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--Title--> Exercise and Hypertension - Reducing Blood Pressure Naturally

Exercise and Hypertension -

Reducing Blood Pressure Naturally

As many as 50 million adult Americans have hypertension. It is one of the most prevalent
diseases in our society. An abnormal blood pressure is considered a reading of 140/90
millimeters of Mercury (a normal reading is 120/80 mm Hg or below). Unchecked
hypertension can lead to strokes and heart failure. It is called a silent killer because many
people don't recognize any symptoms until a major event occurs. High blood pressure is
more common in blacks and persons with a lower socioeconomic background. There are
many risk factors for high blood pressure - such as age, race, heredity, and sex, but the
most interesting statistic about this disease is that most of the risk factors - obesity, stress
levels, sodium intake, physical inactivity, use of certain drugs - are all controllable.

We are going to take a close look at exercise as a treatment for hypertension. The reason
exercise works is because during conditioning, vessels dilate to increase blood supply.
This vasodilation reduces the pressure exerted against the artery walls. What exercises
are best for doing this? There are many options. One of the more interesting aspects of
exercise training in hypertension, is that many types of exercise are beneficial, and
conditioning programs for high blood pressure regulation "cross over" into the area of
mind body fitness.

Traditional Programs
Studies done in exercise labs report that low intensity walking and cycling programs do
very well in reducing blood pressure in mild hypertensive persons. Therefore, many
clinically-based programs emphasized moderate aerobic training for blood pressure
recovery, and tended to avoid heavy strength training because in weight lifters their
systolic blood pressure (the top number) increased substantially. Later research showed
that moderate strength programs increased systolic pressure slightly, but after exercise,
blood pressure was reduced. Also - avoiding holding one's breath during lifting was also
found to reduce blood pressure. aerobic products strength products

What we have found in the past ten years is that other types of programs may also have an
impact on blood pressure control. Basic movement exercises like Tai Chi and Qi Gong
have an impact in reducing high blood pressure. Relaxation exercises like meditation and
breathing also have tremendous benefits. Chair aerobics, movement therapy, dance
therapy, and water aerobics all have been reported to improve blood pressure status to a
degree, independent of medication status. Tai Chi video aqua products

These reports open the door for many seniors who may be suffering from even mild high
blood pressure to begin a low level program of breathing, movement, and light aerobic
and strength programs as part of their commitment to reduce their blood pressure.

So - what IS a good program for blood pressure reduction? Starting off with Week 1-2 of
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1/30/14 <!--Title--> Exercise and Hypertension - Reducing Blood Pressure Naturally

daily walking (goal is 5-6 days per week) along with five minutes of stretches and
breathing exercises afterwards. The next two weeks entail light dumb bell exercises for
chest, back, and hips along with moderate aerobics. After the first month - try a new
exercise. Incorporate yoga videos, or relaxation cassettes into your workout. Remember to
monitor your pressure with a home blood pressure cuff. It is the easiest way to record your
pressure levels before and after exercise. blood pressure
monitor treadmills stretching free weights mind muscle video

Week 1-2 Type of Exercise Duration Intensity

Walking 10-15 min. Light + 5 min.
of stretching
Week 3-4 Walking, home 10-30 min. Moderate
exercise machine

Week 4 on Above exercises, or 30 min. + Moderate

yoga, T'ai Chi, Qi Gong, etc.

* Remember to monitor blood pressure readings after exercise

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