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A Research is being carried out by our group Analysis of the factors influencing the decision of tourists
towards visiting religious temple in Himachal Pradesh as a touristic destination of which this questionnaire is
part. I therefore request you to be so kind as to complete the questionnaire and take this opportunity to thank you for
dedicating me your time. By filling in this questionnaire, you will have contributed to improving the quality and
development of tourism in Himachal Pradesh, which is one of the most desirable holiday destinations.

1. Type of tourist.
(a). Outstation
(b). Instation

2. If you are outstation tourist then,

where are you staying?
(a). Hotel
(b). Resort
(c). Friends Home
(d). Relative
3. Do you find Hotels and other staying
places value for money?
(a). Yes
(b). No

4. How did you arrive to this place?

(a). By car
(b). By bus
(c). With low cost-airline
(d). By train
(e). If other, please specify
5. Where did you heard about this tourist
destination? (more answers possible)
(a). I already knew of it
(b). The Internet
(c). Friends and Reletives
(d). Media
(e). Books and guide
(f). It was part of the travel package
(g). Fairs and/or Exhibitions
(h). If other, please specify
6. Is this your first visit to this tourist
(a). No
(b). Yes
If No, How many times have you
visited this touristic destination in the
7. What are the main reasons for your
visit to this tourist destination?
(a). Rest and relaxation.
(b). Visiting relatives and friends.
(c). Business reasons.
(d). Attending seminars and other
forms of education.
(e). Culture.
(f). Fun
(g). Sports and recreation
(h). Health
(i). Religious reasons
(j). If other, please specify
8. Would you like to visit this touristic
destination again?
(a) Yes
(b) No

9. If you would not like to visit this place

again, then, what factors are
responsible for it?
(a). Transport facility
(b). Poor service
(c). Poor accommodation problem
(d). Lack of good sights
(e). Any other, please specify
10. Have you had any reason to complain
since you have been staying in this
tourist destination?
(a). Yes
(b). No

11. What is your overall satisfaction with

your visit to this tourist destination?
(a). Completely satisfied
(b). Somewhat satisfied
(c). Satisfied
(d). Dissatisfied
(f). Completely dissatisfied

Below are listed some statements which refer to the general image of this tourist destination. For each statement
please indicate to what extent you agree with it.
Where: 1= completely disagree 2= disagree 3= somewhat agree 4= completely agree

1. I think most people have a positive
opinion about this tourist destination.

2. This tourist destination has a unique


3. I think this tourist destination is


4. This tourist destination respects the

natural environment.

5. I dont find any difficulty in reaching

this place

6. The staff at this tourist destination is

friendly towards the guests.
7. The prices of additional offer at this
tourist destination (i.e. prices of food
and drink, prices of souvenirs, prices
of handcrafted products, prices of
excursions, prices of beauty and
relaxing programs) are favorable.
What act as a pull factor for you in context of your visit to Himachal Pradesh:-

8. Himachal do not have good tourist


9. Himachal tourist spots are not being

promoted properly

10. People of Himachal are not tourist


11. Law and order situation in State

12. Lack of security at tourist destination

13. The location are very far from main


14. Accessibility to tourist spot is not


15. Tourist spot are not properly


16. People visiting the place do not talk

high about it.

17. No tourist guide at the destination

18. Lack of good eating outlet near tourist


19. Feel alone at tourist destination

( Believe that there are no tourist at
the spot )