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EDUC 5312/3315-Curriculum and Instructional Design

Classroom Observation Assignment

Observation Form 2

Observation Date: 3/23/2017 Observation Time: 45 min.

Teacher Observed: Mr. Mutt Subject/Grade Level: Algebra1/9th

School Observed: Harmony School of Excellence Observer: Mr. Taskin

For the things you observed, place a check. Please explain further about the checked item
directly below the particular section. Provide overall comments and reflections at the end.


On Task _____ Off Task _____ Engaged ___ Learning Successfully

Explain: The teacher had taught to class on the board. He had solved some practices on the
board. He used I do, We do and You do strategy in the classroom.The students were studying
very well in class. They had given full attention to their classwork.


___ Modeling ____ Question/Answer _____ Lecture ___ Monitoring Groups
Listening Problem Solving _____ Evaluating _____ Reading To Students
____ Modifying ____ Integrating Content ____ Guiding Cooperative Groups
___ Other _ _____________________

The teacher use traditidional teaching methods in classroom. He was using board to explain
questions and topics. The students are listening and taking notes on the notebook. The students
are studying with their groupmates. The special ed. teacher is helping own groups. The math.
teacher is helping other groups.


____ Manipulatives ____ Workbooks ___ Overhead Projector ____ Smart Board
_____ Chalkboard ____ Maps ____ Computer ____ Projector
_____ Books ____ Other Audio Visuals ____ None
_____ Other : The whiteboard , worksheet

The teacher use chalkboard to teach topic of mathematics. The students have algebra books and
workbooks. The students are taking own notes on the notebooks. The teacher had given a
worksheet paper after lecturing time.
____ Small Groups _____ Whole Group _____ Pairs _____ Individuals

The teacher is teaching all class first. The students are studying worksheet individuals. After
worksheet, the students start to discuss and check questions with groupmates.


__ Worksheet ____ Listening _____ Writing _____ Reading _____ Performing
___ Journaling ___ Discussing _____ Centers _____ Homework _____ Research
___ Investigation _____ Laboratory _____ Using Technology
___ Other Exit ticket, warm up

The students started warm up question at the beginning of the class. Ending of the class , they
had an exit ticket that has five question in. The students are studying the worksheet after lecturing
time. They had a homework for next class.

____ Stated Expectations for Behavior _____ Positive Reinforcement
____ Redirection of Inappropriate Behavior ____ Encouragement of Students
_____ Self-disciplined Students _____ Effective Time Management
_____ Materials Ready _____ Enthusiasm for Teaching/Learning
The teacher has discipline procedures for own class. He was using 1- warning 2- writing
warning 3- dps and call parents 4- referral for detention
The teacher had prepared all teaching materials that he was using. He had a timer. He
was using it. Warm up is 5 min. Lecturing 30 min. Worksheet is 20 min. Checking
answer is 20 min. and exit ticket is 15 min. When two students hadnt given more
attention to worksheet, he had motivated them about why they need to solve it.


In my opinion, The students were learning math topics in classroom. The teacher were using lecturing
teaching method in class. He had started warm up and he had finished with exit ticket to class. He was
motivating students at the beginning of the class. It is very good for student managements. The students
know why they learn this topics in class and why they listen up to teachers strategy. The important
advantage of teacher can talk Spanish with students. Because , some students dont understand all
directions of teacher but the teacher was explaining to students with using Spanish words.

The teacher can use some technology and activity in class while he was teaching this topic to students.
He can find very fun activities about this topic for students.