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Feeder Protection relay analysis

Schweitzer General Electronics Siemens SIPROTEC 7SA63

Engineering Multilin F60
Laboratories SEL-

KEY Feeder protection High-impedance High-speed tripping time

FEATURES Arc- Flash fault detection Impedance setting range
Mitigation (downed conductor allows very small settings
Automation and detection) for the protection of very
control Multiple phase, short lines
Situational ground, neutral and Self-setting detection for
Awareness negative sequence power swing frequencies
Reliable in Harsh instantaneous and up to 7 Hz
Environment timed overcurrent Current transformer
elements saturation detector
Phase and negative prevents non-selective
sequence directional tripping by distance
overcurrent, Neutral protection in the event of
directional with CT saturation.
enhanced polarity Phase-segregated
criteria, broken teleprotection for
conductor and improved selectivity and
thermal overload availability
Load encroachment Digital relay-to-relay
supervision communication by means
Wattmetric ground of an integrated serial
fault detection protection data interface
Incipient cable fault Adaptive auto-reclosure
detection (ADT)
autorecloser with
synchronism check
Breaker control and
breaker failure
Abnormal frequency
protection (rate of
change, under and
over frequency)
Restricted Ground
Fault (RGF)
PROTECTION Protect lines and Advanced IEC61850 Non-switched distance
FUNCTIONS equipment with Ed. 2 certified protection with 6
SPECIAL implementation, measuring systems
phase, negative-
sequence, complete settings via High resistance earth-
residual-ground, SCL files and IEC fault protection for single
and neutral- 61850-9-2 process and three-phase tripping
ground bus solution enable Earth-fault detection in
overcurrent resource and platform isolated and resonant-
elements. managing earthed networks
Four-channel optimization and Tele (pilot) protection
fiber-optic arc- reduce cost of Fault locator (FL)
flash detector ownership Power-swing
inputs and Routable GOOSE (R- detection/tripping
protection GOOSE) enables Phase-overcurrent
elements. GOOSE messages protection
Provide over- going beyond the Switch-onto-fault
and under substation, which protection
frequency, rate- enables wide area STUB bus overcurrent
of-change of protection and control protection
frequency, fast applications Overvoltage/undervoltae
rate-of-change of Unique and secure protection
frequency downed conductor Over/underfrequency
Easy tripping detection protection
and closing of Flexible load Auto-reclosure
the breaker with encroachment allows Synchro-check
four secure operation Breaker failure protection
programmable during heavy load Thermal overload
front-panel conditions protection
pushbuttons Advanced automation
Built-in metering capabilities
functions to Ambient temperature
eliminate monitoring with
separately alarms
mounted Voltage and frequency
metering devices elements to provide
load shedding and
transfer schemes
Application flexibility
with multiple I/O
options and
programmable logic
Robust network
security enabling
critical infrastructure
Advanced fault and
disturbance recording
High-speed inter-relay
reducing relay-to-
relay wiring and costs
Phasor Measurement
Unit (synchrophasor)
according to IEEE
C37.118 (2011) and
IEC 61850-90-5
Supports latest edition
of waveform capture
simplifying fault
records management

Communication Interfaces: Interfaces: Interfaces:
Ethernet Ethernet: TX (RJ45), Front interface for
10/100BASE-T FX (LC) connecting a PC
Ethernet Serial: Serial glass System interface for
100BASE-FX fiber (ST), connecting to a control
Single or dual RS-485, RS-232 system via various
Ethernet port Redundant 1 serial protection data
EIA-232 serial protocols: interface for tele
EIA-485 serial HSR protection
Rear-side service/modem
Fiber-optic, serial
multimode ST RSTP
connectors Time synchronization via
- IRIG-B or DCF 77 or -
Protocols: Protocols: COMMUNICATION
Mirrored Bits IEC 61850-8-1/-9- Protocols:
communications 2LE IEC 60870-5-103
IEC 61850 Modbus protocol
Modbus IEC 60870-5-103 PROFIBUS-FMS/-DP
DNP3 serial, IEC 61850 Ethernet
(IEEE C37.118)