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Location Palembang, South Sumatra

Client Ministry of Health, Jakarta

Financing German Financial Cooperation / KfW

Period 2003 2009

Value of Services 2.909 million US$

Project Description Scope of Services

The Dr. Mohammad Hoesin Hospital (RSMH) is a Hospital Infrastructure:
public general hospital in the centre of Palembang Re-zoning, master planning, and design of
serving, with some 800 beds, as the major referral physical improvement measures
hospital for a region with about 10 million inhabi- Cost planning, tendering of physical works,
tants and as teaching hospital for the medical contract award
school of Sriwijaja University. The conditions of Construction supervision, contract manage-
technical services and equipment at RSMH are ment, financial control, acceptance of works
rather poor and outdated and, moreover, cus-
tomer orientation is low. Hospital Equipment:
Identification of needs, specifications
Based on a Feasibility Study carried out in 2001 Procurement planning and implementation
and a Hospital Corporate Plan established in Installation and commissioning
2002, the project foresees substantial improve- Ownership building and user training
ments at the hospital through interventions in four Hospital Management:
key areas: Restructuring of hospital management
Hospital infrastructure: re-zoning, construc- Organisational re-engineering
tion/rehabilitation and extension of buildings Human resources development planning
and services Training needs assessment, training
Hospital equipment: equipment purchase, user Hospital Management Support Systems:
training, maintenance system Introduction of IT management, including de-
Hospital management: improvement of struc- sign and application of Hospital Management
tures, streamlining of operations efficiency Information System
Introduction of appropriate hospital finance and
Management support systems: management
accounting system
information, hospital finance and accounting,
facility maintenance and waste management, Facility management, maintenance planning
human resources management Introduction of a marketing and brand strategy
for hospital services
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