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Mariah Sands

MUED 410
Concert Choir Lesson
Engage I am going to give a situation, and when I say go, tell your neighbor
all about your situation and how youre feeling.
1. You have just pulled an all-nighter and havent had caffeine in
over five hours.
2. You have just witnessed a biking accident on water street and
just found out that it was your friend that was hit and injured.
3. You just got an A on your final for the hardest class of your

What did you notice that was different about your voice and the way
you spoke with the different scenarios?
- Pitch
- Rhythm
- Tempo

Explore Considering the first (second, third) scenario, what type of music
would you set to this? Why?

Explain Sign the rhythms together on the neutral syllable, day, then split
the choir into three groups and sing them in a canon. Each section
will start two beats after the one before.

Just looking at these rhythms, what do we think the emotions of the

piece could be? Why?

Elaborate Sing the melody on the next slide, first all together, and then in a
round as with the rhythms lines.

What does adding pitch show you about the emotions that the song

Evaluate Take out the piece and turn to page two measure twenty. What
do you notice about the piece from measure twenty to forty?

Weve talked a lot about the emotions created first through

rhythms, and then through pitches, how does the text and the
texture add to the emotions that are created?