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Preschool Practicum Lesson Plan Mariah Sands

13 March 2017

Theme: Weather
1. Singing and Playing Instruments
Students sing simple songs.
2. Creating music
Students create their own verses to songs through text substitution.
3. Responding to music
Students respond to music through movement to express what they
o Students will use their singing voice and match pitch as they are able.
o Students will respond to prompts in the song and create their own
movements to correspond with the text.
o Students will successfully substitute text into songs to create their own
- By observation and careful listening, I will assess students on their ability to
match pitch during my first song. By the final repetition, it is hoped that all
students will be able to match pitch and use their singing voices.
- Students will listen to cues for movement in the song, Frosty Weather and
respond through marching and the pre-designated weather movement.
Students will also participate in the finger play according to the words of the
- Students will brainstorm types of weather to substitute into both the greeting
song and the song, Frosty Weather. They will substitute them when
appropriate and be able to follow rhythmic and melodic structure in each of
the pieces.
1. Greeting Song
a. Teach through call and response and continue to use call and response
the entire time.
b. Text: Hello how are you? What weather do you like? I like (__) days.
How about you?
i. I will ask the students to brainstorm types of weather that they
ii. Using call and response, I will model the tune and how the
weather fits with the rhythm of the song.
iii. See table below for possible weather ideas.
Transition: I loved hearing about your favorite types of weather! Now everyone
please stand and find a spot around the edge of the carpet.

2. Frosty weather game

Preschool Practicum Lesson Plan Mariah Sands
13 March 2017

a. For this game, the students will stand around the edge of the carpet,
then take hands to form a circle.
b. I will sing the song for them once to introduce it.
c. Students will march in place to the beat as I sing the song a second
d. I will then ask them what they heard at the end.
i. What do we all do together?
1. Go
ii. So what do we do when were outside in frosty weather?
1. Students will give ideas of things that we do when its
frosty weather.
iii. Great ideas! Lets all shiver and rub our arms to make ourselves
warmer when you hear the part of the song, When the wind
blows we all go together.
iv. Lets all practice that (I sing the last phrase of the song and
students practice the action.
v. Wonderful! Now were going to start at the beginning of the
song and march and do our action together.
vi. Who has an idea for what weather we could sing about next?
vii. I like that! Now what does it look like when we are in ___
viii. Then we will sing the song once with their weather and the
ix. Repeat steps v-viii up to six more times.

Transition: Wonderful job students! Now lets all sit down in our carpet spots and
sing a song about a good friend of mine, Mr. Sun!

3. Mr. Sun finger game (dialogue and song from Raffi on Youtube)
a. Stretch out to the side! Now stretch up high! And while youre up
there, lets form a great big sun! Follow the words of the song with our
b. Sing the song and do the gestures two times.

Transition: Ive had a fun time playing with all of you today, but now its time to say

4. Goodbye song?
a. I couldnt find it! Help!

Possible weather ideas

Weather Syllables What it looks like
Sunny 2 Hands open and above head
Cloudy 2 Arms above head, horizontally to depict a layer of clouds
Foggy 2 Open hands waving in front of oneself
Preschool Practicum Lesson Plan Mariah Sands
13 March 2017

Frosty 2 Arms crossed in front, hands rub opposite arms in a

shivering motion.
Snowy 2 Fingers slowly dancing downwards
Rainy 2 Fingers quickly falling downwards
Windy 2 Sway arms and body back and forth as though being
blown by the wind.
Stormy 2 Wave arms around and shake head to imitate a storm.
Tornado 3 Spin in a circle

Weather Greeting Song

Mr. Sun