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Stephanie Manrique

EDU 214/Spring 2017

March 23, 2017

My Personal Essay

My name is Stephanie Manrique and I am married with two girls. My husband and I have been married

for 7 years and had our first child during our first year of marriage. I was in the United States Air Force

for seven years and separated last year in June so that I could commit to going to school. My career in the

Air Force was Administration. I was only stationed at one base which was Fairchild AFB located in

Spokane, Washington. The main reason why I came back to Las Vegas is because we have family around

this area. I wasnt raised here in Vegas but in a small town in California called Tehachapi.

I have quite a bit of hobbies that I do from time to time. The main hobby that is a passion of mine is video

games; I could spend hours playing them. I also have gotten into knitting which is a self-taught craft; still

not very great at it though. Another pass time I enjoy doing is watching shows with my husband, which

we tend to mainly watch anime. Recently I have concluded that my daughters are going to be nerds

because recently they have been noticing pop culture references.

The reason why I want to become a teacher is because I want to inspire children to be creative and unique

critical thinkers. Due to teachers having to teach certain curriculum in their classes there is really no way

to let the students be creative and express themselves. Mentoring the children on how to be creative

critical thinkers is pretty much learning what style of learning they are best at. Today there are big

classroom sizes so learning how to deal with many different learning styles and how to teach a topic with

that in mind will be difficult but it is possible. I just want the children I teach to have a sense of

accomplishment when they finally get the hang of a topic or idea. Making the learning experience fun and

letting my students express themselves through creativity is a main purpose of mine. I want to see my

students as proud and happy individuals because being yourself is important to me.
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