Miller
Intermediate. When the school performs better on the STAAR test, the property value of their
home goes up. As an administrator, the main aspect of the job that I would want to utilize is
getting the community involved in the student's academic gains.