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Assignment # 2

Name : Zarlish
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Course : O-T-D

Submitted To: Maam

Standard Chartered Bank:
Standard Chartered Bank, a British bank headquartered in London with operations in more than
seventy countries. Operates a network of over 1600 branches and employs 73,000 people.
90% of its profits come from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. It now focuses on consumer,
corporate, and institutional banking, and on the provision of treasury servicesareas in which
the Group had particular strength and expertise.

Standard Chartered Bank was found in 1969 by the merging of two Banks.
The Standard Bank.
The Chartered Bank.
Both companies were keen to capitalize on the huge expansion of trade. Earn the handsome
profits to be made from financing the movement of goods between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Global Network :
Having a network of over 1600 branches and outlets (162 in Pakistan) 5,600 ATMs in more than
70 countries and territories across the globe standard chartered bank is now one of the world's
most international banks.

Securities Services :
As one of the world's leading international banks, it bring to you a wealth of diverse experience
and standards combined with our local market expertise and banking infrastructure.
Standard chartered banks securities services network extends across 17 markets:

Hong Kong
South Korea
Sri Lanka
U.A.E (Dubai)
Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan)
A locally embedded international bank, Standard Chartered is the largest international
Bank in Pakistan.
It is also the first international bank to be awarded Islamic banking license and the first to
open an Islamic banking branch. The Bank has been operating in Pakistan for over 140
years when it first established its operations in 1863 in Karachi.
After the acquisition of Union Bank in September 2006, the new entity Standard
Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on 30 December 2006
as a subsidiary of Standard Chartered PLC.
The bank has a network of over 162 branches in Pakistan.
Standard Chartered employs a workforce of over 9,000 employees in its Pakistan
The success of Standard chartered bank is built on the ability to provide customers with
superior, differentiated financial solutions.
This has propelled it to become market leaders in Pakistan.
By continuously assessing needs, this bank introduced innovative new products and
What sets it apart from the competitors is the premium they place on service excellence.
Their rigorous recruitment and training standards ensure that their staff is able to cater to
most complex financial requirements.
Central to this service philosophy is the consultative approach standard chartered take
with each customer.
They tend to work on KYCs and identify the needs and match them with tailor-made
product and service solutions.
To put it simply, are committed to making today's complex financial world easier for the
Mr. Shazad Dada Ceo / Executive Director
Mr. Ian Anderson Bryden Non-Executive Director & Chairman Of The Board Of Directors
Mr. Ferdinand Pieterse Non-Executive Director
Mr. Mohamed Abdelbary Non-Executive Director
Mr. Najam I. Chaudhri Independent Non-Executive Director & Chairman Audit
Mr. Parvez Ghias Independent Non-Executive Director
Mrs. Spenta Kandaswalla Independent Non-Executive Director

Business & Strategy Consumer Banking:

Standard chartered bank offers a broad range of products and services to meet the borrowing,
wealth management & transaction needs of individuals.

Business & Strategy Islamic Banking:

Working in an Islamic country demands the best strategy to gain customers so the standard
chartered is following as well.
Standard Chartered Saadiq's dedicated team provides comprehensive international banking
services and a wide range of Shariah-compliant financial products based on Islamic values.

Wholesale Banking:
Wholesale Banking has a client-focused strategy, providing trade finance, cash management,
securities services, foreign exchange and risk management, capital raising and corporate
finance solutions.

SME Banking:
SME Banking division offers products and services to help small and medium enterprises
manage the demands of a growing business, including the support of international network and
trade expertise.