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Teaching Philosophy

Katie Flowers
I will create a classroom where everyone is acknowledged for their
differences and encouraged to be who they are. All students of
different backgrounds will help my classroom and students. I will teach
my students to love each other and themselves. I want every student
to know they are special in their own way. I will do this by encouraging
students to speak about their struggles so that other students might
have ways to help pass through the hardships. I will teach children that
it is okay to make mistakes and that everyone, even the teacher,
makes mistakes. By making mistakes, we will be learning. I will teach
students to ask questions. There are no stupid questions. The students
will know that by asking questions, they may be not only helping
themselves, but also others. In teaching students that they are special,
everyone makes mistakes, and it is okay to ask questions, I will create
a positive and open learning environment to every student.

In my classroom, I want my students to have the freedom to create

and express thoughts in a respectful manner. I will ingrain in my
students The Golden Rule: Do to others what you want them to do to
you. With this motto in mind, my students will be reminded how they
would feel if someone did what they were doing. For example, making
fun of Suzy for not knowing an answer. I will teach students to think
about what they say before they say it.

I will teach students to work hard to earn what they want and to be the
best they can be. I may include positive reinforcement through raffle
tickets to give the students extrinsic motivation.. Daily raffle tickets will
be given to students who perform kind tasks, a helping hand, or an Ah
Ha moments. Through the tickets and tasks, I will see students
working hard to try their best. I will also teach that students need to
find motivation inside them intrinsically to complete tasks given.

My students will be surrounded by a positive, non judgemental, and

helpful environment through the acts of sharing thoughts and ideas. I
will guide my students to help and teach each other so that everyone,
no matter what demographic, race, or disability, will be successful. My
students will help teach and guide other students to become
successful. I believe that once a student can teach a subject, they have
truly mastered it. I will give students opportunities to move in groups
and create thoughts by working together. By unifying the classroom
and students, learning will become easier and more fun.
My theory of teaching will be similar social constructivism. I believe the
bases of my classroom will be learned and taught through the act of
communicating with classmates. My students will be active and
creative members of society to think and speak on what they believe.