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Orffestration Reflection Mariah Sands

Lost My Gold Ring 07 April 2017

How did you think your Orffestration sounded overall?

Overall, I think it sounded pretty good. I wish that I would have actually listened more to it or had
a recording going while they were performing and I was singing. Even though it was simple in terms of
rhythms, the voicing helped make it interesting.
What might you consider adding or changing to your existing Orffestration and why?
I will definitely change some of the text that accompanies the rhythms because it was confusing
while trying to teach and perform. The texts were too similar to be distinguished easily since the rhythms
were only quarter notes and eighth notes.
I also think I will add a note in the second mallet part to fill in the fourth beat of the eight beat
sequence. I could have the color fill in, but I think it would work really well to eliminate one of the rests
in the second mallet part. When I was presenting, it was awkward to have two beats of rest in that part.
However, adding a note on beat four may also be difficult for the students. I'm also worried that if I add a
part to the color, it may become to repetitive or lose its novelty since it will be at the end of every four
If you were to take a job that included general music, how likely would it be to do another
arrangement similar to this one and why?
Extremely likely! I loved this assignment and have fond memories of playing xylophones when I
was in Elementary school. Furthermore, I think that the students would truly enjoy this, especialy if they
were allowed to make up ostinatos of their own. If it was a general music class in a Middle School, I
would also do an arrangement similar to this one, but with more age-appropriate music and with more
individual creativity on the students' part.

Instructor Feedback:
I know it is really difficult to relabel the staff lines in some programs; make sure to label these if possible
with actual instruments you envision to play the parts.
I agree that some of your rhythms were quite similar. Now you know how to make it more clear. These
arrangements are very versatile and could be done with students of all ages.
Glad you enjoyed this project. I appreciated the body percussion being included in the score. That made
your intentions for teaching clear. Consider altering the Mallet 3 slightly to give the pattern a "driving
force to beat 8 rather than feeling a bit more like a 4-beat pattern. Although the body percussion does
reverse, the feel will still be 4 rather than 8 beats. Please feel free to ask if this does not make sense.
MUED 310: Orffestration Score (25/25) 100%