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Logan Frey

Professor Andrew Brown

UWRT 1104-19

March 20th, 2017

Human & Holistic Rights

I. Film Actor
1. Who is your favorite movie actor? Matthew McConaughey
2. Find out one cause (social, environmental, other...) that said actor believes in or works towards, and
why. Matthew McConaughey is the founder of The Just Keep Living Foundation, which focuses on
transforming children into good individuals through programs that teach the importance of decision-making,
health mental, physical and spiritual, education, and good all-around active living. Matthew McConaughey
established this foundation to provide a lifestyle such as the one hes trying to provide for his own children, and
teach the importance of leading a happy and healthy life which further shapes an individual.
3. What is your opinion of this person being involved with this issue? I believe that Matthew McConaughey
is an appropriate figure to be associated with this foundation due to the fact that McConaughey is an extremely
influential individual that has experience in what he is doing.

II. Another Actor

1. Who is your favorite television or other actor? Kiefer Sutherland
2. Find one cause (social, cultural, gender, other...) that said actor believes in or works towards, and why.
Kiefer Sutherland is associated with the cause to eliminate racism through his association with Artists Against
Racism. Artists Against Racism is a foundation that teaches youths that regardless of ones differences, we are
all the same, and it focuses on preventing youths from adopting prejudiced attitudes. Kiefer Sutherland is a
strong advocate for eliminating racism and he event made comment on how he considers racism to be a crime in
this country.
3. What is your opinion of this persons involvement of that issue? I believe anyone associated with a cause
such as eliminating racism is a suitable advocate for the cause. In my opinion, Keifer Sutherlands involvement
with this cause is fitting in the fact that he is a strong believer in eliminating racism and someone well-known
such as Kiefer Sutherland has the ability to make their voices heard.

III. Musician with a Group

1. Who is your favorite musician who is part of a group? Adam Levine
2. Find one cause this musician champions and believes in, and why. Adam Levine is a strong believer in
the cause of providing individuals in crisis the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Adam Levines association
with the Garden of Dreams is a perfect example of his belief in this cause. Garden of Dreams is a non-profit
charity that works closely with all areas of Madison Square Garden to make dreams come true for kids in
crisis. Adam Levine is associated with a cause such as this one due to the fact that he believes all individuals
should have the same opportunities in the world, therefore he associated himself with a charity that aids in
providing kids at crisis the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.
3. What do you think of this musician being so involved? With Adam Levine having a daughter of his own
and knowing that children are full of imagination and dreams, I believe he is the perfect famous figure to be
associated with this cause and a foundation such as Garden of Dreams. Not only does he have experience
through raising his own child, but he has the ability to assist in providing opportunities for kids at crisis to fulfill
their dreams, just as how he would assist in providing his own child an opportunity to fulfill her dreams.
IV. Single Musician
1. Who is your favorite musician who doesnt belong to a group? Tim McGraw
2. Find out one cause this person believes in, and why he or she believes in it. Tim McGraw is a perfect
advocate for the fight against hunger due to growing up in a household that was short of food supply. When Tim
McGraw was a child, he remembers not knowing where his next meal would come from and not really having
money sometimes to buy food. Due to Tim McGraws previous experience of facing hunger and not knowing
when or where he would get his next meal, he has vowed to help individuals facing hunger.
3. What is your feeling on this? After learning about Tim McGraws childhood, I feel as though he is a perfect
advocate for this cause. Most individuals could never imagine what it would be like having to face hunger,
therefore an individual such as Tim McGraw that has experienced this problem is a suitable figure to help fight
for the individuals facing hunger.

V. Your Role Model

1. Who is a role model you have, who hasnt been used above? Cristiano Ronaldo
2. What is a cause this person believes in, and why? Cristiano Ronaldo is a strong advocate in the cause of
serving children in need of medical help or help in general. Cristiano Ronaldo has a son of his own, which could
very well be the reason he is associated with the Save the Children foundation, which creates real and lasting
change for children in need around the world. Ronaldo has served this cause by not only helping raise $83,000
for a 10-month old in need of an operation, but also paying for the childs operation.
3. What do you think? After reading further about Cristiano Ronaldos association with this cause and about
his assistance in helping the 10-month old child in need of medical attention, I have come to appreciate
Cristiano Ronaldo further for the individual he is. I believe Ronaldo is the perfect famous figure to support this
cause due to his international background and he is able to bring exposure to this cause being the famous figure
that he is.

VI. A Cause for Celebrity

Do you think celebrities hurt or help a cause by being involved? How so? Give an example. A couple
sentences total on this one is plenty. I believe that celebrities can have a positive effect, as well as a negative
effect on causes due to the type of individual they are and the way they portray their lifestyle. For example, if a
famous figure was associated with a cause such as removing the exposure of drugs and negative factors in
youths lives, yet they are seen smoking marijuana and are portraying a lifestyle that revolves around drugs,
they would not be the best advocate for the cause they are supporting. Therefore, if a famous figure is
supporting a cause trying to remove the exposure to drugs, but they are displaying acts of smoking marijuana,
they would bring negative attention to the cause, which would ultimately end up hurting the cause.

VII. You
1. What is a cause you believe in? One of the causes I believe in is helping in the fight against cancer.
2. Why do you believe in it? I believe in this cause due to the fact that it has not only taken an extremely
important person in my life, but I understand that it has affected millions of individuals all over the world.
Cancer is something that will continue to affect millions of individuals, and without further research, cures for
cancer will remain unexplored, therefore I support the fight against cancer.
3. Who is a major figure who is involved in this cause. James Taylor was a major figure that is associated
with this cause, and his music was one of the things that provided joy to the individual that I lost to cancer.

VIII. Nation
1. What is the most important cause in the country at this time? Poverty
2. Why? Poverty is a cause that has been present in the United States for a long time, and still remains a cause
to present day. In 2016, there were 45 million Americans living in poverty, and it has been something that is
constantly ignored and has received little attention in media. Although it is something that received little
attention, I believe poverty is something that will continue to be a problem in the United States until it starts
becoming a topic of discussion and changes are started to be made.
3. How do you feel about it? In my opinion, poverty is something that millions of Americans deal with
whether it is due to personal issues or loss of jobs with no income, but I believe it is something that the US has
to face as a nation. I believe most Americans take the resources they have for granted, without realizing there
are millions of individuals in the US that cannot provide food or shelter for themselves. I feel strongly towards
providing for the individuals experiencing poverty, but at a certain extent.
4. Name a major figure involved in this cause. George Clooney

IX. International
1. What is the greatest issue in another nation at this time? Food insecurity in Haiti.
2. Why? With Haiti being the poorest country in the western hemisphere and having a lack of food supply, it
causes problems for millions of Haitians. Due to the lack of food supply and inability to access food, nearly 6.7
million Haitians face food insecurity. With a series of brutal storms and droughts striking Haiti, it caused an
inability to produce crops such as rice and other types of food, which has played a major role in the food
insecurity that Haiti is facing.
3. What is your take on this topic? With Hurricane Matthew destroying around 200,000 homes leaving 1.4
million Haitian people homeless and causing 1.9 billion dollars in damage, I believe the country of Haiti has
experienced a devastating loss and it will take more countries then just Haiti to help rebuild. With that being
said, I believe that it is not only part of my job, but the United States as a nation to aid in putting Haiti back on
their feet and helping rebuild the country of Haiti.
4. Find out a chief advocate for this topic. Bradd Pitt

X. Global
1. What is the most important issue facing the world? Climate change.
2. Why? With the Earths average land temperature having been warmed nearly 1 degree Celsius in the past 50
years as a result of human activity and global greenhouse gas emissions increasing constantly, these factors have
played a role in global warming and climate change. Due to these recurring problems, the World is feeling the
impacts of climate change with weather events such as droughts and storms becoming more frequent and more
intense. An example of these more frequent storms that have become more intense can be seen in the brutal
hurricane that hit Haiti in 2016.
3. What are your views? I believe this global issue is a problem that will continue to cause difficulties around
the world due to intense storms such as the one that hit Haiti, and cause problems relating to the Earths
temperature and ocean temperatures. With that being said, I think that every nation must construct a plan to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions and activate a strategy to slowly decrease the effects of global warming.
4. Who is a key person involved in this issue? Pharrell Williams is acting on climate change by partnering
with Climate Reality to spread the word about climate solutions and using his star power and power of music to
change the climate conservation and inspiring others to act.