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Arto Sekepyan

Physics 1010
Signature Assignment Reflective Essay
Spring 2017 Semester

Right before I started working on this assignment I didnt know what to expect;
also, its worth mentioning that if it wasnt for me checking my inbox on canvas I wouldnt have
ever known about this assignment. Now that I got that off my chest I can now explicitly reflect on
my final product.
Id like to first mention that I did not know how to structure my assignment and
how to articulate answers to questions; however, I think my methodology of solving this problem
will prove to be sufficient. For a good chunk of the questions the answers gave clear
insinuations of what the question was so I left parts with just the answer. For a few questions
however I decided to add the question to the answer to add coherence. Like questions 9
through 13 it wouldnt have been coherent to just put the answers to the questions.
Part 1 of the project was my 2nd favorite part because astronomy is always a fun
topic to learn about and theres no better way to do so than studying the stars of one of the most
popular constellations (Centauri) . I also tried my best to articulate the sentences so that they
contain all the information necessary to satisfy the criteria of the project while keeping a
self-evident order (distance, light emission, radius, and luminosity). Part 2 was interesting as
well because I had to diving into the logic of equations regarding the laws of physics. As said in
the previous chapter I only wrote the questions down for answers that wouldnt have made
sense without reading the question first. The rest are just the answers that insinuate the
question effectively.
Part 3 was the simplest part of the project. All it required was the description of
one law of physics and three examples of said law. The law I chose to work on was the law of
conservation of angular motion. Part 4 was my most adored part of the assignment. It was
interesting trying to list different options to resolve Fermis paradox. I only did enough work to
satisfy the criteria of the project but if I had more time I would have listed more potential
resolutions for the sake of how much I enjoyed listing them in the first place. Also, if it wasnt for
this part of the project I wouldnt have been introduced to Drakes Equation. Which is interesting
because after the semester is over and once I have more time Im going to take the same
equation and add more variables to potentially create a more accurate estimation. It should
prove to be an enlightening and worthwhile experience.
All in all this project was a good way of enlightening myself with more knowledge
about physics and made me more interested in the subject. The project shows how Ive
developed knowledge about physics because of how concise my answers are. Overall Id say it
was a great experience. Especially the stuff about Fermis paradox. I probably enjoyed that part
of the assignment a little too much.