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Lesson Plan Template 1

Visual Art Unit Plan: Overview of Lessons

Big Idea: Relationships Medium(s): Sculpture & Fibers Grade Level: 10

Essential Questions Visual Art & NCAS & VAPA Standards Procedures Summary Modifications for IEPs &
Multicultural English Language
Objectives Learners

Lesson 1 N/A Visual Art: The students Students will do a VTS and will be IEP: Will have slides,
Title: will be able to 1.0 - Artistic Expression introduced to the big idea, key images,information
Introduction understand the works of (1.1) concepts, essential questions, and printed out
inspiration artists in 3.0 Historical and inspirations artists English Language Learner:
relation to the big idea cultural context (3.3) Will have slides, and
of relationships. 4.0 Aesthetic Valuing informations printed out
Visual Art: The students (4.1) in their first language
will be able to identify
formal principles of art
in presented art works
Multicultural: The
students will be able to
understand how artists
represent relationships
with their communities
via art.

Lesson 2 What are the kind of Visual Art: The students 1.0 - Artistic Expression Students will bring one printed IEP: Will be sure they use
Title: relationships we will be able to create (1.1) picture of a person their care about materials correctly and
Wire Portraits have/form? wire portraits of those 2.0 Creative Expression to use to make a wire portrait. may change type of wire
that are important to (2.1) to use
them English Language Learner:
Visual Art: The students
Lesson Plan Template 2

will be able to Will explain the

distinguish line, shape instructions through their
and form. first language and/or
Multicultural: The asking another student to
students will be able to help translate.
show what relationships
are important to them

Lesson 3 How do our Visual Art: The students 2.0 Creative Expression Students will use wire and nylon to IEP:Will use a softer wire
Title: relationships shape will be able to create (2.1) create an abstract sculpture based for them to use
Nylon & Wire us? sculptures utilizing wire, 4.0 Aesthetic Valuing on the person they care about. English Language Learner:
Sculptures nylon, and paint. (4.1) Will explain the
Visual Art: The students instructions through their
will be able to create first language and/or
meaningful imagery asking another student to
within patterns. help translate.
Multicultural: The
students will be able to
express how their
relationships can inspire
their art.

Lesson 4: How do you view your Visual Art: The students 1.0 Creative Expression Students will use wire and other IEP:Will pair them with
Title: relationship with your will be able to work with (1.1) fibers/materials to create an someone will be patient
Collaborative community? a partner or small group 2.0 Creative Expression abstract sculpture based on their and helpful working with
Weaving + to construct a form to (2.1) relationship with their community. them
Sculpture weave through. English Language Learner:
Visual Art: The students Will pair them with
will be able to work with someone who knows
the class to combine their language
each groups piece into
a larger class curated
piece that employs
Lesson Plan Template 3

elements like form,

shape, texture.
Multicultural: The
students will be able to
understand the
importance of building
relationships within a

Lesson 5 How do artists Visual Art: The 1.0 Artistic Perception Students will display/critique IEP: Students may say
Title: Wrap up represent their students will be able (1.1) artwork how they feel the
& Critique relationships via their to participate in a 4.0 Aesthetic Valuing artwork, if able. They may
artwork? formal critique of the (4.1) actively listen to what
class works others have to say if they
Visual Art: The do not wish to speak.
students will be able English Language Learner:
to identify areas of Student will critique the
success and progress work with the class but
in their work. what they say will be
Multicultural: The translated to the class
students will be able and what is said to them
to reflect how the will be translated in
classroom reflects the return
community and the
relationships we have
within it.

Staple this Unit Plan to the top of all Lesson Plans in chronological order.