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yellow & blue light

florian ma

This is a light-based pieces bear a curious relation to

conceptual art which literally dematerialized the work.  
The pieces of work that showing following is trying to
emphasis is on the purely perceptual , and to extent a
basic of understanding.
Photographs, 2007.
C-Print with Plastic dish, A set of 2

This is where the idea come form. One day I slept on the sofa before
sunrise ,i took a photo the sunlight was coming from outside and i was
using a blue white bulb. Then i open my eye looking up at the ceiling in
the evening. I got a brilliant inspiration. the sunlight coming from outside
was change to blue. so i immediately change my bulb to yellow bulb to
(Before sunrise) get another mixture.

A visual construction language seem to be found out that the change of

sunlight and the change of the bulb.

(Before sunset)
A photo that took in Hong Kong Quarry
Yau Tong, 1630 Bay Park when the time going to sunset. It
is a really lucky that the cloud separate the
Photographs, 2007. sky to half blue and half yellow at the same
C-Print time the yellow color from the sunlight
reflecting on the Victoria Harbor is the
same with the cloud . It is totally a natural
environment to telling you that a visual
experience of blue and yellow of the

The warmth of yellow is such a pleasing

counterpoint to the coolness of blue that
this pairing seems like a natural.
From the work above,i start to comparing the natural light source and the artificial light source.

Segment of Light

Natural lighting Natural lighting Natural lighting Artificial lighting Artificial lighting Artificial lighting
(yellow) (yellow) (blue) (yellow) (blue) (blue)
Light +
Natural lighting Artificial lighting Artificial lighting Artificial lighting Artificial lighting Artificial lighting
(blue) (blue) (yellow) (yellow) (yellow) (blue)

Sunrise or Sunset.
Sunrise ,
Time + At Night
Sunset. Lighting turning off or on

Looking Outside Lighting change both inside and

Situation / When you want to seeing somethings in dark

Subject reflect light Artificial luminous body

Subject reflect
Elements and
Sunlight artificial luminous body (Fluorescent light, incandescent light)

Uncontrollabl Uncontrollable A part of Controllable

Blue and yellow brighten repeatedly ,

complexity , completely go through the
basic of the modern life.

Start with a basic interest in color . Discover

the light changing in a room (from daylight to
night , natural and artificial light) and discover
the relationship of light source in difference
photo. then i link up with goethe's color theory
of how scientific analysis interprets what you
see and how this information can be used to
create art work that "how we see rather then
what we see".

Goethe approaches psychological effects of

color He wished to investigate whether
rules could be found to govern the artistic
use of color. He believed that his triangle
was a diagram of the human mind and he
linked each color with certain emotions.
Light I
Photographs, 2007.
C-Print , A set of 3
Photographs, 2007.
C-Print with Plastic dish , A set of 4

In order to bring this idea to life, I will try to

Segment of Light explain and compare to my work in the part
and taking daily photo.
(1) hong kong,2004 Natural lighting (yellow)+
Natural lighting (yellow) Those of the serious photos in the following
which I selected from the last few years that
(2) Paris , 2005 Natural lighting (yellow)+ show the idea of lighting.
Artificial lighting (yellow)
(3) Paris to UK @ Eurostar , 2005 Natural lighting (yellow)+
Natural lighting (yellow)
(4) London EYE, Natural lighting (yellow)+
United kingdom,2005 Artificial lighting (yellow) I find everywhere that will appear blue and
yellow. I represent it like daily photo. And
keep the work in a serious .

I love cityscape... I love walking around Most

of the photo are silence with no people

“Leaving in the crew busy place .. to find a

place to relax. “
I am trying to use simple easy way to reviewing light
Star Ferry 1830 source and what we normally see to us. So photo is
very important part on my process of watching.
Photographs, 2007.
The photo i did which i am not require to play with
light .by not playing with the lighting and not playing
of selecting object , so what coming review to is the
ambient and interesting combination lighting in
certain place .And the object exist is almostly
exactly like you listen to music as the source and
instruction . like a music have to play or made in
order to be experienced think that in certain way we
can align the photo taking habit with the moment of
compose which allow to bring out our own thought
forward contemplate difference things and then this
sense i think can probably align the sense of
transcend a space which we contemplation is allow.
Photo is talking about a blocked or cropped space
Bridge to Star Ferry 1758 that is going to minimal and about taking things
away .talking about the cleaning. talking about the
Photographs, 2007.
C-Print form of allowing things back to the life.somehow the
things is to remove or reduce by the distraction of
the overloaded visual culture
in this sense it is much relation to a form of minimalism.
Separate 1435
Photographs, 2007.
C-Print "The artist's response to a scene was what mattered.
Art was this response to the scene, not a mere record of its
—Truth and Photography: Jerry L. Thompson
Sunset melody
Photographs, C-Print , 2008. A set of 3
A bedside lamp
Photographs, C-print, 2008.
Colour fill Space no.1
Installation with light , C-print 2008.

Colour fill Space no.2

Installation with light , C-print 2008.

An installation that painted white inside and out, involving very basic
geometry relatively formally minimal then setting up with artificial
colour changing lighting to explores how artificial light affects in
private spaces.
Light source from the floor to the ceiling is desires something to seek,
anticipates, regrets and spiritual intensification of the private domain
Light Spectrum
Still in the Video, 2008.
Beside rabbits are often used as a symbol
Rabbit Fertility of Easter Bunny, they are a symbols of
florian ma
2008 playful sexuality and fertility. i use this to
figure out that we are non-stop and
despicable over use of electric lighting as
a horny rabbit . Our efficiently of using
light as the rabbit extremely fertile .
Harmonious Another photograph of Living Light . use 2 transparent glass
ball with 2 difference lighting focus the light source on a white
Florian Ma
2008 paper and take by camera . shape is coming out by the
Photographs reflection of the glass ball . and you can see clearly that a a
blue bulb on the right and a yellow bulb on the left .
No one knows what relationship holds good between color
and chiaroscuro and between the individual colors. But the
basis for the fact that yellow makes a warm and comfortable
impression, blue effects a feeling of cold, that yellow and
reddish-blue beside each other produce a harmonious effect.
Result to mine

i hope my piece of work just like a piece of music which you can enjoy, you can play or you
can relax which you can experience .

i photo and doing work in difference medium . i think i am looking a excitement ,beauty ,
fun and to joy , and i hope other people would be able to use they object and things which
can make and find excitement, though or little experience

i was just thinking i think the most simple things is the piece is about.

Result from viewer

i find that is difficult to think about what people will think of the work or bring people
freeze .they think what they think and i don’t think that is possible to set a plan for them.

that's very much more important a part of the viewer responsibly to bring somethings to
my work.
a lot of people is must challenge what i think about but i believe viewer have the clue or
answer to my work in you , when you see the photo or coming to the space , and you
location and discover the things that i allow you to see .you are actually a part of my
work . your thought you idea become a dominance form within the work.

i think to me is more important that what there in a space that they want to come in or a
space they don’t . because art is people is made ..art is a combination people and
things .and i made art is from experiencing that people can be experiencing .

they come is about a process . come of the color .. come of the object by difference place
of photo . they come a look and think in difference combination.
florian ma
Living Light movement
Photographs , C-print 2007.
Living Light
Photographs , C-print 2007.
Living Light
Video , C-print 2007.
A Couple
Photographs , C-print 2008.
Photographs , C-print 2008.
Photographs , C-print 2008.
Photographs , C-print 2008. A set of 2