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1. Purpose
The Proposal Substation requires a pile driving works for loading test.

2. Scope
This plan covers the areas and plant which are temporarily under the
responsibility ..

3. Reference
Client specification and relevant document

4. Procedure

4.1 General Safety Rules

It is responsibility of all site staff, sub-contractors and their sub-sub
contractors, all workers and the Authority's System Wide Contractors to
strictly comply with the following general safety rules to enhance the
safety while working on both pile driving and pile loading test.

4.2 Individual Responsibility in safety

4.2.1. Safety Officers
a. Implement and maintain proper procedures of sfety management,
administrative and recording system.
b. Conduct team/individual safety inspections and produce
relevant reports and follow ups
c. Investigate every incident and develop preventive measures.

4.2.2. Crane Operators

a. Shall not engage in any act or maneuver which is not in
accordance with safe and sound practice.
b. Shall ascertain whether the ground conditions, in particular
the ground surface on which a mobile crane is to be
operated, are safe for travel or any lifting operation, and if
he is of the opinion that it is not safe for travel or any
lifting operation, he shall report this to the lift ing
c. Shall not use to crane for any operation for which it is
not intended,
including pulling or dragging a load.

4.2.3. Riggers
a. Check the slings to be used fo slinging the loads to ensure
that slings are of good construction, sound and suitable
material, adequate strength and free from patent defect.
b. Ensure that an adequate number of legs of the slings are used
and that
slinging angle is correct so as to prevent the sling from being
overloaded during the hoisting.

c. Ascertain the weight of the load, which is to be lifted and

inform the crane operator of the crane operator of the
weight of the load.

5. General safe work Practices

5.1 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
a. Safety helmets of the type approved by an acceptable
authority shale be provided and worn by all while
working on site.
b. Safety belt of the approved type shall be provided to
workers required to work in or at areas where they are
liable to fall from height.
c. Safety spectacles, hand gloves, ear plugs when required shall
provided to workers.