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Reflections on Observation Task 2: Reading a Story in the

Local UAE Preschool

1. What preparation (i.e. pre-listening activity) did the teacher

give the learners before they listened to the text?
Before they listened to the story, she asks them to sit in the circle area and
then they are singing the song that include their name (MST said this song
help the student to sit in their place and be excited about the story she will
give them). The students are really enjoying in this song and they always
want to sing it.

If they had some preparation, select (a) if they did not, select (b).

a. How did the pre-listening activity help students understand?

The pre-listening help the student to understand that it is time for the story
and they have to listen well and sit quietly to hear the teacher and see the
story picture well.

2. Were the learners engaged in while-listening activity/activities? If they

were, select (a); if they were not, select (b).

a. What were the aims of the while-listening activity/activities?

- The aims of the while-listening activity help the student to be foucs

with the teacher and the toughen she use is very important and
changing the voice into a boy voice or a kid voice is really fun for the
student which make them feel more inserting about the story and
listen well to each word the teacher say.

3. Did the learners have a post-listening activity/activities? If they

did, select (a); if they did not, select (b).

a. What were the aims of the post-listening activity/activities?

- Aims of the post-listening activity is help the teacher more than the
student because with post listening teacher see if the student
understands the story or not and also help the student to show the
teacher their creativity.

4. How many times did the learners listen to the text / recording?
They listen to the story only once because the time is not enough to repeat
the story again for the children but maybe in the next day we read it
together again.
a. Would it have increased their understanding if they had
been allowed to listen to the recording again? Explain.
Repeating the same story more than once help the student to understand the
story more, more than that student will be focus in things they miss-listen to
it for example they dont hear the name of the girl in the story so in the
second time they will catch the name.
b. Did the learners hear the whole text at once, or in parts?
They hear the whole text at once because it a short story so no need for making
the story parts, but if the story is long we can make it as short parts.
c. If so, which was the most helpful?
It is helpful to divide the story into parts if the story is long, because the
students are young and they dont have the apelet to catch everything
especially if they listen to long story only once.

Think about the advantages and disadvantages of using the model of

pre-, while- and post-listening activities to teach a listening lesson.
Write first from the perspective of the teacher and then from the
perspective of the learners.
The advantages about using the model of pre-, while- and post-listening activities to
teach a listening lesson is help the student to understand because they are just
young student and they need something fun when they are studying not like the
adult student. Also, it is help the teacher to let the lesson pass the lesson easily
with the students.