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Reverse Reality

Reverse Reality is an artist residency and

exhibition project that sent Hong Kong young
artists to Portland for a month to create new work
informed and inspired by their experiences.
Florian Ma translated their tradition working
methods through the lens of their experiences in
Portland, fostering a cultural dialogue between
contemporary American and Chinese art.


Spatial light installation consist of a heterogeneous group of works. Their individual

forms and content are transposed onto each other, translated, reproduced or
reflected by various media, coming together to form an artificial, yet seemingly
organic mental landscape.

Installation of bulbs, painting , plants, monitors, sculpture all elements reflected in

space projecting themselves onto each other, refers to nature around Portland of
what i experienced, which in this artistic interpretation becomes unnatural, remote
and utopian.

Light installation conjure up a play in balancing the presentation idea between

colour, time , space, transposing the material into immaterial, searching the
intelligible in the sensual.

Video works present a light phenomena,technologically generated hybrid as sun

light variation in daytime , composed through the composition of light reflection.

There is no blind at my home. Everyday i am waken up by the first ray of light that shines
through the window. It strikes me and kick me out of bed. the nature orchestrates all
activities on earth.

It is always said the turn of human civilization and rise of urbanization started when
Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. We can work day and night. Time is never ending
or beginning. It was the wake of the industrial revolution. By covering up the facades of
the gallery with blue and yellow digital printed glass papers Florian Maʼs “Daytime Inside
Nighttime Outside” turns the gallery to a cardinal space for contemplation and the outside
is the unknown void. Dyed light shone across the digital refractive film fills up the gallery
space. Visitor are like fishes in a bowl swimming in the omnipresence electromagnetic

Lately after more then a hundred years of the tungsten light bulb, we discovered another
type of artificial light - the changing colour light LED. It was said that China will lead this
solid state lighting revolution because we have not been conquered by the old tungsten.
And then different colour theoryand psychology suggested that colour light can induce
different ambient mood and vice versa. today, we see the world largest light bulb factory
invented “ Colourliving” a LED light system that colour can be set according to your
mood. Lights do not only separate time of the day, space of consciousness ; all these
familiar dualistic properties of our culture, is now complicated with texture and substance
which is setting for our mood and behavior. Fishes swimming in the bowl in “Living under
light, fish” is helpful correlation because fishes never sleep or in a more scientific term we
never see them sleep.The slowness and linearity of “Moving light, machine” is a
phenomenal contrast to the natureʼs speed of light and the string theory of the universe. It
is a self referential argument of our diminutive ability to understand the science and
physics of our presence. Our changing understanding of time begins with Einsteinʼs
Special Relativity. With absolute time abolished, the concept of ʼnowʼ becomes
ambiguous. John Wheeler and Richard Feynman added to the mystery proposing a
theory where light moves backward and forwards through time.“Cheerful Cheers” is
probably a positive and most sincere expedition following this line of thought.More
recently John G Cramer suggested that it might be possible to send signals backwards
through tim. Most physicists are skeptical, but again Florian Ma “Know Each Other
Gradually” suggests that messages from the future do not lead to logical contradiction. If
we try head enough, I believe we can sense the future Moving from the use of neon light
in the urban context, Florian Maʼs work is minimally symbolic and romantically
individualistic in this exhibition to inquire about the physical ambiguity of time and space,
now and then, here and there and hence everywhere.

Ellen Pau


Daytime Inside Nighttime Outside 日間在內,夜間在內

Mirror, wooden panel, metal stand, sticker on mirror and transparent sticker on window .
Stand: 75x70x110cm

Postcard of the Exhibition

Installation Daytime View

Daytime view
Nighttime View
Know Each Other Gradually
19 inch DVD, DVD monitior, 30 mins play in Loop

Moving light, Machine
Motor, plastic facbic, bulb, rope, wire

Moving Light,Machine

Living Under Light, Fish
tank, bulb, wooden stand , rope , wire, fish

Living Under Light,Fish

Living Under Light,Fish

Living Under Light,Fish

Cheerful Cheers
bulb. glass. paimting. sculpture, plant , plastic basket, wooden panel, wire