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with Joanne Chan

GG: Geneyclee Gallery
JC: Joanne Cham
Tell us about yourself, who are you and whats your background story?

I was born and raised in Hong Kong; I have studied at
the same school for 16 years. After high school, I
decided to take my studies abroad to the United
Kingdom and I stayed there for five years. Since
graduation, I have become a certified energy healer in
Hong Kong. In my practice and within myself, I focus a
lot on spiritualism and the connection between human
relationships with our mother earth and the universe.

Tell us a little about your process of creation.

I realized the importance in the improving of ones awareness; I practice it daily,
merging my life into the spirit of love. Breathing is one of the daily exercises I
pay attention on; it is a necessary thing we have to do every second, right? But
we seldom take the responsibly on doing it consciously, we let our body to auto
complete the mission. My process of creation is, come along with the awareness
of being I am present. No one said it is easy but practice makes perfect. By
experiencing a lot of little good changes in my life through different periods of
time, I want to spread the light, share the joy and the love. So I translate the new
perspective and record the beautiful energy through the images I create on
canvas. I put emphasis on the values of vibrations through colors avoid depicting
the material world by creating brand new worlds with rich colors. To do
so, detoxing my mind, thoughts habit becoming the most important daily
practice. These are the necessarily preparation before re-creating a pure
reflection and imprint on the healing energy in my work. Art itself is an attitude,
and attitude stands arts.
The process of creation and the work itself is a happening art.

Why do you do what you do?

The brilliance of abstract is that it holds no subjective boundaries; its fluidity
allows freedom and endless reflection of the beholders mind and soul. In my
abstract pieces, the definition of my paintings does not rely on the viewers
understandings based on knowledge but rather their subconscious mind. I
intend to store good energy in my work, and thus they project a comfortable
energy to the surroundings. The purpose of creating these paintings is to heal
myself and others.

Does your work have a role in society?

From a wider perspective, art has always played a big part in society, whether in
the form of religious stain glass windows or a political stance protesting against
a certain belief. All forms of art have their different roles and responsibilities in
society. My work focuses on transmuting the healing and cleansing energy to my
viewers, especially when the viewers practice meditation in front of it. For those
who can understand, my pieces are a doorway to various destinations.

Do you listen to any music as you work and if so, whats your favorite genre to
listen to?

Yes, classical music and high vibration music. For example Magnified Healing
by Richard Shulman.

Name a few artists who inspire you.

Mariko Mori, Marina Abramovic, William Blake, Peter Doig, Anish Kapoor,
Chiharu Shota, Pipilotti Rist.

Besides the artist, what other factors inspire you to create art?

Universal Law, Humans, Metaphysics and Philosophy.

What do you think of the art scene in Hong Kong?

We are on our way.

Name one of your biggest aims that youre aiming to achieve in your artist

To spread as much light as possible to a wide range of audiences through my