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Logo Identity Design Brief

Client Details
Dobson-Lagass Entrepreneurship Centre (English) DLC
Business Name:
Centre dentrepreneurhsip Dobson-Lagass (French)

Email: jonathanpepin@hotmail.com
What is your website url? http://en.speedcoaching-dobsonlagasse.ca/
Partner website: http://www.gomentor.ca/en/

Clients Business
How long have you
1998 (18 years)
been in business?
Undergraduate students enrolled at Bishops University who
are interested in entrepreneurship. Bishops University is a
small, mainly undergraduate university and entrepreneurship
Who is your target is taught in the Williams school of Business faculty
market? www.ubishops.ca
Regional Entrepreneurs with a place of business and
employees (not self-employed workers)
Seasoned entrepreneurs wanting to become mentors
Estrie region (05), Qubec, Canada
In which countries or
Also known as the Historical Eastern Townships
cities do you operate?
In how many languages
English, French
do you communicate?
Describe your business Helping local entrepreneurs succeed & nurturing the
in 1 sentence: entrepreneurial spirit in post-secondary (university) students!
Who are your biggest These organizations also offer services to entrepreneurs in the
competitors? region.
- http://www.accelerateur.ca/
- http://www.usherbrooke.ca/centrelaurentbeaudoin/
- http://sherbrooke-innopole.com/en/

Other competitors include government-funded institutions

dedicated to stimulating economic development in the region.
They include school districts, colleges and Universities and private
business consulting firms.

We try not to think of having competitors but rather other regional

organizations that we collaborate with.
Business owners: To join our network and have access to
Why do customers conferences, events, seminars and business mentoring. We also
come to you? offer clinics on various topics such as marketing, human resources,
finance, and online presence.
Business mentors: Seasoned entrepreneurs who want to share
their knowledge, experiences, wisdom with entrepreneurs in their
University Students: mostly targeting students enrolled in the
Williams School of Business we offer experiential learning
opportunities for the students to engage with real-life businesses.
Also, we provide a variety of entrepreneurship services to students
of all faculties, faculty and staff.
We can adapt to the market needs rapidly. We are privately
What is your single funded independent, not-for-profit organization. We have ties in
greatest competitive both cultures (French & English) which is particular useful given
advantage? the heritage of Qubec. Also, we are located on the campus and
closely associated to Bishops University allowing us to create a
bridge between academia and local economic development.

Logo Design Details

Type your Company Dobson-Lagass Entrepreneurship Centre (English)
Name exactly as you Centre dentrepreneurhsip Dobson-Lagass (French)
wish it to be used in
your logo Given the nature of Qubecs Society, if the company name is used in the
logo both French and English must appear. The order of the words and
capital letters are important to respect. We are open to acronyms (e.g.,
DLC) or other ideas you may think of.
Please provide a
tagline or a slogan if No developed tagline yet
you have one.
If you have a slogan Not necessarily, also the tagline focuses on the business entrepreneur,
or tagline, do you we would like to have an equilibrium (focus) between:
want to incorporate - students (Bishops university) / local entrepreneurs / seasoned mentors.
your tagline or slogan We are open to suggestions for new tag lines. Just remember the slogan
with the logo? must be in French and English. The logo must also work on its own or
along side the logo of either or both of Bishops University and the
Willliams School of Business.
Please provide your The Centre has a two-fold mission:
motto or mission 1. To provide value-added services to entrepreneurs in the Eastern
statement Townships that will help them successfully grow and develop their
2. To promote the teaching, knowledge and interest in entrepreneurship
amongst Bishops University students
Please describe your A non-profit organization and a private sector initiative with the following
company. What type
of products/services The Center participates and promotes on-campus entrepreneurship
do you/will you education and is affiliated to the Williams School of Business of Bishops
provide? University for the teaching of accredited entrepreneurship courses.

The Centre runs an annual conference for local entrepreneurs called


The Centre also provides business training for managers and business
owners through a range of tailored programs and services supporting the
local entrepreneurial community including:

Services (market research, accounting support)

Resources (mentorships, counseling, students)
Training (luncheon, conference-breakfasts, expert clinics)
Thematic conferences
Networking events (Speedcoaching)
When you think of Students Entrepreneurs Mentors
your business, what - Intellectual - Successful - Experienced
words come to mind? - Youth oriented - Practical - Prestigious

DLC = Honest - Trustworthy - Leader-like - Creative - Business Like

Competent Respectful
When you think of
your business do any
images pop into your
head, and if so what
are they?
Please follow these guidelines:

Describe your direct http://sherbrooke-innopole.com/en/

competition; provide http://www.accelerateur.ca/
addresses to their All the others are collaborators but they include:
websites if available. http://progestion.qc.ca/
What are the To attract the eyes of donors,
marketing and To demonstrate professionalism for entrepreneurs,
business goals using To intrigue students in learning more,
this logo; what will it To be as prestigious as our mentors.
Describe your The Dobson-Lagass Entrepreneurship Centre was created and founded
company/business to by entrepreneurs in 1998. Affiliated with Bishop's University, the Centre
someone who has no offers a wide range of services, resources, information sessions that
knowledge of your support entrepreneurs operating within Eastern Town-ships. Furthermore,
existence. we participate in the teaching of entrepreneurship for the students of
Bishops University.
Describe your target Students Entrepreneurs Mentors
market, gender, age, Gender: Both Gender: Both Gender: Mostly men
geography. Age: 18 28 Age: 30 55 Age: 55 75
Students: French Canadian (Canadian and
International, (mostly: (Qubcois) American)
Canadian, American
and Asian)
What do you want Professionalism, Modern, Heritage
your new logo to
communicate about
your company
What image do you Clean and simple, modern but with heritage traits.
most want to project
to your prospective
Look and Feel
Past logo

What elements from The straight line is gold which is not a color. Please avoid any complex
your old identity do colors that printers and vendors dislike.
you like or dislike?
Do you want your Open to suggestions
logo to include text
only, text and
graphic, or graphic
Style of text (font)? Open to suggestions
Do you prefer icon Open to suggestions
based logo or text
based logo or
combination of the
Do you have any One of our major partners is Bishops University. Keeping something in
specific themes/color line with their colors and concept could be an interesting avenue.
for icon based logo if
any you would like us Please follow these guidelines:
to consider? http://www3.ubishops.ca/fileadmin/bishops_documents/communications/trademark/BU_Brand_Guidelines2009.pdf