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1 Getting to know each other 16 Parts of the body
2 Numbers 17 Error correction
3 The Alphabet 18 Jokes and Pictionary
4 Countries and Nationalities 19 Comparisons
5 Small Things 20 Quiz
6 People and Family 21 Dates
7 Adjectives 22 Last weekend
8 Occupations 23 My last holiday
9 Food and drinks 24 Celebrations
10 Cooking 25 Getting somewhere
11 Daily Routine 26 What are they doing?
12 Verbs 27 Describing a room
13 Clothes 28 Describing your town
14 Preferences 29 What do you like doing?
15 Abilities 30 Future plans

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Unit 1 Getting to know each other

1 In pairs, ask and answer the questions below.

a) What is your name?

b) Where are you from?
c) Where do you live?
d) How old are you?
e) Do you have brothers and sisters?
f) What did you do back in your country?
g) What kind of music do you listen to?
h) What are your hobbies?

2 Now write a text about your partner.
My partners name is ___________________________________________
___________________________________________________________ .

Niceto meet
Nice to meet
to meet you!you!
Getting to know each other

3 - Give you book to your teacher. Now

your teacher will read the text in class
and you have to guess who the person
is. (Do not say anything if the teacher is
reading your text or your partners text).

4 Find someone who...
_______________ has a car. _______________ likes rock and roll.
_______________ has a dog. _______________ checks his/her email more than 3 times a day.
_______________ doesnt like Mathematics. _______________ doesnt like cats.
_______________ has more than 3 brothers or sisters. _______________ goes to the gym.
_______________ lives close to the beach. _______________ loves chocolate.
_______________ has a collection. _______________ doesnt like vegetables.

Unit 2 Numbers

1 Whats the right number? 3 Answer the questions below with a number from 1 to 10:

a) 2+2= ____________ a) The word aeroplane has __________ vowels.

b) 3-1= ____________ b) You have __________ hands.
c) 4+3= ____________ c) A baby is born after __________ months.
d) 93= ____________ d) A triangle has __________ angles.
e) 5+3= ____________ e) A week has __________ days.
f) 1-0= ____________ f) You have __________ toes.
g) 2x3= ____________ g) An octopus has __________ arms.
h) 102= ___________ h) A table or a chair usually has __________ legs.
i) 5+5= ____________ i) You have __________ nose.
j) 8-1= ____________ j) The word school has __________ letters.

2 Match letter a-j in question 1 to the numbers below: 4 Put the letters in the correct order to make numbers.

( ) one a) wytnet-ievf - _______________

( ) two b) ynteni-furo - _______________
( ) three c) vyestne - __________________
( ) four d) ftyfi-neo - _________________
( ) five e) lewtve - ___________________
( ) six f) ihrytt-ereth - _______________
( ) seven g) xiyts-thieg - ________________
( ) eight h) nevesnete - _________________
( ) nine i) otrfy-einn - _________________
( ) ten j) thitgey-otw - _________________


5 Answer the questions with numbers from the box.

1- How far is Dublin 2- What temperature 3- What is the 4- How much of the 5- How high is
from New York? does water boil at? population of worlds electricity is Mount Everest?
Australia? used by Americans?
6- How many bones
are there in human
7- How fast does a 8- How big is the 9- How many hours 10- How long is
regular airplane fly?
body? Atlantic Ocean? are there in a year? the river Nile?

106400000 500 20 8760 100 22000000 6650 3187 100 206

6 In a circle, start counting with your teacher. Say BUZZ instead of multiples of 3 and FIZZ
instead of multiples of five.

Follow the example:

One, Two, BUZZ, Four, FIZZ...

LISTENING ark the nu mbers your

s ( 1 - 5 0 ) in the boxes. M boxes marked.
e 6 numbe r get all the 6
o ! W r it n you
7 c a lls a n d shout BINGO
w h e

O b IN G O
bIN GO b
Unit 3 The alphabet

1 Practice the alphabet song.

2 In groups complete the shopping list until you get to Z.

A: I need to go to the supermarket to buy some apples.

B: I need to go to the supermarket to buy some apples and some biscuits.
C: I need to go to the supermarket to buy some apples, some biscuits and
some carrots.

The alphabet

WRITING In pairs complete the same form with your partners details.
Dont forget to spell the words if your partner doesnt
3 Fill in the application form with your details: understand you.


_________________ First name: _____________________________
First name: ____________
_______________ Surname: _____________________________
Surname: ______________
___________ Age: _____________________________
Age: __________________
_________________ Nationality : _____________________________
Nationality : ____________
_______________ Address: _____________________________
Address: ______________
_______________ Telephone number: _____________________
Telephone number: ______
____________________ Mobile number: ____________________________
Mobile number: ________
___________________ E-mail address: _____________________________
E-mail address: __________

4 Listen to the interviews and complete the table.



Unit 4 Countries and nacionalities

1 This is a list of students coming to our school
next month. In pairs complete the sentences
with their country, nationality and language, and B
match them with the flags.

1 Andrew lives in New York. 9 Tiago lives in Sao Paulo. C
( ) - Hes from __________ ( ) - Hes from __________
- Hes _______________ - Hes _______________
- He speaks __________ - He speaks __________ D

10 Francesca lives in Rome.
2 Jean Paul lives in Paris.
( ) - Hes from __________ ( ) - Shes from __________ E
- Hes _______________ - Shes _______________
- He speaks __________ - She speaks __________

3 Ming Feng lives in Beijing. 11 Manuel lives in Lisbon.
( ) - Shes from __________ ( ) - Hes from __________
- Hes _______________
- Shes _______________
- She speaks ___________ - He speaks __________

12 Mateo lives in Brussels. H
4 Leonardo lives in Venezuela.
( ) - Hes from __________
( ) - Hes from __________
- Hes _______________
- Hes _______________
- He speaks __________
- He speaks __________

5 Emma lives in London. 13 Viktor lives in Moscow.
( ) - Hes from __________
( ) - Shes from __________
- Shes _______________ - Hes _______________
- She speaks __________ - He speaks __________ L

6 Stelios lives in Athens.
14 Germaine lives in Berlin.
( ) - Hes from __________
( ) - Shes from __________ M
- Shes _______________
- Hes _______________
- She speaks __________
- He speaks ___________
7 Stephen lives in Dublin. 15 Sean lives in Cape Town.
( ) - Hes from __________
( ) - Hes from __________
- Hes _______________ - Hes _______________ O
- He speaks __________ - He speaks __________

8 Carmen lives in Madrid. 16 Yoko lives in Tokyo.
( ) - Shes from __________ ( ) - Shes from __________
- Shes _______________ - Shes _______________ Q
- She speaks __________ - She speaks __________

Countries and nacionalities

2 Complete with am, is or are. e) My friend and I __________ studying together.

a) You __________ a good student. f) Ben __________ at home.
b) Jane __________ sick today. g) Michael and Kelly __________ a beautiful couple.
c) They __________ late for class. h) Barbara __________ happy.
d) I __________ from Ireland.

3 Match the questions with the answers.

( ) Yes, they are. They are from Rio.
1. Is your name Kevin? ( ) I am at school.
2. Are Mary and Sarah in the same classroom? ( ) No, he isnt. Nobody knows him.
3. Where are you? ( ) Yes, we are. We will be back in an hour.
4. Is your sister younger than you? ( ) No, it isnt. My name is Jim.
5. Are your friends from Brazil? ( ) No, she isnt. She is 23 and I am 21.
6. Are you and your mother going shopping? ( ) It is parked outside in the street. Can you see it?
7. Is he a famous singer? ( ) No, they arent. They have different teachers.
8. Is your car red?

4 In pairs answer the questions.

a) Is Barack Obama English?
b) Is sushi Chinese?
c) Is flamenco from Mexico?
d) Is Sean Connery Scottish?
5 Order the words to make questions and give
true answers about you.
e) Is Nicole Kidman from New Zealand?
a) good / are / student / a / you ?
f) Are salsa and tango from Venezuela?
b) your / football / favourite / is / sport ?
c) your / are / new / books ?
e) married / your / is / teacher ?
d) your / is / teacher / father / a ?

6 In pairs ask the questions from exercise 5.

Unit 5 Small things

1 Complete the crossword with things from your classroom In your classroom...

3 4

6 7

8 9




Across 1. Your teacher writes with it.
2. Your teacher writes on it.
3. You write notes on it. 4. You use it to clean something you
5. You check words in it. wrote wrong.
8. Your teacher uses it sometimes for listening or videos. 6. You open it when you want to get into
10. He or she helps you to learn. your classroom.
12. You look outside through it. 7. You are one of them.
9. You use it to write.
10. You lay your book on it.
11. You use it to learn.
Small things

2 Make a list of all the things you think Carol might
have in her bag. _____________________________
___________________________________________ 3 Complete the
spaces with the
___________________________________________ names of Carols
3 Complete the spaces with the names of Carols

Carols bag

4 In pairs ask what your partner has on his/her bag or pocket. _____________________________________________

Unit 6 People and family

1 The chart below shows Annas family. Complete the gaps with the right word.

Sandra Victor

Joseph Mary David Emma Stephen

Helen Tom Carmen Anna Manuel Monica Hector

John Laura Bob Sophie Adam

a) Sandra is Annas
b) Victor is Annas
c) David is Annas Betty Daniel
d) Elida is Annas
e) Stephen is Annas
f) Monica is Annas
g) Hector is Annas
h) Mary is Annas
i) Joseph is Annas
2 Now draw a chart with your own relatives.
j) Carmen is Annas
k) Thomas is Annas
l) Helen is Annas
m) John is Annas
n) Laura is Annas
o) Manuel is Annas
p) Ronan is Annas
q) Sophie is Annas
r) Adam is Annas
s) Betty is Annas
t) Daniel is Annas

People and Family

3 Read the text and answer the questions.

Annas family
Anna is a doctor. She is forty-two years old. She lives in Oxford, England. Her father
is German and her mother is English. She has one brother and one sister. Their names
are Tom and Carmen.

Anna is married. Her husbands name is Manuel, and he is an architect. He works

for a big company called Tomorrow Buildings. Anna and Manuel have one son and
one daughter. Their names are Bob and Sophie. Bob is twelve and Sophie is eight
years old. They go to school everyday. The family has a dog. Its name is Club. At the
weekends, Anna likes going to the park or cooking new dishes. She is cooks very well.

Write TRUE or FALSE:

Annas husband is a doctor.
The family has a cat.
Anna has three children.
The children go to school everyday.
Manuel works for Tomorrow Buildings.
Tom and Carmen are married.

Answer the questions:

What does Manuel do?
How old is Sophie?
What does Anna do at the weekends?
What nationality is Annas father?
Whats their dogs name?
How old is Anna?

4 Now write a similar text

about your family.

Unit 7 Adjectives

1 Complete the gaps with my, your, his, her, its,
our and their.

He has brown eyes. __________ eyes are blue.

The boys like __________ school.
This is my dog and __________ name is Sam.
You have to pay attention to __________ teacher.
I always turn __________ mobile off during class.
Jennifer plays with __________ friends every
My sister and I sleep in __________ room.
The cat sits on __________ chair.

2 Complete the sentences with adjectives.

a) My bag is _______________.
b) The teachers are _______________.
c) I am _______________.
d) My school is _______________.
e) This book is _______________.
f) I feel _______________ today.
g) My classmates are _______________.
h) My family is _______________.

3 - Match the adjectives with their opposites.

1. good 9. light ( ) low ( ) fat
2. happy 10. long ( ) cold ( ) slow
3. big 11. thin
( ) difficult ( ) bad
4. full 12. new
5. dry 13. easy ( ) short ( )expensive
6. beautiful 14. high ( ) sad ( ) empty
7. hot 15. clean ( ) old ( ) dark
8. cheap 16. fast ( ) wet ( ) small


3 Find twelve personality adjectives in the word search.

4 Write five adjectives about one of your classmates in a piece of paper and give
it to your teacher. Your teacher will read the adjectives and you have to guess who
the person is. Dont say anything if the teacher reads the adjectives you wrote.

Unit 8 Occupations

1 What do you do? Tell your partner what you and people in your family do.

2 Listen to the song and complete the gaps

with the jobs in the box.
__________, __________, __________
People in my town
__________, __________ in the courts
I see an __________ acting on the stage
I see a __________ fighting fires I see a __________ writing on a page
I see a __________ changing tires I see a __________ working in a restaurant
I see a __________ flying through the air And a __________ asking what you want
I see a __________ cutting peoples hair I see the people in my town
I see the people in my town And I say
And I say: Hey brother! Hey brother!
Whats going down? Whats going down?
I see a __________ with the mail. __________, __________, __________
I see the __________ putting folk in jail __________, __________ in the courts
I see a __________ at the swimming pool I see the people in my town
I see the __________ in the local schools And I say
I see the people in my town Hey brother!
And I say: Hey brother! Whats going down?
Whats going down?


3 Guessing game! Your teacher will read out some clues about different jobs.
There will be three clues for each job, and if your group guesses wrong you cant
answer again. Your group will get 3 points for guessing right after the first clue, 2
after the second and 1 after the third.

4 Who am I? Your teacher will stick a personality card onto your forehead.
You mustnt see what is written in your paper. She will do the same with all the
students. In groups you have to ask your mates questions about your physical
appearance, your job etc. You will also answer your mates, questions in order to
help them to find out who they are.

Here you have some examples of questions you can ask. Remember that the answer
can only be yes or no, so make sure you ask the right question.

Am I a man?
Am I an actor?
Do I have blond hair?
Am I still alive?
Do I have dark skin?

5 Interview your partner about his/her abilities and preferences.

Abilities Preferences Personality

Can you Do you prefer Are you
play sports? to work in a large company or at helpful?
draw or paint? home? friendly?
drive a car? to work in a busy or in a quiet place? reliable?
use a computer? to work with children or with adults? efficient?
speak other languages? physical work or mental work? patient?
cook? to work indoors or outdoors? sensible?
sing or act? to work on your own or as part of a practical?
speak in public? team? cheerful?

6 According to your partners answers, think of the best possible job for him/her and say why.

Unit 9 Food and drinks

1 What do you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Make a list and share it with your classmates.




2 Do you what is in a traditional Irish breakfast?
Label the pictures and find out.

3 Put the words from the box in the right column.





Food and drinks

WRITING 6 In pairs try to guess what the fruit and vegetables are
described below.
4 Complete the gaps with the uncountable words
1. I am a big round fruit. I am red on the inside and I have
in question 3.
lots of seeds. I am very juicy because I have lots of sweet
water. I am _______________.
a) a bar of ________________.
b) a slice of _______________. 2. I am an orange vegetable and I am very good for your
c) a tin of ________________. eyesight. I grow under the ground and I have a green top.
d) a cup of _______________. Rabbits love me. I am _______________.
e) a jar of ________________.
f) a glass of _______________. 3. I am red with a green top, and I grow in Spain at the
g) a spoon of _______________. beginning of the summer. I taste great with cream. I am
h) a piece of _______________. sweet and am shaped like a heart. Many people make cakes
and desserts with me. I am _______________.

4. I am a crunchy vegetable, with a lot of vitamin C and

5 Complete the gaps with a, an, or some. fibre. Some kids think that I look like a little green tree! I
am _______________.
_____ egg
_____ salt 5. Many people think that I am a vegetable, but I am
_____ sausage actually a fruit. People like to use me to make spaghetti
_____ tomato sauce and pizza sauce. I am _______________.
_____ apple
6. I am round and orange. People make pies with me. I am
_____ meat very popular on Halloween day. I am _______________.
_____ cucumber
_____ butter 7. I am a yellow fruit with a lot of potassium to help your
_____ oil muscles work better.
_____ orange I am tough on the outside but very soft on the inside. I am

8. I have a purple or green skin and I am quite sweet. From

my juice people make wine. I am _______________.

Unit 10 Cooking


1 Match the food with the country where they come from.

1. Burritos ( ) Spain

2. Arepa ( ) China
3. Feijoada ( ) India
4. Lamb stew ( ) Venezuela
5. Yakisoba ( ) Italy
6. Sushi ( ) Ireland
7. Paella ( ) Japan
8. Churrasco con chimichurri ( ) Mexico
9. Lamb korma ( ) Brazil
10. Pasta Bolognese ( ) Argentina

2 Match the verbs with their definitions.

Stir ( ) Remove the skin from a fruit or vegetable.

Boil ( ) Separate into pieces suddenly.
Fry ( ) Cook food in an oven.
Break ( ) Reduce something to small pieces.
Melt ( ) Heat a liquid to the temperature at which it bubbles.
Peel ( ) Cut something into small pieces.
Grate ( ) Cook food in hot fat or oil.
Slice ( ) Move a spoon around in a liquid or food to mix or dissolve it.
Bake ( ) Cut something into slices.
Chop ( ) Because liquefied by heat.

3 Use the verbs in question 6 to complete the sentences.

a) Add the powder to the milk and __________ well.

b) Pour some water in a pan and wait until it __________.
c) Place some chicken in a pan and __________ it until it gets brown.
d) __________ an egg and separate the yolk.
e) In a frying pan, __________ some butter and add garlic.
f) __________ the vegetables and season them.
g) __________ the cheese and put it aside.
h) Using a knife, __________ the bread in thin parts.
i) Put the cake in the oven and __________ it for 30 minutes.
j) __________ the onions the carrots.


4 Read the recipe to make Denis chicken sandwich.

5 Now write a recipe to make your favourite

Ingredients _______________________________________
Cucumber _______________________________________
Tomato _______________________________________
Two pieces of bread _______________________________________
Butter _______________________________________
Cheese _______________________________________
Chicken _______________________________________
1. Take two slices of bread.
2. Spread butter on one side of them.
3. Put one slice of cheese on the bread.
4. Put some chicken on the top of the cheese.
5. Arrange one slice of cucumber and
one slice of tomato on the tuna.
6. Cut the sandwich in two and it is
ready to be served.


5 Listen to the dialogue and complete the gaps.

Waiter: Good evening. Table for two?

Sam: Yes, _______________. Can we have a table _______________ the window?
Waiter: Yes, Sir. Follow me.
Sam: Thanks.
Waiter: This is our _______________. Would you like anything to _______________, madam?
Ashleigh: Yes, can I have a glass of white _______________ please?
Waiter: Sure. And you, Sir?
Sam: Just some _______________, please.
Waiter: No problem.

Waiter: Are you ready to _______________?
Ashleigh: Yes, I will have the _______________ for starter and the
_______________ for main course, please.
Waiter: Excellent choice, madam. And you, Sir?
Sam: I will have the _______________ and the _______________, please.
Waiter: Ok.

Waiter: Was the food ok, _______________?
Ashleigh: Yes, it was _______________.
Waiter: Would you like anything for _______________?
Ashleigh: Yes, can I have the_______________, please? And I will also
have a_______________.
Waiter: No problem. And for you, _______________?
Sam: I will have the_______________, please.
Waiter: Coffee?
Sam: No coffee, thank you.

Sam: Can we have the_______________, please?
Waiter: Of course.
Sam: Do you take_______________?
Waiter: Yes we do.
Sam: There you are. Thank you.
Waiter: Thank you very much, Sir.
_______________ the rest of you evening.


6 Role play. In groups choose one person to be the waiter and the other will be customers in a
restaurant. Check the menu and order your dinner. (Follow the example in question 5).

Roast Duck
Starters 19.95
Chicken Wings
5.95 Desserts
Caesar Salad Apple Pie
6.95 5.00
Chicken Liver Pate Strawberry Ice cream
7.50 4.50
Garlic Bread Lemon Cheesecake
4.95 5.95
Vegetable Soup Fruit Salad
4.50 4.00
Chocolate Mousse
Main Courses 5.50
Chicken Supreme
18.00 Drinks
Spaghetti Bolognese Pint of Beer
17.00 3.00
hite or red)
Fillet Steak Pie Glass of House Wine (w
21.50 5.50
Lasagna Regular Coffee
16.95 2.50
Beef Burger Cappuccino
14.50 2.95
Fish and Chips Tea
15.00 2.00

rved w ith vegetables, chips or
All main courses are se 24
Unit 11 Daily routine

1 Interview your partner using the
questionnaire below.

What time do you get up?

What time do you have breakfast?
What time do you go to school?
What time do you have lunch?
What time do you leave school?
What time do you have dinner?
What time do you do your homework?
What time do you go to bed?

4 In pairs you will receive two

2 Write the times. worksheets. Both worksheets contain
the same text, but the gaps are different.
2:00 _______________ Read your text to your partner in order
5:30 _______________ to help him/her to complete the gaps.
9:05 _______________ Repeat if it is necessary. When your
3:25 _______________ partner has finished, ask him/her to read
7:15 _______________ his/her text to you so you can complete
11:50 ______________ your gaps.
8:45 _______________
4:20 _______________

3 In pairs, write true sentences about your

partner using the adverbs of frequency.

How often do you

Drink coffee _______________________________________________

Cook dinner _______________________________________________
Go to bed late ______________________________________________
Drive a car _________________________________________________
Eat ice cream _______________________________________________
Go to the gym ______________________________________________
Check your emails ___________________________________________
Meet your friends ____________________________________________

Daily routine

5 Put the verbs in the correct order.

sleep get up wake up go to bed
arrive at school get off the train get on the train
wait for the train -eat lunch cook lunch
eat dessert wash the dishes - feel tired
dance go to the party go home
leave home buy vegetables drive to supermarket
pay for the vegetables - catch the plane land in New York
take off in London go to the airport - get married
go to the church go on honeymoon have children
watch a film buy a ticket go to the cinema buy popcorn

6 Write questions about Robs routine.
a) _____________________________________________________________________
He gets up at 6:15.
b) _____________________________________________________________________
He has a cheese and ham sandwich and tea for breakfast.
c) ____________________________________________________________
He goes to work by train.
d) _____________________________________________________________________
He writes reports in the afternoon.
e) _____________________________________________________________________
He has lunch in a restaurant near the office.
f) _____________________________________________________________________
He finishes work at 5:30.
g) _____________________________________________________________________
He goes to the gym after work.
h) _____________________________________________________________________
He stays at the gym for an hour.
i) _____________________________________________________________________
He checks his emails and he watches TV in the evening.
j) _____________________________________________________________________
He goes to bed at 11 oclock.

Unit 12 About you

1 Read the text and complete the spaces with the verbs in the box.


My name is Carlos and I __________ nineteen years old. I live in Malaga, in the south of Spain.
I __________ in a big house with my parents and my sister. I study architecture at Malaga
University. I __________ to college from Monday to Friday. My classes __________ at 9 oclock
in the morning and __________at 4 in the afternoon. I usually have lunch in a canteen inside the
campus. After college I go home and __________ my mother cook dinner.

In the evening I play computer games and sometimes I __________ my girlfriend. She also likes
playing computer games, so sometimes we play together. My favourite game __________ Crash. I
am studying English at the moment. I __________ classes on Saturday mornings and my teacher
is from Ireland.

At the weekends I __________ up late and usually go out with my friends. We go to the park near
my house to play football. All my friends __________ football really well. I am not very good at it,
but I __________ having fun and spending time with them.

2 Mark TRUE or FALSE about Carlos. Correct the
false sentences.

( ) He is seventeen years old.

( ) He is Mexican.
( ) He goes to College at Malaga University.
( ) He has classes 4 days a week. 3 Write a similar text about your daily routine. Try to use
( ) He studies all day long. the same verbs from the box in question 1.
( ) He has lunch at home with his family.
( ) He helps his mother cook dinner. ______________________________________________
( ) He likes computer games. ______________________________________________
( ) He doesnt have a girlfriend.
( ) His favourite game is Clash. ______________________________________________
( ) He is studying German at the moment. ______________________________________________
( ) He has classes on Saturday mornings. ______________________________________________
( ) He wakes up early at the weekend. ______________________________________________
( ) His English teacher is Irish. ______________________________________________
( ) He doesnt like playing football. ______________________________________________

About you

4 Write the sentences in the affirmative form. Use the
Present Simple.

My mother / like / romantic films.

My teacher / drive / a BMW.

They / go / home by bus.
6 Ask questions using the words in brackets and write
__________________________________________ short answers.
She / get up / very early.

__________________________________________ Speak English? (people in your country)

I / live / in Madrid.
John and I / be / friends. Drink beer? (you)

__________________________________________ _____________________________________________?
Susan / watch / films on TV.
Cook well? (your mother)
My cat / eat / fish. _____________________________________________?

______________________________________________ Speak another language? (your teacher)

5 Write the sentences from question 4 in the negative _____________________________________________?

form. Eat vegetables? (your classmates)

Go to bed late? (your flat mates)

Keep in contact? (you and your best friend)

Watch TV? (your father)


7 Interview your partner using the questions from

exercise 6.

Unit 13 Clothes and accessories

1 Choose somebody from your classroom and say what they are wearing. In
pairs try to guess who your partner described.


2 Complete de crossword.
3 4

6 7 8

9 10

11 12





17 18




Down Across

17 11 2
16 12
3 7

6 8 10
4 14


29 5
Clothes and accessories

3 Complete the gaps with the right vowels to name colours names.

BL __ __
Y __ LL __ W
BL __ CK
P __ RPL __
GR __ __ N
__ R __ NGE
R __ D
BR __ WN
P __ NK
GR__ Y

4 Make a sentence with each of the words from the crossword in question 2. Try to use the colours
from question 3 too.

5 Practice the dialogue in pairs.

Sales assistant: Good Morning, how can I help you?

Allison: I am looking for a pair of jeans, please.
Sales assistant: What colour?
Allison: Blue, please.
Go Shopping!
Sales assistant: Do you like these?
Allison: Not really. It is light blue. I am looking for dark blue ones.
Sales assistant: Ok. How about those?
Allison: Yes, those look better. How much are they?
Sales assistant: 35 euro.
Allison: Do you have them size 10?
Sales assistant: I will check now for you.
Allison: Thanks.

Sales assistant: Here you are.

Allison: Perfect! Thank you.
Can I get a discount with my student card?
Sales assistant: Yes, I can give you 10%, is that ok?

Allison: Brilliant! Thanks a million.

Sales assistant: Youre welcome. Have a good day.
Allison: You too. Bye now.

6 In pairs, write a dialogue similar to the one in question 4 and present it in class.

Unit 14 Preferences

1 Complete the table with your preferences and get answers from your classmates too.
















2 Read Nicks text about his favourite day and answer the questions.

Nicks favourite day is Sunday. He usually wakes up late, at about 11 oclock and he
eats his favourite breakfast: a toasted cheese and ham sandwich and a cup of tea. After
breakfast he watches TV for a while and then he helps his dad with the garden.

He has lunch at about 1 oclock and then he goes out to meet his friends. They play
computer games and sometimes they play basketball in the park. In the evening he
has a shower and then he goes to bed at about 11 oclock. He likes Sundays because he
doesnt have to go to school and he can spend time with his friends.

- Choose the correct answer a, b or c:

1. Nick eats __________ for breakfast.

a) fruit b) cake c) a sandwich

2. Nick helps __________ with the garden.

a) his mum b) his dad c) his brother

3. Nick has lunch at __________.

a) 11:00 b) 12:00 c) 13:00

4. Nick plays basketball with his friends in __________.

a) the park b) the street c) his house

5. Nick goes to bed __________.

a) after midnight b) before midnight c) in the morning

3 Write a text saying what your favourite day of the week is and explain why.


Unit 15 Abilities

1 Put the sentences in order to make a dialogue.

( ) Ok, this one here is very good. It doesnt need much water or sunlight.
( ) No problem. Anything else?
( ) Thank you. Have a nice day!
( ) I would like the green one, please.
( ) Hi, I am looking for a plant.
( ) Its 23,75 all together. You can pay by credit card if you prefer.
( ) Good morning, how can I help you?
( ) You too.
( ) A plant that I can keep inside my apartment.
( ) Great! There you are.
( ) Perfect. Where can I buy a big vase?
( ) What kind of plant would you like?
( ) You can buy vases here too.
( ) We have various types of vases and in different colours.
( ) Thats all for now. How much is it?

What kind of shop is it in the dialogue?

What words make you thing that?

Practice the dialogue in pairs.

2 Write 5 things you can buy in each of these shops.

Bookshop Grocery shop Butchers Post office Pub Caf Charity shop

3 Complete these sentences using can/cant + one verb from the box.


a) I am very sick, so I _______________ to school today.

b) He is in a choir. He _______________ very well.
c) ________ you ________ me with these boxes?
d) Have you seen my glasses? I _______________ them.
e) She didnt go into the sea because she _______________ .
f) This is Bob speaking. Hello? ________ you ________ me?
g) They have a lot of money. They _______________ a big house.
h) Its very dark! I _______________ anything.


4 Complete the sentences with can or cant.

a) Fish _______________ live in the air, but they _______________ live in the water.
b) You _______________ ride a horse, but you _______________ ride a cat.
c) A dog _______________ bark, but it _______________ sing.
d) A cat _______________ fly, but it _______________ climb a tree.
e) A baby _______________ talk, but it _______________ cry.
f) You _______________ write with a pen, but you _______________ write with paper.

5 Find someone who can


Ride a motorbike

the piano

Ride a horse
your homework alone

Cook well

Sweep the floor

Iron your own clothes

Take care of a baby
computer games

Fly an airplane

Bake a cake

Drive a truck
Play chess

Count to 10 in more than 2 languages

Unit 16 Parts of the body

1 Complete the spaces with the right word.

arm chest ear eye foot finger hand head

knee leg mouth neck waist shoulder elbow

2 Make the plural of these words:

arm ear eye foot

ankle finger hand knee

leg shoulder toe tooth

Parts of Unit
the body

3 Circle the wrong answer:

1. Henrys got flu. He shouldnt

a) stay in bed b) drink hot milk c) take antibiotics d) relax

2. My grandfather cant hear well. He should

a) visit a specialist b) play loud music c) use a hearing aid d) check his ears

3. Dad smokes a lot, so he may suffer from cancer.

a) larynx b) throat c) lung d) skin

4. Toms got a terrible headache. Hed better take

a) an aspirin b) alcohol c) a break d) a painkiller

4 Circle the right answer:

1. Carol has got asthma. She always carries

a) a hearing aid b) drops c) an inhaler d) a healer

2. Jane fell off the bike and her ankle.

a) sprained b) cut c) spread d) slipped

3. Tony broke his leg. Now he needs to walk.

a) a stretcher b) crutches c) a wheelchair d) a club

4. My new shoes are killing me. Ive got

a) bruises b) breaks c) sprains d) blisters

5 Your teacher will give you pieces of paper with health problems written on
them. In pairs, take turns and pick a piece of paper and mime the problem to
your partner. If your partner guesses it, he/she gets a point. The winner is the
student who gets more points.

Unit 17 Error correction

1 Read the text below and correct the mistakes.

Hi. My name Stevan and am from colombia.

I have twenty sewen years and brow eyes.
I am very happy men. But I has got a problem.
Last yer I meat a girl. I love she but she dont loves me.
I cant life withaut she. She have long, blak, curlie her and butiful eys.
She love dancing and drinking cocktails.
She go to cinema often.
We one a wek mit.
I a actor and I well-looking.
I going to hollywood nekst yer which she.
I tink she not loves me becose I cant spik inglish very good.
I dont now wat to do.
Plis, help mi!

2 In pairs think of different ways of how Stevan can improve his English.

3 Correct the sentences below in groups.

We are near the gallery? Its open from Monday for Sunday.
Is she you friend? Its near from the river.
John and Paul are my friend. Ire not from Brazil.
They are accountant. Where your suitcase?
Rusia is my favourite country. Theyre photos are great.
Where are they know? Were our car?
Right now his on holiday in England. He is a sale assistant.
Whats she job? Whats shes name?
Shes doctor. My brothers name is Carl.
It is close tomorrow. Her husbands very nice.
Is Hampton Court an palace? Toronto is a town.
What your favourite restaurant? She is seventyn years old.
Instant coffee are awful. When do you spell that?

Unit 18 Jokes and pictionary

1 Read and complete the jokes with the right punch line from the list:

The Best Restaurant on this Block. Good, because I havent done my homework.
Exactly! You are a taxi.
Next, please. Your feet.
I am the ninth letter of the alphabet. Do you mean I have to go back again tomorrow?
The boys gave the ten dollars to the teacher. I dont think I know either, sir.

A: Hey, man! Please call me a taxi. The mother says to her daughter, Did you enjoy
B: Yes, sir. _________________________________ your first day at school?
The daughter answers, First day?_______________

In the classroom the teacher is asking a student to do Two boys were arguing when the teacher entered the
something. room. The teacher says, Why are you arguing?
Teacher: Tell me a sentence that starts with I. One boy answers, We found a ten dollar bill and
Student: I is the ... decided to give it to whoever tells the biggest lie.
Teacher: Stop! Never put is after I. Always put You should be ashamed of yourselves, said the
am after I. teacher, When I was your age I didnt even know
Student: OK. _______________________________ what a lie was. _____________________________

Principal: Ive had complaints about you, Johnny, A student is talking to his teacher.
from all of your teachers. What have you been Student: Would you punish me for something I
doing? didnt do?
Johnny: Nothing, sir. Teacher: Of course not.
Principal: _________________________________ Student: __________________________________

Teacher: Whats the past participle of the verb to The patient says, Doctor, youve got to help me.
ring? Nobody ever listens to me. No one ever pays any
Student: What do you think, sir? attention to what I have to say.
Teacher: I dont think. I KNOW. The doctor says, ____________________________
Student: __________________________________

There were three restaurants on the same block. One A girl and a boy are talking.
day one of them put up a sign which said The Best The girl says, You would be a good dancer except for
Restaurant in the City. The next day, the largest two things.
restaurant on the block put up a larger sign which The boy asks, What are those two things?
said The Best Restaurant in the World. The girl answers, ____________________________
On the third day, the smallest restaurant put up a
small sign which said ________________________

2 Now play Pictionary. Your teacher will give you instructions. The theme is Computer and Internet.

Unit 19 Comparisons

1 Write the comparative forms of the adjectives:

a) old ______________________ h) serious ___________________

b) strong ____________________ i) pretty ____________________

c) happy ____________________ j ) bad _____________________

d) modern __________________ k) expensive ________________

e) important _________________ l) hot ______________________

f) good _____________________ m) intelligent _______________

g) big ______________________ n) easy _____________________

2 Choose the right adjective and make comparisons.

a) A cow is _______________ than a cat. (light / heavy)

b) Mount Everest is _______________ the Himalayas. (high / low)
c) A Fiat is _______________ than a Ferrari. (fast / slow)
d) My grandmother is _______________ than my mother. (young / old)
e) The Nile is _______________ than the Thames. (short / long)
f) Elephants are _______________ than horses. (big / small)
g) Dolphins are _______________ than sharks. (fool / intelligent)
h) Maths is _______________ than History. (difficult / easy)

3 Look at the information about the four hotels below and write sentences
using the notes given.

Beach Hotel Sunrise Hotel Aurora Hotel Relax Hotel

Prices: Double rom Prices: Double rom Prices: Double rom Prices: Double rom
89 per night 99 per night 119 per night 99 per night

Number of rooms: 25 Number of rooms: 48 Number of rooms: 114 Number of rooms: 65

Built in 1990 Built in 1964 Built in 2002 Built in 1975

900 meters from 500 meters from 200 meters from 900 meters from
the sea the sea the sea the sea


Relax Hotel / expensive / Sunrise Hotel.


Beach Hotel / luxurious / Sunrise Hotel. Write questions using the superlative.
e.g. small / animal What is the smallest animal in the
Sunrise Hotel / old / Relax Hotel.
1 large / ocean
Relax Hotel / big / Sunrise Hotel. ______________________________________________
2 populated / city
Beach Hotel / cheap/ of the four hotels.
3 hot / desert
Relax Hotel / near the beach / Beach Hotel. ______________________________________________
4 deep / lake
Sunrise Hotel / small / Aurora Hotel. ______________________________________________
5 long / river
Aurora Hotel / new / of the four hotels. ______________________________________________
6 high / mountain
Sunrise Hotel / far from the beach / Aurora Hotel. ______________________________________________
7 dangerous / animal
Beach hotel / simple / Relax Hotel.
8 rich / person
SPEAKING ______________________________________________
4 Make your own sentences using the words below share 9 high / building
your opinion in groups: ______________________________________________
e.g. computer games X board games 10 tall / tree
In my opinion, board games are more complicated than ______________________________________________
computer games. ______________________________________________
11 small / country
Cats X Dogs ______________________________________________
Book X TV ______________________________________________
London X New York 12 fast / car
Letters X Emails
English X Spanish
Football X Rugby ______________________________________________
Pasta X Rice
Pop music X Rap music Now go to the computer lab and search the answers
Documentary X Movie online.
America X Europe
Salad X Bacon
Cycle X Run
Car X Bus
Summer X Winter

Unit 20 Dates

1 When is your birthday?


2 Ask you flatmates when their bithdays are.






4. __________________is the eleventh
month of the year.
6. __________________is the sixth
month of the year. 4

7. __________________is the fifth

month of the year.

8. __________________is the third

month of the year. 5

10. __________________is the fourth 6 7

month of the year.

11. __________________is the eighth

month of the year.

12. __________________is the seventh 8

month of the year.

1. __________________is the tenth
month of the year.

2. __________________is the second

month of the year.

3. __________________is the ninth 11

month of the year.

5. __________________is the twelfth

month of the year.

9. __________________is the first 12

month of the year.

4 Complete the spaces with vowels to make ordinal 6 Sit back to back for an activity.
numbers. Follow the instructions given by
a. E_ght_ _nth b. S_v_nth
c. Th_rd your teacher.
d. Tw_ntyf_ _rth
e. Th_rtys_xth
f. Tw_lfth
g. F_rst
h. Th_rt_ _nth
i. Tw_ntyn_nth 7 dentify the ordinal position of the following letters
j. F_ft_ _nth
H is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
E is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
5 Complete the sentences with the correct date. Q is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
N is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
a. Christmas Day is on _______________. P is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
b. Vatentines Day is on _______________. K is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
c. Halloween is on ___________________. I is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
d. New Years eve is on ________________. R is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
e. St Patricks Day in on _______________. A is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
f. Arthurs Day is on __________________. S is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
g. St Stephens day is on _______________. O is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
h. New Years day is on ________________. L is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
J is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
B is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.
G is the _______________ letter of the alphabet.

8 Sit back to back for an activity.
Follow the instructions given by your teacher.

Unit 21 Last weekend

SPEAKING Detective: What time __________ you in bed at?

Tom: Me and my wife __________ in bed at midnight.
1 What did you do last weekend?
Detective: __________ you seen by anybody?
Tom: Yes, the barman and the waitress who __________
PRACTICE working that evening. Detective: What __________ their
2 Complete the spaces with was, wasnt, were or
Tom: Their names __________ Kevin and Bella.

Last weekend we __________ in Paris with Paula and 3 Find and correct the mistakes.
Joseph. It __________ their wedding anniversary and
there __________ a party to celebrate it on Friday. Where was you born? They arent happy yesterday.
Tony and Suzy __________ at the party because She was a nurse? After work, he were tired.
Suzys mother __________ in hospital. The party I not right. Where was they last Tuesday?
How was she old? We wasnt hungry.
__________ great. Many friends __________ there and Im not late last night. t is very cold last night.
the food __________ delicious. However, Paula and
Joseph __________ a bit sad because their daughter
__________ at the party. She __________ in London
on a school trip. Anyway, it __________ a wonderful
party and we __________ really happy there.

We went back to London and a detective knocked at my

door on Monday morning...

Detective: Where __________ you last Friday evening?

Tom: I __________ in Paris.
Detective: What __________ you doing in Paris?
Tom: I __________ there for my friends wedding
anniversary. Detective: What __________ you doing at
Tom: I __________ sleeping at 1am.
Detective: Where?
Tom: At the hotel.
Detective: What __________ the name of the hotel?
Tom: The Holiday Inn.
Detective: Who __________ you with?
Tom: I __________ with my wife, Sarah.
Detective: What __________ your room number?
Tom: It __________ room 63.

Last weekend

4 Wrte the sentences in the past. ______________________________________________

happy / your / your / very / results / were / parents .
Andy and Carol are in class.

______________________________________________ you / was / your / the / with / party / at / sister ?
It isnt sunny.

______________________________________________ meeting / wasnt / the / Mr / for / Thompson / late .
The birds arent in the garden.

Are they at home?

6 Read the clues and guess who those people were.
s the door open?

He was born in January, 1935.

He was an American singer and actor.
I am a good student.
He was the king of a popular music style.

He was baptized in 1770.

He was a German composer and pianist.
Those shoes are very expensive.
He deaf for many years.

She was born in June, 1926.

She was an American actress, model and singer.
Andy and Carol are in class.
She was a sex symbol.

He was born in October, 1940.

He was an English musician.
He was from Liverpool.

5 Put the words in the correct order. He was born in March, 1960.
He was a F1 driver.
at / yesterday / Ms / was / Simpson / work . He was 34 years old when he died.

He was born in October, 1881.

______________________________________________ He was a painter.
dog / last / was / your / week / sick ? He was in France when he died.

She was born in December, 1915.

______________________________________________ She was a singer.
Wednesday / at / werent / you / school / last . She was French.

Unit 22
21 Lastlast
My weekend

1 Complete the text with the verbs in the box. Remember to use the past simple.



Erika __________ to London, in England. She __________ a flight very early

on Saturday morning. She __________ in London at 7:30am and it __________
very cold and windy there. She __________ a taxi to the hotel and __________
her friend John on the way.
John __________ to the hotel where Erika __________ and they __________
breakfast together. After breakfast, they __________ to the city centre.
They __________ the London Eye and __________ some museums. Erika
__________ very tired so they __________ and __________ down for a few
minutes. They __________ water and __________ some snacks.
Erika __________ back to the hotel at 5pm. She __________ a shower and
__________ for 2 hours.At 8 oclock John __________ to the hotel and
__________ Erika. They __________ to a night club. They __________ all night
long and Erika __________ many friends. She __________ her holidays and she
__________ London.

My last holiday

2 In pairs, ask and answer the questions.
On you last holiday...













About you u

ut y
Abouto you o 44
My last holiday

3 Write the past simple of the verbs in the correct list.



+d + ed =y +ied conson +ed

4 There are 30 verbs in the past in the wordseach. Find them and give the infinitive form.
(All verbs are irregular).

My last holiday

5 Ask questions based on the underlined information.

a. ____________________________________________________________?
Charlotte caught the bus at 7:00 am.

b. ____________________________________________________________?
She bought a new dress.

c. ____________________________________________________________?
Peter went to the swimming pool yesterday.

d. ____________________________________________________________?
The children came back home by train.

e. ____________________________________________________________?
We watched a reality show last week.

f. ____________________________________________________________?
He talked to his sister on skype.

g. ____________________________________________________________?
They moved to Cork last year.

h. ____________________________________________________________?
They did a gastronomy course last summer.

6 Interview your partner using the questions in the chart.

Answers extra information

When did you start learning English?

What did you last cook?

How did you come to school?

What did you last eat?
What films did you watch this month?

Where did you go last

How much did you spend in
your lunch yesterday?
When did you last check your email?
What time did you go to bed yesterday?

Where were you born?

What important thing happened
in your life last year?

Unit 23 Celebrations

SPEAKING 4 Complete the sentences with in, on or at.

1 Ask and answer the questions in pairs.

What is your favourite holiday? Why? 1. _____ the morning _____ Friday, Im going to
What is your favourite season? Why? plant the flowers.
What is your favourite month? Why?
What is your favourite day of the week? Why? 2. He was born _____ 1984, and his sister was born
What is your favourite time of the day? Why? _____ 1986.

3. _____ April 16th, we celebrate our 10th wedding

2 Do you remember what celebrations these dates refer anniversary.
4. _____ six years I plan to have paid off my car.
14th February ________________________
17th March __________________________ 5. It is really difficult for me to get up _____ Monday
25th December _______________________ mornings because I am very lazy.
1st January ___________________________
1st April _____________________________ 6. _____ the moment I dont have any nice sunglasses,
31st October __________________________ but _____ Christmas my boyfriend will get me some.

Do you celebrate these dates in your country? How? 7. The show starts _____ ten oclock.

8. I met my girlfriend _____ June, _____ a warm,

PRACTICE sunny day.

3 Complete the columns with the words and expression 9. Katy studies, and ____ the same time works part
in the box. time.

10. There will be many new inventions ______ the

every day - Friday - the morning - next century.
twelve oclock - 2007 - May -
11. I expect to graduate ______ the year 2005.
Christmas day - the afternoon -
the weekend weekdays - Spring - 12. _____ a beautiful day _____ December, _____
Sundays - next year - 2nd June - 9:00 _____ the morning, Laura was born.
the end of the week - 10:30 -
Easter - last summer - this evening -
Monday afternoon

in on at (-)


5 Correct the mistakes.

Her birthday is at July 15th.

He was born on 1985.
We have lunch together at Fridays.
My class starts on 9 oclock.
We always decorate the house on Christmas.
Halloween is in October 31st.
I always do my homework at the evening.
I meet my friends in Saturday.
Create a question for each sentence. It can be a yes/no
question, or you can use a question word.

6 - Create a question for each sentence. It can be a yes/no
question, or you can use a question word.

Unit 24 somewhere
Getting Getting somewhere

1 Name the places according to the description
given below:

1. A large public garden in a town OCONNELL STREET

2. A place where trains stop
3. A place where people eat meals


4. A place where people can see films
5. A place where you can see historical things
6. A place where you can send a letter MARY STREET
7. A place where you can get money
8. A place where you buy books
9. A place used for public Christian worship
3 Name the places according to the directions
10. A place where you can read and borrow books
given. (take the names out)
11. A place where children go to study
12. A place where you can buy medicines 1. A: Excuse me. Wheres the cinema?
B: The cinema?
2 Number the pictures with the descriptions: OK. Go straight on and take the first street on the
left. Its opposite the library, on OConnell Street.
A: Thanks a lot.
( ) on the corner of
( ) on the left 2. A: Excuse me. How can I get to the post office?
( ) on the right B: Go straight ahead. Take the second street on the
( ) turn left right. It is next to the restaurant.
( ) turn right A: Thank you.
( ) take the first turning on the right B: Youre welcome.
( ) take the second turning on the left
( ) straight ahead 3. A: Excuse me. Wheres the church, please?
( ) opposite B: Go straight on. Its next to the chemists, opposite
the park. and take the first street on the right. Then
take the first street on the left. Its on the right,
opposite the park.
A: Thank you.

4. A: Excuse me. Wheres the school, please?

3 B: Go straight on. Its next to the chemists, opposite
1 2 the park. A: Thank you.

5. A: Excuse me. Wheres the bank, please?

B: Go straight on. The bank is on the corner,
opposite the restaurant. A: Thank you.
7 B: Youre welcome.
5 6

6. A: Excuse me. Wheres the train station, please?

B: Go straight on and take the first street on the
right. Then take the first street on the left. Then
take the first street on the right again. The train
station is behind the church, opposite the museum.
8 9 A: Thanks.

Getting somewhere

7. A: Excuse me. Wheres the bookshop, please? PRACTICE

You: ______________________________________ 4 Match the halves to make sentences

__________________________________________ a) Sorry, how...

b) Is it very far...
__________________________________________ c) Can you show me...
d) How can...
__________________________________________ e) Excuse me. Where is...
A: Thanks. f) Is the stadium...

( ) ...I get there?

( ) ...the bus stop?
( ) ...from here?
( ) ...can I get to the centre?
( ) ...near here?
( ) ...on this map, please?

5 Write down directions to your home. Then tell your partner the directions and show it in a map if you have one.


Unit 25 What are they doing?

1 Make sentences describing what people are doing in the picture.




3 Circle the right option. 4 Complete the sentences with are, is, do or does.

a) You are wearing/wear a nice scarf today. 1. _____ they playing videogame at the moment?
b) We do/are doing an exercise at the moment. 2. _____ you usually meet your friends at the weekend?
c) Tm always goes to bed/is going to bed at the oclock. 3. _____ Jane watching TV?
d) She doesnt study/isnt studying now. 4. _____ you like chocolate?
e) My father watches/is watching TV every day. 5. _____ he doing his homework now?
f) They love/are loving chocolate. 6. _____ you studying for the exam?
7. _____ your mother work in a hospital?
8. _____ he eat meat?

What are they doing?

5 Match the questions from question 4 to the answers below: 6 Write questions and answers using the Present
Continuous. Follow the example:
( ) Yes,Ido.Ilikeitalot.
( ) No,Iamnot. he / play / tennis? (skate)
( ) Y es, he does. Is he playing tennis?
( ) Yes,Ido. No he isnt. He is skating.
( ) Y es, they are.
( ) No, she isnt. 1. They / swim / in the sea? (surf)
( ) No, he isnt.
( ) No, she doesnt. _______________________________________

2. She / drive / to school? (cycle)

6 Write questions and answers using the Present Continuous. _______________________________________

Follow the example: 3. He / drink / orange juice? (eat / a hamburger)

he / play / tennis? (skate)
Is he playing tennis? _______________________________________
No he isnt. He is skating. 4. You / watch / a film? (read / a book)

1. They / swim / in the sea? (surf) _______________________________________

_______________________________________ 5. We / sing? (dance)

_______________________________________ _______________________________________
2. She / drive / to school? (cycle)
3. He / drink / orange juice? (eat / a hamburger) 7 Complete the sentences with the Present
Continuous tense.
a) The baby _______________. (cry)
4. You / watch / a film? (read / a book) b) His wife _______________ dinner. (not
a cook)
_______________________________________ c) They _______________ a song. (sing)
d) She _______________ to music. (not listen)
5. We / sing? (dance) e) ____ they _________ a new language? (learn)
f) ____ he _________ the dishes? (wash)
_______________________________________ g) Mary ____________ that book. (read)
h) ____ they _______ for the bus? (wait)
_______________________________________ i) We _______________. (not run)
j) I _______________ on a chair. (sit)

Unit 26 Describing a room

1- Complete the text with there is or there are. 3 Complete the gaps using there is or there are.

My bedroom a) _______________ three bedrooms in my

b) _______________ a book on the table.
c) _______________ some flowers in the garden.
d) _______________ fifteen chairs in the
classroom. e) _______________ a TV in the
sitting room.
f) _______________ a bottle of wine in the fridge.
g) _______________ many people living in
this street. h) _______________ an apple in the

4 Circle the right answer.

Is / are there a large bed in your room?

Is / are there my CDs in your room?
I have a big bedroom in my house. Its pretty and Is / are there a table in your living room?
cozy. _______________ a window with yellow
curtains. _______________ a big lamp near the Is / are there new desks in our classroom?
window. _______________ a big white pillow Is / are there a good restaurant close to your house?
on my bed. Next to the bed _______________ a
wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe _______________ Is / are there a supermarket on your street?
some soes and clothes. Beside the wardrobe
Is / are there many people living with you?
_______________ a desk. _______________
many books on my
desk. _______________ a plant in front of the
window and _______________ some leaves on
the floor. _______________ a big red armchair
and _______________ some colourful cushions
on it.

2 Write a description of your room.






Describing a room

5 Interview your partner using the questions in exercise 4.

6 Circle the correct answer to complete the sentences.

1. _______________ a man in the street?

a) there are b) are there c) there is

2. _______________ a lamp in the room.

a) there is b) there are c) is there

3. In Berlin _______________ a lot of museums.

a) there is b) is there c) there are

4. Is there a dog in the garden? No, _______________.

a) there is b) is there c) there arent

5. _______________ many threes in that park?

a) are there b) there are c) there isnt 6. _______________ many people playing outside.
d) there is e) there arent f) are there

7. In Ireland _______________ many churches?

a) is there b) are there c) there are

8. In this glass _______________ some milk.

a) there is b) there are c) is there

7 Link the actions with the rooms where you do them.

eating breakfast
doing homework
Kitchen washing the dishes
having a shower
reading a book
Bathroom typing a letter
talking on the phone
Bedroom sleeping
using the internet
brushing your teeth
Sitting room waching your clothes
listening to music
Study drinking coffee or tea
looking out the window
playing board games
Dinning room getting dressed
cooking a meal
wacthing TV

Describing a room

8 Draw the furniture in the sitting room according to the description below.

In the living room

Unit 27 Descrining your town

1 Look at the pictures below and write sentences showing how the town has changed.

2 Circle the odd word out and say why it is different.

a) train station park bus stop airport

b) ocean beach harbour supermarket
c) playground hospital school office
d) field park house forest
e) road bank avenue street
f) classroom library university shopping centre
g) factory office building field
h) pub chemists restaurant nightclub

3 Choose the right answer. 4 Complete with there was or there were.
Last year _______________ a festival in my town.
_______________ a terrible earthquake in Japan in _______________ two shopping centres in Dublin in 1995.
2005. _______________ more parks 20 years ago.
a) there was b) there werent c) there were _______________ less pollution 50 years ago.

_______________ any bananas left when I came back 5 Compare your town from 20 years ago and now.
a) there were b) there wasnt c) there werent

How many people _______________ at the party?

a) there was b) were there c) was there

_______________ enough food for everybody at

a) were there b) was there c) there werent

Unit 28 What do you like doing?

1 In pairs, try to guess what your partners opinion is about these activities.

x Love Like Dont Like Hate


Drinking beer




Watchin g TV

Reading books






Playing football

2 Now ask questions and check if you were right or wrong. e.g.:

Do you like swimming?

Yes, I love swimming!

What do you like doing?

3 Complete the sentences with an object pronoun.

a) Nicole Kidman is a great actress.

I really like _______.
b) The Rolling Stones are my favourite band.
I love _______.

c) Shakira is not a good singer.

I dont like _______.

d) Nicolas Cage is a terrible actor.

I hate _______.

4 In pairs, choose 10 famous people and give your

opinion about them.
6 Correct the mistakes in the sentences.
5 Replace the underlined words by an object
pronoun. a) She didnt see the movie.___________ * I like Peter. His is my best friend.
* Look at he. He is crying.
_________________________________________ * My friend is fantastic. I love she.
* Sandy is busy. I think her needs help.
b) I talked to the man._______________________ * Them dont like going to pubs.
* She doesnt like I.
_________________________________________ * Do you play handball with they?

c) I lost my keys.____________________________ 7 Choose the right words to complete the spaces

1. _______ is at home with _______.
d) She called Anne.__________________________ Her / us She / we She / us

_________________________________________ 2. Does _______ watch movies at home?

he it him
e) I crashed my car. __________________________
3. These are my girlfriends friends. _______ usually
_________________________________________ goes out with _______. She / they Her / them She
/ them
f) Betty sent me and my sister a card. ___________
4. Do _______ drink wine? No, I dont like_______.
_________________________________________ we / it you / it you / her

5 Circle the correct answer: 5. Can you help _______, please?

you I me
a) I / me dont know the answer.
b) Who said that? It was she / her. 6. Give _______ to _______ now!
c) Tell us / we your email address. you / it it / me her / I
d) She called he / him, but his phone was off.
e) I told them / they what to do.
f) Somebody left it / its on the table.

Unit 29 Future plans

1 What are your plans for next Sunday? Are you 4 Write 5 things that you are going to do
going to do these things? Make true sentences tomorrow (4 have to be true and 1 has to be false).
about yourself. Give your book to your teacher and he will read
your sentences in class. The other students will
Get up late have to guess which sentence is false.

_______________________________________ _______________________________________
Eat barbecue
Clean my room _______________________________________

_______________________________________ _______________________________________
Study English
See my friends _______________________________________

_______________________________________ _______________________________________
Talk to my family on skype
5 Nicole is going to go to Spain next weekend.
Write a list of things she is going to do.
Use the pictures to help you.

2 Make questions to find out your partners


3 Complete the sentences with the verbs from

the box using future with going to.



a) He _______________ for his exam.

b) They _______________ married.
c) We _______________ to Barcelona.
d) The builders _______________the house.
e) Sheila _______________a baby.
6 Imagine that you are going to Spain next
f) She _______________ tango.
weekend. Write a text describing your plans for
g) My friends _______________ next year.
h) John _______________ photos with his new this holiday.
i) I _______________ to drive.
j) We _______________ a mountain. _______________________________________
k) He _______________ the pyramids. _______________________________________
l) I _______________ to the party.

Unit 27 Revision

Put all the apostrophes in the correct places in these sentences.

1. Im Cathy and this is my brother, Daniel.

2. Were very hungry!
3. My husbands sisters name is Paula.
4. Hes from London, hes English.
5. Rafael isnt Argentinian. Hes Brazilian.
6. The girls are upstairs. Theyre sleeping.
7. Shes studying English right now.
8. Toms the cats name.

Put the verbs in the correct order.

a. sleepgetupwakeupgotobed
b. arrive at school get off the train get on the train wait for the train
c. eat lunch cook lunch eat dessert wash the dishes
d. feel tired dance go to the party go home
e. leave home buy vegetables drive to supermarket pay for the vegetables
f. catch the plane land in New York take off in London go to the airport
g. get married go to the church go on honeymoon have children
h. watch a film buy a ticket go to the cinema buy popcorn

Write answers for the questions below:

a) _____________________________________?

My name is Sarah. I am fine, thanks. And you?

b) _____________________________________? h) _____________________________________?

She is 23 years old. Theyre from Colombia.

c) _____________________________________? i) _____________________________________?

They are my cousins.

d) _____________________________________?

No, it isnt. Its expensive.

e) _____________________________________?

No, I am happy.

f) _____________________________________?

No, she is very tall.

g) _____________________________________?


Put the words in order to make sentences.

a. 8 a.m. g. One brother and 3 sisters m. The Irish Times

b. Chicken and pasta h. Orange n. 11 p.m.
c. 087002525987 i. Doctor o. Libra
d. Italian j. Jack p. Cocktails
e. 27 k. Wellington Road q. Dublin
f . October l. Golf and tennis r. To the mountains

4 Put the words in order to make sentences. 6 Bingo! Your teacher will call 20 questions and you
have to shout the right answer.
a) from / he / ? / is / where
b) brother / old / how / ? / your / is 1 - She has breakfast at home.
c) friend / is / Canada / my / from 2 - He is sitting on the sofa.
d) car / red / ? / it / is / a 3 - My mothers playning tennis now.
e) not / teacher / is / she / my 4 - She woks in a hospital.
f) daughters / is / name / your / what 5 - He goes to bed at 10:30
g) intelligent / is / very / she 6 - Shes going to work by bus.
h) classmates / they / are / new / my 7 - My favourite colous is blue.
8 - Hes eating breakfast in a restaurant.
9 - My brother lives in Paris.
10 - She has breakfast at home.
5 Make possible questions for the answers below. 11 - She speaks 3 langueges.
12 - He works in Austria.
a) 8 a.m. 13 - Theu are lawyers.
b) Chicken and pasta !4 - My brothers from Spain.
c) 087002525987 15 - She goes to school by taxi.
d) Italian 16 - I live in a house.
e) 27 17 - Its next to the briefcase.
f) October 18 - I get up 6:30 in the morning.
g) One brother and 3 sisters !9 - She studies English on Sundays.
h) Orange 20 - He plays football in his free time.
i) Doctor 21 - Shes a judge.
j) Jack
k) Wellington Road
l) Golf and tennis
m) The Irish Times
n) 11 p.m.
o) Libra
p) Cocktails
q) Dublin