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Ubi lex non distinguit nec nos distinguere debemus

Where the law does not distinguish, we ought not to distinguish

Generalia verba sunt generaliter intelligenda or

what is generally spoken shall be generally understood or
general words shall be understood in a general sense.

Generale dictum generaliter est interpretandum.

A general statement is understood in a general sense.

Verba accipienda sunt secundum materiam

Words are to be interpreted according to the subject matter

Noscitur a sociis
A word is determined by the words that surround it, i.e., within the context.

Ejusdem generis
Of the same kind or nature.

Expressio unius est exclusio alterius

Express mention of one person, thing or consequence implies the exclusion of all

Casus omissus pro omisso habendus est

states that a person, object or thing omitted from an enumeration must be held to
have been omitted intentionally.

Proximum antecedens fiat relatio nisi impediatur sententia, or

relative words refer to the nearest antecedents, unless the context otherwise

Reddendo singular singulis.

referring each to each; referring each phrase or expression to its appropriate object,
or let each be put in its proper place, that is, the words should be taken