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Soal Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris XI IPA/IPS

Semester Genap TP. 2015/2016

This text for question no 1 to 6

Muslims Headscarf
The right to freedom of religion is enshrined in the UN charter and considered by many to
be a basic human right. Some religions require special diet, others prayer at specific times. Why
should a religious mode of dress receive as much protection as these other aspects of religious
Many Muslim women view the veil as a means to protect their modesty and privacy.Just as
we would not force any women to be seen in public in her underwear if she did not feel
comfortable doing so, why should a woman be forced to show her hair if she does not want to?
Modesty is a personal judgement call; some are comfortable in the smallest bikini while others
prefer a lot more clothing. No one but the woman herself should make that decision.
Muslim women are not the only ones to feel coerced over their mode of dress. Most people
are affected by the societal norms surrounding them. Fashion trends could be seen in exactly the
same light as religious traditions.
Banning head coverings is only likely to provoke a more extreme reaction among highly
religious communities. Framing laws to ban only Islamic forms of dress could be considered an
attack on one religion. Feeling under attack could cause the Islamic community to close off into
itself. They could set up religious schools where their children can dress as they want them to
and not mix with children from other faiths. These effects could never be good for the integration
of society and would further the influence of extremists. Internationally, the perceived attack on
Islamic values would infl ame wider Muslim opinion, feed conspiracy theories and add to the
dangerous feeling that there is a clash of civilisations.
Intolerant schools make up problems as an excuse for not allowing Muslims freedom of
religious expression. In a multicultural society, students should be aware of the different religious
practise and cultural traditions of their classmates, and be taught to understand and respect
these. Without such respect, Muslims and other groups with distinctive dress, such as Orthodox
Jews and Sikhs, will be driven out of mainstream education and forced to educate their children
eparately, which will really create divisions and alienation.
Based on the above discussion, the government should not Muslims headscarf as a part of
school or office uniforms,.
Adapted from www.wikipedia.com
1. What does the text discuss?
a. Muslim students d. Muslim boarding school
b. Muslim life e. Muslim headscarf
c. Muslim community
2. What is Muslim womens view on the veil?
a. It is an obstacle of their freedom. d. It is to protect their modesty and privacy.
b. It is a fashion trend among them. e. They feel being forced to wear it.
c. It is what their parents told them to wear.
3. Paragraph 4 tells us that banning on Muslim headscarf could
a. arouse social confl ict among social communities.
b. maintain solidarity among social communities.
c. provoke a more extreme reaction among highly religious communities
d. teach students social awareness.
e. make Muslim women loose their identity.
4. Intolerant schools make up problems as an excuse for not allowing Muslims freedom of
religious expression (paragraph 5). The sentence implies
a. Muslims freedom of religious expression may cause problems.
b. Many social confl icts arouse because of Muslims freedom of religious expression.
c. Schools should not be tolerant to any freedom of religious expression.
d. Schools are allowed to ban Muslim headscarf because it may cause problems.
e. Schools should not ban Muslims freedom of religious expression on any reason.
5. What does the writer suggest?
a. Schools should not be tolerant to any freedom of religious expression.
b. Students should know various social groups among the society.
c. The government should ban Muslims headscarf because it may arouse confl icts.
d. Muslims headscarf as a part of school or office uniforms should not be banned.
e. Schools are allowed to ban Muslim headscarf because it may arouse many problems.
6. The word veil in paragraph 2 has similar meaning to
a. Helmet b. Glove c. headscarf d. Napkin e. sock

This text for question no 7 to 11

The Important Of Education
What is the advantage of having an education? Having an education will give you a better
chance of getting a job that pays an above minimum wage. Formal education, together with a lot
Soal Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris XI IPA/IPS
Semester Genap TP. 2015/2016

of work by the student can produce qualifications and credentials that will land you that
promotion or management position.
An education also improves you as a human being. It helps you develop to your full
potential. Learning is the most powerful tool in the world. The more you know the better you get
along in the world. Education versus training. You could start working immediately after
completing school, skip further studies and get training from the company. Why not?
Education on the other hand, is defined in Wilkpedia as any act or experience that forms the
mind, character or physical ability of an individual. Education is helping someone learn how to
think, how to solve problems. Most education would be transferable and you will climb the
corporate ladder a lot faster. To summarise: Training gives you the fish; education teaches you to
Education: the best investment. In the same way you would save money to buy something
special you have to plan and invest money or time to get that dream job or reach your goals. In
uncertain economic times, you will hesitate to spend money to advance you career. But the
correct investments in the form of money and time can really pay off.
As we enter the twenty-first century, it is clear that education is, indeed, the best
investment that we can make, for an information economy depends upon a knowledgeable,
skilled, educated workforce. The better educated our students are, the better we will perform
economically. Bill Gates. Education is the investment our generation makes in the future. Mitt
7. What is the powerful tool in the world?
a. Learning c. training e. Execising
b. Reading d. writing
8. Why does education become investment in the future?
a. Because we have to save our money in the future
b. Because education is very expensive
c. Because education is used to get the dream job or reach the goals.
d. Because education needs money in the future.
e. Because we must study every time.
9. How can education improve our life?
a. Education will give us money d. Education helps us develope our full
b. Education makes us happy e. Education can make us healthy.
c. Education can help our life
10.What does the meaning of Training gives you the fish, education teaches you to fish?
a. Training can give us fish d. Training is very important in our life
b. Education is as cheap as fish e. Education can teach a fish
c. Education is a process as well as a tool to rach our dream.
11.The more you know the better you get along in the world. What does this sentence mean. .
a. If you are diligent, you will be smart
b. If you work hard, you will earn more money
c. If you have more knowledge, your life will be happy
d. If you have more knowledge, your life will be easy
e. If you have more knowledge, you will get job easily
This text for question no 12 to 20
A very long time ago in west Java lived a king named Raden Sungging
Pebangkara. He was a good ruler. He liked hunting very much.
In the forest, there lived a she-pig, actually a cursed of goddess. One
day, She came out of her hiding place looking for water. There she saw a
coconut shell filled with water. Expecting it to be a fresh water, she drank it,
having no suspicious that it was the kings urine left the day before when he
went hunting. The consequence was very strange. She became pregnant. One
month later she gave birth to a very pretty girl.
When the king was hunting again in the forest, he saw the girl and was attracted by her
beauty. He took her to his palace then called her Dayang Sumbi and treated her as his own
daughter. Time passed and Dayang Sumbi grew up into a beautiful girl. She was fond of weaving.
One morning as she was weaving, her weaving spool flew of the window to the field.
Because she was very tired, she mumbled, whoever is willing to help me to pick up the spool, Ill
treat her as my daughter if she is a girl, if he is a man, Ill treat him as my husband. This word

Soal Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris XI IPA/IPS
Semester Genap TP. 2015/2016

heard by the dog, called Tumang, actually cursed god too. The dog immediately picked the spool
up and gave it to Dayang Sumbi. After got married, she became pregnant then gave birth to
healthy strong son whom she called Sangkuriang.
Like his grand father, young handsome Sangkuriang was fond of hunting in the forest and
always accompanied by Tumang. He didmt realize that Tumang was his father.
One day, when Tumang didnt obey him to chase the pig, Sangkuriang was very angry and
killed the dog and cut up his flesh into pieces and take it home to his mother. For a momment,
Dayang Sumbi was speechless and took a spool and flung it at him. This left a scar on spot and
he was sent away.
Sangkuriang left and wandered for years from the western to the eastern of the world
untill return to the west again where he noticed a house with a young girl sitting at her weaving
loom. Then, they were falling in love and made plan for wedding day. But one day she discovered
the scar on his forehead. She knew that he was her son who had come back to his village.
Dayang Sumbi made an effort that marriage between them was impossible but he refused
to accept. Finally she agreed to marry him if he can dam up the Citarum river and build a big
vessel all in one night.
Sangkuriang agreed and started to work by using his magic power and his praying to the
gods for help. To prevent the marriage, before he finished his work, she stretched the red veil
which covered her head over the eastern side of the plain. Through her magic powers, the read
light spread on the sky over the landscape, giving the impression that the sun was rising and
that the time was up. Angrily, Sangkuriang kicked the vessel which was almost finished, upside
Some times later the vessel become the mountain of Tangkuban Perahu on ther northern side of
12.What does the story tell us about ?
a. The Legend of Dayang Sumbi d The power of Sangkuriang
b. Raden Sungging Pabangkara e. The Legend of Sangkuriang
c. How Tangkuban Perahu mountain got its name
13.What does the writer present the text for ?
a. To describe the legend of Sangkuriang
b. To present information about Tangkuban Perahu mountain
c. To entertain the readers deal with how Tangkuban Perahu mountain got its name
d. To explain about Tangkuban Perahu mountain
e. To expllain how something happen
14.In which part the writer identify the main character of the story and the time and place where
the story happen
a. Orientation c. Re-orientation e. Complication
b. Description d. Resolution
15.Where did the story happen ?
a. In the forest d. At Dayang Sumbis house
b. At the palace e. At Tangkuban Perahu Mountain
c. In West Java
16.How many figures are there on the text ?
a. Two c. Five e. Three
b. Six d. Four
17.In what paragraph did the main complication happen ?
a. First c. Sixth e. Second
b. Eighth d. Fourth
18.Which of the following statements is true according to the text ?
a. Raden Sungging Pabangkara was Sangkuriangs father
b. Dayang Sumbi became Sangkuriangs husband
c. Dayang Sumbi was a Princess
d. The she-pig was Randen Sungging Pabangkaras wife
e. Tumang always obeys Sangkuriang
19.Paragraph four tells us about . . .
a. How Dayang Sumbi got her match d. The fond of Dayang Sumbi
b. The lonely of Dayang Sumbi e. The loyality of Tumang
c. Sangkuriangs father
20. Sangkuriang left and wandered for years . . . (paragraph 6)
Soal Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris XI IPA/IPS
Semester Genap TP. 2015/2016

The word wandered can be replaced by . . .

a. Planned c. Walked c. Traveled
b. escaped d. Went
Text for number 21 to 24
Once upon a time there was a kingdom in West Java. There used to live a wise and kind
king named His Majesty Prabu and his wife, the queen. The kingdom was very prosperous under
his rule.
Everything went perfect in the kingdom. But there was one thing that made Prabu and the
queen sad. They had not a single child. Many people suggested them to adopt a child, but they
did not want to as they believed their own son or daughter was better than any adopted child.
The qeen got very sad and often cried. Seeing his desperate wife, Prabu decided to leave
for the jungle to pray to God. He prayed so that he and her wife cold be gifted a child. Somehow
God heard his prayer and made his dream come tre. A few months later after his prayer, the
queen got pregnant. Everyody in the kingdom was glad to hear that. Their beloved king was
finally gifted a child. To express their happiness, they sent His Majesry lots of presents for the
Nine months had passed and a princess was born. The baby later became a very beautiful
teenager. Prab and the queen really loved her. They always fulfilled wahtefer the princess
wanted. Because of thet, the princess became a very spoiled girl. Her every wish had tto be
fulfilled, if not she would be very angry. She beame ruder and begaved worse as she started to
say bad things. She was not like a true princess at all. Even though, their parents and all the
people in the kingdom still loved her.
When she almost 17, she bevme more and more beautiful. No girl could compete her
beauty against her. Prabu and the queen had arranged a birthday party, inviting all people in the
kingdom to the palace. Hearing that, the people sent lots of presents for her. Prabu stored them
in a building and only took some gold and jewels. He later went to the goldsmith and asked him
to make the best necklace ever. The goldsmith, of course, gave his best to nke the best necklace
as he also loved the princess.
The day came where the princess turned 17, all people gathered on the palace field to
celebrate he birthday. Prabu and the queen were already out when the princess with her faboulus
prett face appeared, enchanting all the people with her bauty. Then a lady came with a pillow in
her hands, a very beautiful necklace on it. Prabu took the necklace and addressed it to the
princess. My beloved daughter, today I give you this necklace as a birthday gift. This necklace is
given by all the people in this country. They love you so much. Please, wear this,said Prabu. She
lokked at it for a while. The princess response was unblieveable. She did not like it. I don;t want
to wear this thing! Its so ugly, she cried and threw the necklace away. It lamded on the ground
broken and its jewels and gold spread on the floor.
All the people were astonished,. They could not believe what the princess had done. They
could not believe that the princess would do such a cruel thin. It hurt heir hearts, also the kings
and the queenss. In the silence they heard the quee crying. Later, all women started crying.
Then, everybody cried. It was not long untill a miracle happened. The Earth was also crying.
Suddenly, a from the under ground, a spring emergedl it maade a pool of water and filled the
whole place. The whole kingdom sank and soon the place became a very big lake.
Nowdays, the lake still exists, but not as big as it was before anymore. It is located in
Puncak, West Java. On a very sunny day, the lake is full of beutiful and amazing colors. The colors
actually come from the shadows of forest, plants, folwers, and the sky around the lake. But many
people believe it is the jewels of the necklace that bring the colors. So is the lake called Telaga
Warnaor The Lake Colors.
21.What the best title of the text?
a. The Lake of Prosperous c. The Lake of Majesty e. The Lake of God
b. The Lake of Queen d. The Lake Of Color
22.How did the queen feel before she got pregnant?
a. She felt happy. c. She felt hopeless e. Sehe felt joyous.

b. She felt delightes d. She feltfavourable.

23.What did the princess do when her father gave her a necklace as a present from her parents
and the people?
a. She wore the necklace sdaly. d. She wore the necklace happily
b. She sold the necklace in the market. e. She refsed and threw it on the floor
c. She gave the necklace to her mother.
24.What can we learn from the story?
a. As a child, we should ask out parents to fulfill what we want.
b. As a child, we should cry if parents didnt give what we want
c. As a child, we should receice all the parents gifts.
d. As parents, they should not always fulfill the children want if it is not good for them

Soal Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris XI IPA/IPS
Semester Genap TP. 2015/2016

e. As parents, they should always fulfill the children want no matter it is good or not for

This song is for question no 25 to 27

Heal The World

Michael Jackson

Theres A Place In Your Heart

And I Know That Is Love
And This Place Could Be Much
Brighter Than Tomorrow
And If You Really Try
Youll Find Theres No Need To Cry
In This Place Youll Feel
Theres No Hurt Or Sorrow

There Are Ways To Get There

If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Little Space
Make A Better Place. . .

Heal The World

Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .
25.To whom does the singer delicate this song?
a. People in the world c. People in the country e. People in the island
b. People in the city d. People in the village
26.What is the song about?
a. Love c. friendship e. Broken Heart
b. Peace d. family
27.Heal The World(the third stanza )
The underlined word contrary meaning to. . .
a. hurt b. Destruct c. destroy d. Treat e. cure

Soal Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris XI IPA/IPS
Semester Genap TP. 2015/2016

28.what is the song Hero about?

a. Every one is a hero d. A spirit of power inside
b. Empowering self instinctive power e. Faithfulness is a spirit
c. No desease with no cure
29.According to the song Hero, What makes a hero?
a. Natural power c. self-confidence e. Instinctive
b. Feeling d. belief
30.and you cast your fears aside. What does the underlined word mean ....?
a. Ignore b. Stop c. othe side d. Except e.
31. How does this song make you fell?
a. Amazing b. Flowering c. self-confident d. Strong influent e. excited

32.What does the fifth stanza theme?

a. Hang your dream up as high as possible d. Where theres a will theres a way
b. Tomorrow will never die e. Better late than never
c. A faithful friend is better than gold

for question 28 to 29, choose the proverb which could be quoted in each situation!
33.Waiter : Sorry, sir theres only one porsion of
chicken soup left
mr. Didi : well, Sally, you got here before me. You
have it . . .
a. A friend in need is a friend in deed d. First come, first served
b. A hungry man is an angry man e. Better late than never

Soal Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris XI IPA/IPS
Semester Genap TP. 2015/2016

c. Eat to live, but do not live to eat

34.Dodi : Aris, you look so sad. Whats going on?
Aris : My father give me money to pay my
Tuition, but it was lost.
Dodi : Dont worry, Ill lend you my money
Aris : Well. Thank you very much. I could
Count on you to lend me the money.
a. A faithful friend is a medicine for life d. A faithful friend is better than gold
b. Where theres a will theres a way e. A friend in need is a friend indeed
c. All that glitters is not gold

For question 30 to 34, match the proverb in column A with the meaning in in column B

35.All good things come to those who a. Dont worry about problems before they
wait arrive
36.Education is an ornament of prosperity b. If you miss occasion, you can avail yourself
and refuge in adversity of it in another time
37.Dont cross your bridges before you c. If you are patient, there will be reward
come to them d. Education is a treasure in a happy time and
38.Flower blooms more than once a place to protect in a bad time
e. Have a backup plan! Dont risk all of your
39.Dont put all your eggs in one basket money or time in one plan

For question 35 to 39, answer the following riddles!

40.Which word in the dictionary spelled incorrectly?

a. Correct c. Correctness e. Corrrectable
b. Correctly d. Incorrectly
41.Dodi : Timmy, how old are you?
Aris : In two years I will be twice as old as I
Was five years ago
How old is Timmy?
a. 8 years c. 11 years e. 9 years

b. 12 years d. 10 years
42.There are 5 birds in a tree. A hunter shoots 2 of them dead. How many birds are left?
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 5
43.If a man was born in Italy, went to America and died in San Francisco, what would he be?
a. Traveler c. Actor e. Dead
b. Funeral keeper d. bodyguard
44.How many letters are there in the English alphabet?
a. 16 b. 26 c. 18 d. 24 e. 22
45.If I were you,_____________________
a. I will go to the beach with my friends. d. I would go to the beach with my friends.
b. I could go the beach with my friends. e. I would have gone to beach with my friend
c. I will be going to the beach with my friend
46.If I had enough money, ______________________
a. I will go on safari to Kenya. d. I will went go on safari to Kenya
b. I would go on safari to Kenya. e. I would have gone on safari to Kenya
c. I can go on safari to Kenya.
47.Siti will never pass her exams_________________
a. If she couldn't study harder. d. If she wount study harder
b. If she doesn't study harder. e. If she wouldnt study harder
c. if she didn't study harder.
48.What would you do_________________________
a. If you could lose your job? d. If you shall lose your job
b. If you will lose your job? e. If you would lose your job
c. If you lost your job?
49.If I had had a better salary,I . . . .a new car.
a. Will have bought c. Bought e. Would buy
b. Will buy d. Would have bought
50.Arrange the jumbled words into a good sentence !
Soal Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris XI IPA/IPS
Semester Genap TP. 2015/2016

Would - in yo if hospital I known were visited have would

a. If I would known you were in hospital, I would have visited you
b. If I would hace visited you, I would known you were in hospital
c. If you were in hospital I would known you would have visited .
d. If you would known you were in hospital, I would have visited I.
e. If you would have visited you were in hospital, I would known I.

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